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Tip To Protect Your WordPress Website With Maximum Security

In today’s digital era there are billions of devices accessing the internet every hour. There are also millions of malware spreading and affecting thousands of computers every day. Which are not noticeable unless you have good protection?

The most common of these occurrences is hacking. And mostly the poorly maintained websites will get affected. The government no exception for it either.

You might wonder who does hacking? It is done by a group or a single person called hacker, who will exploit all your vulnerable points in the website. Steal data in worst will blackmail you, which will not end in a good way.

WordPress is the largest web builders and website hosters are being hacked every day and most of them will be hacked due to the mistakes of the Admins.

If a device is connected to the internet no matter it’s functionality it can be hacked! Which will eventually lead to a digital disaster?

But in this article, we will be focusing on the WordPress, and how to protect your WordPress website.

Firstly, WordPress is a PHP script that communicates directly with the MySQL database. It means whenever you do a query, it has to communicate with the MYSQL database, which is pretty vulnerable.

So the question arises.


How Do You Secure Your WordPress Website?

It’s not just hacking that makes a website but there are other methods like spamming the chat or comment section.

A website is required for a business to thrive online. WordPress is the best CMS system most widely used, making it a target for all the hackers.

WordPress is pretty impressive itself, it gets new updates constantly increasing its features and security and much more. But it all falls on the users. If they use them properly they will safe or else..!


What Are These Best WordPress Security Best Practices Anyway?

Now the good stuff, let’s see how you should safeguard your website.


  1. It Starts With Webhost

It is the first step and the biggest mistake a user could ever do!

Web hosting is pretty important. Of course, there are a ton of companies that will host your website. But are they secure enough? Web hosting same as buying a car but you have to choose correctly, that which car would suit you better and what is warranty provided by the company. It’s pretty nerve-wracking.

So just try to stick with WordPress hosting.


  1. Initial Installation

During the installation, the WordPress will be sending all the data to MYSQL server in the form of PHP. For which you have to create a username and password.

Create a password as complex as you can since all the data will be stored in an unknown location in a server that you may never see.


  1. Your Admin Username is Important

As a default, the username for admin will be “admin” which can be changed. In fact, changing it as soon as possible would be great.

Some may argue that people will use their company name to change their username which is like giving a free hint to the hacker who might hold a grudge against you.

But if you can create a username that’s less revealing then it won’t be a problem.


  1. Email And Mail Provider

Usually, when we forget a password we can recover our password by using the recovery mail.

In other words, if your mail provider is not secure enough, it’s most likely that your account will be hacked.

Some of web hosting companies will provide their mail services which reasonably secure.

You can also a secretive mail that you never gave to anyone for login recovery.


  1. Shield from Spammers

Spammers usually use bots to spam your comment section.

Soon or later your website will be filled with all types of malware, trojans. After some time your website may collapse due to excess load.

You can limit your comments section for the verified user like authenticating them using their emails or you can completely block them for few articles that are getting spammed regularly.

You can also use captcha for the bot verification and it works fine.


  1. Secure your Admin Page

These are the four default roles which have admin access by default.

  1. The Administration
  2. The Author
  3. The Contributor
  4. Subscriber

The roles are self-explanatory. You have to lock the admin access for others except for the admin.

The wp-admin page is the most attacked part of the website, so if we have more admins it would definitely increase your vulnerability.

Of course, you can use Front End User Post plugin for allowing guest blogging.


  1. Regular Plugin And Website Maintenance

Updating and maintaining your plugins is important, always lookout for updates.

Turn off the plugins that you are not using or delete some plugins if you don’t want to use them at all.


  1. Always Back Up

Back up is always a good option. There are tons of free to premium plugins in WordPress, Which are awesome?

If you can afford to have a physical encrypted backup then go for it. It will help if you decide to clean your server or in the worst case, if your server is hacked.


  1. Use Security Plugins

Now to secure your website, you can use the plugins in the WP, in fact, you should only use them.

Try to invest in a premium security plugins, which will have more protection than the normal one.

Please don’t download plugins from the third party. They may give away premium WP plugins for free but they might bundle in some malware which will later turn into a disaster.


  1. Always Do External Analysis

Finally get a WordPress expert to check your website. It may cost you but it’s worth it all. You can also get your analysis through other big WordPress website design company you may get a discount.


How To Regain Your Hacked WordPress Website

Let’s imagine that despite your best efforts you got hacked. So how to get back, your hacked wordpress website. Let us see.

