WordPress Website Redesign: How To Redesign An Existing WordPress Website?

Looking to optimize your current WordPress website design to attract and convert more customers? 

If yes then WordPress website redesign can be the best solution to boost your conversions as well as customer acquisition rate.  At some stage, almost every website has to redesign its website to offer a more enhanced and persuasive appearance to its user. 

Most of small and medium-sized businesses face challenges while designing or redesigning a WordPress website. You might have started with a basic website but now you might be feeling behind and looking to enhance your website appearance and navigation to attract both search engines as well as user’s attention.

With the wide range of options available i.e from cookie cluster theme to customer design option, you can always think about redesigning your website. Earlier with the basic design, you could have managed to introduce your business to online users. But to convert them into paying customers it’s recommended to redesign our WordPress website. 

WordPress website redesign enables the opportunity to rebuild a strong site that reflects your business goal and helps you to get ranked on the top in SERP. An effective and responsive WordPress website design allows search engines to easily identify the purpose of your website and make it visible for related search queries.     

About Us:  SFWP Experts is an award-winning Los Angeles WordPress website design company specialized in offering conversion-centric custom web design services to all sizes of businesses. Our professionals can create highly effective and fully responsive eCommerce as well as a  standard website. We at SFWP Experts have a team of content writing and marketing experts, dedicated to delivering high-quality and fact-based content to educate our audience about the latest trends, tools, tips, and more.

If you are using other platforms for your website then we highly recommend you to use WordPress for redesigning your current website.  Many enterprise-level businesses think that WordPress is not a reliable platform. But in reality, hiring the best WordPress website design company will surely offer you a design that will relate to your business as well as target customers.

Now you might be thinking why use WordPress to redesign my website? There are many reasons that will encourage you to select WordPress to redesign your website.

Table of Content: 

  1. Why use WordPress when you redesign your website? 
  2. Things to look into before jumping on WordPress Website Redesign
  3. How to redesign an existing WordPress website? 
  4. Why Hire Us for your WordPress website redesign?
  5. What are the best WordPress Website design Examples?
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Why use WordPress when you redesign your website? 


1. Easy to use CMS Platform 

If you are a beginner then you may come across a few difficulties while accessing its interface. But remember WordPress offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for a non-coder to build a fully responsive website. Once you learn and become friendly with the WordPress dashboard then it will be easy for you to update, add, and optimize your website structure, blog, post, design, and more.

Even if you are taking the help of a WordPress website design company to create an attractive and intuitive website for your business then also you can access the backend of WordPress. While delivering the project most WordPress website design companies educate their clients on how to access the backend of WordPress efficiently. 

2. Allows creating a simple and effective website structure 

Your website structure is one of the key aspects of acquiring a new customer and getting branded on the top in SERP. WordPress allows you to create a simple and easy navigation website structure for both users as well as search engines. 

Every WordPress theme or template has a homepage with a navigation bar that makes it easy for the users to navigate to different pages. Search engines always consider website structure and its navigation before assigning a rank to web pages. One of the leading Search engines Google ensures to offer the best results and experience to its users. 

If your website is making it easy for the user to find the relevant product with easy navigation then google will never hesitate to recommend your website.  WordPress allows you to easily manage and update your website structure without accessing any code. 

3. Best platform to manage website design and content 

Many of us know WordPress as the best blogging platform but in recent years, WordPress has evolved into offering a full-fledged website for all types of businesses. Many top companies and brands around are using WordPress not just for blogging but also for selling products. 

WordPress is the best platform for users that have any prior coding knowledge. Whether you are uploading new content or making small changes in your website design WordPress makes it easy for you to perform all your tasks without accessing the code.

WordPress offers an interface that makes it easy for you to add images, videos, text, and different elements to your web page and in your post. From the WordPress backend, you can easily customize your website color, fonts, and design. If you are making changes in the design then you may need CSS knowledge. But from the WordPress appearance section, you can easily manage and add the CSS code.

4. Offers a wide range of freemium plugins and theme 

WordPress is popular for offering a wide range of free as well as premium themes and plugins. Whether you need a contact form or eCommerce system WordPress plugins makes it easy for you to include those features on your website within a few clicks. 

WordPress plugins allow you to optimize your website speed, image, and make it easy for the user to solve their website issues using plugins. For example, if you think your website is loading slow or lacking in performance then you can add the W3 Total Cache plugin or Autoptimize plugin in your WordPress dashboard. For the big issue, you can always reach out to a WordPress developer. But to solve the small issues you can take the help of WordPress plugins.   

