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Conversion Rate Optimization Guide: 8 Tips To Improve Website Conversion In 2021

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics that every business looks to improve regardless of the industry they belong to. Whether you are running a subscription-based website or selling products online, the conversion rate offers a detailed idea about how your website and the product is performing among your potential customers. That’s the reason why every website looks to find various ways using which they can optimize conversion rates.  Continue reading

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Ecommerce Website Design Best Practices: 15 Tips Every Ecommerce Website should be Considered In 2021

If your business is selling products online then you need to offer the best experience to have a strong online presence. There are other practices that contribute toward optimizing user experience but your ecommerce website design plays a crucial role as it helps your business to gain credibility and create a strong online presence. In short, we can say your ecommerce website design should offer your customers a reason to visit and purchase your products.  Continue reading

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Speed Up WordPress Website Loading Time Using 13 Proven Ways In 2021

Are you scrolling the internet to demystify how to speed up your WordPress website load time? If so then you are on the right track to optimizing your website for getting more traffic and conversion. In today’s internet-driven world users are becoming more impatient towards accessing the website. A slow WordPress website can increase bounce rate, reduce traffic, conversion, revenue, and most importantly user satisfaction. Continue reading

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8 Top-Performing Website Builder To Use In 2021(Compared)

Websites are becoming one of the best mediums to help businesses and individuals to convey their message. Yes, there are different social media platforms that can help you get your message out but if you want to represent your business and also want your audience to trust your products/services then it’s important to have a website that separates you and your business from the crowd. If you are looking to get started quickly then there is nothing better than “Website Builder”.  Continue reading

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15 Best WordPress Plugins Every User Must Be Using In 2021

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used platforms for building any kind of website ranging from a simple blogging website to a fully-fledged ecommerce website. Well, there are multiple features and benefits that encourage businesses and individuals to use WordPress. One among them is access to a huge library of plugins that help websites to operate more smoothly and professionally.  Continue reading

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10 Best WordPress Themes To Use In 2021

WordPress comes with thousands of free as well as paid themes which make it difficult for a WordPress user to identify and select the best WordPress theme for their website. In today’s competitive marketplace one thing that can help you to stand out from the crowd is the website design you are offering to your potential customers. Selecting the best WordPress theme for your website can help you to drive more traffic and encourage site visitors to perform the desired action.  Continue reading

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11 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Use In 2021

WordPress users are continuously growing due to the features and user-friendly interface offered by the platform. But just having a wordpress website will not help you to get success until you have a well-crafted SEO strategy for your website. WordPress SEO strategy starts with identifying the right SEO plugins for your website. Yes, there are other SEO activities that help you to rank in search engines but integrating the right SEO plugins can help you to optimize your web pages for search engines.  Continue reading

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14 Common WordPress Mistakes Every User Should Avoid In 2021 (For Better Outcome)

Every person on the planet makes mistakes because mistakes are something that teaches how to get better at that particular job. When creating a new WordPress website every beginner and sometimes expert also commits different WordPress mistakes. Today WordPress features allow users to make a fully functioning website up and running quickly. But before you start making your website it’s important to identify the common WordPress mistakes.  Continue reading

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Complete Guide To Mobile Responsive Website Design: How to build a mobile website 

Having a mobile responsive website design is essential. Why? Because today more than half of the world’s website traffic comes from mobile devices. Not only that but two-thirds of internet users are using mobile devices to make their purchase. With the increase in the number of mobile users, it has become essential for the site owners to have a mobile responsive website. But how to build a mobile website? Or how to make your website mobile friendly? 

Continue reading

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2020 Website Maintenance Cost Guide: How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

If you have got a website then you need to maintain and update your site. Because a website is one of the essential aspects that help the business to drive more traffic, acquire more customers, and more. Not only that but it also acts as the front door of your business. That’s why it’s important for businesses to create a separate website maintenance budget. But the question is how much does website maintenance cost? Continue reading

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WordPress Website Design Cost Guide: Cost To Build A WordPress Website  

People might have started using wordpress to build a simple blogging platform. But with the advancement in the features and functionalities wordpress has evolved and helped businesses to build full-fledged standards as well as ecommerce websites. Many small and enterprise-level businesses have already shifted their website to the wordpress platform. But it all comes down to how much does it cost to build a wordpress website?  Continue reading

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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Best For Your Businesses?

Facebook and Google are the leading and popular platforms in their own industry with a huge user base. With billions of active users and huge data set both platforms are widely used by companies in the digital advertising space.  But when it comes to selecting the best platform between Google ads vs Facebook ads most businesses and individuals often get confused.   Continue reading

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Google Advertising: How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

The PPC (pay-per-click) industry is rapidly growing with more and more businesses spending huge amounts with a goal to reach their potential customers and convert them into paying customers. When it comes to spending money on an online advertisement platform then Google Ads always ranks on the top due to its active monthly searches and users. But the question is How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

Continue reading

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Inbound Marketing vs SEO: What is Best for Your Website?

SEO and Inbound Marketing are crucial for both small and large scale businesses that are looking to grow online traffic and generate maximum numbers of leads. Both forms of marketing are essential as they can bring a lot of value to your website and business. Often site owners ask what’s more essential and valuable for website “SEO practices” or “Inbound Marketing”?  Continue reading

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Negative SEO Guide: What is Negative SEO? How To Secure Your Website From Negative SEO Attacks?

Negative SEO is considered a nightmare for websites and no business around the world wishes to deal with it.  In today’s competitive market place every website knows how hard it is to rank on the top for a particular keyword. A Negative SEO campaign against your website can actually damage your website ranking and the worst part it takes a lot of time to recover from it.   Continue reading

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WordPress Gutenberg Guide: How You Can Use WordPress New Block Editor (Gutenberg)

If you are an existing user of WordPress or running a custom coded wordpress website then you might be familiar with block editors. In 2018, when WordPress 5.0 was resealed it came with a brand new and enhanced version of a content editor called WordPress Gutenberg Editor. Since then, WordPress users started to look for more information on how they can use the Gutenberg editor in WordPress.  Continue reading