WordPress Website Design Guide: Things To Know Before Creating WordPress Websites

Are you looking to create an attractive and conversion-centric WordPress website design for your business? But confused about different aspects of WordPress website design? 

If yes then you have landed on the right article where you will come to know different aspects of WordPress website design. We will also help you to determine answers for some important and underrated questions that every WordPress website owner should know. 

What is WordPress CMS?


WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is on the popular and widely used CMS platform that powers more than 35% of the website. A CMS is basically used to manage the content of the website. Using a CMS website author can easily edit, manage, and publish content without having any prior coding knowledge.   

Today, WordPress is more than a Content Management System. Using WordPress you can easily create a fully functioning standard as well as eCommerce website for all types of business. It uses PHP and MySQL to run a website. 

WordPress is an SEO friendly and open-source platform that is maintained and updated by more than 10,000 developers. These developers are always working on the back end to offer the best user -experience.  

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org   


Most of the users get confused in determining the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. If you search WordPress in the search engine then you will get two different results wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry we will help you to identify the difference.


If you are looking to create and run a self-hosted website then wordpress.org should be your primary choice. Worpdres.org offers different plugins and themes that you can use to create an attractive and fully functioning standard as well as an eCommerce website. To run a website using wordpress.org you need website hosting and a domain. 


If you are using wordpress.com then you don’t have to buy any hosting as it is a web hosting company that allows you to create blogs for free. In short, WordPress is a blog hosting service provider.  If you are signing up with wordpress.con then your blog page domain will be in this format myblog.wordpress.com. Compared to wordpress.org, wordpres.com has several limitations but if you are a beginner and looking to start a blogging website with a limited budget then wordpress.com be the perfect choice for you.

WordPress.com offers 5 different plan 

  • Its free plan offers limited features 
  • A personal plan will cost you $48/per year 
  • The premium plan will cost you $96/annually 
  • The business plan comes for $300/year 
  • Ecommerce plan will cost you $540/year 
  • VIP plan comes for $5000/year 

Why Use WordPress for building a website? 

With the increase in the launch of a new content management platform and website builder, most of the business owners often ask one question: Why use WordPress? 

Not only that but people also ask why should I switch from the current cms platform to the WordPress cms platform?  Below we have mentioned  5  reasons why WordPress is the best CSM platform for your website.

1. WordPress is free

Earlier we have mentioned WordPress is free software that allows you to easily download and install without putting in any money. Yes, there are other charges like hosting cost, domain cost, and more. But like other CMS platforms, WordPress comes for free with all the features that are offered by different paid platforms. That the reason why it is the widely used CMS platform 

2 WordPress Design Flexibility 

A new beginner may use WordPress as a blogging website. But when it is handed to WordPress website design experts then it can be used to create a fully functioning customized eCommerce as well as a standard website. Its design flexibility makes it the widely used platform across the world.  

3. Easy to customize

WordPress has made it easy for non-programmers to access and customize website appearance without writing heavy codes. That’s the reason why WordPress attracts most of the site owners and encourages them to switch to the WordPress CMS platform. 

Earlier when a site owner had to make the changes in the appearance of the website then they used to contact the website development company to make small changes. But WordPress made it easy for the website owner to take one-time service from the WordPress website design agency and later modify changes on their own. 

4. Offers freemium themes and plugins 

In the early days for adding small functions or features on the website, the site owner used to spend a lot of money by hiring a website design company. But WordPress has made it easy for the site owners by introducing different plugins and themes. 

WordPress offers a wide range of free as well as paid plugins that allows users to easily install and activate those plugins in the backend of your WordPress dashboard. There are their party plugins and themes available too that can be easily integrated into the WordPress website. 

Themes in WordPress can be easy to customize as it offers a separate panel that allows you to change color, add media elements, customize padding, create attractive sliders, and more. 

Using the plugin you can add custom functionality and advance features to enhance your WordPress website functioning. By downloading plugins you can add advanced features like analytical features, contact form, page builder, and more. 

5. WordPress is SEO friendly 

Undoubtedly WordPress is an SEO friendly platform as it is written using high-quality codes that are loved by Google and their search engine. It produces semantic markup that makes it easy for the search engine to understand the codes. That’s why WordPress websites rank higher in the search engine result page. 

Other than being SEO friendly WordPress offers various SEO plugins that make it easy for the site owners to optimize the search engine web page for the search engine to rank higher on the search engine result page.

6. Easy to manage platform 

WordPress has a builtin updated management system that allows you to easily update the themes and plugin from the WordPress dashboard. Whenever there is a new update available for the particular theme or plugin then an update pop appears on every section. By clicking on that popup, you can easily update the plugins and themes.  WordPress also offers a WordPress mobile app that allows you to manage your dashboard from mobile devices.