5. WordPress themes 

One of the main reasons why small businesses use WordPress is because of its wide range of Themes. WordPress offers thousands of free themes that allow you to build a fully responsive basic website without putting in any money. 

You can also make use of premium themes that come with advanced customization features to create an attractive website for your business. Remember it’s not necessary that every theme will reflect the design you have in your mind. To do that you can always reach out to a WordPress website design company to create a highly responsive website for your business.  

6. WordPress is mobile friendly 

Whether you are aware or not but recently google announced that they are considering the mobile-first approach to rank a website on SERP. That means if you want to drive more traffic on your website and increase your customer acquisition rate then its important to create a mobile-friendly website. 

WordPress offers a mobile-friendly theme and makes it easy for you to create a mobile responsive website that loads on all devices. Not only that but when you update your theme for desktop your mobile website theme automatically gets updated. These small features make WordPress the most reliable CMS platform.  

7. WordPress is SEO friendly

One feature that separates WordPress from other CMS platforms is its SEO friendliness. WordPress is written with a structure that makes it easy for the search engines to understand each and every aspect of the website. 

WordPress also allows you to easily optimize your web page URL structure, title description, and more using different plugins. Matt Cutts a google engineer stated that WordPress is designed in a way that automatically solves a lot of technical SEO problems. That’s why Google gives preference to WordPress websites. 

Things to look into before jumping on WordPress Website Redesign


1. Understand your content structure

Before redesigning your website it is recommended to understand your website content structure. Even if you are the creator of your website then also we recommend you take a look at your content structure. These type of practice help you to remember each page

You can take a close look at your parent & child page, navigational menus, categories, tags, custom post type, and more. Once you get a clear picture of your website then you can determine whether you have to make changes in your content structure or not. Because you will not redesign your website again and again.

You can also look into your current site navigation whether it is hierarchy arranged or not. Because your site navigation not only helps the user but also the backend person that is accessing your website

The main aim behind looking into your website structure is to ensure that the content is structured and easily accessible by both users as well as creators. If you are redesigning a large WordPress website then it will surely help you to get impactful results. 

2. Take a look at your website code 

When you are redesigning a large WordPress website it is recommended to go through your current WordPress themes. It will help you to identify whether you should replicate the custom functionality in the redesigned version or not. 

You can take a look at your current theme. Whether you are using a child theme or a standalone theme. Check if any custom script loading within the Function.php file. Customized page templates using the WordPress template hierarchy. 

While building a WordPress website most of us add custom code to enhance our website functionality. Getting a look at your WordPress website code will help you to analyze codes that are empowering different functions. It will help you to identify the exact piece of code empowering specific functions. 

For example, Instead of using a slider plugin Many WordPress websites prefer to use jQuery script to operate website sliders. And sometimes the templates are designed using custom codes that you may consider while redesigning your website. 

That’s why it is recommended to understand your content structure as well as your website code to make your redesigning process more effective. If you are facing difficulties in accessing those codes then you can always reach out to a reliable WordPress website design company to help you in redesigning your website.  

3. Takedown active plugins name 

Plugins are one of the important aspects of a WordPress website that enhances its functionality. Every WordPress website owner adds plugins to their website as it helps them in adding maximum functionality with little effort. Your design may change but the plugins that you use will offer the same functionality as it served you in the past. 

A WordPress website redesign is the best time to audit your plugin and analyze what is best for your website. Among all the active plugins there might be few plugins that may not contribute to your future website. Whereas there will be a list of plugins that you find useful for your future website. A proper audit of your plugins will help you to differentiate and identify the best plugin for your website. 

Once you successfully identify those plugins we recommend you make a list of those plugins so that after redesigning your website make sure that plugins are compatible with your new designs and giving you the same output. 

4. Make use of staging site 

Redesigning a website can’t be carried out on live websites as it can cause unwanted errors and downtime. That’s why it is always recommended to carry out your bulk customization process on the staging website. It offers you all the freedom to create, customize, and experiment with your website without harming your current website. 

Staging websites may not have the updated content as of a productive website but it shouldn’t be a big obstacle as you can easily update content and make changes before launching it or making it live. 

To keep your staging site updated with the latest content it is recommended to sync the database. There may be few differences in the structure but it totally depends on how your website is built. You can make use of plugins or reach out to WordPress website design to do it for you. 

