11 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Use In 2021

WordPress users are continuously growing due to the features and user-friendly interface offered by the platform. But just having a WordPress website will not help you to get success until you have a well-crafted SEO strategy for your website. WordPress SEO strategy starts with identifying the right SEO plugins for your website. Yes, there are other SEO activities that help you to rank in search engines but integrating the right SEO plugins can help you to optimize your web pages for search engines. 

If you are looking to find the best SEO WordPress plugins that you use in 2021 for your WordPress website then you have landed on the right article where or highly experienced WordPress web design professionals have picked some of the best WordPress plugins that you can install and activate in your WordPress Website.

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An Overview of WordPress SEO plugin 


Today search engines have become one of the major sources to drive organic as well as paid traffic on the website. Using paid ads to drive traffic is not something that every business can afford mainly when the businesses start with a tight budget that is where SEO comes in. Optimizing a website for a Search engine helps site owners to drive traffic to the website in a cost-effective way by ranking different web pages of the website on the search engine result page.

WordPress is continuously growing and today it powers more than 30% of the website on the internet so if you are a WordPress user then you must be thinking of looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin that you can install and activate in your WordPress website. WordPress is considered to be an SEO-friendly platform but installing an SEO plugin in your WordPress dashboard helps you to optimize your web pages for SEO.   

Using plugins you can easily identify whether your web pages are optimized for the search engine or not. If you go through various WordPress SEO articles then you can find a bunch of SEO plugins that you can download on your WordPress website. But in reality, you don’t need a bunch of SEO plugins for your WordPress website.  

Instead, you can download an all-in-one plugin that can help you to optimize your website and web pages for SEO. If you are getting your website designed by an experienced WordPress web design company then they will also integrate all in one SEO plugin so that your website does not get bloated. Because downloading too many plugins can slow your WordPress website. Mainly in this article, you will come across multiple SEO plugins so we don’t recommend you to download all of them instead you can pick the best one depending on the features and install it in your WordPress dashboard. 

Apart from plugins, we will also highlight some important tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and more that you can use but you don’t have to use all of them. So by now, you might have a clear idea about what we are going to highlight in this blog. 

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What Does an SEO Plugin Do? 


Before we start listing some of the popular and widely used SEO plugins for your WordPress website it’s essential to understand what actually an SEO plugin does? In short SEO plugin helps a webmaster to optimize their website and web pages with a goal to make the website users as well as search engine friendly so that it can rank on the top in the search engine result page. 

Using the SEO plugin webmaster can add the page title, meta description, and check whether the webpage you are going to publish is optimized for search engines or not. If a website automatically generates meta tags for your web page then it will not be optimized and will fail to grab search engines as well as user attention. Mainly these meta elements help search engines to understand the purpose of the web pages.  

Well, it is true that only having an SEO plugin installed on your website will not help you to rank at the top but it will surely contribute toward making your website search engine friendly. Remember you need to write the title tag and meta description with the keyword that you are trying to target.  Make sure the title tag and description include the keyword. 

Apart from that meta element, the right WordPress SEO plugin will also help the webmaster to identify the keyword density in the web page. Some of the popular WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO allow users to check the Flesch score for user reading ease and helps to create a sitemap for your website as well. So WordPress plugins can help webmasters and websites in many ways so let’s take a look at some of the best SEO plugins that you can use for your WordPress website. 

If your current website helps you to gain the desired amount of traffic and conversion then you can consult with an experienced SEO expert that can help you to create an effective and result-driven website for your business. 

Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Use In 2021


1. Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO Plugin)

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular powerful SEO plugins with more than 5 million downloads. From the number of downloads, you can easily determine the importance of downloading Yoast SEO for your WordPress website. Using the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin you can optimize your website for on-page SEO so that users and search engines are able to identify the purpose of the web page. 

Today almost every SEO agency, small & large businesses, bloggers, and more make use of the Yoast SEO plugin to improve their website SEO. The plugin comes with a wide range of features that enables users to optimize their website for particular keywords, use meta title, description, and more with a goal to rank it on the top in SERP. Using its snippet you can modify the meta title and meta description of your web page. 

