How To Avoid Traffic Drop Related Problems After Getting Website Redesigned?

Website redesign has become an integral part of every website that is carried out every 4-5 years. If you are planning to redesign or have already redesigned your existing website then you have made the right decision because redesign helps you to work with lots of data using which you can improve your website user experience, traffic, conversion, and more. 

But if you are not getting your website redesigned by an experienced website design company then you might come across problems like pages not working, problems with visuals and one of the most common problems faced by every website is “Traffic-Drop”. Yes, most of the time due to small mistakes website comes with rank drop and traffic drop-related issues after redesign their website. 

If your website is facing the same traffic and rank drop issues then you have landed on the right article where we are going to highlight some of the important tips that you can consider to avoid traffic-related problems after getting your website redesigned.    

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An overview of traffic drop after the website redesign

No matter how attractive and converting the website design you had during the launch of your website. If you are stuck with the same design then it’s important for you to know that every year website design trends get an update so as your competitor’s website and users’ expectations. That’s the reason why we said in the beginning that website design has become an integral part of every website. Because every website has to go through the redesign process mainly those who opted for DIY (Do it yourself) or freelancers. 

Newly started businesses opt for these options because they start with a tight budget but once they start getting huge traffic on their website they plan to redesign their existing website. There comes a time when every website looks to redesign its existing website for some or another reason. Because it becomes impossible for a website to stay competitive with an outdated design when there are so many changes occuring whether its algorithm changes, users’ behavior change, and more. 

If you haven’t planned to redesign your website then it’s essential to get it done by a highly experienced WordPress web design company. However, if you have recently redesigned your existing website then you must have acknowledged that during the redesign process the website has to go through a multitude of changes whether its design, metadata, or title. Almost every website feels excited after redesign becomes that expect to higher traffic, conversions and sales. Yes if done in the right way then the results help you in growing your website and business in the online competitive marketplace.

But sometimes the reality fails to meet the expectation, sometimes instead of gaining traffic websites, owners start losing the website traffic, rank, and most importantly webiste conversion. Well, the key to avoiding these types of issues is by identifying what changes in your website can break the SEO or changes that can make it difficult for search engine bots to crawl your website design more smartly. 

If your website is not getting crawled properly then the search engine will fail to understand the purpose and authority of your website which could directly affect your website ranking and traffic. So if your current website is experiencing the same problem then make sure you stick till the end of the article as we are going to highlight  some of the important points on what causes the website to face traffic drop related issues and how you can avoid these issues  

What causes a website to lose traffic after a website redesign?

Before highlighting how you can avoid traffic drop-related issues after website redesign we would like to start with offering a brief idea of what causes a website to lose traffic after the redesign. Well if you are running the website for long then you must accept that the website traffic drop issues are very common in the competitive marketplace. Mainly when every website is running behind SEO to drive more organic traffic and conversion by ranking on the top in SERP.

Mainly after the redesign, the traffic drop-related issues are common because your website is introducing so many new and updated things. So you will want a search engine to index your website again for better ranking and results. If it’s less than a week and your website is showing less than a 10% decline in traffic then you don’t have to worry about traffic drop-related issues.

Because there are high chances that still google might be indexing your website. Google crawls every page of your website before displaying it in front of your prospects. It’s natural to expect a temporary decline in your website traffic and conversion. But if it’s been more than two weeks and your analytical report is highlighting a fall in traffic and rank then you need to take a look into different ways they can help you to get over it. 

But before you get started with anything it is essential to understand what actually is causing your website to fall into problems like traffic drop after the redesign. Below we have listed some of the common reason:  

1. Site Architecture 

Not to mention but your website structure is one of the crucial aspects that allows search engine bots to index your website and understand its purpose. The site structure refers to how pages in your website are organized and linked. If you are already running the website for a long time then you must be aware of the fact that google passes the value between the pages with the help of internal links and also based on where the pages are located in the hierarchy of your website. Web pages that to some of the top-performing page link your homepage get more value than the pages 3-4 clicks away from these valuable pages in your website. 

So wonder how a new architecture for your website can affect your website? When you start to redesign your website then the page organization will play a major role in determining your website traffic. That means every web page on your website might have different purposes and depend on that it ranks in the search engine results. So every webpage mainly your business-focused pages requires a certain amount of value or score (link juice) to be able to compete with pages belonging to the same niche. 