5. Look into every small aspect of your design 

Apart from creating an attractive look and layout, your WordPress website redesign success will depend on the small aspects of your website. The above tips will help you to make your designing process more effective but considering the small titbit of your website will enhance your WordPress website redesign process.

Make use of SEO plugins (to optimize your on-page SEO), image resizing plugins, analytics, and custom plugins. If you are not accounting for these small but important aspects of WordPress then you might be missing some essential things after your site launches. 

That’s why in the beginning we mentioned analyzing every small aspect of your website including your website content structure, code, and plugins. Take note of all the essential details to make use of your previous design to create a website that is liked by both users as well as search engines. 

How to redesign an existing WordPress website? 

1. Back-Up your existing website

For the above term “backup” you can analyze what you have to do before making changes into your website. Even if you are using a staging website to experiment with your design it is always recommended to back up your current website files as well as the database. So that if anything goes wrong while making changes or redesign your website you will have a backup to get things back on track.

You can start by collecting a copy of your website files by connecting your site through FTP (file transfer protocol). Next, you can download all the files to ensure that you have a safe copy of your current website.

Remember backing up of your website files depends on what type of website hosting you are using for your websites. The backup process may vary depending on the WebHost but you can easily check their guide or take the help of support to know the necessary information. Or you can also go through the comprehensive guide to backup your database.

Still, if you are facing difficulties in backing up your website then you can take the help of WordPress plugins like UpdraftPlus, VaultPress, and WordPress Duplicator to create a copy of your website.  Plugins make it easy for you to create a duplicate copy of your website files within a few clicks.

You can also consider managed services to do the backup of your website via plugins. These types of services will be helpful when you want to shift to new services or during website hacks. Lastly, we recommend you to select the best hosting for your website as it will make your backup process. 

2. Remove Unwanted Elements

The WordPress website redesign is the best time to remove all the unwanted elements from your webiste. During the WordPress webiste redesigning process you can identify and fix the broken links, remove unwanted plugins, delete spam comments, and unused themes. 

Firstly you can identify and delete all the unwanted plugins and themes that are not useful for your website. Adding more plugins to your website encourages vulnerabilities. There are plugins that have a small weakness that invites hackers and intruders. To secure your website try to use minimum plugins and keep your plugins updated to the latest version.   

Clear your database by removing all the unwanted and unused data to boost your website speed.  If you have installed on your website that is not in use then while redesigning the WordPress website you can remove those themes. 

Next in a row, we recommend you remove all the spam comments to ensure that your redesigned WordPress website offers a fresh and positive look to your user. Akismet is one of the popular anti-spam plugins and there are other plugins that can help you to get rid of spam comments. 

To fix or remove a broken link on your web pages make use of plugins like broken link checker and more. 

3. Identify and install a new theme on your staging site 

Earlier we have mentioned making changes in your live website can cause unwanted downtime or error that can trouble your site visitors. That is why we recommend testing your new theme on your staging website before making it live on your active website. 

The staging website is too handy as it allows you to customize every aspect of your website and enables you to check its effectiveness. To set up a staging website you either install WordPress locally on your WordPress dashboard or install a new WordPress into a subfolder of your domain in the hosting panel. But make sure to enable “discourage search engines to index websites’ ‘ as it will not allow the search engine to crawl your website.

Next, you can duplicate your website files for your staging website. you can import those files from your database, upload it to get a copy of your active website on your staging site. You can also make use of plugins to perform the same steps in a few clicks 

Your staging site reflects the same design as your current website. But one thing you should know that the newly installed themes may work fine on your staging website but when you make the same thing live on your actual website then there might be few compatibility issues. That’s why it recommends selecting the best and reliable plugin for your website that is compatible with all the themes.

If you feel the process is confusing or you wish to get the custom template for your website then you can always reach out to the best WordPress website design company to create the best custom design that makes your website stand out from the crowd.

4. Test your site 

After customizing your theme in the staging site, next it is recommended to check your website plugins and other aspects of your website before making your theme live. If the plugins are installed but not active then it is recommended to activate all the necessary plugins. 

Check every aspect of your website including images of your website. If your blog page contains featured images then there are chances that your new design will not display the same size or previous design. To rebuild your thumbnail you can make use of thumbnail plugins. 

Most of the theme offers a custom page template that you can use for your web page. If you wish to use those templates for your web page then you can either do it individually or you can use page screen to apply the changes in bulk.  

