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Inbound Marketing Series: 9 Unique Strategies And Benefits of Content Marketing

From the term content marketing, you can identify the subject matter of the article. In this article, we will be talking about what is content marketing? Why content marketing is important and various strategies involved in it. Top influencer and content creator says that having a quality and valuable content always helps a content marketer in getting more traffic. 

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Inbound Marketing Series: Why and How to Create SEO Friendly Content

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Content are very common among marketers and website owners.  SEO is all about optimizing a website to bring it on the top of the SERP (search engine result page) to get more organic traffic. And Content is all about identifying the topic and producing educational, helpful and entertaining material that is consumed by the audience. Continue reading

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Guerrilla Marketing Series: Reverse Graffiti Explained with Examples

As we are moving forward in Guerrilla Marketing Series i.e. after Ambient Marketing, Ambush Marketing, and Stealth Marketing, we will be explaining to you about Reverse Graffiti marketing. Many of you might wonder and think what is reverse graffiti and what is the use of graffiti in the marketing field? Well, the same question was popping in my mind when I heard the word reverse graffiti for the first time. Big Brands and organizations have found many creative marketing strategies to advertise their product and Reverse Graffiti is among one of them.

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Guerrilla Marketing series: Ambient marketing explained with examples

In the previous article on Ambush Marketing, types and examples were explained to make you understand how creative marketing practice is used to highlight the brand name among the audience. In the succeeding series of Guerrilla Marketing,  Ambient marketing is one of the most common terms used for spreading awareness about a product or brand. This article is all about creative marketing strategies and examples involved in ambient marketing. And how it has helped many advertisers to promote their brand and generate good ROI from it. Continue reading

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Guerrilla Marketing Series: Ambush Marketing Tactics and Examples

Welcome to the series of the article on guerrilla marketing. In my previous blog, I have explained what is guerrilla marketing and different types involved in guerrilla marketing. In our upcoming article, I’ll be giving you a detailed explanation about types of guerrilla marketing strategies. If you are looking for in-depth knowledge of guerrilla marketing then don’t forget to read our previous article on Guerrilla Marketing.  

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What is Guerrilla Marketing? Top effective examples and tactics

Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing 

Many of you might not have heard about the word Guerrilla marketing but it is well known in the marketing world. So in this article, I’ll explain to you what Guerrilla marketing is and why it is different and helpful in creating brand/product awareness among consumers. After reading this article I’m pretty much sure that you will add one more creative marketing strategy in your list that can help you in advertising your brand. So, let’s start from the basics and we will go deep into guerrilla marketing strategies.

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Web Design Trends
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Top Web Design Trends Of 2019

With 2020 approaching, we are heading towards an era where the Internet and website are going to be the key factor for small- and large-scale businesses in getting adequate ROI. But to get a good ROI one should have an outstanding product and website which can attract customer. Now the question is how are we going to get a tempting website?  Every year we see a change in web design trend and these trends are constantly advancing. In the year 2017, we saw that mobile
browsing overthrew desktop browsing, in the 2018 3D button effect, custom illustration and videos, AMP and many more web design techniques came into the picture.  Continue reading

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Makeover Your WordPress Website Design To Improve Your Online Presence Instantly

Change is the only constant. Everybody knows but a little adhere to. One that distant their professional or personal space from conversion suffers terribly, especially in financial context. Yes, I know you must be expecting the illustration next, for said. In the website development field, WordPress web design conveys you the profound call for execution if you lack somewhere in smooth user experience and modern design and features. Address it the compel of digital marketing or mobile users, your website must be adaptable to all of internet featured devices like mobile, tablet, PC and laptops. In the course of WordPress web development, easy navigation and simple site design are the most insisting factors for visitors’ engagement interestingly. Are you aware of the fact that among total guests visiting your website, roughly 25% operates through mobile?

And, the matter of attention is, it’s scaling gradually. Continue reading

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Increase Conversion Rates- Scale Up Marketing

Starting a business is no easy task and it involves too many factors that will influence your profits. But we only focus on getting results with our best marketing efforts at Los Angeles website design company, we will make sure that you will get your ROI and of course new leads as well. Finally bringing real business growth.

Conversion rate is one of the most critical metrics for an enterprise’s website. But only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. – Econsultancy.  Continue reading

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Our specialty is WordPress

WordPress has evolved into one of the best open-source website publishing systems in the world. Where you can build a stunning, dynamic, beautiful and high-performance website with better security. Although the team of website design company in San Francisco is versed in a wide variety of content management systems, our team still prefers using WordPress, due to its build feature-rich and highly-dynamic systems that help us for making websites that focus on brand differentiation and engagement. Continue reading

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What You Do For YouTube SEO?

These days people can’t live without watching YouTube videos. This gives the content creators a great chance to make more money. Of course, there are so many people doing the same thing i.e the same video. So if people are watching your videos more often you can utilize this chance to make some cash, by promoting companies through ads in your video. For that you need to have a good SEO optimized video or else you may lose to someone else who is making the same videos as you are. So do you want to step up your YouTube game? Then follow this SEO tips listed by SEO professionals.                                                  Continue reading

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3 Easy Steps to Create Awesome User-Generated Content

Coke once started a campaign called “Share a Coke campaign” man it worked wonders.