When you make changes to your website then there are higher chances that your internal linking structure might change. That means some of your high-value pages might have fewer pages linked to them or the internal link organization might be offering less value to the other pages getting less traffic. So if the value is not passed properly then it could lead to a lower score on the page and which can directly affect your website traffic.

Even if you are changing the site structure we recommend you create a strong sitemap for your website. This you will be able to list all the important pages of your website and can submit it to the search engine console. So that your website reindexing process speeds up and this way you will be able to restore the traffic levels.

If you are not so technical and need help related to how you can deal with traffic drop-related issues then we recommend you to consult with our highly experienced SEO and WordPress web design company to get rid of issues related to website design and traffic drop

If you are looking to know how you can improve your website architecture then make sure to check our blog on How To Create Information Architecture For Web Design In 2021

2. Redirects not done in the right way 

Another reason why your website might be facing traffic, as well as rank-related issues, is because the redirects in your website are not done in the right way. Setting up proper redirects is considered one of the crucial processes of a website redesign. As they send users and prospects directly to the new page and tell the search engine which pages your website wants to rank. If the process is not carried out in the right way then it could directly affect your website traffic. 

Well if the web page URL is the same then you don’t have to worry about the redirects but a small change in the website slug can directly affect your website traffic. So until you keep your website URL the same or work on the same old page with the same URL, you will need redirects. 301 redirects search engines to pass the ranking for the previous old page to the new page and inform search engines about where the newly created version of each page is located on your website.  

Without redirection, search engines will fail to analyze the newly created web page as the updated version of the old page and start considering it as the new page in your website. If you have done SEO then we don’t have to mention how much time, effort, and strategies go into creating the authority of the new page. So during the redesign, if you plan to change your website URL or moved your older pages to the new location but didn’t set up a method that could inform search engines about it then it could give rise to website traffic drop-related issues. 

If you are looking to determine whether the traffic drop is the actual issue that is giving rise to low traffic then we recommend you to go to your google search console and then navigate to the crawl errors and select the “not found” tab. If any of your web pages is without redirects then you will be able to find the same in the “not found” tab. So to fix those issues you need to set up and implement the 301 redirects for your order page. 

If you have got your website redesigned by an experienced website design company then you don’t have to worry about redirects related issues. But in the initial planning phase, they create a depth plan on what pages need the change where things can be left as it is so that the website doesn’t have to face any small issues related to website redesign.

3. Site copy changes 

When websites prefer to redesign their website then the redesigning process does not only include changing the design, elements, color, and more. But most of the time the website also plans to change the copy of the website. When we say site copy changes then we are not talking about the grammatical changes or any other minor changes, but the site copy change process includes changing the whole copy including the primary and secondary topics, paragraphs, and more. 

The main goal behind the website copy change is to enhance the website engagement and crawlability by creating and placing the content more strategically with a data-driven approach. Making changes in the site copy can be helpful to your website and business if the content inside your website is incorporated and placed strategically with the originally targeted keyword. When you change the copy of your website then google evaluates your website and web pages to check the relevancy of your website and web page with the target topic.  

If the targeted keyword is removed or not placed properly or does not include the keyword that your web pages were ranking earlier then there are high chances that your website ranking will suffer which will directly affect your website traffic. The whole google algorithm is designed with a goal to help users offer more accurate information that they are looking for and if your content doesn’t match the user query then Google will never highlight your web page in SERP. 

So the copy changes can be another issue that could affect your website traffic. If your website doesn’t include the target keyword in the key areas like the title, header tag, body, alt text, and more) then your website regency score will start dropping as will your ranking. 

That is the reason why we always recommend you to work with an experienced SEO agency and WordPress website design company that can help you to create an optimized website for your website. Remember when redesigning the website copy changes are something that everyone looks for but handing it into experienced hands can bring more value than loss. 

4. Pages in your website deleted

Above mentioned reasons are the primary reason that gives rise to traffic drop-related issues but there another target most of the people don’t understand is the “Content Gap”. When you start deleting pages in your website then you are not only deleting web pages but creating a content gap. Most of the time when site owners start to focus on optimizing users’ journeys then they start with eliminating every element and page that is becoming the barrier in the user journey.  

So when you start deleting the page in your website without understanding the structure and impact of removing pages of your website then you are not only disturbing the structure of your website. But during the elimination process, you are also creating gaps in the content sets and topics which is not good if you are looking to improve your website traffic and ranking. 