To make changes in your new theme within the dashboard then it is recommended to make a note of those changes so that while making your site live you can easily apply those changes.    

If you face difficulties while redesigning your website then you can always reach out to the best WordPress website design company. Because the redesigning of a website is not done frequently. If your business is doing it then why not get the best result for the long run.  

5. Implement your design on active site  

If you find your customized design perfect in your staging site then you can implement those designs on the active website. Even If you wish to modify or customize a couple of tweaks in your design then you can easily do it from your active website as it will not cause big problems and issues,

Don’t forget to change the setting that you implemented in the staging site. After implementing all the changes go through every aspect of your website to check whether your live website is working effectively and efficiently or not.

One of the common mistakes most of the site owners commit while implementing the redesign is by not informing their user about the maintenance work. If a user fails to open your website then there are chances that they will never return back on your website. 

When implementing your design it is recommended to use plugins like wp maintenance mode that will help the user to know that your website is under maintenance. Whenever a user tries to open your website link it will display a message saying that our website is under maintenance please return back after 1 hour or 2 hours. 

Whenever our experts implement the custom redesigned template on WordPress website design we use a countdown timer to inform the user when the website will be back again. 

Why Hire Us for your WordPress website redesign? 

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of difference between creating a new WordPress website and redesigning your current WordPress website. In the initial stage, you may have created a fully functioning WordPress website that tells about your business. But today to convert your site visitor into paying customers it is important to create an attractive and responsive design that relates to your potential customer. 

If you are planning to redesign your website then it means you have already started getting traffic on your website now you are looking to convert them. To create a conversion-centric website ist is always recommended to hire the best WordPress website design company as they will help you with all the backend research processes. 

Research is a crucial aspect of website design and development process. It helps businesses to understand the target market’s needs, desires, and problems faced by them. Today creating a website or design is not a big deal thanks to various guides and themes available for users. 

But apart from those guides and themes, good planning with effective research helps businesses to offer reliable and persuasive websites to their target audience. An authentic and reliable WordPress website design company will help you with all the planning and 

We at SFWP experts have highly experienced WordPress website design and development professionals that will not only help you to create an attractive website but craft a web design that relates to your potential customer and converts them from being a visitor to paying customer.  

Our extensive service with transparent communication with clients separates us from other WordPress website design companies. Take a look at our WordPress website redesign services:

1. Custom website design 

Our WordPress website design & development team are experienced in creating more than 500+ custom web designs from scratch. We know the importance of a website for a business that’s why our team focuses on creating a WordPress website design that separates your website from the crowd. Every site owner has a specific design or layout in their mind, our team ensures to deliver the same or more enhanced design which we discuss at the initial stage of the development process. We at SFWP Experts have a project management team that anticipate our client’s needs and reflect the same on the website.

2. Highly-Responsive Website Design    

Your website responsiveness plays a major role in attracting new visitors and getting ranked on the top in search engines. Today with the increase in the number of mobile users it is important to create a website that loads on all types of screens. We at SFWP Experts are experienced in producing WordPress website design that is compatible with all types of the screen ranging from a small mobile device screen to big LCD monitors. Even if you are redesigning your WordPress website our professional ensures that your visitors can operate your website efficiently across different browsers and devices.

4. Project Management team 

Whether you are looking to build a new website or redesign your current website, we at SFWP Experts assign a project manager to ensure that you are updated with all the information and designing process.  Our project management team ensures that your projects are delivered with all its requirements fulfilled. If you have to offer any suggestions or discuss the designing process you can always reach out to your assigned project manager. We at SFWP Experts have an experienced project management team that ensures to deliver the best result to our clients.

5. Structured Code that works 

Structured websites attract both users as well as search engine attention. If you are planning to redesign your website from scratch then it is important to focus on the code structure. Our WordPress website design & development team are experienced in writing clean and structured code in compliance with  W3C standards to ensure that your website works seamlessly on all devices. We at SFWP Experts know the importance of structured code that is why our professionals write code that is easily comprehensible by the search engine. 

6. SEO Friendly Website 

Earlier we have mentioned that WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. But while building a new website or redesigning your website it is important to consider SEO to get ranked batter on SERP. SEO and website load time are the two important aspects of a website that can make and break your customers. We at SFWP Experts are forced to build the WordPress website by considering all the technical as well as on-page SEO factors. Our in house SEO team and wordpre3ss website development plan the designing strategy together to offer a website that gets ranked quickly on the search engine result page.  