Firstly you will be removed from the search engines so that you won’t infect or cause trouble to others. Yes, you will also lose all your SEO score. In other words, your site is dead!

If you still have the access to the PHP my admin page along with a backup copy, you can get the problem resolved by just restoring your site.

But in worst if you don’t have any access and knowledge about PHP then give up and uninstall the old hacked WordPress and get a new one.


  1. Backup Database

If you still have the access to your admin page then it’s time to back up. But before you do clean your website first, remove the changed variables and newly installed waste by hackers.

After securing your domain, than just restore your website from online backup or a physical backup.


  1. Export Your Valuables

Now it’s time for the aftermath. You can restore some data from the backup but still, the data like comments and few articles may not be available.

Don’t worries WordPress can help you at this point. All you have to do is just navigate through the admin settings to find the “export” button and click on it.

After some basic steps, you are ready to go online. But it’s better to call your host, to check the situation there and have some WordPress developer experts, to look at your website and roll it online later.

Of course, you should take actions, so that your website won’t get hacked.

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Tips To Increase Conversion Rates For Mobile Commerce

Do you own a reputable e-commerce website, and found that your traffic is getting pretty low lately! Maybe there are not many as there used to be before on the internet. Well you are wrong there are more people on the internet than ever before, and it’s rapidly increasing every day (number of internet users).

So what is causing the drop in traffic? It may be due to the fact that more and more people are using smartphones to access the internet. While 59% use their smartphones for online shopping. And that’s the prime reason that your traffic is dropping because your website or commerce isn’t mobile friendly.

So if you are looking for how to increase conversion rates for mobile commerce, you are at the right place.


Follow these simple methods for improving your mobile-commerce.


  • Searchers Versus Browsers

Searchers and browsers are the two categories of people that explore the internet for inspiration or hopefully for products. Searchers might end up buying products from your site while browsers are looking for inspiration.

Don’t disappoint them. Try to make your homepage as simple as possible with inspiration, so that both them will benefit from your website while generating revenue for you.


  • Speed Is Key

Mobile phones lack the capabilities of the computer both in computing power and storage.

It means that if your website isn’t optimized every now and then (at least once an hour) the mobiles will struggle to load the site increasing load time. Which is not a good thing?

The speed of internet is increased drastically when compared to previous years, so if the average load time of your site is greater than 1.6 seconds people will thinking that your site pretty slow. Which true? Slow load times will also affect your SEO score in the Google search.

So keep your website optimized. By compressing data or using other tools.


  • Use The Tools

As mentioned earlier you can use tools to make your life much easier, and one such tool is Google analytics and other Google tools that will help you for increasing your conversation rates.


  • People Use Many Screens

Computers are much more reliable and safe when you are doing online shopping this reflects in the way people abandon their shopping carts on mobiles and move to the desktop for placing the order, as much 51% people do the same. So use the methods like mailing to regain the customers you lost.


  • Think Mobile

Mobile commerce has just begun, and it will grow leaps and bound in the future so stay updated and keep investing one day all your efforts will pay off 🙂


Get your personalized in-depth WordPress conversion optimization service by clicking the link.

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What is Gutenberg?

WordPress the most commonly used CMS or in simple terms it’s just a free but powerful website creator/editor.

Unless you are living under a rock, you might have heard about ‘Gutenberg’, no it’s not about the place but it’s about the new WordPress editor that people may either like or hate!

Its main purpose is obsessively to make the website building easier, which it does with its new features and which increases the ease of handling.


Before exploring about the Gutenberg, let’s take a look at classic WordPress editor.

The editor itself is free and open source but it’s not really free for making your website using the WordPress. You may have to have some knowledge in coding or you should hire WordPress Developer to customize the WordPress for you. If not, then you may have to buy themes from other websites which you can edit later but not to its full extent, which may require coding skills.

Then came the Page Builder plugins. They made the website building so much easier that all you have to do is drag and drops then you are done! Well it’s not the end. Using page builders is easy but it’s a process filled with trial & Error which means that every time you do something in the WordPress, you don’t know how is it going work until you render it completely! And it’s going to decrease your work efficiency.

Then here comes the Gutenberg to save the day!



It’s pretty much as same as the classic page builders but with improved functionality.

Like for example, whenever you drag and drop a block into your website you can clearly see the live changes that are being made in your site, without having to render it completely and change it later.