7. Safety & Security 

Compared to other platforms and software WordPress is considered to be more secure and offers security to avoid vulnerabilities. WordPress is developed by considering security and safety in mind. Because small WordPress vulnerabilities can result in loss of data and web pages.

WordPress’s vast community support has more than 10000 developers that are dedicating their time and efforts to make WordPress more secure. There are a lot of intruders that are trying to access the data of the different websites. A secured environment will help you to get rid of those unwanted vulnerabilities. WordPress offers all the security measures 

What is required to build a fully functioning WordPress website? 


There are many website builders available in the market that can be used to create a conversion-centric website. But due to WordPress’s attractive and free feature, most website owners prefer to use WordPress CMS to create and run their website. Its popularity and Seo friendly interface make it the widely used CSM platform. 

So the main question is what is needed to create a website using WordPress? 

  • An authentic and reliable Hosting provider 

         Articles that will help you to find and select the best hosting provider 

 10 Features To Expect From An E-commerce Website Hosting Provider

5 Best WooCommerce Hosting Provider In 2020 

  • A domain name (there are various popular domain name provider like name cheap, Godaddy and more)
  • Then templates and plugins + your efforts  

There are various tutorials available that can help you to set up a WordPress website. WordPress is free just you have to download the zip file by visiting wordpress.org website. Next, you have to buy the hosting and domain name.  

While purchasing hosting you will be asked to enter the new domain. Once you provide the new domain (ensure that your domain relates to your business and it’s easy to pronounce) you will receive an email containing a detail about how to access Cpanel. In the Cpanel dashboard, you can upload the word[resss file and access the WordPress dashboard.

If you wish you can design the web page by own or you buy a template to make your website look more professional and attractive. However, if you have a particular design in your mind that you want to reflect on your website then you can always reach out to a leading WordPress website design company. 

After creating your WordPress website you can find a post and page in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. That’s the place where you can add the content to define your website and web page’s purpose. 

You can make use of page builder plugins to edit and customize the webpage appearance. There are various popular plugins like Elementor, beaver builder, WPbakery page builder, and more.

To know more about page builder plugins check out the blog on 5 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins To Use In 2020

How much does it cost to run a WordPress website? 

Earlier we have mentioned that WordPress is totally free; you don’t have to put in any money to download WordPress from wordpress.org. But website hosting and domain pricing are the most basic price every company and business has to pay before creating a website. 

However, if you wish to download or integrate paid plugins and theme then the pricing will gradually increase. Not only that but the WordPress website design cost also varieties depending on the type of website you are creating. 

The cost of creating a standard and eCommerce website starts from $5000 and goes up to $40000 depending on the design, number of pages, and the efforts that your WordPress website design company is putting. 

Other than the basic charge if you wish to hire a developer or WordPress website design company then the costing may vary depending on the type of website you are building. If you have a budget then we will always recommend hiring a WordPress website design company so that you can offer an attractive website that relates to your target customer.

Note: If you are creating a blogging website then you don’t need any developer or WordPress website design agency. There are a lot of tutorials and themes available that you can use to produce content focused blogging websites.

Which is better: a custom WordPress website design or a template-based WordPress website?

One of the common questions that most of the WordPress users come across while creating a brand new website. If you are among them then this section will surely help you to clarify your doubt. 

There is no doubt that every WordPress website is built using templates. Even if you are building a custom WordPress website you have to use templates. Before determining which theme is better let’s check and identify different themes or templates available in WordPress. 

WordPress offers free as well as premium themes. Free themes come with limited customization options and offer less support. So if you are a beginner and looking to create a highly converting eCommerce website then you may come across various difficulties while using free themes. Whereas if you want to build an attractive blogging website the free themes can be a perfect choice.   

On the other hand, premium themes offer different customization features that allow you to enhance your website appearance. WordPress allows you to easily integrate premium themes without any trouble. 

The cost of the theme may vary depending on the involvement of different features like deep customization, eCommerce functionalities, media galleries, and more. If you have the budget then it’s worth spending on a premium theme but read the further explanation to know whether it’s good for your website or not. 

There are times when you seek to create a highly customized website that relates to the target customer and reflects your design. That’s when you approach a WordPress website design company to create a custom design from scratch. 

Premade templates can be used to create a website but. When you start customizing those templates without code then you can come across various problems like padding issues, the shift in a row, and more. Most of the time new beginners fail to mirror the same design that they have in their minds.

Not only free but when you access the paid template then you can easily assemble and design the appearance but most of the time the site owner fails to get the desired website. That’s when a custom design comes into the picture. 