7. Content Creators

Apart from having an attractive and persuasive design, your website content plays a crucial role in conveying your website’s purpose. Without content, the search engine will fail to identify your website purpose and because of that, your website will not be visible to your potential customer. We at SFWP experts have a team of highly qualified content creators that can help you to display your website’s purpose by creating website-specific content. 

8. Maintenance 

Once your website is live and running successfully next thing you need to look for the maintenance of your WordPress website. A successful website always ensures that their website is maintained well so that users/visitors do not come across unwanted websites issues like slow loading speed, downtime, and more. Our WordPress website design company is not limited to delivering a fully functional and conversion-centric website. We will also help you to maintain and upgrade your website to ensure that it performs well after launch.

What are the best WordPress Website design Examples?

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms that is used by many top websites. Below we are highlighting some popular websites that are using WordPress as their CMS platform.  

1. American Scraps


American Scrap is a popular website that converts scrapped artifacts into comics. From its attractive website design, most of the users get confused in identifying whether its an HTML coded website or WordPress based website. 

2. Academy Self Defence 


For the website name, you can recognize that it is a self-defense website for both men and women.  It allows both men and women to buy different training sessions on self-defense, fitness, and fighting training. Academy Self Defence is using the WordPress Neve theme to build their website. From its attractive look, it will be difficult to determine that it uses a free theme to offer an attractive and persuasive website. 

3. The Obama Foundation 


The Obama foundation website can be another example of the best WordPress design. When you visit their website you can find large fonts displaying a thought message with Gotham SSM heading. It uses WordPress CMS to offer a simple design with big & bold typography.  While navigating their website you can also find multimedia, social sharing options, and attractive page templates for better user experience.

4. The Cool Club 

sfwpexperts.com-wordpress-website-redesign- thecoolclub

When it comes to the simple and best design with minimal elements then the cool club can be the best WordPress website design example. It uses a custom theme with modern design and offers an easy navigation product and category page. When you visit their website you can find beautifully designed card games that can easily grab the user’s attention.

5. Nove 


It is a public affair and communication company that helps businesses to communicate with European institutions. Its attractive and elegant design with full screws video background and transparent menus make it the best example of WordPress website design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is website redesign? 

Website redesign refers to modifying or changing the complete code and design to offer a new presentation in front of your website visitors. It is one of the most important parts that every website has to come across to grab their site visitors’ attention. You can image your website as a house that is being torn down to build a new and attractive house.

2. Is redesigning a  WordPress website a difficult process?

The WordPress website redesign is not as difficult as you may think but the backend research process can be a time-consuming process.  When you plan to redesign your website. it is essential to create web pages that relate to the user and helps you to grab their attention. To redesign your current website you can always reach out to the best WordPress website design company to create a research-based website for your business. 

3. How do I redesign my WordPress theme without going live?

A staging website is the best solution that allows you to get a copy of the same website that you can use to customize your existing website without making any changes to your live website. 

4. How often should you redesign your website? 

Customization and redesigning a theme are the two different things in website design. Customization can be carried out any day. But if you are planning to redesign your website then it is important not to do it frequently. If your website is not giving you desired results then you can plan to re-evaluate and redesign your website by performing market research. If you are still facing difficulties then you can visit a WordPress website design company to do it for your business.

5. How do I share an unpublished page on WordPress?

You can do it by using plugins like public post preview plugin

  • Download the plugin in your WordPress dashboard 
  • Go to post in the left sidebar of your dashboard 
  • In the right side of your page, you will find publish post meta box option, change the option to public post preview option 
  • Next, click on save draft 
  • After that, you will find enable public preview option 
  • Next, you can copy the link and share it with anyone

6. What is the best hosting provider for WordPress websites? 

Selecting the best hosting provider is one of the important aspects of running a successful online business. With the increase in the number of hosting providers most of the site owners get confused in selecting the right hosting for their website. Identifying and selecting the right hosting provider can enhance your website functioning whereas selecting wrong hosting proved can result in unwanted downtime, slow website loading speed, and more. Below we are listing popular hosting provides that allows user to opt for shared as well dedicated hosting: 

  • SiteGround 
  • BlueHost 
  • WP Engine 
  • Hostinger 
  • A2 Hosting 
  • GreenGeeks 
  • DreamHost 
  • InMotion 
  • Hostgator  n