Because the gap created after removing pages causes the previously earned links for different websites to disappear and this way your end-ups lose the authority for that targeted keyword which gives rise to the traffic drop-related issues. So this particular reason might sound the same as a copy change but you can see this as the extreme version of copy change. 

Before you start deleting any page in your website it’s important to understand which keywords and topics in your website have the highest amount of traffic potential, and ROI. So that before removing those pages you consult with the website design professionals

Above are the reasons that might be troubling you after getting your website redesigned. Next, we will look into some of the ways using which you can avoid the traffic drop-related issues in your website.

How to Avoid Traffic Drop-Related Issues After A Website Redesign?

Most of the websites come across traffic-related issues after getting their website redesigned. Well not because it’s part of redesigning process, not at all, but due to lack of experience websites and businesses tend to face these types of issues after a website redesign. If you haven’t redesigned your website can planning to do one then make sure you follow the below process for better results: 

1. Make Use Of Temporary URL

Redesigning a website is good but if you have planned to implement the changes directly to your website then you should reconsider that. Before making any changes to your live website we recommend you take the help of a temporary URL. Implementing all the designs on the live website can affect your website user experience and there are high chances that your live website can go down which can directly affect your website traffic and sales. 

There is the reason why we ask you to make use of a temporary URL so that you are presenting your site visitor with an older website design until your redesigned version is ready. This way you will be able to take care of all testing and other designing-related processes in the staging website without harming the website traffic and SEO. Making changes in your live website can directly affect your website SEO and ranking. 

While working with the temporary URL we also recommend you to keep all the website copy out of indexing or we can say search engine reach. You can do this either by injecting the Robot <meta? Tag or restrict access to your temporary URL directly from the server by implementing a password-protected web page (with the help of the .htaccess file). 

So if anyone tries to access your website including the robot then they need the password to enter into your website. Site owners that are using wordpress to create and run their website can make use of password-protected plugins to discourage users as well as search engines to crawl your temporary URL.

If you need further assistance related to a website redesign or SEO then we recommend you to reach out to our highly experienced SEO and WordPress web design professional that can help you to create the most effective website for your business.   

2. Website Structure 

When it comes to redesigning websites most people commit a mistake with the website structure which results in low traffic and conversion. Once you are done with creating your business website using a temporary URL the next thing you will look into is making your website live. But before you plan to make your new version of the website live you need to ensure that the new website structure aligns with the old website structure in terms of hierarchy, internal linking, and more. 

If there are some problems with the website structure then there is a high chance that your website might come across rank as well as traffic drop-related issues. To get a better understanding of where you need to focus on your website during restructuring we recommend you to focus more on the coming 3-4 points. 

If you still feel confused then don’t hesitate to reach out to our highly experienced website design professional that can help with a redesign as well as traffic drop-related issues. 

3. Deleting page and moving them to new URL (301 redirects)

Most of the time removing the URL or moving pages to a different URL always has a major impact on the website design. If the page in your website is well-performing then you would not like to delete or move and also sometimes the website didn’t make any changes in the design as well. But sometimes moving the page to the new URL becomes a necessity for some websites. You would see it as a major SEO mistake but in reality, it’s fine to move pages. But should be done in the right way. 

If you are deleting any web page or URL and creating a new one in your website then it’s essential to make use of 301 redirects, wonder how? 

  • It helps in removing the old page and create a new page of the same purpose
  • Even if you are moving the pages to a different section of the website the page name remains the same 

If you fail to set up 301 redirects then the user and search engine but will be redirected to the 404 not found error page which is not at all good for SEO. But with the help of 301 redirect you will be able to drive the same amount of traffic and have the same backlinks that you had for the previous page (until the pages are relevant to the targeted keyword). This is how it works if users take action on your previous link through any other platform then they will be getting redirected to the new version of the web page. 

However, sometimes websites want to keep the low-performing page deleted. If you think any of the web pages on your website does not serve any purpose then you can delete them but make sure it’s 404. In these types of cases, websites prefer to redirect the user to the homepage or any other page that is totally relevant. We recommend not to do that instead you can look for making it as 404 not found. 

Remember all the redirection work should be done in the staging environment so that you have a good idea about pages that are getting deleted and redirected. So that, when you launch your website, everything on your website runs in a smooth way. If you don’t what google bot to discover 404 pages in your website design. If everything is done in a more structured way then the URL relocation will never impact your website SEO. 

However, if you need professionals to help you with your website URL relocation then we recommend you to reach out to a highly experienced website design company that can help you with the redesigning as well as SEO.  