Even after buying the theme if you are approaching a WordPress website design company to enhance and optimize website appearance. Then it is not worth spending money on buying the theme for your website. 

Instead, you can be smart and consult with WordPress website design companies to get their suggestions as well as custom design quotations. Custom website design is created after acknowledging what your target audience will like and what type of design will persuade them to take action.


WordPress Front End Design 

WordPress front end design is all about what your visitor will see after visiting your web page. The Front end of the website generally includes the media elements, menus, widgets, contents, and more. All these aspects combined can offer attractive, informative, and intuitive website design. 

A website front end has all the power to convert a website visitor as well as drive away from your website. If your website’s first impression is grabbing user attention and offering them all the details without any trouble then without any hesitation your visitor will become your paying customer. 

That’s the reason why many businesses and companies spend a lot of money on enhancing their front end by hiring the best WordPress website design company. You can customize your WordPress website front end for your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the Appearance section that will allow you to add and edit all the small aspects of your web page.   

WordPress Backend Development 

The front end of  WordPress is built for visitors and customers. but back end or (WP-admin) of you WordPress is one of the important sections that allow you to handle each and every aspect of your WordPress website. 

Your backend allows you to publish different content for different user queries using PHP Programming language. In simple words, your WordPress back end is the backbone of your WordPress website as it allows you to optimize web pages for SEO, design, functioning, and many more. 

Is WordPress SEO Friendly? 


Earlier we have mentioned WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. But other than WordPress being an SEO friendly platform it is important for every website to optimize their website for search engines. Optimizing your website for SEO can help you to rank on the top in SERP which can result in driving more organic traffic and sales. 

While optimizing your website for SEO you need to consider factors like On-page SEO, technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO. Optimizing your website for these three factors helps search engines recognize your web page’s purpose, authenticity, and helps them crawl your website more smartly. 

How to make WordPress web pages SEO Friendly?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves many factors and steps that help you optimize your website and its pages for search engines. It can help you to boost your website’s organic traffic. Below we have listed some important tips that you should consider while optimizing your website. 

  • Disable search engine visibility seating. (Go to the settings in the WordPress dashboard then navigate to the Reading section under the settings. From there you can disable search engine visibility option) 
  • Optimize your URL structure. To optimize your URL you can include the targeted keyword so that search engines identify your website purpose. 
  • Identify and select the best SEO plugin for WordPress website.  SEO Yoast and all in one SEO pack are the popular WordPress SEO plugin. Among them, SEO Yoast is a widely used SEO plugin.

(To know more about SEO plugins in WordPress you can refer this article 10 Best WooCommerce SEO Plugins (2020) To Boost Your Online Presence)

  • Make sure to include an XML sitemap to allow search engine crawlers to understand your website and crawl every page smartly. XML sitemap also helps search engine crawlers to differentiate between your main page and subpage. 
  • Connect your website with Google search console 
  • Optimize your web page title and description
  • Insert the target keyword in your web pages to help search engines identify your website’s purpose. (To know how to perform keyword research go through our Keyword Research Guide: How To Find Right Keywords For A Website In 2020)
  • Use Interlinks and well as external links in your website.
  • Optimize your images 
  • Improve your website speed and performance on both desktops as well as mobile devices.
  • Secure your website by adding SSL certificate (HTTPs secured)

If you are looking to know more about on-page and off-page SEO activities then check our blog on 10 Underrated On-Page and Off-Page SEO Activities Explained With Examples

Is WordPress responsive? 

As we have mentioned above there are more than 10000 developers that are working on optimizing WordPress performance. Undoubtedly WordPress is a responsive platform that allows you to create a responsive website. But the responsiveness of the website totally depends on the theme and plugins you are selecting for your WordPress website. 

What is a responsive theme? 

A responsive theme uses responsive web design approach to create and offer the best user experience across different devices. A good and responsive WordPress theme automatically adjusts the screen depending on the size of the devices. No matter what type of device users are using a response theme displays all the elements of the website depending on the size of the screen. 

Earlier site owners used to create separate mobile versions of the website from different mobile versions like iPhone, Android, etc. But after the introduction of a responsive theme, things have become easier for the website owners. A responsive theme allows site owners to provide better usability and readability on mobile devices as well as on tablets.  

As users are shifting to mobile devices it is always recommended to create a responsive website that allows visitors to view all the examples and optimizes your website navigation. You can always reach out to the best WordPress website design company to make your WordPress website more responsive. 

How to Select a Responsive WordPress Themes? 