If your title and description do not contain the target keyword or if the title or description is too lengthy then Yoast SEO plugins automatically start reflecting problems like meta title too long or description too long, no internal & external links, image not available, and more. Using Yoast SEO plugin you can add a Focus keyword and determine whether the focused keyword is available in the right place or not. Not only that but you can also make use of built-in sitemap functionality to generate the sitemap of your pages. 

Yoast SEO offers both free and premium features. If you are a beginner then it’s always recommended to make use of free features offered by plugin because the features are sufficient enough to make your web pages search engine friendly. On the other hand, if you feel your website needs the premium feature offered by the Yoast SEO plugin then you can always upgrade your website to the premium version. 

Features Offered By Yoast SEO Plugins: 

  • Keyword optimization (only one keyword for free)
  • Faster indexing
  • Internal linking alert 
  • Outbound link alert 
  • Duplicate content checker 
  • Content insight
  • Full control over your breadcrumbs 
  • 1-year free access to 24X7 customer support (premium feature)
  • Readability check (consecutive sentence, subheadings distribution, Flesch reading Ease score)
  • Ad-free (premium feature)
  • Comes in multiple languages
  • And more

2. All In One SEO (WordPress SEO Plugin)

Second, on the list of best WordPress SEO plugins, we have another popular SEO plugin with more than a 2+million downloads “ALL In One SEO”. You must have heard that every business on this plant has a competitor in their industry and Yoast SEO is nowhere left behind.  ALL In One SEO Pack is one of the widely used SEO plugins that allows website owners to optimize their website and web pages. 

If you are looking for a user-friendly SEO plugin that allows users to optimize their website for search engines without learning any complicated SEO jargon then All in one SEO can be the right choice for your WordPress website. All in one SEO plugin comes with fewer complexities and a simple user interface that can be accessed by any new beginner with less knowledge about SEO jargon. 

All In One SEO comes with various attractive and effective features, one among them includes automatic metadata generation. Yes using an all-in-one SEO plugin you can generate automatic metadata. Apart from that, you can easily integrate the plugin with Google analytics, and if your website or web page contains any duplicate content then the plugin automatically notifies you about the duplicity.

It comes with both free and premium features, if you are a beginner then we recommend using the free feature of the plugin. For a small website, and blogging website the free features offered by the ALL-In-One SEO pack is more than sufficient for SEO optimization. On the other hand, if you wish to access the premium features of the ALL-IN-One SEO pack then you can always upgrade it to the paid version.    


  • Automatic metadata generation
  • XML Sitemap support 
  • Google analytics support
  • Compatible with PHP 7
  • File Editor 
  • Robot.txt 
  • Duplicate content notification 
  • Built-in API 
  • And more

3. Rank Math (WordPress SEO Plugin)

Rank Math is another popular SEO WordPress plugin and also considered one of the powerful plugins that come with all the features required to optimize a website for On-Page SEO. The rank combines the features offered by the different plugins and helps WordPress site owners by offering a plugin that comes with almost every basic feature required to optimize the website for SEO making your website dashboard lightweight. 

There are few features that separate rank match from its competitors like Yoast SEO and All In one plugin. RankMath competitor like Yoast SEO does not allow users to integrate google search console or other features like card preview from Facebook and Twitter, Rich snippet markup, a redirection (301, 302, 307, 401, 451) and more.  

Using Rank Math you can easily manage the on-page SEO of your website and also control the noindex/nofollow/noarchive along with meta tags of individual pages and posts. Rank Match plugin comes with both free and paid versions. And the free version of the RankMath plugin contains some of the attractive features that are offered in the paid version of other plugins. 

Not only that but it is also considered a lightweight plugin with a strong community-driven approach. Using rank math you can access or bring the important information from the search console into the WordPress dashboard. This information may include the keyword your web pages are ranking for, the total number of search impressions your website is getting, errors found by search engines, and more. So if you are someone that already has a piece of good knowledge about SEO then Rank MAth can be the best plugin for your website. 