4. Running A/B test before implementing cut and try approach

When it comes to redesigning a website it doesn’t mean that website has to go through the changes from every small bit of code. If you are redesigning your website with a goal to meet user needs and boost your website conversion. Then it’s recommended to start with the A/B testing to save your website rank as well as traffic drop-related issues. This way you will be able to select the most convenient CTAs, colors, and more. 

If you are planning to test domes of minor things like the color, CTA, and other elements then we recommend running the test on a single URL. The testing approach will work in a way such that when a page is loaded on the user’s website then some of them get to see the default version of the page whether you are running the test. And other users will be viewing the page where the Javascript is injected modding the page. This method is generally called manipulating the DOM.

This way you will not be able to hurt your website rank and traffic because Google will be able to understand that you are running several tests to optimize your website design and function for users. When you are planning to test then it is always recommended to select the best testing tool using which you can create multiple page variations and allow your audience to select the best one for them.

Some of the popular and advanced testing tools also come with a user targeting option that allows you to select a set of users that will be viewing the test version of the page. For example, if you want to showcase your test version to people who have visited your website earlier or are part of your database then you show it to only logged-in people. So if you are into redesigning your website then we recommend going with A/B testing. 

Or you can also consult with an experienced WordPress website design company to help you create the best website design without harming your website SEO. 

5. Conduct split URL testing for major changes

Well if you are looking to test a few elements of your website then it’s always recommended to take the help of the A/B test for better results. But if your website is planning to go with major changes then we do not recommend going with A/B testing. Because including too much javascript in your website can directly affect the speed which can break the user experience as well as ranking. 

Thet is the reason why we recommend you use a separate URL for page redesign and send it to some of your existing customers. Here are some of the things that you can consider before implementing split URL tests. 

  • Make sure when you are redirecting users to the test URL then instead of using 301 you need to make use of 302 redirects. This way you indicate to google thet your redirection is temporary and the crawler should index the original URL. 
  • Apart from that to avoid things like duplicate content penalties we recommend you make your original page content canonical with the help of a rel=canonical tag. Some of the people also go with making the test page as no index but google discourages these types of practices. 

So whether you are using split URL testing or A/B testing make sure it has a time limitation because running tests for a long time can make google think that you are trying to deceive search engines. Depending on the amount of traffic you are diverting on your website a good testing tool will indicate to you how long you should run your testing. This way you will be able to redesign your website without affecting your website traffic and SEO.

6. Fixing Internal links 

In the above paragraphs, we have mentioned how internal linking can affect your website traffic. So when you are done with setting up the URL relocation or redirects next you need to look into fixing your website’s internal linking architecture. If you are dealing with any of your web pages then you need to ensure that the internal links pointed to it should also be deleted from your website. And if you are redirecting your old page to the new URL then you need to update the link pointing to it as well. 

Now you might be thinking why you should change the new URL because the older link is already redirecting users to the new web page URL with the help of 301 redirects. So here is the thing, when you redirect users to another page it adds server load time and there are chances that some of the link juice may be lost. Redirection 301 can help you to redirect users but if the same redirection is used in the website then it can do more harm than good. That is the reason why it’s essential to change the new URL link on the places where it is getting pointed to on your website. 

You can make use of different SEO tools to check the pages linked out during the redesigning process and depending on that you can make changes in the internal linking. Apart from that, you can also look into the website header and footer. Adding or removing some of the menus can directly affect your website’s internal linking balance. Having a simple and straightforward design is the website’s most preferred choice. So websites look to cut down menus in the top and other footer navigation menus during the redesigning process. 

Apart from that some of the websites also add different menus to make their page noticeable. If you are removing anything from the header then make sure it is visible in the footer of your website design. There are a few more things that you can consider:

  • The header menu of your website gets a higher link weight because almost every important page links out to them. SO make sure your header menu contains the link to the top pages of your website. 
  • If you are removing anything from the header menu make sure it is part of the website linking structure. YOu can place it either in further or contextual links. Because the web page doesn’t have any other page pointing to them then it can make it difficult for Google to recrawl them, which can lead to less traffic and ranks for that particular page as the link juice will also not get passed to or from other top performing pages in your website.
  • Apart from that make sure the website sitemap is updated. We will be giving a detailed explanation of why having an updated sitemap is essential in the coming paragraphs? 