Here’s an example of how it has affected the Australians.

  • 3% increase in sales transactions
  • 4% increase in volume
  • 870% increase in Facebook traffic
  • 12,020,000 earned media impressions
  • 76k virtual coke cans shared
  • 378k extra coke cans printed at kiosks
  • 330 million impressions on Twitter
  • 170,000 tweets from 160,000 fans
  • 2 out of 5 Australians bought a Share a Coke pack

All of those selfies that were tagged with #ShareACoke is user-generated content (UGC).

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3 Trade-offs: That Every SEO Strategy Needs

SEO is one of the most important parts of website design. The more SEO optimized your site the more revenue you will generate.

Now for the guaranteed result of higher revenue generation through your site, who will be the better support except website design company Los Angeles – SFWPExperts. We don’t tell you all but some of our areas of expertise are SEO optimized website development, most engaging web designs and the quick-to-load sites.


With that in mind, let’s talk about three primary strategic SEO and their trade-offs.


  1. Traffic vs. Relevance

An SEO strategy definitely needs relevance in the game plan. Because having traffic from users who don’t even have a clue what your website is about then it’s a complete waste. Except when you need more traffic.

Consider the following:


The Disadvantages of a High Traffic Approach

  • Keywords play a major role in getting high traffic regardless of their relevancy.
  • Less relevancy means more bounce rate. Which in turn, Will affect the companies with poor strategies.


Pros of a High Relevancy, Low Traffic Approach

  • Decreased bounce rates.
  • Less keywords are required.
  • Potential to get new targeted visitors, Who will buy products.
  • More relevant natural anchor text in your earned links.


The Disadvantages of a High Relevancy Approach

  • Implementing high relevance keywords search is pretty difficult and the same as getting high traffic.
  • High relevance doesn’t mean high revenue.
  • High relevancy strategies are difficult to scale, especially without loyal customers.
  • It can limit your brand’s capabilities as such you will be focused only on relevant products or searches.


  1. Consumer vs. Influencer

It’s pretty obvious that websites are meant to attract new consumers and every brand works towards that same goal of achieving revenue through their websites.
While influencers are people that will get you those consumers with their own methods.

Consider the following:

Pros of an Influencer, Industry Targeted Approach

  • Bloggers, vloggers, journalists, and other industries are most likely competing to get more audience. Since they own their authoritative sites. It’s pretty easy to implement SEO.
  • Sharing content on social networks will increase the total influence.
  • Influencer-focused content can be appealing for  B2B opportunities that you may not have considered.


Cons of the Influencer Approach

  • The functions and methods of influencers who can reach your audiences and the businesses are pretty much the same for every industry.
  • Industry-focused content is not very effective.


Pros of a Consumer, Interest Focused Approach

  • Consumers will always feel happy when they find information about the products they are looking to buy and they might buy the same products.
  • Once they a product and are how about that, they will start trusting your brand and they might even become your new loyal customers.
  • Consumer-focused content usually has more overall traffic potential.


Cons of the Consumer Approach

  • Consumers will not have over control platforms that use followed links which can help your SEO and can rarely connect you to larger audiences of their own.
  • Consumer-focused content is not meant for influencing new consumers.


  1. Trending vs. Evergreen

Balancing the choice between making content that appeals to people’s desire for novelty and content that stands the test of time is pretty hard to make.

Let us see if we can balance these two.


Pros of Content About Trending Topics

  • Ongoing trends can give you a good idea about, which has the obvious SEO benefits in terms of earning links and revenue.
  • It doesn’t matter how you deal with a new trend, it may not affect how your competitors will deal with that, sometimes you may get the upper hand.


Cons of a Trending Approach

  • Be aware of when choosing a trending topic. Make sure that no has published on the same.
  • Trending topics may produce traffic, but it’s unlikely that it will last longer.


Pros of Content About Evergreen Topics

  • This method will help you to gain more traffic whenever you publish a new article this will help you to do even bigger challenges in the future and you have the freedom to experiment new methods and testing a new way.
  • Evergreen content is designed to solve problems that will continue to exist, while it will also help your products to last even more time than usual. the connection between evergreen content and sales is often more direct, even for topics relatively high up the sales funnel.


Cons of an Evergreen Approach

  • It can be difficult to earn attention from influencers for an evergreen topic without introducing some novel information. Acquiring this kind of information can be difficult because your competitors have already published those. It’s the survival of the fittest.
  • Evergreen content typically needs demands more resources, as it should be more comprehensive, in-depth, and well-produced than content about trending topics.



Everyone has their own method of dealing with things is different.  Consider the above information as you develop your brand’s SEO strategy.


Great recommendations by SEO Company San Francisco are those that specify not to focus much on what’s most common and popular website design, but the ones which are most effective for your particular offerings and that will make your site stand out.

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Is Your Business Websites Built On WordPress?

WordPress is like a Hollywood superstar in the CMS domain.