Features Offered By RankMath 

  • Comes with a clean and simple  interface 
  • Offers better Rich Snippets and Schema Markup Support 
  • Simple setup wizard 
  • Come with Inbuilt LSI Tool 
  • Allows the users to integrate Google Search console
  • 1 Click SEO Audit (premium version) 
  • Smart Redirection Manager and more

4. SEOPress (WordPress SEO Plugin) 

Next on the list of best WordPress SEO plugins, we have another popular but powerful WordPress SEO plugin called “SEOPress”. If you are someone looking to integrate an SEO plugin that can automatically analyze the broken links, and other SEO-related issues then SEO Press can be the right solution for your WordPress website. 

It comes with all the basic features that can help you to optimize your website for on-page SEO.  In short SEO press is an All-In-One SEO plugin that allows site owners to optimize meta title, description, image, content CML sites, redirects, and more. 

SEOPress offers various features that can be easily accessed by any user. It comes with a straight forward setup for beginners so that they are able to use the interface more easily. Apart from that it also comes with advanced control for the experienced users. 

If your WordPress website is using SEO then you don’t have to install other plugins like broken link checker, Google tag manager, and All in one schema.org rich snippet plugin. By using SEO Press you are not only optimizing your website for SEO but also saving plugin space to optimize your website loading speed. 

Using SEO Press you can create HTML and XML sitemap, track your website visitors with google analytics, optimize tags, and more. The free version of SEO Press also allows webmasters to analyze the content so that they are able to produce the best and SEO Optimized content.  

SEO press comes with both free and premium versions. If you are starting new then we recommend you to go with the free version. However, if you are comfortable paying  $39 per year then you can also opt for its premium features that come with various attractive and advanced features. Not only that but the premium version also offers free year support and allows you to use the plugin for unlimited websites.

Features Offered By SEO Press: 

  • Optimize SEO Title and description 
  • Support google local business 
  • Easy integration with google analytics
  • Redirecting and 404 monitoring  
  • Google XML Video Sitemap 
  • Improve social network sharing 
  • Google structured data types 
  • And many more

5. Google XML Sitemap (WordPress SEO Plugin)

Today SItemap has become an essential part of SEO that helps search engines to index your website more smartly. In short, we can say today’s website needs to have a sitemap if they are looking to rank their web pages on the top in SERP. Before you get started with other on-page SEO activities it’s important to ask yourself what are the measures you are taking to get your web page and website indexed by a Search engine?

Undoubtedly if you are publishing your web pages then search engines will find your content but it’s about the surety and the time. If you don’t want to sit back and wait for a search engine to crawl your website then it’s important to have a sitemap of your web pages. 

While users can create and upload the XML sitemap manually but what if your website contains a number of pages there are chances that you may forget to create the sitemap for a particular page. That’s why it’s recommended to make use of the “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin that will help you to generate the sitemap of your website automatically making it easy for the search engine to index your website. 

Well even if you have a limited number of pages then also you can install and activate the plugin and once the sitemap is created for your website you can delete the plugin. But we recommend keeping using the plugin because once you are done with setting up the plugin then you don’t have to WordPress about the sitemap as it will update your sitemap every time you publish new content or pages. 

6. Broken Link Checker (WordPress SEO Plugin)

Next in the list of best WordPress plugins, we have another popular and widely used plugin with more than 700,000+ downloads called “Broken Link Checker”. Today to rank better and build credibility, websites need to produce problem-solving and high-quality content for users. 

As you start producing more and more content it will be hard to keep a track of every website, mainly the internal link and external link you use in your wordpress. The worst part is that even if your website contains various broken links it will be difficult for you to find the web pages that contain the broken link. 

Having too many broken links present on your website not only affects your website reputation but also the ranking of your website and web pages. That is the reason why we recommend you to use the Broken link checker plugin for your website. 

Broken Link enables WordPress website users to identify the total broken link present on the website and in different web pages. Using the plugin WordPress website owner can check for the presence of broken links and missing images. If your website contains any broken link then it will automatically show the status as 404 or 404 Not found with the source of the link.