7. Outdated Sitemap 

Sometimes sitemaps become another reason that gives rise to traffic as well as ranking drop-related issues. If you are running a website for a long time then you must be aware of the importance of having a sitemap in the website as it is vital for SEO. If this particular technical term sounds new to you then we recommend not to get afraid. 

Because in simple words sitemaps are nothing but the blueprint of your website that helps search engines to crawl your website more smartly. The sitemap you create for your website helps search engines to identify how your website is structured and depending on that the bot indexes the content in your website. 

Having an updated and well-structured sitemap can help you to boost your website SEO. But when you redesign your website there are chances that your website sitemap might also change. And if you fail to create the new sitemap or update the existing in then google won’t be able to crawl your web page. This way your website ranking, as well as traffic, will take a hit. So now you might only ask one question: how to avoid these types of issues after a website redesign? 

Well, the answer is pretty simple, before launching a website for your audience and search engine, we recommend you create a new website that contains all the new as well as old pages of your website. Apart from that we also recommend you to maintain the original structure of your website in the sitemap in terms of linking structure as well as a top-level hierarchy. You can create a sitemap with the help of an online tool and if you are using wordpress then you can make use of the sitemap generator plugin. 

Once you successfully create your sitemap then next you need to submit the sitemap to the webmaster tool like google search console and Bing webmaster tool. This way you will be able to speed up the indexing and crawling process for better and quicker results. The faster the search engine bot crawls your website the higher chances will be to resolve traffic-related issues by regaining your web page rank.  

 If you need more help related to technical SEO then we recommend you to reach out to our highly experienced SEO professional that will not only help you with the technical SEO but also with your website and business online presence.

8. Review your website schema markup 

Most of the time websites tend to lose traffic after website redesign just because search engines fail to understand the purpose of your website. To avoid these types of mistakes we recommend you review your website schema markup. It is semantic vocabulary that is included in the website HTML code with a goal to help search engine bots to index your web page content more smartly. 

If you are getting your website redesigned then it’s recommended to review your schema markup, especially if you are manually editing your website code either to add new design or elements. During manual editing, there are high chances that your schema markup can get accidentally removed. Apart from that if you are adding new elements to your web pages then also it is necessary to mark them with relevant tags for better indexing. 

To review your website schema markup you can make use of a structuring data tool. You just need to paste the displayed code in the code snippet table to check the new schema template. If you haven’t launched the latest version of the older pages then it’s recommended to wait until your website is made live. Because you won’t be able to access the tool in the dev site or in the temporary URL. Once your website is live, spend some time analyzing the error so that when Google bot lands on your website they are able to crawl your website more smartly. 

If your new website contains a lot of pages then go through every small page manually to ensure that everything is right on it. After Google crawls your website you can take a look at your console schema markup report. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty with the SEO technical part then we recommend you consult with an experienced SEO professional for your website.  

9. Website Content 

Until you start considering the content as the main hero of SEO the chances of getting your website content changed after the redesign is extremely low. Websites that are planning to redesign their website with a goal to drive more traffic and conversion on their website will look to enhance their website content along with the design. Not only that but when your homepages and other pages in your website get a new look there are chances that your old content might not fit well with the new framework. 

Even if the old content fits well with your framework the visual you select in your website may no9t go along with the content. These types of situations can take away the effectiveness of your content which will result in low engagement and ranking. So if you don’t want your newly redesigned website to offer low engagement and traffic then we recommended you to take a look at the below points: 

Keep the word count as the first priority 

We have seen multiple websites removing thousands of words from the website and web page and adding more visual content that can enhance their website appearance. Well if you see your website from a user point of view then the visual content will grab more user’s eyes. But when it comes to search engines then the google bot loves pages filled with thousands of words. So during the redesign, you should avoid removing thousands of words from your web pages and replacing them with some eye-catchy phrases or visuals.

Undoubtedly having a minimalistic design might offer a good appearance but will fail to impress search engines which could result in a low ranking and traffic. Instead of removing text, you can hide them using different techniques like tabs, sliders, and more. Apart from that keep a glance at previous elements like if your home page presented a glance of the service you offered then make sure you mention some of them. If your business is offering multiple services then you can make use of blocks and add the read more tab so that you are able to display your service and the description will allow you to add more content into it.    

Get feedback about your landing page content

When it comes to redesigning the existing website then the content inside it matters the most and no other person can tell whether your content is engaging or not apart from your prospects. So you can get started with A/B testing various messages on the landing pages one by one. This way if the message you are delivering doesn’t resonate with your audience then you will fail to convert your site visitors to that particular page. 