It drastically increases your productivity and increases your overall control over the WordPress website design.

That’s why people are going to love it. But the major drawback is that Gutenberg isn’t compatible with all the available themes not yet! Which might be a deal breaker some people? And it’s the biggest upgrade so it will take some time for people to accept this new technology.

So if you are interested in Gutenberg and willing to download it here’s a quick guide.


Downloading Gutenberg

It’s pretty easy all you have to do is, go to your WordPress dashboard search for Gutenberg in add new plugins or you can download it from the WordPress repository. Keep in mind that your WP version should be 4.8.

Well everything is not perfect so is Gutenberg, it comes with its own set of Pros and Cons.



  • It’s pretty easy to use since it’s a visual editor which has also have a great screen space with live rendering.
  • Beginner’s can easily adapt to Gutenberg, and can create a stunning site.
  • It’s mobile friendly too.
  • You can pretty much create your own theme by customizing your old theme.



  • Well as far as cons go it’s mainly about the themes, i.e Gutenberg currently doesn’t work well with all themes.
  • It may be easier for beginners to use Gutenberg, but it may pose some inconvenience to those who gotten used to the older versions of WP.


Well at last it all boils down to your personal preference, but somewhere down the line you may have to work with Gutenberg whether you like it or not. So just give it a try and you will know whether you like it or not.

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GDPR Compliance And Your WordPress Website

Collecting data from users by websites is not uncommon. Almost everyone does that, it may be through cookies or newsletter sign-ups and so on. If you are doing a business in USA or EU GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation will definitely affect you.

If you want to avoid consequences here are few points that will help you:


  • Tell the user who you are, why you collect the data, for how long, and who receives it.
  • Get a clear consent [when required] before collecting any data.
  • Let users access their data, and take it with them.
  • Let users delete their data.
  • Let users know if data breaches occur.


WordPress released a new version (4.9.6) on which contains privacy law compliance for GDPR. Below are some of the new features available:


The New Privacy Page Settings

It’s a new option found in the settings menu with which you can drop a link on your WordPress website, which redirects the user to your privacy policy upon clicking. Of course, you can use cookies as well.


Comments on WordPress

The new feature added to the comment section is that upon commenting the commenters data will not be stored on the website upon shifting the responsibility towards the commenters.


Data Handling

It all boils down to your website data handling. According to GDPR the people visiting to your website should be given completely to freedom to whether sign-up or unsubscribe from the website and such, i.e importing and exporting data.  It can be found in the tool menu ‘export settings’


What Sites Are Affected?

Every site which can from accessible from EU is affected. Doesn’t matter, even if you do a business in EU or not. You will be fined with large amounts of money if there is any data breach.


GDPR Plugins

Plugins are great but not sufficient. Without a proper privacy policy, you will eventually get into trouble. So it’s your own responsibility. Try not dependent on plugins all the time.


What about eCommerce sites?

Unless your store is PCI compliant or unless you are using WooCommerce. Well, tough luck. E-commerce is not excluded from the GDPR either. You can save yourself by getting a WooCommerce store and assigning your GDPR terms and conditions in the checkout menu in WooCommerce section.


If you want to make your WordPress Website GDPR Compatible, you can approach WordPress website design company that helps you to improve the security of the personal data, to give you greater control over, how your data is used.

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5 Proven Ways To Improve Website Conversion Rate

If your conversation rate is low even, if you have a solid traffic means that all your efforts towards SEO are a complete waste.

Getting a good amount of traffic can be a great achievement, but if you can’t turn your traffic into sales than that means there is something definitely wrong with your website.

So here are 5 proven ways to improve website conversion rates.


  1. Track All Conversions

It’s an important step by analyzing your website you can find where the problem lies? You can use Google analytics tool for this purpose. Use the tool to find in which part of your website you are having a greater conversation rate and the place where you are having the least.

By doing so you can repair the weak spots and make them as strong as the high conversion points of the website.

You can also find which ad is generating more revenue and then place it in a better place for more revenue.


  1. Review Your Landing Page Copy

Everyone has a landing page that contains the most important information for the website. Or the part where you get to sell most of the stuff.

But you should keep in mind that they came here for some work they intend to do so to provide them what they are looking for you will be going to see a more bounce rate.

Keep it simple and clean though. Also, make sure your call to action is clear to the visitor. After a user arrives on your landing page, the CTA should inform the user exactly what they need to do next.