WordPress offers a wide range of themes for all types of business. Whether you are creating a blogging website or an eCommerce website WordPress allows you to easily pick and integrate themes to create a fully functioning website. To discover a right, effective, and responsive theme for your website you need to consider a few things. Your theme should not only attract customers but allow them to learn more about your business and website. 

A responsive theme works on all devices and offers seamless navigation to encourage the visitor to explore more about your brand and business. So let’s jump in and discover factors that you should consider before selecting the responsive theme for your website.  

1. Features Offered By Theme

Integrating themes in WordPress is not a difficult job thanks to WordPress’s user-friendly interface. But after integrating the theme into your WordPress you need to ensure that the features offered by the theme are helping you to create a responsive and user-friendly website. That’s why it is recommended to consider the features offered by the theme. 

For example, if you are planning to sell subscriptions on your website then it is important to select a theme that allows you to display a pricing plan table in your web page. Not only that but if you are planning to start a marketing agency then your portfolio will play a major role in persuading potential customers. That’s why it is important to select a theme that allows you to display your company portfolio.

There are a lot of e-commerce as well as standard themes available in the WordPress library that come with many advanced features using which you can create an attractive and conversion-centric website.

2. Customization Options 

Customization of the theme is one of the basic aspects that allow you to create attractive and intuitive website design. An authentic and reliable theme always offers flexible customization features to its user.  While selecting your theme make sure your theme allows you to customize the color, fonts, media elements, logo, and more. There is a theme available that allows you to experiment with a different layout so that you can make an attractive website for your business. Select a theme that is easily compatible with the page builder.

4. Design Offered by them

Your design responsiveness will play a major role in persuading visitors to take action on your website.  That’s why it is always recommended to select a theme that offers a responsive and appealing design. Select a theme that reflects your design. This type of practice will help you to save your time in customizing and modifying the theme. Today most of the theme offers demo features, make use of it to check its responsiveness as well as it’s working. Once you successfully find the theme of your choice you can easily purchase and integrate the zip file into your WordPress dashboard.

How to optimize WordPress website speed? 

Whether you use a WordPress website or HTML coded website your website speed and performance define your online reputation. Your website speed and performance has the capability of attracting as well as driving away visitors. An optimized website with optimized speed encourages site visitors to explore the website. Whereas a slow loading website can drive away users before your website elements get visible to the user. 

That’s it is always recommended to optimize your website speed and performance to improve your website ranking, sales, and conversions. Today with the increase in the number of competitors you have very few seconds to offer users a reason on why they should stay and surf your website. If you are waiting for these few seconds then it means you are losing lots of potential customers. 

Most of the website owners think that their WordPress website design plays a crucial role in converting a site visitor. Yes, it trues your WordPress website design and responsive matters but an unoptimized loading speed can affect your website in many ways.

So the question is how to optimize website speed and performance? 

Before jumping onto tips to optimize WordPress website performance and speed it’s important to check your web pages speed. There are various popular tools like PageSpeed Insight, GTMetrix, and more that allows the site owner to get in-depth detail about their website performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress Website

Undoubtedly WordPress is one of the widely used platforms that is empowering more than 35% of the website. But that doesn’t mean that it will not have any cons. Yes, it’s true that WordPress’s advantage persuades users to opt for the platform but it is important to know what are the disadvantages of using the WordPress website. Below we have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress as your website building platform. 

Advantages of Using WordPress 

  • Plugins: WordPress offers a wide range of plugins that allows you to improve a website functionality
  • Best CMS platform: One of the best user-friendly content management systems that allow users to easily edit, manage, and publish content. 
  • SEO: WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. WordPress high-quality code makes it easy for the search engine to understand the website and its code  
  • Ecommerce & standard website: It allows you to create a highly responsive and conversion-centric standard as well as an eCommerce website.
  • Forum: Allows you to turn your WordPress website into the forum using BBpress
  • Blogging: WordPress free themes and plugins make it easy for the blogger to create a fully responsive blogging website. 
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to other CMS and WordPress is a cost-effective platform 
  • Third-party integration: Allows you to easily integrate third-party plugins and themes 
  • Updates: More than 10000 develop[ers are working in the backend to improve WordPress performance. WordPress frequently rolls out its update to offer better performance. 
  • Speed & Performance: WordPress is built using minimal PHP code that allows WordPress website to load faster
  • Mobile Friendliness: WordPress is a mobile-friendly CMS platform 
  • Offers vast community support to solve user problems 

The disadvantage of using WordPress

  • Customization: There is no doubt that WordPress is a flexible platform that allows you to customize your website but when it comes to customizing and updating core WordPress you may need a WordPress expert. Not only that but if you have a design in mind and want to reflect the same then you (a new beginner) may face difficulty in navigating accessing the design process. 
  • Data Security: WordPress offers a secured environment to its user but most of the time due to the presence of vulnerable files an intruder/hacker access the data and website. Most of us are aware that WordPress is an open-source platform that is another factor that gives rise to vulnerability and data security. 
  • Frequent updates: Apart from installing WordPress you need to add themes and plugins to enhance website functionality. But with the increase in the number of installations site owners start facing compatibility issues.  There are times when the activated and integrated plugins or theme doesn’t support the latest version of WordPress (that is why it is said to use staging sites). 