There are websites that decide to revamp the whole website and put their landing page together in the testing process to check their effectiveness. If that is the case then your whole website might experience low CTR if the messages you are offering fail to impress your site visitors.  So in order to alleviate these types of risks, we recommend you ask your brand promoter to do the beta testing of your website redesigned.

Engaging some of your loyal customers and getting proper feedback about your landing page will allow you to spot all the imperfections present on your website’s appearance and content. They will offer you a proper idea about the brilliant message you displaying on your landing pages are not at all convincing and need some serious changes. 

If you don’t want your hand to get dirty with the technical stuff then we recommend you to consult with an experienced WordPress website design company that can offer you a fully tested redesigned website that helps in improving website CTR and business revenue.  

Keep your old content ready 

Well if you are planning to redesign your website then you should consider all the probabilities, one among them is in spite of all the precautions your website might start losing ranking and CTR. If you have already looked into the technical part of your website then there must be problems with either the new design or with the content you are embedding in your landing pages.

To be prepared for such types of incidents we recommend you to keep a copy of your previous or we can say the original content. When you see such things happening with your website linking the traffic and rank drop then we recommend you to replace the new content with the old ones and see the results. 

To get rid of the issues related to traffic drop or ranking drop then we recommend to stop revamping your pages in bulk and implement the changes one by one. Remember the content you create should be a search engine as well as user-friendly. A small mistake or ignorance can result in problems like traffic drop, ranking drop, and more.  


By now you must be aware of why your website is facing traffic drop related and how you can avoid the theme. To be frank redesigning is not a simple process as there is a lot of work involved more than the time it takes during the initial phase of new website creation. During the redesigning process, every move designer needs to keep a track of SEO and work along with it. So that the redesigning process brings more value in terms of traffic and revenue. 

If you are adding a new copy then make sure it is targeting the right keywords, if you are deleting any page make sure users are getting redirected to the new page or we can say the new version of the older page. Because a small ignorance and mistakes during the designing process can directly have an impact on your website SEO. 

That is the reason why we always recommend websites and businesses to take the help of an experienced WordPress website design company. Because they ensure that your website does not come across any problems after the redesign and also contribute their years of expertise in developing a visually attractive yet simple website design that enhances your website online presence and meets your customer expectations. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How can I redesign my website without losing SEO? 

If you are planning to redesign your existing website but fear losing all your SEO work then we recommend you to follow the below tips that will help you to redesign your website without harming your website SEO: 

  • Collect all the pages of your existing website 
  • Make use of the test site to implement your redesigned content and elements 
  • Do the audit of your new website 
  • Make sure you set up 301 redirects if you are shifting the older page to the new URL
  • Next, you can launch a redesigned website 
  • Make sure to verify Robot.txt (if you used it in the testing site) and meta robot 
  • Link your console to the redesigned website 
  • Keep a track of the SEO of your website

Most of the time site owners commit a mistake by losing all their SEO while redesigning their website. That is the reason why we recommend you consult with an experienced SEO and website design company before redesigning your existing website. 

Does changing website URL or slug affect SEO and ranking? 

Well yes if you are making changes in your website URL or its extension then it can directly impact your traffic and ranking. Because when you make changes in your web page URL then you are changing the whole address and if any user clicks on the link then they will be redirected to the “404 Not found page”. The same goes with the search engine bot. So to avoid that we recommend you make use of 301 redirects that will redirect the user and search engine to the new page URL.  

How often should I update my website for SEO? 

Well if you think SEO is a one-time process then you need to reconsider your thinking because the SEO of a website is done frequently.  If you make any changes to your website then you need to inform Google about the changes. In the same way, the website needs to work on getting more backlinks. A top-performing website updates its website for SEO every month. Because day by day the website is adopting new techniques and strategies to rank their website. To stay competitive you need to keep a track of every small moment of your competitors. Or you can hire a highly experienced SEO agency that can help you with your website SEO.  

Will changing the wordpress theme affect website SEO? 

Well yes if you are making changes in your wordpress theme then it will directly affect your website SEO. Because the theme you select for your wordpress website impacts the speed of your website, structured data, and content formatting. All these are considered one of the important aspects of SEO. So when you change that for your wordpress website you need to take the proper precautions. If you do not belong to a technical background then we recommend you take the help of an experienced wordpress website design company to help you shift to a new theme without affecting your wordpress website SEO.