The plugin runs in the background and keeps a track of the presence of broken links in your website. If there is the presence of a broken link then you automatically get updates through email. Apart from that, you can also get an option where you unlink the anchor text without opening the web pages. Overall we can say the features offered by broken link checkers make it easy for the site owners to keep their website error-free for better ranking and performance. 

Features offered by broken link Checker WordPress SEO plugin: 

  • Monitor the external and internal link presenting your post, pages, and comments. 
  • Detects all the links that are broken or not working 
  • Notifies user about the broken link, and missing images through emails 
  • Prevents search engine bot to crawl the broken link 
  • Allows the user to unlink for the dashboard itself without visiting the page individually 
  • User can check the source of the link 
  • Allows users to search and filter links by URL, anchor text, and more. 

7. W3 Total Cache (WordPress SEO Plugin)

Next in the list of best WordPress SEO plugins, we have another popular and powerful plugin that can help you to improve the speed and performance of the website. Your website speed plays an important role in determining the success of your website. Many WordPress websites lose their customers and fail to rank on the top in SERP just because their web pages are not optimized for speed and performance. 

If you are running an ecommerce website then you must have heard that more than 73% of the customers abandon the eCommerce website just because the mole inside the website fails to load within 3 to 4 seconds. With more than 1million+ downloads W3 total cache is another SEO plugin that can help your WordPress website offer a lightning-quick experience to the user. 

Many standards as well as e-commerce websites lose their traffic just because of slow-loading websites. Not only that but top search engines like google also gives priority to the website with optimized loading speed. Google recently made it clear that website speed is one of the ranking factors that help websites to rank their web pages on the top in search engine result pages. 

Using W3 Total Cache you can improve your website speed and the overall experience of your website. It comes with a free and paid version both so using the free version you can optimize your website speed and functioning. W3 Total cache claims that they have helped the website to get at least 10X improvement in the overall site performance when fully configured. SO when it comes to optimizing website speed and performance we recommend you to use W3 Total Cache.  

Features Offered By W3 Total Cache: 

  • Easily compatible with shared hosting, virtual private and dedicated hosting
  • Allows you to do caching of pages and post 
  • Content Delivery Network(CDN) Support
  • Using the plugin you can do caching of database object in memory 
  • Pre-loading
  • Comes with AMP support 
  • SSL support 
  • Rest API
  • Caching of feeds
  • And many more

8. MonsterInsight (WordPress SEO Plugin)

One thing that helps the website to grow in the competitive marketplace is its analytical report. Using analytics websites can track their website visitors, top keywords, activities performed within the website, and many more. Today most websites make their marketing decisions not based on what others are recommending but on the data they receive from the analytical tool.

Many new beginners mainly in WordPress either rely on someone else’s recommendation or some hypothetical guess. But what if you get all the insight that can help you to optimize your marketing as well as SEO strategy in wordpress. MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugins that you can download and install on your WordPress website. You can easily integrate the plugin and access the whole analytical report on the dashboard of the plugin.  

Using the plugin you can easily determine where the traffic is coming on your site, the device, and the location of the site visitors. Apart from that, you can also get an insight into your top-performing content, the activity users are doing after visiting your website, and many more. If you are using an ecommerce website then monster insight can help you to identify the popular product and where you are losing your customer.   

Features offered By Mosterinsight: 

  • Using Monster Insight you can get real-time states inside your WordPress
  • Offers page-level analytics 
  • Allows the website to traffic affiliate links and ads 
  • Offers a user-friendly dashboard that can be easily accessed by the monster insight 
  • Helps You to track outbound links and internal links 
  • Allows you to access demographics and interest report 
  • And many more.

9. WPtouch Mobile Plugin (WordPress SEO Plugin)

Next in the list of WordPress SEO plugins, we have another popular and powerful plugin called “WPtouch Mobile Plugin” SO before we move ahead with the further explanation we would like to ask where your website is mobile-friendly or not? Earlier having a mobile-friendly website used to be the feature but now it has become essential for every website to have a mobile responsive design. That is the reason why Google also gives preference to websites that are optimized for mobile devices. 