How to secure a WordPress website?


With the increase in WordPress vulnerabilities, WordPress security is becoming the most discussed topic in the web design industry. Most of the time WordPress website owners create a website and focus on optimizing their website appearance, functioning, SEO, and sales. But security is one of the important aspects of being successful in any industry. 

In the initial stage, you may not come across those vulnerabilities but as soon as your website starts growing there are chances of getting your website attacked by intruders/hackers. The WordPress core software is very much secured as it is maintained and audited by thousands of developers. But other than that there are other ways to keep a WordPress website secured. 

Using the below tips you can secure your WordPress website.

  • Keep your website updated 
  • Use Strong website username and password  
  • Select best security plugin for your WordPress website
  • Check your hosting provider’s reputation and review. A good hosting provider monitors suspicious activities and prevents DDOS attacks. Not only that but a good hosting provider keeps their server up to date to avoid unwanted vulnerabilities.

Secure your website without accessing WordPress codes 

  • Firstly it’s recommended to identify and install the best backup plugin as it will help you to restore your WordPress website easily. It will act as the defense against those vulnerabilities.

(If you are using WordPress and woocommerce then check our blog on How To Backup A WooCommerce Store? Explained With Best Backup Plugin In 2020)

  • Next, it is recommended to identify and install the best WordPress security plugin
  • You can also enable a web application firewall to protect your website from malicious activities. The firewall helps websites to block all the unwanted traffic that can harm the website and its data. There are two different types of firewalls
  1. DNS Level Website Firewall: Using the DNS lever website firewall you can drive genuine traffic on your website. It routes traffic through cloud proxy servers which filters the traffic and sends the genuine one. 
  2. Application Level Firewall: These types of plugins verifies your traffic after it reaches your server. 
  • One of the most basic ways to protect your website is by installing an SSL certificate and making your website HTTPS secured.

Advanced Security tips 

  • Change your username by selecting the unique one 
  • To secure your website from other hand disable file editing by adding small code in wp-config. PHP

{ // Disallow file edit

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true ); }

  • It is recommended to limit your WordPress login attempt. Do it by installing the Login LockDown plugin. After installing Go to the seating, then navigate to Lock Down under seating from there you can define the max login attempt. 
  • If your website is getting too many attacks from intruders then you can add a plugin called two-factor authentication that will allow you to secure your website. 
  • Make sure to change your WordPress database prefix 
  • Use password-protected admin page 
  • Directory browsing helps intruders and hackers to find files having vulnerabilities so that they can access those files. Disabling directory browsing can help you to prevent those malicious activities. 
  • Include security questing in the login page 
  • Automatically Logout from devices with an ideal user 

Should I hire a WordPress Website Design Company?


If you want to build a WordPress website that is related to the user and convert your target audience into paying customers Then it is always recommended to hire the best WordPress website design company. 

Undoubtedly WordPress offers vast community support and there are lots of guides/tutorial videos available that can help you to create a fully functioning WordPress website. But there is no guarantee that a WordPress website created by a beginner will fulfill all the requirements of a conversion-centric WordPress website.  

Most of the time to produce top quality websites there is a lot of time spent on market research, analyzing target audiences, and more. This type of research helps the WordPress website design company to produce attractive and conversion-centric websites that relate to the customer.

Research-based WordPress website drives more conversion and attracts user’s attention within a short span of time. So if you are creating an eCommerce website or product based website then it is always recommended to hire the best WordPress website design company to increase the reach of your product within a short span of time. 

With the increase in the number of WordPress website design companies. Most of the business owners get confused in identifying and selecting the right WordPress website design company. Below we have listed tips that can help you to select the best WordPress website design company for your business. 

How to select the best WordPress website design company? 

With the increase in the number of websites design companies finding the right one for your business can be a difficult job. Yes, it’s true that there are companies out there who fail to complete or deliver the right website that they assured at the beginning of the project. 

That’s why it is recommended not to take your selection process lightly. There are WordPress website design companies that are dedicated to delivering the same or more advanced website to win their client’s trust and offer them a satisfactory experience.  

So the question is how to select the best WordPress website design company for a business? What things you should look into while selecting a WordPress website design company.

