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11 Reasons – Responsible For Hacking of Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular web designing software with a market share of 33%.

Since WP is having the largest users base it only natural that it will also fall victim of hacking.

Despite that most of the hacks are repelled. While new measures are constantly developed.

Most of the time WP websites get hacked due to the poor maintenance by the users. And being hesitant to spend some money on more powerful plugins or solutions.


  1. Insecure Web Hosting

As mentioned earlier, both the users and WP are to be blamed.

But in this case, if the web hosting is done through unsecured servers or cheap servers it will compromise the total security of the website.

To prevent this you have to host the website in a WP server. You can also get a managed WordPress hosting provider.


  1. Using Weak Passwords

This affects not only the websites but also every person on this planet who has ever used the internet. But it may not affect them as drastically as your website if a hacker gets through your weak passwords.

He will get complete access to:

  • Your WordPress admin account
  • Web hosting control panel account
  • FTP accounts
  • MySQL database used for your WordPress site
  • Email accounts used for WordPress admin or hosting account

The only way to ensure that it never happens to you is that create a large password or you can also use some the password generating software like “Last pass” and so on.


  1. Unprotected Access to WordPress Admin (wp-admin Directory)

The wp-admin page is the most attacked area of the WordPress. It literally contains all details of the admins, passwords and even an option to reset the password.

You can add another layer of security on the wp-admin page. So that all the parlor tricks of hackers won’t work.

Once again having a safe and large password would be handy.


  1. Incorrect File Permissions

These are rules used for governing your website by a web server.

Making sure that you have given all the permissions correctly is crucial.

All your WordPress files should have 644 values as file permission. All folders on your WordPress site should have 755 as their file permission.


  1. Not Updating WordPress

Updating your WP won’t cause any damage to your website rather it protects your website from external unwanted entities.

And the most important reason for updating would be the fact that new features will be added to your site along with multiple bug fixes.

So keep calm and update your website.


  1. Not Updating Plugins or Theme

It’s the same as the above. Updating the core software won’t be sufficient you should constantly update your theme and plugins.

Since most of the bugs and flaws can be found in plugins and in themes.


  1. Using Plain FTP instead of SFTP/SSH

FTP is quite old. It is used to upload all the media into your sites. But the passwords in FTP are no encrypted and that is worse than having a older version of WP.

Instead, you can use SFTP or SSH.


  1. Using Admin as WordPress Username

For many websites, routers and other devices with admin access are always given the initial username for the administrator as admin. People won’t change that and that compromises your security.

So do change the admin username ASAP-


  1. Nulled Themes and Plugins

Don’t ever download themes or plugins from a third party website who giving it for free.

They might be giving the theme as free but they will also include so malware with that will destroy your site.

In worst cases, a Trojan will be integrated to the themes which can then steal not only yours but every single detail of every customer that used your services through spyware or keylogger.

So beware of those scams and buy only the first party themes or plugins directly from them.


  1. Not Securing WordPress Configuration wp-config.php File

Similar to the wp-admin page wp-config.php file contains the credentials of your WP account.

So secure it by encrypting it.


  1. Not Changing WordPress Table Prefix

WordPress uses wp_ as a prefix for the tables it creates in your database. You get an option to change it during the installation. Please do change the prefix. It will give hackers a hard time finding the actual server.

Lastly, as you can see that most the points point towards the users and their common mistakes, which are making wp’s reputation worse. So be sure to follow all the tips so that no one will get into trouble.


Secure your WordPress website with SFWP Experts, a San Francisco’s reputed WordPress website design agency.

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How to Build a User-Intent SEO Strategy

People are always looking for things or information on the internet. The best place for finding such information is through a search engine. Behind every search, there is intent and search engines show results based on the intent.

Google follows the user-intent to find the appropriate results. In other words, if we were to create SEO based on user-intent then we will get more traffic.

These are few tips to implement the same.

Understand the Different Types of User Intent

Now let us understand different types of user intent by experimenting a little through Google.


  1. Informational Search Queries

In the informational search queries stage, the user is trying to gather more information about a particular topic or product, which he or she might buy. For example, the user might search for editing.  The results will be more focused on editing articles and tutorials rather any software that is necessary edit which we may buy.


  1. Navigational Search Queries.

Now the user is looking for a specific type of content which may help them buy the software but they are not sure about it. for example, for “What is the best photo editing software?”

In this case, we might get results in the form of ‘the best…..’ or ‘top 10 editing software… etc, but the search are still not showing any ads or any links that will force the user to buy.


  1. Transactional Search Queries

This when the user decides to buy the product and searches for “Where can I buy photo editing software?” and search results will be filled with all sorts ads regarding the product and some SEO optimized sites which will sell licensed products and so on.


  • Determine if your existing content supports user intent.

Now we know what is user intent is. Next step is, we need to determine if your existing content matches the needs of your audience. Google Analytics, will help us in finding the most used and correct keywords then we can use those in our articles to increase SEO.

In this instance, you should focus on user intent SEO rather than the usual SEO. If your product pages aren’t showing up in transactional search results, then use some new keywords or transactional keywords in order to improve your rankings for that type of user intent.


  • Create content for user intent.

Keywords are pretty important but the content is also important when you are trying to create a user-intent SEO strategy. You have to craft your content with user intent in mind. Since Google is capable of understanding intent, if your content doesn’t match your keyword, you won’t rank for it. It will be also useful for others as well.