Today,  with the increase in mobile users it has become essential for every standard as well as e-commerce websites to optimize their web pages for mobile devices. If you are someone with less budget and cannot hire a developer to make your website mobile-friendly then you can use WPtouch Mobile Plugin. 

 Optimizing your WordPress website for mobile devices will help you to drive more traffic and encourage customers to perform the desired action on mobile devices. If your website fails to provide a user-friendly experience on mobile devices then the site visitors may leave your website and may never return back on it. That is the reason why it’s important for every website to offer mobile responsive design. You can easily install and activate the WPtouch plugin in your website dashboard. 

The plugin ensures that the users that are trying to access your content from mobile devices are able to interact with the website. The plugin will not disturb your existing desktop theme but will help you to make your web pages responsive for mobile devices.   

Some of the features offered by the WPTouch Plugin: 

  • Control product page, homepage, menus, and blog page 
  • Keep your desktop theme 
  • Display the same content as your regular theme 
  • Google-preferred mobile-friendly 
  • And many more

10. Schema Pro WordPress Plugin (WordPress SEO Plugin)

If you are familiar with SEO then you must have heard about the importance of having rich snippets. Many websites, bloggers, and marketers make use of Rich snippets to grab users’ attention and it also encourages them to click on your web pages listed on the search results page. So if your website is not using Rich Snippets then there are high chances that your potential customer may prefer to click on your competitor’s websites that are making use of Rich snippets. 

Schema Pro WordPress Plugin is one of the best and popular plugins that allows WordPress website owners to show rich snippets in wordpress. Not only that but adding schema pro also helps search engines to understand more about the content on your web and when it comes to on-page SEO it’s highly recommended by every SEO expert.  pages 

Using rich snippet plugins you can actually get better visibility in the search engine which will lead to better CTR and traffic. Yes, there are other plugins available in WordPress that can help you to offer rich snippets but the Schema Pro plugin is considered to have more advanced and updated features. Not only that but the plugin is also compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin.

The user-friendly interface offered by the plugin makes it easy for any new beginner to configure the plugin. Apart from that you also get the knowledge graph of your website in Google search.  There are popular SEO plugins like ALL in one SEO they already add structured rich snippets to your website but still, if you wish to add more schema type in your WordPress website then you can always include Schema Pro WordPress plugin in your website.  owners 

11. WPSmush

When it comes to optimizing your website for speed and performance than another thing that you should pay close attention to is your website images.  Images help websites to persuade their potential customers to interact with content and encourage them to perform the desired action. Not only that but images also make your content more attractive and engaging. 

But adding too many images to your web pages can slow your whole website which can result in not getting the desired rank or rank downfall and more. That’s why it is recommended to optimize images by reducing the size of the image. 

Undoubtedly compressing individual images can be a time taking process mainly for websites that are having too many images. SO if you don’t want to waste your time compression individual images then we recommend you to make use of another popular and powerful plugin called “WP SMUSH”. Using the wp smush plugin you can compress, resize, and optimize your image so that your web pages remain top-performing and rank better in search engine result pages. 

WPSmuch comes with both free and paid versions. If your website contains fewer images then you can go with the free version of the image. The free version allows site owners to compress a minimum of 50 images at a time. However,  if you are running an ecommerce website then you can plan to purchase the premium version of the website using which you can compress unlimited images.  

Some of the features offered by WPSmush: 

  • Image Lossless compression 
  • Supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF files 
  • Image resizing 
  • WPML Media Translation 
  • Easily optimize and compress image from the WordPress directory 
  • Compatible with medial library plugin 
  • Unlimited compressing at once (for premium user)
  • And many more 


By now you might be having a list of SEO plugins that you can integrate into your WordPress website. Remember few of the plugins listed above may offer a similar feature mainly plugins like Yoast SEO, All-In-One-SEO,  SEOPress, and more. So above we have listed all the details and features about the plugin depending on that you can install and activate one among them. Apart from that, we have also listed some of the other popular WordPress SEO plugins that you can integrate into your WordPress website depending on your requirement and necessities. 

