Inbound marketing Series: 10 Underrated On-Page and Off-Page SEO Activities Explained With Examples

In the previous article, we have discussed What is SEO and How SEO can help in ranking your website on the top of the SERP.  And in this article, we will be discussing in detail about On-page and Off-page activities with examples. 

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On-Page SEO

In general On-page optimization refers to optimization tactics carried out within a website to get higher search ranking and higher traffic. On-page SEO plays an important part in deciding the rank of a website. Search engine like Google, bing, yahoo, etc wants their users to get the best search result. And Google being one of the leading search engines, focuses on various optimization factors i.e. from optimizing HTML code to the meta title, description, tag, keyword, etc. Every year Google introduces a new algorithm to provide better search results and website editors have to optimize web page of their website to get higher search ranking. 

Now you might be thinking, When should you do on-page SEO?

Every time you publish a blog or make any change in the website content you have to do the on-page optimization of your website. 

On-Page SEO Activities:

Meta Tags- Title, Description and H1 tags

Meta title and meta descriptions help the user to understand the niche of your website. It will help a user in deciding whether your website is useful for him or not. A meta title should be between 65-70 characters and the description should be between 25-40 words. Keyword insertion will help you in optimizing your title and description. By looking at the picture you can figure out the difference between meta title and description.  H1 Tag is the title and headline of a particular page. It helps Google and the user in identifying the purpose of the web page. In HTML coding there are 6 forms of heading tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

Internal And External Links 

Internal links are links that take a user from one page to another page within a website.  But external links are links that take the user from one website to another website. These links can be in the form of text, image or documents. 

Anchor text 

Anchor Text is a visible and clickable text in an HTML hyperlink. These types of text are displayed on the website and should be relevant to the page. There are three formats of anchor text.

a. Exact Match Anchor text

In simple words, an exact match anchor text has the same keyword used as an anchor text on the web page. For example, an SEO agency having the same keyword SEO agency as their anchor text. 

b. Backlink Anchor Text

A backlink anchor text is a referring link created from another website. These types of links help search engines in determining the keyword a webpage should rank for. 

c. Spammy Anchor Text

From the term, you can figure out the spammy anchor text are the links that are not related or relevant to the page. These types of spammy anchor text are common in black hat SEO. Most of the time these types of practice are harmful to a website. Google penalizes and bans the websites that use black hat SEO to get search engine ranking.

Alt Tags And Optimizing images 

In my previous article on How to Create SEO-Friendly Content, I have discussed why one should optimize their image. Adding alt tag and optimizing images helps in boosting website rankings, improving website load speed and user experience. inserting the keyword and letting people know the information about the image. 

Content Optimization

Many websites produce Content every day but optimized content always helps in getting more traffic to the website and boosts website ranking. There are  few factors to optimize a content 

  • Create quality and user-friendly content 
  • Always produce fresh content. 
  • Use optimized images and videos in the content 
  • Add heading tags
  • Insert inbound and outbound links


Robot.txt is a text file search engine webmasters create to instruct Search engine bots on how to crawl page on their website. It acts as a front door to your house. Site editors decide whether they want their page to be crawled by the search engine bot. 

A basic format: 
User-agent : [user-agent name)/*
Disallow : [URL string not to be crawled]/
Allow: /download/builders.ppt

Page load Time

It plays an important role in determining search engine ranking and deciding your website traffic. Page load time is all about the time required to download and display your web page in a web browser. If your web page takes more time to load i.e more than 4s then there are chances that your visitors may bounce back increasing bounce rate.
There are various tools available to check your page load time like PageSpeed Insight, GTmetrix, etc. 

URL Canonicalization

URL Canonicalization is the process of picking the best URL for your home page. If your URL includes your targeted keywords then there are more chances of getting organic traffic. 
For example, if your niche is about teaching content writing or content marketing then having a URL will help in getting good search engine ranking as it includes your targeted keywords. 


HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) the protocol over which the data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The S at the end of HTTPS indicated that the particular website is secured. If you are owning an e-commerce website or payment related website then it is important to own a secured protocol i.e. HTTPS. Most of the website prefer  

Creation Of XML Sitemaps

XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language. These sitemaps are created for search engines. It contains all the URL information of a website, which helps google bot in crawling your website more intelligently. 
There are tools like which will help you in generating XML sitemaps.