Knowing the intent of users will skyrocket the success of your SEO strategy. Follow these tips, and create useful content for people, who will return to your site time after time because they know that your business cares about its customers. In no time, they’ll become loyal customers too.

Contact us for taking care of your website, we will ensure that your website will receive the best WordPress Website Design and SEO services.


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5 Reasons Why WordPress is Still the Best CMS for Web Development



In this modern era, there are at least a thousand companies doing what you do! Some are pretty bad, But still, Make more revenue than you could ever have. Why is that? The answer may be as simple as that people don’t know that your company exists! A website is you’re only bet to increase your presence. Today more than 4 billion people will be using the internet for various reasons so having a website is a no-brainer.

If you are looking for developing a website then look no further than WordPress website design. It’s the best CMS a person could ever get. It is efficient, it is easy, it is free, and it is powerful and so on. There are few other quirks that you will never find in other CMS development tools.


  1. A Wide Range of User Base

The more the merrier! People think that WordPress is only for bloggers or other small scale companies. But they are wrong. If you want to build a website no matter how big or small WordPress can be and will your answer. WordPress can be downloaded from www.wordpress.org, Whereas www.wordpress.com is where you find all the support you need to make your own website. WordPress makes website hosting more easy and personal, i.e you will have all the control you need over your website making you the ultimate decision maker. In other words, by using WP you can customize your site to your heart’s content! You can add or delete content, Integrate new tools to site and much more through absolute control. Making a site is costly if you are planning to do from scratch but WP saves you all the trouble and money by doing all the groundwork for you and the only thing you have to do is choose a theme that fits your needs. Of course, you can change it whenever you want.


  1. Multiple Themes and Plugins

Earlier we were taking absolute power over the website, which means the capability of choosing and customizing a wide variety of themes and plugins. And of course, WP has a lot of themes and plugins. In fact, over thousands of pre-designed themes and plugins. will help your website visually. Whereas plugins help increase the power of your website. They also help you to create a more responsive website. Which means that your site is SEO optimized and will be ranked top among all the other websites. Having a proper theme and selecting the right plugins will increase your mobile friendliness which is pretty important these days.


  1. SEO Friendliness

Having a good website is great and all, but without SEO your website is pretty much a dead fish in the vast ocean of the internet. SEO helps your website to be found whenever people will search in the search engine. It all boils down to using the correct keywords. As usual, WP got your back. You can optimize your content, keywords and the code of your theme in WP to increase your SEO.


  1. Security

With a group of dedicated WordPress Developers experts, trying to keep hackers and malicious attacks at bay, we can all agree that WP is the most secure and safe CMS platform where you can invest your business without any fear of being hacked.


  1. Free of Cost

Now let’s talk money. With all these features provided by WP, It’s no wonder people will think that WP will cost them a fortune. But it’s all free! Yes, it’s all free but sometimes when needed you need some extra juice it may cost a very little to achieve that power.


Lastly, WP is powerful CMS development software with a lot of features and its open source with practically no costs. Which makes it the best CMS development software?

WordPress Website Hosting
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What is WordPress Hosting? Learn about World’s Most Popular CMS Hosting

WordPress started in 2003 and its been very popular blogging software since its inception in the CMS market. It powers more than 3o% of the websites on the internet. The combination of flexibility and ease to use it made more popular by the web developers and completed beginners, It’s a professional-grade Software. WordPress website design is one of the preferred choices among marketers and developer for Read more

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Why SSL (Secure Certificate) is important to Your WordPress Site

Google recently  announced it will then also mark all sites that have not migrated to HTTPS as “not secure.”  Starting July 2018.

Google has been pushing webmasters to make the change to non-secure web sites a for years now – including hinting at small rankings boost to further incentivize the shift. The campaign has proved successful. According to their blog post:

Over 68% of Chrome traffic on both Android and Windows is now protected
Over 78% of Chrome traffic on both Chrome OS and Mac is now protected
81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default

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WordPress Meetup Group in San Fransisco

We have started a very active wordpress community by WPSFO.

This group is geared towards WordPress enthusiasts in the areas of: development, design, blogging and content management. If you love WordPress and are eager to learn, network and share – come join us.

JOIN WordPress Meetup here

Check last meetup over view

Overview of session: SEO Impacts
Moving or redesigning a site? Wondering about how to preserve your site traffic without affecting your SEO? This presentation will arm you with info on best practices. Even if you normally don’t pay much attention to SEO, it pays to keep the potential impact on SEO in mind when you change your site.



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WordPress Expert Advice | The must have plugins by SFWP Experts

Here is a list of top 10 must have plugins for WordPress that we start our site installation with.

1) Yoast SEO 

SEO is a big deal.

And even though a lot of what we know about what SEO is has changed, a lot of things have stayed important — like creating content that is optimized for Google search. However, creating that content correctly can be of a hassle if you don’t know what you’ve done right and what you’ve done wrong. That’s where the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin comes in. Instead of being left to guess if you’ve optimized your content correctly, the plugin helps you every step along the way. And if you use this one, you can skip the Read more

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I am an experienced SF-based WordPress developer with over 9 years of WordPress development experience. I’ve been making custom, responsive, SEO and Google-optimized WordPress themes for San Francisco based businesses for nearly a decade. Now as our business grows i have invited 2 more experienced individual to join our team. One of them is expert front-end developer and another one is the GURU in SEO and Marketing which is very crucial for every new business we help now.