  1. Build Customer Trust

Trust is something that can’t be achieved very easily you have to really work hard for getting your customers to trust to increase your conversion rate.


  • Contact Page

Having a contact page useful. When your visitors need some help they might want to contact you and the only way they can reach you is by your contact details so keep that in mind.

It’s also proven that 44% of users leave a website if they don’t find any contact information.


  • Customer Reviews

These are like free marketing for your website. Take reviews from your customer and post those on your website. It will definitely increase people’s trust towards your site.


  • Be Active On Social Media

Not only this increase your scope but you will be getting free marketing from your users and it can also act as a point of contact for your customers.


  1. Integrate Live Chat Support

By having an online chat will boost your customer’s trust in you. By solving all your customer’s problems on the spot will make them happy instead of asking them to send an email, and where it will take more than 3 hours to reach out and help your customers. By that time they will be gone. So does your sales.


  1. Take Advantage Of A/B Testing

Now it’s time for some testing. You can use A/B testing also known as split testing where two versions of the same website are compared with each other.

Based on the results you can opt the best performing website and use it as your site from here on.


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Google Dedicates Developers Team to Speed up Development of WordPress Ecosystem

Smartphone’s are becoming pretty common these days with more than 3 billion users and increasing. It’s widely used for browsing the web, which is supported by various reports. So Google decided to join with the WordPress community to improve the website experience in mobiles. WordPress runs 59% CMS (market share) websites which is 29% of all websites, it will only make sense for Google to partner with WordPress to achieve their goals.

With the emphasis on speed for past 8 years, Google had now dedicated Developers team to speed up the development of WordPress ecosystem.

Its main goal being increases the WordPress’s ability to support new web technologies and improve mobile experience. They even started hiring new WordPress developer professionals for the same.

Google announced that a new update will be rolled in july 2018, which also includes mobile index. Which is used to rank SERPs in mobile website versions?

In 2015 Google launched AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages Project to help brands to decrease the page loading time in mobiles. While pushing others to do the same but reported that it was a slow process with only .1% using markup language.

In an event at US called WordCamp the largest WP developers event Google stated that


 “Our goal was to engage with the WordPress community and start a discussion around the performance of the WordPress ecosystem.”


 It is taken from the article written by Alberto Medina, Developer Advocate in the Content Ecosystems Team at Google.

In recent years due to various factors like code bloat, security issues, performance issues were pretty common in WordPress based websites, developers will also agree with the same!

For the most part it’s evident that non WordPress based websites performed well when it came to mobiles and Google intend to solve the same issue.

In another article Medina writes that Google is now advancing the WordPress performance in all aspects to match it to the current web standards at a rapid pace.

He also adds, that he spoke with the senior SEO Analyst at CBS Interactive Jon Henshaw, who told


“I’ve been waiting for someone to tackle PWA-related features/plugins for WordPress for a while. Most attempts I’ve seen, including one from Mozilla, have fallen short. The additions I would most like to see are service workers and low-bandwidth/offline content built into the CMS.”


Lastly Google is simply trying to boost the WordPress platform by using all its resources, so that brands and web browsing customers would profit alike, and it will take time before it can overcome all other non WordPress platforms.


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WordPress Hosting Managed & Customized

WordPress Hosting optimized, simplified and supercharged for complete peace of mind.

Got a WordPress website that needs to be hosted and a lot of work to do? Don’t worry rest assured we will handle your WordPress hosting setup and management while you can focus on doing what you do best.

These are our WordPress hosting plans:-


  • Free scheduled backups
  • One-Click restore
  • Restore up to 4 weeks
  • Premium WordPress hosting platform
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  • Automatic updates for WordPress and security updates
  • 99.9% uptime promise
  • Free SSL certificate ( Normally costs $79+)
  • Temporary domain name


Key features:-


Managed means marvelous-ness:-

Are you new to technicalities in web host? No worries as mentioned above we will handle all the technical stuff like– automatic account setup and core updates, nightly backups with 1-click restore, DDoS protection, server optimization and more – while giving much more free time to create few more inspiring websites!


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Host your website on the platform built expressly to optimize WordPress, with high-performance coolness like load-balanced servers and SSD drives.


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Install our WordPress search engine optimization (SEO) plugin, it will take care of all the SEO basics making your site more visible in Google search engine as well as other major search engines.


