Guerrilla Marketing Series: Reverse Graffiti Explained with Examples

As we are moving forward in Guerrilla Marketing Series i.e. after Ambient Marketing, Ambush Marketing, and Stealth Marketing, we will be explaining to you about Reverse Graffiti marketing. Many of you might wonder and think what is reverse graffiti and what is the use of graffiti in the marketing field? Well, the same question was popping in my mind when I heard the word reverse graffiti for the first time. Big Brands and organizations have found many creative marketing strategies to advertise their product and Reverse Graffiti is among one of them.

Reverse Graffiti is one of the unique marketing strategies that was used by more than a hundred brands and small businesses around the globe to spread awareness and provide information about their brand and product. 


What is Reverse Graffiti Advertising?

It is an art form used by the marketer to create a temporary image or animation on the wall by removing the dirt and debris from the surface. Reverse graffiti is also known as clean advertising, dust tagging, and clean graffiti. It is an Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and high impact outdoor marketing practice which makes it easy for a brand to communicate with their customers. This type of eye-catching marketing practice is always helpful in creating brand impact among users. 

The first large scale i.e 1000 feet long reverse graffiti was made by Alexandre Orion in 2006. However, the São Paulo municipality washed it off.  Paul Curtis (aka-Moose) was the first British street artist to make an ephemeral art using reverse graffiti. In 2004 Moose discovered the street art form working in a dishwashing job. Detergent and wire brush were used by him to draw this art form in Manchester. Gum-tree Classified ads were the first commercial campaign created for branding and advertising using reverse graffiti. It was offered by Street Advertising Service.

Why Reverse Graffiti? 

Reverse graffiti can act as an alternative to outdoor advertisements like billboards and posters. In the beginning, I have mentioned reverse grafiti requires more creativity and less investment. The main benefit of reverse graffiti is it can help in increasing sales, brand awareness. Many top brands like Nike, Puma, JD sports, British gas, Dominos Pizza, Biba, BMW, Pizza Hut, Reebok, The Hard Rock Cafe, Absolut Vodka, etc use graffiti marketing technique to emphasize their upcoming products and events. 

Clean Advertising or green grafiti doesn’t require paint or wheatpaste to draw an image, all it requires is elbow grease and power washing to create a transitory art. Marketers identify their target audience and act accordingly. Many marketer Well, there are some  legality to be aware of if you are using reverse graffiti as your brand promotion medium like surface suitability ( it must be a dirty paved area), private property (one should keep in mind that they don’t use reverse graffiti for promotion in any private property) Ads can only be placed on public property. 

How brand measure effectiveness of Reverse Graffiti?

Firstly, the brand should focus on factors like the target audience and the message on the grafiti. If a brand is more clear about its target audience there are more chances of getting high customer retention. The message is always important in all formats of advertising i.e. a brand should always convey a positive and clear message that can impress and surprise the audience. 

There are ways used by brands and small business to analyze the effectiveness of advertisement  like small business observe crowd or people’s reaction about the grafiti whereas big brand put a message like “ Get 20% discount coupon code by texting on the number mentioned “, a few top brands use giveaway technique by mentioning  people to visit their store and collect the gift items or giveaways. Basically, there are many creative ways to analyze the effectiveness and get good customer retention. 

Reverse Graffiti Examples

IKEA (creative marketing ideas)

Dominos (creative marketing ideas)'s

Puma (creative marketing ideas)

Starbucks (creative marketing ideas)

10 creative and coolest example of Reverse Graffiti

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