It’s free, open-source, easy, efficient, customization, user-friendly and much more.

Increasing its influence which is reflected in its market shares.

8 out of 10 new users are opting for WordPress for creating their CMS site.

For having an awesome business website design, you can avail of services of SFWPExperts – the first rated website design company in Los Angeles. We are second to none organization that has the knack in the IT and digital marketing industry.



Now let’s take a dive into its history.

WordPress was introduced in 2003 and is growing ever since. With more than 35% out of the entire internet is using WordPress.


WordPress’ Evolution

Matt Mullenweg the co-founder of WordPress is currently pushing the WP to its future by continuously integrating new features to WordPress.


Who’s Using It

Well, it’s really hard to put every name on this blog, but here are few organizations that are pretty easy to recognize. The Walt Disney Company, Ford, and celebrities like Katy Perry using WordPress for their websites and blogs.


The Future

To be honest the capabilities of WordPress are limited as of 2018. Since it’s just an editor. But not anymore with the new editor ‘Gutenberg, WordPress will definitely get its major update. Can outclass every other CMS editors.


As a reputed WordPress website design company, we are helping all sizes of businesses in their digital transition through our suite of mobile responsive websites, eCommerce stores, and logo design & experienced marketing professionals.

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Write Your Business Plan for Ecommerce Success

After the introduction of the internet, our lives became more easy and it also became easy for merchants to create online stores as well.

It’s known as e-commerce.

But do you know the E-commerce business is entirely based on how much user-friendly, interactive and engaging your website design is? To put all of these qualities into your website, the superior Los Angeles website design company – SFWPExperts is the best option you can rely on.

So if you want to start new e-commerce or if you have already begun selling, and need more profits. Then no worries just create a business plan.


“Why Do I Need a Business Plan?”


Having a comprehensive business plan will definitely you to establish a clear roadmap for your business outset. You can access yourself and your progress, while you can identify all the requirements and resources that you need.

Finally, it will save you a lot of trouble, time, and money.


Get Started: 1-Page eCommerce Business Plan

Swiss business theorist by the name of Alexander Osterwalder created a tool called canvas for designing 1-Page eCommerce Business Plan. Well, it’s not the complete plan but it’s a good place to start.


Business Model Canvas Structure

Here we mention the different sections of the business model canvas:

  • Key Partners: Who is necessary for your business to be successful?
  • Key Activities: What does your business need to do or achieve to be successful?
  • Key Resources: What can you use to benefit your business?
  • Value Proposition: What is your unique selling point?
  • Customer Relationship: What is important in your customer relationships?
  • Channels: How do people hear about your business?
  • Customer Segments: How do you differentiate between customers?
  • Cost Structure: Where will the money go?
  • Revenue Streams: Where does the money come from?

You can check a few examples from the internet.


How to Use the Business Model Canvas

Let us see how to use the canvas model.

You can use the answers to the following questions for filling the canvas.

  1. What do you plan to do?
  2. What needs are you satisfying?
  3. What is your unique selling point?

Later throw in some keywords. Make sure that your model is flexible enough to adapt to new conditions.

After filling this, your initial model is complete. Use this canvas as a reference for your original or traditional business model.


The Traditional Business Plan

It’s time for some formal work. This might sound scary but this is quite easy. Do know that having a business model helps you get loans and will also give you an edge our your counterparts.

Now let us see about the six sections that you should include in your business plan.


Section 1. About Your Company

This is all about your company and what others need to know about your firm, ranging from missions to visions and other goals as well. Including a little bit of history about your company.

But do always follow a structured manner. Starting from why the customer should choose you over others?

Vision, mission and value proposition may sound similar but they are different.

Value Proposition: why the customer should choose you.

Mission Statement: why your business exists right now.

Vision Statement: what your business hopes to become in the future.


After adding these three, you can follow the following list.

  • Is your company a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation?
  • What date was your business established?
  • What do you sell?
  • What is your industry?
  • What is your business’s history?
  • What are your objectives – short and long-term?
  • Who is your team?

And other business-related data.


Section 2. The Market and Your Competition

This section is mostly about marketing. And your competition.

You can use tools like PEST and SWOT for analysis.

PEST: It is used to find the growth of factors like political, economic, social, and technological factors.

While SWOT will help you in recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

You can use the following data for SWOT.

  • strengths – what is working for them?
  • weaknesses – what isn’t working for them?
  • opportunities – what are they ready to take advantage of?
  • threats – what are they worried about?

You can find the templates for both the PEST and SWOT online.


Section 3. Your Marketing Plan

Let’s talk about customers.

It’s crucial that you have a plan for getting more customers for your site. You can do a little bit of research about this. The best way to get excellent data is to think like the customers or do a customer interview so that you can know and replicate their tastes in your site. So that more people will be attracted to your site.

You can use the SALES FUNNEL to achieve the same in a more efficient and easier way.



Section 4. Your Business Operations

In this section, you should be able to create a plan that will reflect all your operations from manufacturing to production. Including your contingency plan and production process.

For more reference, you can take a look at these questions.