An authentic and reliable WordPress website design company should 

Have a Good portfolio 

Before considering other things first you should be aware of your selected company work (experience).  Getting insight into their companies portfolio can help you in identifying how effective their work is. You reach out to them and ask them for a few samples of their work. For example, if you are building an eCommerce website then you can ask the WordPress website design company to display designs created by them. An authentic company will never hesitate to fulfill your requirements. 

Listen to your requirement and design ideas 

Undoubtedly your website design company will create your website but you know better about your product and services. You might be having some ideas that you want to reflect on your website. A good WordPress website design company always listens to their customer’s ideas. If they are not listening to your ideas then it’s not a perfect WordPress website design company for you.  

Contribute and enhance your ideas

A good and reliable WordPress website design first listens to your ideas then helps you to enhance and optimize them so that they can get the best results. You might be aware of your business but they are the ones who will design your website so their suggestions and ideas matter. Hiring a WordPress website design company that nods on your ideas and doesn’t offer you valuable recommendations then they are not the right one for your business. 

Familiar with the latest design trends 

A reputed WordPress website design keeps itself updated with the latest design and technology to offer the best results. For example, if you are selecting a web design agency then during idea exchange they should tell you about the latest trends like flat design, parallax, scrolling, and other popular design trends. A reliable company maintains the balance between the latest trends as well as old trends. So that you can get a unique and attractive design 

SEO service 

Earlier web design was all about creating a fully responsive website. But today SEO friendly websites help the search engines understand the website purpose and depending on that it appears for user search queries. While designing your custom theme a combination of web design professionals and SEO experts can help you to get fully responsive as well as a conversion-centric website. While hiring a WordPress website design company to ensure that they are offering SEO service as well. An effective SEO strategy and attractive custom website design will surely help you to attract the user’s attention. 

Offer Marketing Services

Today most of the website design companies offer most web design as well as marketing services. An effective web design team will help you to get eye-catchy design but a marketing team will enhance your website to make it more conversion-centric. Together they can offer the best WordPress website design for your business. A WordPress website design agency without a marketing team is just like an e-commerce website without a payment page. That’s why it is recommended to select a WordPress website design that offers marketing service as well. 

Experience in different industries

It’s good to hire a WordPress website design company that is experienced in a specific industry. Because of their experience and knowledge of the specific industry. They will surely help you to get the industry-specific website. But the chances of getting identical designs increases. That’s why it is recommended to hire a WordPress website design company that has worked in multiple industries. They are the ones that will offer you a unique and creative custom WordPress design. 

What Service To Expect From Our Award-Winning WordPress Website Design Company?


Custom WordPress Website Design  

If you are shifting your business to an online platform then it is important to know that your website will be the key asset of your business. Every business owner has a specific layout and design in their mind. A WordPress website design company should reflect the same on the website. Remember an experienced WordPress website design focus on creating a custom design that separates your website from others and makes it stand out from the crowd

Our WordPress website design and development team are experienced in creating more than 500+ customer website designs for different industries. We at SFWP Experts ensure to create a custom and highly responsive theme from scratch to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Highly-Responsive Website Design    

Website responsiveness plays a crucial role in converting a site visitor into a paying customer.

Whether you are building a standard or an eCommerce website a WordPress website design company should offer highly responsive designs that operate flawlessly on every device. Not only the device but your website elements should be clearly visible on every device.  

Our WordPress website design company ensures that your WordPress website operates well across every browser and device. We at SFWP Experts offer websites that are compatible with all screens ranging from a small mobile device screen to big LCD monitors. 

Project Manager

An authentic and experienced WordPress website design company always offers a project manager to ensure that there is no communication gap between the client and the company. 

A project manager communicates with clients and answers all the questions that clients have about the website or the report sent by the company. Not only that but a project manager ensures that the requirement of the client is fulfilled. 

We at SFWP Experts assign a project manager for every project to ensure that all the requirements of the project are fulfilled and the projects are delivered on time without any delay.  Our in house project management team helps our clients in getting all the updates and details related to the project.

Structured Code that works 

Structured things are liked by every person on this planet. Same goes with the website, a structured coded website helps search engines to identify your website purpose and assist them in crawling a website more smartly. A good WordPress website design company ensures that the website created by them is well structured and the codes are easily understandable by the search engine. A structured website loads and works seamlessly on all the browsers and device

We at SFWP Experts have website design professionals with more than 8+ years of experience in writing clean and structured code in compliance with  W3C standards. Our team is dedicated to creating a website that can acquire more visitors and improve your conversion rate. 