Migrate your existing site:-

With our auto-migration feature, you can migrate your WordPress site to us with one click. If you use a custom login to our page, with our 24/7, award-winning support you complete this process without breaking a sweat.


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Stage before you show:-

Create a full-blown staging environment to test your changes every which way before you release them into the wild.


Malware scan & removal:-

Internet is not a secure place with thousands of hackers lurking around waiting for the right moment to inject malware into your website! But our website Security scan (included with Ultimate plan), will find malware (if any) and destroy it before it even can harm you or your customers.


We’ve got your back (up):-

We back up your site every night — files, databases, everything — and keep that version safe for one month so you can get it back with just one click whenever you want.


Security/ Evil hackers find us particularly disagreeable


Malware scan & removal

As stated before, with our continuous scans (included with Ultimate plan), malware’s found and destroyed before it harms you or your customers.


Standing guard

Not just software we even have our own 24/7, award-winning security team which meticulously monitors your site so they can thwart suspicious activity and deflect DDoS attacks with extreme prejudice.


Keep on walking, bots

Bots can be interesting but they can harm your website by posting numerous phony requests. So we will keep all those bots away and make sure that you are getting legitimate traffic.


Spammers, beware!

Being sarcastic and trolling others is very famous way to become famous you can find these kind of people called spammers spamming the comment section. But don’t worry we stop them before they ever reach your site so that your comments will stay clean.


Automatic updates

Having the latest version of WordPress’s core software keeps your site happy and safe, so we automatically patch and update as soon as they’re available.


Pre-screened plugins

We screen thousands upon thousands of WordPress plugins. Why? So you never have to worry whether you’re installing a well-behaved plugin or one that eats the last slice of pizza and leaves the box.





What is WordPress?

WordPress® is an open source blog- and web-publishing platform that’s not only easy to use but recognized and recommend by all around the world. No matter how big or small is your website, you can fully customize your website however you like. Hundreds of thousands of sites trust their online presence to WordPress – and with Managed WordPress Hosting from us, you can too.


What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

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And of course, our award-winning support is available 24×7 to help with a question you may have. In short, there’s no easier way to build and manage a fast, secure, reliable WordPress website or blog.


How does your version of WordPress differ from other installations?

It doesn’t. We start you out with the latest version of WordPress, the same one you’d download from WordPress.org. And anytime there’s an update, we install it for you automatically. You never have to hassle with installing another update or worry about running an outdated or compromised version of WordPress.


Do I need to set up my database?

Nope. With Managed WordPress Hosting, Once you signed up and purchased your plan with Managed WordPress,we will take care of everything! Just relax and start doing your work in your new website.


If I have a WordPress site hosted somewhere else, can I move it to this new hosting?

Of course, you can migrate your site over to our Managed WordPress in just one click. Either moves it to your domain name or put it on a temporary domain, the just do a quick review and you’re ready to publish.


Additionally, Our WordPress Website Design agency, offers one free managed migration, in case you wish to have assistance for your website migration.


In Addition please get the FAQs from this website



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Use Google AMP for WordPress to Accelerate SERP in Smart Devices

Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new project started by Google to accelerate the loading time of web pages.

Let’s take a deeper look into AMP:


What is Google AMP?

AMP is an open source project. AMP pages are the lighter versions of actual web pages. Since they are lighter, loading them is pretty easy thus accelerating the loading time. AMP pages not only lighter but their coding aspects are also restricted. They are 15-85 % faster than the traditional HTML pages.

In other words, AMP is the optimized version of the normal websites, which also helps the AMP site to get better SEO ranks due its smaller size and accelerated load time. It’s mobile as well.


How Does Google AMP Work?

Unlike the HTML code, JS is used in AMP. AMP allows the browser to load the important or priority content or pictures before the normal ones and based on the current view.


How Are Google AMP Pages Built?

There are three components in AMP’s core.

  1. AMP HTML: The pages are coded in AMP HTML, a kind of simplified HTML with few or no tags.
  2. AMP JS: The ultra-fast libraries of JS are used to improve the speeds.
  3. AMP Cache: cache can sometimes be stored in Google servers or even on your device (if you open it frequently) and will be loaded from there instead of loading from the main memory.


Pros of Google AMP

  • Faster load time. Attracting new visitors.
  • Decreased bounce rate.
  • Better visibility on the SERP which increases the click rate on the SERP.
  • Much better SEO rank due to faster load times.
  • It’s available in all formats. i.e for commercials paid search.