If you need further help related to SEO like website optimization, high ranking, more organic traffic, conversion, and more then we recommend reaching our highly experienced SEO company that can help you to create a conversion-centric and result-driven SEO strategy for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does WordPress need an SEO plugin? 

If you are downloading WordPress after reading lots of articles then you might have across that WordPress is an SEO-optimized platform. Well, that’s true but if you want your web pages to rank on the top in the search result page then you need an extra tool and plugin that help you to optimize your website pages for search engine result pages. So yes you need an SEO plugin for your WordPress website. SEO plugins come with various built-in features that can help webmasters to optimize the website for search engines. Using the features you can optimize your web pages for particular keywords, add their title, description, and more. 

2. How can I optimize my WordPress website for SEO? 

Ranking on the top in SERP is considered one of the keys to getting successful in the competitive marketplace. But for that, you need to optimize your website for search engines. Using the below tips WordPress website owner can optimize their website for SEO: 

  • Select the right hosting provider (the speed and performance of your website is dependent on the hosting) 
  • Choose a right and optimized theme for your WordPress website 
  • Make use of the best plugins for your website
  • Create and Publish an XML sitemap of your website 
  • Make use of structured URL 
  • Create structure Heading using right tags (H1 H2 H4 and more ) 
  • Make sure your web page is optimized for targeted keyword 
  • Optimize images in your WordPress website 

If you need further assistance related to SEO optimization or looking to create a result-driven SEO strategy then you can always reach out to our highly experienced SEO company with more than 10 years of experience in helping different websites rank on the top in search result pages. 

4. Can WordPress have two SEO plugins in the same dashboard? 

There are chances that you might come across two different SEO plugins that might be offering two different features that meet your requirement. If that is the case then surely you will think about whether it’s good to install two different plugins on the WordPress website or not. Well, it’s totally ok to have two different SEO plugins that offer different features. For example you might install a WordPress SEO plugin specifically for optimizing your website for on-site SEO, on the other hand, there are chances that you might have a speed or image optimize SEO plugin.

But it’s always recommended to have fewer plugins on your website if you are able to find a plugin that comes with all the features in the same plugin then we recommend downloading and activating the plugin. And you can avoid using two similar plugins that offer similar features for example it makes no sense to download the Yoast SEO, rank math, or all-in-one SEO plugin together. Instead, you can make use of one of the plugins in your WordPress dashboard. 

5. What are the best Free SEO tools to use in 2021? 

Below We are going to list some of the important and best SEO tool that every website should be using in 2021:

  • Google Analytics (no matter how effective and popular SEO tools might be available for the user but google analytics always comes on the top) 
  • Google Search console  
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 
  • Ubersuggest 
  • Duplichecker 
  • MozBar 
  • WooRank 
  • coworkers 
  • And many more 

If you are looking to rank your website on the top of the search engine result page and drive more organic traffic on your website then you need to have a result-driven SEO strategy for your website. With our SEO experts, you can create an effective SEO strategy that will help you to rank on the top of the search result page. 

6. Do plugins Slow down WordPress websites? 

Adding too many plugins to your website can slow your website mainly the third-party plugin with more and more codes can slow your website speed. Google is one of the leading search engines and has clearly mentioned that speed is one of the essential ranking factors. If your website is not optimized for speed then no matter how SEO friendly your content and web pages are for search engines there are less to no chances of getting your website and web pages ranked on the top in the search engine result page. 

Adding too many plugins to your WordPress website can add more codes which will lead to slow website speed. Because plugins are also built using code so by installing various plugins you are adding different codes to your WordPress website. SO make sure you are integrating the plugin that the website actually needs and check the reputation of the plugin before downloading it on your website. If you need further help related to SEO optimization and ranking then you can always reach out to an experienced SEO company that can help you to