SEO & Content Creation 

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content are the most basic aspect of being successful and getting ranked on the top in SERP. Yes, there are other companies out there that are offering the same services but getting it from one place may cost you less and your website will be more effective. 

There are many WordPress website design companies that offer SEO and Content in the same package. When a website is created keeping SEO in mind then it offers you more impactful results. Remember SEO and website load time are the two most important aspects of the website that can make and break your audience or website visitors.

We at SFWP Experts focus on building an SEO and speed optimized WordPress website that can run efficiently on all the browsers. Our SEO team follows the latest search engine guideline to create an SEO friendly strategy for your WordPress website. While creating the website our 


A website is not successful until it is maintained well. The backend efforts play a crucial role in optimizing the online reputation of a website. After completing and launching a WordPress website, your WordPress website design company should put equal efforts to maintain your website. so that your website doesn’t come across unexpected downtime and other flaws that can affect your website reputation and conversion rate.

Our Los Angeles WordPress website design company is not limited to building and delivering a WordPress website. We value our client’s time, that’s why our team helps our client in maintaining and upgrading your website to make sure the performance of the website never reduces.  

Not only that but We will also help you in maintaining the security and speed of your website so that your website visitors get high-quality experience across different browsers and devices.

24X7 Support

There are times when you may come across small issues while operating your WordPress dashboard. Remember if you are getting high-quality traffic on your website and if you web pages ranking at the top then a small issue can create a big impact like loss of sales, traffic, and more. A good WordPress website design company should always offer  

We at SFWP Experts provide 24X7 support to our clients for every small and major tweak required on their WordPress website. Our support team will always assist you in every technical support required to optimize your website functioning. We ensure that all the changes and problems are solved within a short period of time.

How to find the best custom WordPress website design company?

Undoubtedly there are a lot of WordPress website design companies available across different countries that are offering the same service.  With the wide range of options available, most of the businesses can get confused in selecting the right WordPress website design company for their website. 

Hiring a reliable WordPress website design is different from hiring an employee or a worker, where you prefer to go with the recommendation. We are not saying that recommendation is not good but it’s important to check the company’s portfolios and other aspects to know more about that WordPress website design company.

Referrals are good but we recommend taking the help of google the most reliable platform to get the best suggestions. Typing search terms like the best website design company or hiring a WordPress website design company in the search box will surely help you to get the best results. Because remember google always offers the best suggestion to their users. 

Above we have mentioned how to determine the best WordPress website design agency but to summarize all the points in a few sentences we would say the company portfolio plays a crucial role. Then their own WordPress design will also help you determine how good they are at their work.

WordPress Website Designing Company Near me 


Whenever you type terms like best WordPress website design company, hire WordPress website design company, or best WordPress website developer in the search box then google will offer you a list of all the best WordPress website design companies. 

But if you wish to hire a location-specific WordPress website company then you can type WordPress website design company in Los Angeles or San Francisco. To make your search result more specific you can use terms like “WordPress Website Designer near me” or “WordPress website designer near me”.  

There are businesses that look to hire a local company to create a website that relates to local users. Using these types of terms will surely help you to get the best local results.  

SFWP Experts is an award-winning WordPress website design company experienced in creating and delivering more than 500+ fully responsive as well as conversion-centric custom web design to all sizes of businesses. Our professionals are also experienced in creating a highly lucrative eCommerce website to help store owners to drive more sales and conversion. 

We at SFWP Experts know the importance of website design for a website and why our profession performs backend research to analyze your target marketing expectation and depending on that we offer persuasive design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2020? 

Creating an effective SEO strategy can help you to optimize your website but selecting the right SEO plugin makes it easy for site owners to optimize their web pages and website for search engines. WordPress SEO plugin helps the site owner to add title and description. 

Not only that but it also allows you to check whether the target keyword is present in your web pages or not. Undoubtedly Yoast SEO is one of the popular WordPress SEO plugins but there are other popular plugins that you can install and activate in your WordPress dashboard. Below we are listing all the popular WordPress SEO plugins:

  • Yoast SEO 
  • All In One SEO Pack
  • WP Super Cache   
  • WP Smush 
  • JetPack
  • Broken Link Checker ‘
  • All In One Schema.ORG Rich Snippet
  • SEO Press
  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin 
  • WP-Backlink  

If you are looking to create a website that grabs user attention and encourage them to take action on your CTAs then you can always reach our WordPress website design experts they can assist in building attractive as well as a conversion-centric website.

2. What is the benefit of selecting the right host for the WordPress website?

In simple words selecting the right hosting provider can assist you in enhancing your website functioning which can result in offering the best customer experience. Whereas selecting wrong or bad hosting providers can result in unwanted errors like website downtime, slow loading pages, and more. 