Cons of Google AMP

  • Most parts of coding are restricted, i.e in JS and HTML.
  • Due to restrictions, AMP is difficult to implement.
  • Most of the plugins must be ignored or omitted.
  • It is not compatible with all the devices.
  • It can only be implemented in the online advertising industry.


Why Use Google AMP and When?

You can AMP for achieving the following goals.

  1. Appear in the Google Top Stories.
  2. Offer an optimal version for pages with great editorial content.


Since editorial is less on the coding side and more on content you can implement AMP with ease.


If you have access to Google new as an editor your site will be shown first in the search results.

If you are not into editorial you can use AMP as well.

You can do the following things using AMP:

  • Having a responsive website for desktop, mobile, and tablet and an AMP version for Google mobile search results.
  • Having a website for desktop and an AMP version for mobiles.
  • Having a responsive website for desktop, mobile, and tablets.


As long as your mobile website is responsive enough we can implement AMP no issues there!

You can WordPress plugins for AMP which is available.


Setup Google WordPress AMP Plugin

It’s pretty simple. Download the AMP for WP then activate the plugin.

Go to Plugins → Add New → search for “AMP for WordPress” → click Install Now button and then, activate the plugin.

Later it’s all elementary stuff. Same as other plugins you can see the renderings for mobiles and desktops and much more. You can access it all through the dashboard.


Google AMP SEO

Here is the canonical URL for the source code.


<link rel=”canonical” href=”http://wordpress-168726-487246.cloudwaysapps.com/index.php/2018/09/07/repellat-sit-error-rerum-maxime-2/” />


<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0.js’ async></script>


Validate Your AMP Page

Use the following link for validating your AMP Page.


Then insert your URL there and you are done.


Customize WordPress AMP Pages

To be honest you can’t really customize the AMP page without the help of yoast SEO and use glue for both Yoast SEO and AMP. This will give you the ability to do a lot customization.


And What’s Next?

AMP is mainly used to enhance the performance of the web pages. But currently, it’s kinda limited.

But in near future, the algorithms for AMP may perform better than ever before. Taking performance to peaks.


Due to that everyone would update their normal website to AMP.

In other words, AMP can change the future. Given that Google never disappoints.


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11 Reasons – Responsible For Hacking of Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular web designing software with a market share of 33%.

Since WP is having the largest users base it only natural that it will also fall victim of hacking.

Despite that most of the hacks are repelled. While new measures are constantly developed.

Most of the time WP websites get hacked due to the poor maintenance by the users. And being hesitant to spend some money on more powerful plugins or solutions.


  1. Insecure Web Hosting

As mentioned earlier, both the users and WP are to be blamed.

But in this case, if the web hosting is done through unsecured servers or cheap servers it will compromise the total security of the website.

To prevent this you have to host the website in a WP server. You can also get a managed WordPress hosting provider.


  1. Using Weak Passwords

This affects not only the websites but also every person on this planet who has ever used the internet. But it may not affect them as drastically as your website if a hacker gets through your weak passwords.

He will get complete access to:

  • Your WordPress admin account
  • Web hosting control panel account
  • FTP accounts
  • MySQL database used for your WordPress site
  • Email accounts used for WordPress admin or hosting account

The only way to ensure that it never happens to you is that create a large password or you can also use some the password generating software like “Last pass” and so on.


  1. Unprotected Access to WordPress Admin (wp-admin Directory)

The wp-admin page is the most attacked area of the WordPress. It literally contains all details of the admins, passwords and even an option to reset the password.

You can add another layer of security on the wp-admin page. So that all the parlor tricks of hackers won’t work.

Once again having a safe and large password would be handy.


  1. Incorrect File Permissions

These are rules used for governing your website by a web server.

Making sure that you have given all the permissions correctly is crucial.

All your WordPress files should have 644 values as file permission. All folders on your WordPress site should have 755 as their file permission.


  1. Not Updating WordPress

Updating your WP won’t cause any damage to your website rather it protects your website from external unwanted entities.

And the most important reason for updating would be the fact that new features will be added to your site along with multiple bug fixes.

So keep calm and update your website.


  1. Not Updating Plugins or Theme

It’s the same as the above. Updating the core software won’t be sufficient you should constantly update your theme and plugins.

Since most of the bugs and flaws can be found in plugins and in themes.