  • How long it will take to produce a specified number of units of product.
  • What has been done to unify customer feedback into the production of your product or service?
  • What strategy do you have in place to handle a major increase in demand for your product or service?

Later include the following details as well.

  • Suppliers: the people or businesses, who will be providing the materials you won’t be making yourself.
  • Facilities: where you’ll place your inventory or offices.
  • Personnel: your staff and their duties.
  • Equipment: the tools and technology you need to run your business.
  • Fulfillment: the delivery method you’ll be using to get orders fulfilled.
  • Inventory: how much inventory you’ll keep on hand or stored with a third-party and how you’ll track it.
  • Customer Support: how will customer support requests and complaints and refunds be tracked and integrated?


Section 5. Business Finances

This section is all about creating a budget for your business. And plan that will get you profit.

Income Statement: it will show you your expenses, profits, and losses including your income.

Balance Sheet: all of your assets, net worth and liabilities are shown in this sheet.

Cash Flow Statement: it’s the same as income statement but the major difference is that it takes into account the actual date that money comes in and goes out.


Section 6. Measuring Your Success

Finally, we are at the last stage of this plan. Sometimes our plans fall apart or our goals may not seem realistic enough. But must include these two things into your plan.

  1. You will stay on target and be able to celebrate your smaller victories.
  2. You will be able to respond quickly when you fall behind schedule.

When you feel like you are falling behind then revise your plans once again. If necessary start from scratch.

That’s how you design a business plan for e-commerce 🙂


Other than all, you can get into one to one conversation with WordPress website design company – SFWPExperts for developing an appealing eCommerce website that your users take interest in.

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7 Techniques To Step Up Your E-Commerce Website Sales ASAP

Internet users are increasing every day. So is the potential for digital marketing. If you looking to start a new business look nowhere because the internet is your answer. With UK’s e-commerce to rising 17% from the last year and 8% of Europe’s revenue is coming from online retail it’s a no-brainer that starting an e-commerce business is profitable. What’s great is that if you already own an e-commerce website follow these  7 ways or strategies that will help you step up your game ASAP.

Scaling up your eCommerce website sales is an art where not everyone is good at. We want you to take full advantage of the internet by letting your website earn for you. Website design company Los Angeles, SFWPExperts is one center to book your services further.


  1. Rethink Your E-Commerce Platform

Does your platform have what it takes? Well, the platforms like Shopify or Magento may be good live with but what really matters is what’s inside?

For instance, Manchester-based specialty auto part merchant Awesome GTI managed to increase its revenue by 96% by migrating from Magento to BigCommerce, just like that. So it’s about to choose the right platform that will cater to all your needs.


  1. Emphasize User-Generated Content

Who wouldn’t want a 5 star rated product? User reviews, photos, and their thoughts about the product published on the website will have a great effect as such it will increase users’ trust towards your store. And there are a lot of companies doing the same and earning a ton of cash.


  1. Rework Your Product Descriptions

A detailed SEO friendly description of a product is very essential. Not only does it act as an advertisement for your product but with enough keywords, you can actually get more traffic.

Make sure that your descriptions are not too big but more creative.


  1. Integrate Video On-Site

Do you know what is better than the product description? It’s a video about the product. More and more people are using the internet every day to do all sorts of things, in which watching videos is also a part. So if you are able to integrate video about your products or the demo videos provided or created by the brands themselves, use those to your advantage and gain more sales.


  1. Fine-Tune Your Site’s Design Elements

Now let’s take about your website. If you think your website is a little bit dull in any aspect don’t hold back use all your skills and tools necessary, to make the best-looking website. Starting from color schemes, layouts and even themes. Choose those wisely. You can use a page builder to see these changes in real-time.


  1. Make Sure You’re Mobile-Friendly

I was emphasizing that new people are coming to the internet every day since the beginning of this article. The fun fact is that most of them are smartphone users. Normally pc oriented websites are not meant for smartphones and they tend to look ugly when we open them(websites) so make sure that your website is mobile-friendly before it’s too late. You can use Google’s tool for the same.


  1. Smarten Up Your Site Architecture

At last, it’s time for the UX. your UX design will decide your SEO score. For example, if you have categorized your products and have better keywords your website might get a much better score than before. So consider this and above all points. Sprinkle in some keywords where possible, create a great UX and you are all set.


In conclusion, if you follow the above tips and make changes you will see more traffic than before, and it all boils down to the proper implementation. So all the best 🙂


Today, pay a visit to the optimal WordPress website design company , SFWPExperts that has intellect minds with them adding on helpful features to your eCommerce site,
and by the virtue of which customers will have the least trouble in exploring your site and gaining you the potential conversions.

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Website

First things first, we are not talking about bounce rates of balls, we are talking about bounce rates of a website.

It’s pretty similar to window shopping that we all are very fond of. When a new customer visits a website for the first time looking for something he or she wants, but most of the time they won’t find what they are looking for and will close the website.

Don’t get me wrong here as the product/info they want is available on the website but the problem is that they weren’t able to navigate through the website to find what they want. Of course, companies will lose money because of this. This happens very often. In an analysis by KissMetrics, it’s shown that the average bounce rate for a website is 40.5% and most of them are new visitors.