Most of the site owners assume that every hosting works well with all types of WordPress websites. But in reality, every web hosting is not compatible with the WordPress website. That’s the reason why WordPress, as well as woocommerce, has started recommending hosting providers to their users. You can also refer our guide on the best hosting provider to know the top-performing web host in 2020. So, let’s find the importance or advantage of selecting the right plugin for your WordPress website. 

  • Optimizing your website speed can result in getting ranked on the top in SERP, improving customer experience and crawlability of your website.
  • Hosting and security have very close relations. Whether you are running a standard website or eCommerce website, data security should be your primary concern. Selecting the right hosting provider can help you in maintaining proper data as well as website security.   
  • Unexpected downtime can affect your website traffic as well as revenue. Selecting a reliable and authentic hosting provider prevents unexpected downtime.
  • Easy to install and activate SSL certificates 
  • Quick and easy access to development tools 

Your website design defines your online reputation and authority. Compromising with your wordpress website design can directly affect your customer aquisition and revenue. To create a persuading design that stands out from the crowd you can always reach out to our wordpress website design professional experienced in delivering more than 500+ fully responsive and conversion-centric website design.

3. What is the best image optimization plugin in WordPress? 

Image optimization is one of the integral parts of SEO that offers search engines a reason why they should rank your website on top of SERP. optimizing your website images improves your website speed and increases the reach of your content. If your images are optimized with a targeted keyword then users can easily find your web pages in the image result option. Below we are listing the best image optimization plugin that you can install and integrate for your WordPress website. 

  • Smush
  • Compress JPEG & PNG images 
  • Imagify Image Optimizer 
  • EWWW Image Optimizer 
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer 
  • Lazy Load 
  • Optimus Image Optimizer

4. What is the best WordPress speed Optimization plugin? 

Website speed has a deep relation with the conversion. If your website is not optimized to load faster then it will not only affect your website traffic but also your sales, conversion, and more. There are various popular WordPress plugins available that allow you to optimize your website speed. These WordPress speed plugins allow you to minify your code and optimize your website loading speed on different devices. Below we are listing all the popular WordPress speed optimization plugin:

  • W3 Total Cache 
  • WP Optimize 
  • Perfmatters
  • Clarify
  • WP Fastest Cache 
  • Shortpixel 
  • Asset Cleanup 
  • Autoptimize 
  • AMP for WP
  • Cache Enabler 
  • WP Super Cache 
  • WP Smush.it
  • WP Super Minify

5. How to identify the best WordPress page builder plugins? 

Undoubtedly WordPress offers a wide range of plugins to its users. If you are looking to download the best WordPress page builder plugin then first you need to discover how to identify the best page builder plugins. What features you should expect from a good page builder plugin provider. Below we are listing some important tips that you should consider while selecting the page builder plugin. 

User-friendly interface: While installing or buying a page builder plugin you should consider buying plugins that offer a user-friendly interface. A confusing interface can make it difficult to access page building features. That’s why it is always recommended to select a plugin that offers a user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed by the new beginner.  

Advanced styling options: if you want to grab your site visitor’s attention then it is important to offer eye-catchy pages. The element of your web pages plays a crucial role in attracting the visitor’s attention. The advanced styling option allows you to build persuasive pages that can convert your visitors into paying customers. While selecting the page builder plugin make sure to check plugin features for advanced styling options.   

Widgets & Pre-build templates: A good page builder plugin offers various pre-built templates as well as easy to use widgets that make it easy for the user to create an attractive web page. Whether you are building a web page or a landing page your page builder plugin should allow you to create pages using pre-built templates. 

Advance Features: Different page builder plugins offer different features. But an authentic and reliable page builder offers all the advanced features that make it easy for the user to create all types of web pages. While selecting a page builder plugin you can expect features like drag and drop visual editor, live front end editing, theme compatibility, shortcode/widget support, and more. 

Support and WordPress compatibility are the common features that you should expect from a WordPress page builder plugin.

6. What are the best WordPress Page Builder Plugins?  

With the increase in the number of WordPress page builder plugins, most of the site owners get confused and end up buying the wrong plugin. Yes, there are free plugins available but if you are planning to buy the page builder plugin that offers more advanced features then its recommended to buy the popular and effective plugin. Elementor is one of the popular plugins used by most of the WordPress website but there are other plugins that offer more attractive features. Below we are listing the best page builder plugins that you can use for your WordPress website.

  • Elementor 
  • Beaver Builder 
  • Thrive, Architect 
  • Themify Builder 
  • WPBakery Page Builder 
  • Divi Builder 
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder
  • Visual Composer 
  • Brizy