Keyword Proximity and Prominence

Keyword proximity refers to the distance between the search terms of individual keywords. Keyword prominence refers to how projecting and eye-catchy a keyword is within a website, meta description, alt tags, title of the page, anchor text and at the beginning of the body text.  

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the content on the internet that has the wording and format similarity in more than one domain. This type of content always gets penalized from the search engine as it confuses the search engine bot. This type of practice may affect the ranking of the website. There are many tools to check the plagiarism of the content

Keyword Cannibalization and Keyword Density

Keyword cannibalization means targeting the same keyword or phrase on multiple pages of a website. Each page should focus on the different keywords so that it can be clearly defined by the Search Engine.
Keyword density refers to the number of times a particular keyword is used on a web page.  
It can be calculated by using the formula  -> (Total number of times a specific keyword is repeated / Total number of text in a web page) X 100

Broken Links Analysis 

Broken links are links that do not work or results in an error page. These types of links are created when a web page has been deleted or moved. Containing a broken link is not a good practice. Check your website for broken links. There are tools available that can get you a better analysis of broken links.

Social Media Icons 

Showcasing your social media icons in the header or footer of the website makes your social pages more engaging. It can help in increasing social followers and subscribers.

What are Backlinks? 

Backlinks are the external and incoming links from one website to another website. It is one the most popular and common word in the world of search engine optimization. Backlinks help a website in getting the search engine rankings and organic traffic. The number of backlinks helps in getting more organic traffic, helps search engines to index your content faster and helps in getting referral traffic.  

There are terms related to backlinks 

  • Do-Follow Links 
  • No-follow links 
  • Link Juice



Off-Page SEO refers to the activity and efforts taken outside of a website to get higher search rankings and organic traffic. Blogger, content marketer and site editor focus on getting more organic traffic by getting backlinks and social sharing as it is less expensive and the customer retention rate is more. Off-page SEO helps google in deciding the web page rank.

OFF-Page SEO Activities:

Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking is one of the essential off-page activities to promote your website. By bookmarking your website or blog on a well-known social bookmarking website you try to showcase your presence and gain higher traffic and backlinks. There are various social bookmarking sites like Tumblr,, myspace, etc.

Article Submission

In Article submission online marketers contribute a high-quality article between 500-800 words to different article submission websites. It helps in generating backlinks and quality traffic that can improve your search engine results. Generally, these types of submission contain the article that is relevant to the website niche or product.

Blog commenting 

It is one of the most overrated off-page activities that helps in making your website blog interactive. Blog writer place a question, an argument or an answer in the comment section of other blogs with a link to their blog. If your argument is authentic and relevant then it will help in attracting a lot of traffic to your blog. Irrelevant comments or links get deleted by the publisher.    

Directory Submission

In Directory submission, online marketers place their website URL and details on the web in a directory under a particular category.  It helps in link building. There is various directory submission websites list available on the search result page.

Video Submission 

An interesting and informative video always helps in getting traffic on your video and website. Video submission is all about submitting your videos on site that accepts guest videos. It will help you in mentioning your website link and getting a backlink from it.  Websites like daily motion, youtube, flicker, etc.

Infographic Submission 

Infographic submission is an Off-Page SEO activity where the online marketer shares information through graphs to spread awareness and gain traffic on the website or blogs.  There are websites and applications available that can help you in creating an informational infographic. 

PPT Submission 

Powerpoint submission is a type of Content Marketing that helps in getting backlinks and website traffic. There are various ppt submission websites like SlideShare, Media fire, etc.

Link Exchange

Link Exchange is considered to be one of the most effective off-page tactics in getting backlinks. In Link exchange, a website owner asks other websites to exchange the referring link of their web page or blogs.

Guest Posting 

Guest posting is considered to be the best practice in getting a backlink. In guest posting, a company or individual acts as a writer and contributes an article to the publisher. Guest posting is an effective process in getting high DA(Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

Brand Mention 

Brand mentioning is one of the underrated off-page activities among online marketers. But it is an effective way of spreading awareness of your brand name and getting traffic on your site. It will not help you in getting any backlinks as you are not placing any hyperlink but it will help search engine bot in analyzing your brand name. There are chances that it may help you in increasing your search engine ranking. 

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