If the bounce rate reduction of your website is the priority that you want to get through, SFWPExperts is the thriving website design company in Los Angeles, can help in engaging your visitors through attractive web designs and make them stay longer to be fed in your customer’s database asap.

So if you own a website, we are pretty sure that you have experienced the same. Don’t worry we are going to share with you five easy ways to decrease your bounce rate.


  1. Focus on Attracting the Right Audience

Keywords are very important in fact they will decide whether you are going to get any search in the first place. Given their importance people started to mess with keywords to optimize their website and that really affects others. For example, when you search for the word ‘one’ (as in numbers) you will get all sorts of musicals, blogs, etc., instead of the matter, you are looking for!

Basically, all you have to do is optimize the correct keyword that directly represents your business, so that people will know and find what they are looking for and will stop bouncing. (Most them at least)


  1. Reconsider Your Site Navigation

We all know bounces will happen when people couldn’t find or don’t know how to get to the content. Yes, Even if you have the best content in the entire website, your bounce rate will increase, if your website lacks proper navigation. It should be proper, simple, and appealing to the eye.


  1. Show Targeted Content to First Time Visitors

First-time visitors tend to bounce more than the regular ones. It may be due to the fact that they don’t know what to do when entering your site. Show some demos or tutorials for them to understand First-time about your site and try to great them every time.


  1. Use Content Recommendations to Increase Engagement

We encounter content recommendations most of the time in the form of advertisements and other dialogues and for a good reason too. These recommendations help the companies to make more money by making people go through these recommendations and customers also enjoy these types of benefits.


  1. Be Mobile-Friendly

Lastly, be mobile friendly. In this modern era where more than 2 billion+ smartphones were being used, being a mobile-friendly website is a must. If your site is not optimized for mobile then your bounce rates will increase drastically. For instance, there are over a billion websites that are not optimized for smartphones and they suffer a lot of bounce rates.


Are you knowing that the bounce rate of your website is also affecting the factor for SEO? SFWPExperts – A WordPress website design company has a say that, if you want to keep the bounce rate of your website low consider making your site user-friendly, easily accessible, effortless navigation and offering great user experience to make it compatible from an SEO perspective.

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Tips to Segment Your Email List Like a Pro

Emails are awesome, you can send as many to as many, the only thing you need is the email id of recipients.

That sounds great but if you were to send an email to a person who is not interested in your business or platform may backfire at you. Since all customers are not the same so does their needs and all you have to do is just segment your emails and recipients.

If you do this right, chances are that your traffic will increase significantly. All takes is just a personalized email.

These are five tips that will help you to achieve segmentation.


1. New Subscribers

New subscribers are your new potential loyal customers. So segment them in the new segment. Create a beautiful welcome email which is filled with politeness and respect towards your new customers.

You can also showcase your best work in the email so that it will be more pleasing.


2. Ask For Their Preference

If you can’t know what they want? How about asking them about their own preferences! Sounds legit right. I mean this is the best way. By doing these we won’t be annoying them but instead, we are informing them.


3. Demographics

It’s another great way of segmentation but not as great as asking customers. But still, we can group them based on their region, gender, and age. Which might be 80% accurate? This way it will also save you some time, where you spend time collecting the customer’s preferences.


4. Look At Purchasing Behavior

It’s a classical way of segmentation that the big shots like Amazon have implemented successfully. It’s similar to the demographics but here you will have more data to work on.

It will definitely help you in your future sales.


5. Pay Attention To Inactivity And Open Rates

This all may seem like stalking to you, but still, if you have to do something you must do it. By finding the customers who are not spending enough time or buying anything. You can send them emails by including some special offers or coupons.

You can also find other people who are regularly buying stuff from you and you can give them a special offer or membership etc.

Lastly, with the help of emails, you can actually connect with more people and expand your business. If implemented correctly.


Aside from segmenting the email list, if your business lacks the stunning website appearance, we would recommend you to get the support of SFWPExperts, top website design company Los Angeles that will encourage your visitors to get your service more often.

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Design Page Content Flow To Maximize SEO

Need more SEO? Then all you need to do is modify your web page’s content and we are done.

Well not completely yet!

Read to the end and you will eventually find out more.

Here’s a question that can answer most of your queries.


What Needs To Go On The Web Page, In What Order, With What Placement?

Consider that we are currently going to rank “faster home WiFi” so that we will get better placement in Google search and increase our revenue.

But you should ask yourself these questions first.


A. What is the searcher, in this case, trying to accomplish?

When they enter “faster home Wi-Fi,” what’ are they looking for?


B. Are there multiple intents behind this query, and which ones are most popular?

If there are any intents ranking them is very important.


C. What’s the business goal of the ranking? What are we trying to accomplish?

Having a better rank so that people will notice us, and possibly will visit our website increasing our revenue.

If we were to simulate the answers, we could guess that people need more WiFi speed than they already have.

They are trying to know whether they need to get a new connection or get a new isp or new hardware. These can be viewed as intents.

