Guerrilla Marketing series: Ambient marketing explained with examples

In the previous article on Ambush Marketing, types and examples were explained to make you understand how creative marketing practice is used to highlight the brand name among the audience. In the succeeding series of Guerrilla Marketing,  Ambient marketing is one of the most common terms used for spreading awareness about a product or brand. This article is all about creative marketing strategies and examples involved in ambient marketing. And how it has helped many advertisers to promote their brand and generate good ROI from it.

What is Ambient marketing?

 Ambient marketing or ambient advertising is a practice where advertiser tends to advertise its product or brand in an unusual place. People don’t expect to see that particular advertisement and that makes ambient marketing different from other marketing practices. It is a strategy involved in guerrilla marketing tactics that require unique creativity to promote any brand or product. Now, you may wonder why am I using the word unique creativity?

If you read out the first sentence you may figure out ambient marketing tactics is about placing your ads on an unusual object that may surprise people who are seeing those ads. It is not compulsory for any ambient ad to be placed inside any shopping mall or on billboards, it can be found anywhere and everywhere. The main motive is to surprise the consumer by the placement of ambient ads.

For example, advertising on the bus by placing a few stickers around the bus many not sound unusual or unconventional, but turning the whole bus into something that may look unusual by placing stickers and using animation will make the advertisement strategy unconventional. And I am pretty sure something like that will grab my attention and it will be long-lasting.

Why Ambient Marketing?

Ambient marketing tactics have always helped many top brands to create a memorable and long-lasting experience for users all around the globe. To make a good and successful ambient advertising campaign marketers use creative ideas, location and effective messages that can have an impact on consumer memory. Marketers often tend to prepare billboards that are unusual in size like making it extra-large or sometimes small. As we all know that abnormal things grab people’s attention. Ambient advertising can be found anywhere around like on the streets, on buses, billboards, bus stops, cars, etc. Before placing an ambient ad marketer and company analyze whether these types of ads have a wow factor or not. Mostly, unusual location plays an important role in making ambient ads successful. 

You may wonder but it’s true and many of you might have observed it, there are marketers around who find toilets and washrooms to be the place to run an ambient ad. As I have told in the beginning ambient ads are all about creative marketing tactics that can grab consumers attention. And many marketing experts have analyzed and explained that a unique location has always played an important role in ambient advertising.  

Factors to Consider in Ambient marketing

  • Does the ad have an effective message that can attract customer attention? 
  • Location of the ad can surprise a customer or not 
  • Does the ad have the wow factor that can make a direct impact on the mind of consumers?
  • Ambient ad should be unconventional and long-lasting in consumer’s memory.
  • A common trend we can find in ambient advertising is reshaping the size of the object i.e making it extra-large or small for example, billboards, stickers, animated images, etc.

Funny And Innovative Examples of Ambient Marketing 


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