  1. Using Plain FTP instead of SFTP/SSH

FTP is quite old. It is used to upload all the media into your sites. But the passwords in FTP are no encrypted and that is worse than having a older version of WP.

Instead, you can use SFTP or SSH.


  1. Using Admin as WordPress Username

For many websites, routers and other devices with admin access are always given the initial username for the administrator as admin. People won’t change that and that compromises your security.

So do change the admin username ASAP-


  1. Nulled Themes and Plugins

Don’t ever download themes or plugins from a third party website who giving it for free.

They might be giving the theme as free but they will also include so malware with that will destroy your site.

In worst cases, a Trojan will be integrated to the themes which can then steal not only yours but every single detail of every customer that used your services through spyware or keylogger.

So beware of those scams and buy only the first party themes or plugins directly from them.


  1. Not Securing WordPress Configuration wp-config.php File

Similar to the wp-admin page wp-config.php file contains the credentials of your WP account.

So secure it by encrypting it.


  1. Not Changing WordPress Table Prefix

WordPress uses wp_ as a prefix for the tables it creates in your database. You get an option to change it during the installation. Please do change the prefix. It will give hackers a hard time finding the actual server.

Lastly, as you can see that most the points point towards the users and their common mistakes, which are making wp’s reputation worse. So be sure to follow all the tips so that no one will get into trouble.


Secure your WordPress website with SFWP Experts, a San Francisco’s reputed WordPress website design agency.

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How to Build a User-Intent SEO Strategy

People are always looking for things or information on the internet. The best place for finding such information is through a search engine. Behind every search, there is intent and search engines show results based on the intent.

Google follows the user-intent to find the appropriate results. In other words, if we were to create SEO based on user-intent then we will get more traffic.

These are few tips to implement the same.

Understand the Different Types of User Intent

Now let us understand different types of user intent by experimenting a little through Google.


  1. Informational Search Queries

In the informational search queries stage, the user is trying to gather more information about a particular topic or product, which he or she might buy. For example, the user might search for editing.  The results will be more focused on editing articles and tutorials rather any software that is necessary edit which we may buy.


  1. Navigational Search Queries.

Now the user is looking for a specific type of content which may help them buy the software but they are not sure about it. for example, for “What is the best photo editing software?”

In this case, we might get results in the form of ‘the best…..’ or ‘top 10 editing software… etc, but the search are still not showing any ads or any links that will force the user to buy.


  1. Transactional Search Queries

This when the user decides to buy the product and searches for “Where can I buy photo editing software?” and search results will be filled with all sorts ads regarding the product and some SEO optimized sites which will sell licensed products and so on.


  • Determine if your existing content supports user intent.

Now we know what is user intent is. Next step is, we need to determine if your existing content matches the needs of your audience. Google Analytics, will help us in finding the most used and correct keywords then we can use those in our articles to increase SEO.

In this instance, you should focus on user intent SEO rather than the usual SEO. If your product pages aren’t showing up in transactional search results, then use some new keywords or transactional keywords in order to improve your rankings for that type of user intent.


  • Create content for user intent.

Keywords are pretty important but the content is also important when you are trying to create a user-intent SEO strategy. You have to craft your content with user intent in mind. Since Google is capable of understanding intent, if your content doesn’t match your keyword, you won’t rank for it. It will be also useful for others as well.

Knowing the intent of users will skyrocket the success of your SEO strategy. Follow these tips, and create useful content for people, who will return to your site time after time because they know that your business cares about its customers. In no time, they’ll become loyal customers too.

Contact us for taking care of your website, we will ensure that your website will receive the best WordPress Website Design and SEO services.


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5 Reasons Why WordPress is Still the Best CMS for Web Development



In this modern era, there are at least a thousand companies doing what you do! Some are pretty bad, But still, Make more revenue than you could ever have. Why is that? The answer may be as simple as that people don’t know that your company exists! A website is you’re only bet to increase your presence. Today more than 4 billion people will be using the internet for various reasons so having a website is a no-brainer.

If you are looking for developing a website then look no further than WordPress website design. It’s the best CMS a person could ever get. It is efficient, it is easy, it is free, and it is powerful and so on. There are few other quirks that you will never find in other CMS development tools.