It’s no secret that most of the websites make their revenue through the affiliate for which they need more people and a better SEO rank will help us achieve the same goal.


Now We Can Design A Content Flow.

From the above data, you might have any idea how and where things should go or what your website should do?

Simply put you should create a good flow. And that’s all that matters.


5 Big Goals That Matter.

The goals that matter here and the ones that you should be optimizing for, when you’re thinking about the design of this flow are:


  1. How do I solve the searcher’s task quickly and enjoyable?

Having a better UI will definitely help you in this case. You can create some good visible effects for attracting them. But the most important part is the content.

Try to show all the options available for the user in our case on how to increase the WiFi speed. So that all their intents will be met.


  1. Serve these multiple intents in the order of demand.

As mentioned above by giving multiple choices to the visitors i.e catering to different intents is essential.


  1. Optimize for the business goal without sacrificing one and two.

Don’t sacrifice your goals for some other, you can still integrate both them, for example, creating a website for both searchers and your own business goals. But it may affect your SEO slightly. But it’s ideal.


  1. If possible, try to claim the featured snippet and the visual image that goes up there.

Try to insert a good looking picture at the header and combined with great content will capture the perfect snippets giving you an edge over other websites.


  1. Limit our bounce back to the SERP as much as possible.

Don’t exaggerate your design elements to much. Make it simple that people won’t get annoyed and get their problems solved. Try to have better control over the website by constantly updating or optimizing it. By doing this your site’s bounce rate will not increase.

Of course, it’s not limited to just the design elements you must also look after the content as well.


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Overlook AI and Machine Learning, WordPress Is About To Disrupt Your Business

AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things are the most heard buzzwords of the recent technological world, with more and more devices/systems adapting these resulting in rapid development in technology as well as bringing changes to the world. The growth is so rapid that more devices and technologies are popping out every day than the previous day.

So, if we talk about the present, your intent to have a responsive website design can be carried out by elite website design company Los Angeles, SFWPExperts even if you are running on a tight budget for now. We build custom website designs for most of the prevalent industries operating globally at the same time assuring you of the satisfactory work presented by us at the end of the day.

But when it comes to website editing and CMS WordPress is also picking it’s the pace and announced a new update WordPress 5.0, which is running a little late, but most people and developers are eager to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

A staggering 75 million websites use WordPress globally, including numerous companies in sectors ranging from e-commerce to banking. Which is not 100% of all the websites present on the internet? WordPress faces stiff competition from the likes of WIX and Squarespace in the domain of micro-business and Blogging and also faces competition from Silverstripe and Drupal in the domain of SME and enterprise side.

Customers are humans and humans can hardly concentrate on a given task for 8 seconds, meaning that customers are pretty impatient and the delay of 5.0 can affect the WordPress, since it may not be able to provide all the required plugins whereas others do. Here the customers being both brands and web surfers will reduce the efficiency and the traffic generated by a WordPress website resulting in bad customer/user experience.


Bad User Experience

As mentioned earlier people tend to dislike things when they couldn’t find what they are looking for, the bad layout also affects your traffic.

In a Google survey, 52% of people stopped using or visiting a company with a bad mobile experience.

So to ensure that your users won’t feel irritated it’s better to give them what they want without any restrictions and simplified accessibility, usability and proper interaction with the users will also definitely help towards your goal of keeping more engaged with your site at any given time.

So maybe this new update 5.0 will help companies to get more people and will also resolve the problems of moderation, but chances are that it may have the same fate as the TSB, which failed drastically in an overhaul. Creating huge losses for all the stakeholders!

And now its homepage is more chaotic than ever before too many bugs and IT problems.

Don’t you like to stick out to your ordinary website? SFWPExperts, branded WordPress website design company can provide you its advanced version equipped with the latest features and trending appearance. We have the most talented and intellectual brains who can feed your exact website hunger you are craving for.


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WooCommerce Evaluation

We all know WordPress as a CMS but WP also offers other services like WooCommerce, an open-source WordPress-based e-commerce platform, which powers more than 30% of all online stores.

Everyone don’t get what they want and so maybe you from eCommerce platform, WooCommerce. Needless to say, lucrative WordPress website design company Los Angeles can help you with the great user experience providing a superb eCommerce website that is going to boost your sales insanely high.

Since it’s operated by WordPress, you can get access to a wide variety of themes, plugins and much more. By using WooCommerce, you can sell any product without paying any transaction fee to the WP and WooCommerce also calculates all the taxes that are required to pay by the customer. While you can pretty much change or customize everything in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce also has the ability to create new accounts for customers or customers can use guest login, tracking orders, keeping track of your inventory, stocks, check out details, notifications, emails, etc., it has also the capability of accepting all types of payments from different types of payment gateways.

WooCommerce recommends SiteGround, where the baseline StartUp plan gets you 10GB of web space, unlimited email accounts and databases, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and data centers on three continents. At a reasonable price of £2.75 ($3.85) a month.

On top of that, you have complete control over customization.


