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How To Create An Attractive Splash Screen? Explained With Implementation Of Splash Screen In Android

Looking to improve your brand awareness and user experience? Including the Splash screen in your mobile application can help you in creating a memorable first impression. Today, Most of the brands and businesses wonder how to create a long-lasting memorable impression in front of their users? That’s where the splash screen comes in.  Continue reading

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7 Best CMS Platforms In 2020 To Optimize Your Website Performance and Functioning

Starting a blogging website in 2020 is not a difficult process thanks to various CMS (content management system) platforms. Selecting the best CMS platform for your website can help you to easily Magne, edit, and publish content on your website. Not only that but a good CMS platform will also help you to create an effective and fully functioning website for your business.  Continue reading

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What Are E-A-T, YMYL & Beneficial Purposes? Explained With Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness)  is one of the popular key terms that every SEO company and professionals look to improve. No matter how good and effective your SEO strategy is, if you fail to prove your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness for th particular subject matter then google may never recommend your content or website to their searchers. Continue reading

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5 Different Type Of Ecommerce Follow Up Email Every Online Store Should Send

Today, eCommerce follow up email plays a crucial role in acquiring new customers, retaining lost customers, and repeat sales. No matter how popular social media becomes, emails will always be the most convenient and effective medium to interact with your new as well as existing customers. Marketer and eCommerce website finds e-commerce follow up emails to be the best advertising tool in spreading awareness about their brand and product. Continue reading

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9 Tips To Reduce Extra Shipping Costs in 2020

Shipping cost is an important expense every small and medium-size business looks to cut down to increase their customer acquisition.  With the increase in the number of e-retailers, many small businesses have started to face issues related to shipping expenses mainly because big companies like Amazon have started to offer free shipping to their customers. To optimize your online selling experience you need to reduce the extra shipping cost to maximize your return of investment (ROI). 

Continue reading

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8 Common Ecommerce Shipping Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

Product Shipping is one of the most essential parts of an eCommerce business. If you are a savvy e-retailer then you might be knowing about the importance and workload behind the shipping process. Ecommerce Shipping is not just about packing the box and delivering the product to users. There is a lot of physical work done after an eCommerce website receives a new order.  Continue reading

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Assistance Offered By The Federal Government To Help Small Businesses Fight Coronavirus (COVID19) Crisis

Small Businesses have been affected badly by the impact of COIVD19 pandemic on the world. With the increase, in the number of positive cases, the business has already started to feel the financial crunch. Many of them are failing to pay their rent, employee salary, and other debt bills. Like on March 18, President Trump stated that the restaurant industry will lose more than $225 billion if the pandemic lasts more than 3 months. There are other industries affected too. Continue reading

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How Small Businesses Are Getting Affected By Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic? What They Are Doing To Avoid Those Losses?

By now you might be having a very clear idea about the devastating impact of  COVID 19 Pandemic on the small businesses and global economy. The Recent crisis has forced Small and medium-sized businesses  to stop their functioning. With the increase in the positive cases, many small businesses have become clueless about their future which may affect their revenue. Continue reading