  1. A Wide Range of User Base

The more the merrier! People think that WordPress is only for bloggers or other small scale companies. But they are wrong. If you want to build a website no matter how big or small WordPress can be and will your answer. WordPress can be downloaded from www.wordpress.org, Whereas www.wordpress.com is where you find all the support you need to make your own website. WordPress makes website hosting more easy and personal, i.e you will have all the control you need over your website making you the ultimate decision maker. In other words, by using WP you can customize your site to your heart’s content! You can add or delete content, Integrate new tools to site and much more through absolute control. Making a site is costly if you are planning to do from scratch but WP saves you all the trouble and money by doing all the groundwork for you and the only thing you have to do is choose a theme that fits your needs. Of course, you can change it whenever you want.


  1. Multiple Themes and Plugins

Earlier we were taking absolute power over the website, which means the capability of choosing and customizing a wide variety of themes and plugins. And of course, WP has a lot of themes and plugins. In fact, over thousands of pre-designed themes and plugins. will help your website visually. Whereas plugins help increase the power of your website. They also help you to create a more responsive website. Which means that your site is SEO optimized and will be ranked top among all the other websites. Having a proper theme and selecting the right plugins will increase your mobile friendliness which is pretty important these days.


  1. SEO Friendliness

Having a good website is great and all, but without SEO your website is pretty much a dead fish in the vast ocean of the internet. SEO helps your website to be found whenever people will search in the search engine. It all boils down to using the correct keywords. As usual, WP got your back. You can optimize your content, keywords and the code of your theme in WP to increase your SEO.


  1. Security

With a group of dedicated WordPress Developers experts, trying to keep hackers and malicious attacks at bay, we can all agree that WP is the most secure and safe CMS platform where you can invest your business without any fear of being hacked.


  1. Free of Cost

Now let’s talk money. With all these features provided by WP, It’s no wonder people will think that WP will cost them a fortune. But it’s all free! Yes, it’s all free but sometimes when needed you need some extra juice it may cost a very little to achieve that power.


Lastly, WP is powerful CMS development software with a lot of features and its open source with practically no costs. Which makes it the best CMS development software?

WordPress Website Hosting
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What is WordPress Hosting? Learn about World’s Most Popular CMS Hosting

WordPress started in 2003 and its been very popular blogging software since its inception in the CMS market. It powers more than 3o% of the websites on the internet. The combination of flexibility and ease to use it made more popular by the web developers and completed beginners, It’s a professional-grade Software. WordPress website design is one of the preferred choices among marketers and developer for Continue reading

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Why SSL (Secure Certificate) is important to Your WordPress Site

Google recently  announced it will then also mark all sites that have not migrated to HTTPS as “not secure.”  Starting July 2018.

Google has been pushing webmasters to make the change to non-secure web sites a for years now – including hinting at small rankings boost to further incentivize the shift. The campaign has proved successful. According to their blog post:

Over 68% of Chrome traffic on both Android and Windows is now protected
Over 78% of Chrome traffic on both Chrome OS and Mac is now protected
81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default

Continue reading

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WordPress Meetup Group in San Fransisco

We have started a very active wordpress community by WPSFO.

This group is geared towards WordPress enthusiasts in the areas of: development, design, blogging and content management. If you love WordPress and are eager to learn, network and share – come join us.

JOIN WordPress Meetup here

Check last meetup over view

Overview of session: SEO Impacts
Moving or redesigning a site? Wondering about how to preserve your site traffic without affecting your SEO? This presentation will arm you with info on best practices. Even if you normally don’t pay much attention to SEO, it pays to keep the potential impact on SEO in mind when you change your site.



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WordPress Expert Advice | The must have plugins by SFWP Experts

Here is a list of top 10 must have plugins for WordPress that we start our site installation with.

1) Yoast SEO 

SEO is a big deal.

And even though a lot of what we know about what SEO is has changed, a lot of things have stayed important — like creating content that is optimized for Google search. However, creating that content correctly can be of a hassle if you don’t know what you’ve done right and what you’ve done wrong. That’s where the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin comes in. Instead of being left to guess if you’ve optimized your content correctly, the plugin helps you every step along the way. And if you use this one, you can skip the Continue reading

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I am an experienced SF-based WordPress developer with over 9 years of WordPress development experience. I’ve been making custom, responsive, SEO and Google-optimized WordPress themes for San Francisco based businesses for nearly a decade. Now as our business grows i have invited 2 more experienced individual to join our team. One of them is expert front-end developer and another one is the GURU in SEO and Marketing which is very crucial for every new business we help now.