Getting Started

Now that we know what WooCommerce (WC) is let us see, how to set up one. Obviously, you need to create a new WordPress account or use the existing one. Later WooCommerce asks you to fill and opt for all types of formal services that you need, including the method of download.

You can also get a hosted WooCommerce account with pre-installed WooCommerce and hosting. You can refer to SiteGround’s WooCommerce plan for further details.


Creating Your Store

WooCommerce is based on WordPress, so when you first login to the WooCommerce account, you will be given some instructions, demos similar to WordPress later you will be given a plain theme, which can be easily changed.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, which will contain the WooCommerce menu with the setup wizard.

Wizard is used to setting up the WooCommerce, and you will be required to fill all the details like your currency, types of payment gateways that you will accept and some other formal details including shipping and tax rules and much more.

For automatic tax calculation and services, you need to download the specified plugins by WooCommerce.


It’s Time to Design Your Store.

You can customize the theme, page layouts, etc., with the help of WooCommerce. You can add some CSS to your site if you want.

By using an import tool you can import product catalogs from other platforms in the form of source code in CSV format, up to 128 MB. Of course, you can physically edit or add new products to your store with ease, since it’s done by WordPress editor. You can also add all sorts of media to your store. You can also throw in some YouTube links as well.

WooCommerce may not offer as many features as BigCommerce, but still, it’s more efficient for small stores and for basic stores.

Setting shipping requires a lot of work. It totally depends on which service you want to choose, or which services that is available in your regions.

WooCommerce combined with WordPress is pretty easy to do, but beginners might find it a little bit hard.


Running Your Business

Now that we have created a store, let’s see how to maintain it. WooCommerce is pretty capable and is adaptable to all sorts of situations. It keeps track of your inventory, if items are out of stock then it will hide those items. Give notifications about the stock. You can also add a new admin or multiple admins, with a different scope of control.

Since you already have a WordPress account, you can use that to blog and advertise your store.

Add-ons are not always free in WooCommerce, but you can use these to notify your customers, about new stock via SMS or you can also add a live chat to your store.

Support is not that great. It may take a while before your issue is resolved.

In conclusion, WooCommerce is a smart choice for experienced users while novices may find it a little bit hard to use WooCommerce.


Though that’s not a problem even. WordPress website design is the service given by SFWPExperts for the budding entrepreneurs or the experienced player in the field
to create unique eCommerce websites over the web.


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Pop-Ups, Overlays, Modals, Interstitials, and How They Affect SEO

Pop-ups, overlays, modal, interstitials are sometimes useful and annoying most of the times.

But have ever wondered how they may affect your SEO, and if they did, is it good or is it, bad?

If you don’t know the answer common let’s explore it.

Let’s look into what pop-ups, overlays, modal, interstitials are?

They are basically the part of UX.

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There are a variety of pop-ups like the dialog box or the new window that opens up when you click randomly on the webpage. Well, it may help you to generate ad revenue but according to Google, it’s not really a good thing. Meaning bad SEO score in fact many browsers will block this.



These are kind of similar to the pop-ups, but they will not cause as much trouble as the pop-ups do, according to Google anyway. Layouts those messages that appear randomly in front of your screen prompting you to sign up for a newsletter and some other similar messages. These cause much more trouble in the mobiles than in pc. Which, we will explore in a few minutes.



Let’s just say these are boxes in a webpage where you can edit stuff. Where you actually interact with the background data rather than say a pop-up or a layout. For instance, editing a image online. Unless they spammed or advertising unnecessarily, they won’t cause much trouble.



You can compare this to the unskippable ads that you see at the beginning of the video in Youtube. Which people don’t really like. Yeah, there the website likes Forbes that does the same.


What Are The Factors That Matter For SEO?

Now let’s take a look at factors affecting SEO.


A) Timing

Time is a really important factor. Sometimes you can see the layouts or pop-ups at the very beginning, or in the middle or in between 80% to 100% mark.

Each of these appearances will be treated differently. And based on the type of content shown and the amount of time shown is also important.

If the appeared content is taking even a little bit of time, it will affect your SEO.

The smaller the duration the better your SEO score will be.

B) Interaction

Google has updated its mobile guidelines recently. Based on the interaction of the element with content like the duration, whether it’s affecting the readability or is it, not easy to terminate will be the deciding factors. Later the owners will be penalized by Google.

C) Content

Sometimes we can observe that few websites will show us a message asking for the permission to use cookies, or taking our consent. These types of messages are not affected by Google’s guidelines whereas the ads, on the other hand, treated differently and harshly if they don’t obey the rules.

D) Conditions

Some people knowingly or unknowingly will create few conditions that might fly under the Google’s radar but not anymore. Make a wrong move, well you will be penalized. Sometimes websites and systems are not optimized enough to deal with it since it’s still considered as UX.

E) Engagement Impact

It’s no secret that Google monitors the activity of every website that has been visited via Google. So whenever your bounce rates increase Google will deem your UX as poor, which may affect your SEO.


Best Practices

After reading all the data provided above, it’s pretty obvious that having bad elements in your UX will definitely hurt your SEO.

So try not including harmful elements in your UX.

Also know the following information about your website that will help you, while designing UX

  • Bounce rate
  • Browse rate
  • Return visitor rates
  • Time on site after the element appears

Finally, mobile browsing is becoming a hot topic and Google is really working hard towards increasing mobile experience. So it’s better to sacrifice some ads rather than getting completely banned from the internet (worst case) and mobile users are increasing every day so keep that in mind.

Now for mobile applications, who is going to develop it better than SFWPExperts, the widespread WordPress website design company. We build mobile-friendly and tablet friendly website designs that do not disrupt the user experience of your visitors, no matter the device they are accessing with.


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Prepare Your Ecommerce Store for The Holiday Season

Technological developments made our life easier. So does online shopping. It’s estimated that the current value of e-commerce is 2.290 trillion dollars as of 2018 and reports suggest that it may well 4.4 trillion dollars by 2021.

In other words, it’s the best time to start an online e-Commerce store. And this festive season can be great for e-commerce. If you already have an e-commerce store, where you will sell products online, follow these steps to make a fortune!

Though you need help with your eCommerce project, the splendid website design company Los Angeles is always the best option you could choose to. We are not only well and good but fine artists of technical skills that can rectify in minutes what your current site is lacking and which addition can grab the most eyeballs.

  1. Choose Your Platform Wisely

Look no further than WooCommerce. It powerful, open-source, and has a large community that will support you. As well as a ton of extensions and add-ons.


  1. Choose Managed Hosting

Managing an online store is no easy feat. It requires a lot of skill. During the festivals, the traffic will be quadruple meaning you need to pay attention to the store 24×7. While at some stores shopkeepers have no idea how to deal with the server. It may turn into a security threat to your online store. So use managed cloud hosting where all these problems are taken care off.


  1. Fast Speed to Ensure Maximum Sales

Time is money! Every second counts. It’s proven that 40% of visitors give up on products when the product takes 2-3 more seconds to load. So better to be safe than sorry. Try using a CDN to avoid these types of problems.


  1. Responsive Design

Make sure that your web store is compatible/responsive in smartphones. There is a been steep rise in smartphone usage and people started to use phones to shop. So you don’t want to be left out, from the smartphone users. Use mobile smartphone first strategy for better results.


  1. Change Your Showcase

Changing your storefronts, banners, and some colors will definitely have effects on people, in a good way. By doing your website will seem to be more active or ’alive’, while expressing your joy and promoting your store at the same time.


  1. Impressive (read, usable) Design and Layout

Getting lost certainly sucks, no matter where you are! In other words, if your store’s navigation lacks, you can most definitely see a rise in bounce rate rather than sales. Investing in a good theme and layout will help you to get more sales.


  1. Create a Page with Gift Ideas

Who wouldn’t like a gift during the festival season! People tend to buy a lot during festival sales in a limited time period. So if you toss in a gift or a great offer it will motivate your visitors and they might end up buying even more.

At least create a Thanksgiving page so that, they will come to your site once again.


  1. Offer Free Shipping

Sometimes the price of shipping will be more than the product itself. So offering free shipping will have the same effect as giving gifts.


  1. Use Secure Payment Gateways

Hackers are everywhere these days. So having a secure payment gateway is a must. Or else you might end up bankrupt. So try to invest in payment gateways or else you can also get some free plugins from WP library.


  1. Simplify Purchase Processes

Who likes filling a dozen checks for buying a pen? It’s pretty annoying. So you must change your UX and create a new checkout method which uses the least amount of checks.

Doing this will definitely increase your traffic.


  1. Clear Return Policies

Companies with clear return policies will have more customers. Why? You ask. It’s a no-brainer because people can return the stuff that doesn’t fit or something they want with way more little doubt. So that they will get some better things than before and will feel happy about that.


  1. Plan Your Promotions Wisely

Your promotions not working? No problem just swaps it with a new one and problem. But do a little research, and try to show ads that people like.


  1. Choose the Right Keywords

Be wary of the keywords that you are using. Don’t go overboard with keywords as well. Try to keep them clean. Or else you might attract some users that may just increase your rate.


  1. Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Get the complete details of the products you are selling with a few great pictures to showcase your products in a way that appeals to the consumers. When people know about the product they are about to buy, they will feel comfortable enough to buy from your online store.


  1. Product Presentation Videos

Apart from showing pictures, try to create and display a short video or presentation about the product so that people can understand the product much better. Which might increase the chance of them buying the product?


  1. Call to Action Is Important

CTA is pretty important. CTA is the set of buttons such as Complementary Products and Products Viewed or Purchased by Other Visitors. If it’s Halloween season try changing these buttons to some sort monsters to attract more attention.


  1. Involve Your Customers

Try asking your customer to join in your social media campaigns, so that you can involve them, by which they might become your friends, later into your loyal customers. This will also help your social media reach.


  1. Keep in Touch via Email

Get your customers email. Start sending your offers, coupons, product catalogs and much more to your customers. Since email is great for keeping in touch with your customers.


Finally, it all boils down to your own ideas and implementations. The points are mere suggestions but you might and will much better if you work hard 🙂