Email Marketing Series: 10 Tips On Creating An Attractive Email Subject Line

Every day more than  205 Billion emails are sent to the email users and the numbers are expected to increase by 246 Billion before 2021. People receive tons of emails each day and most of the email remains unopened due to many reasons. And one of the most important reasons behind the downfall in email open rate is the email subject line.  Even right now I have around 3,500 unopened emails in my inbox.

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Almost every marketer is aware of the importance of the email subject line in email marketing. But most of them are not having proper ideas on how to create an enticing subject line to increase their email open rate. 

Therefore in this article, we are going to share some tips on how to write an attractive and eye-catching subject line that can persuade your recipient to open your email. 

How email subject line can improve an email open rate? 

An email subject line is one of the most important parts of the email that helps the recipient in recognizing the content within an email. According to the latest stats,  33% of the emails are opened based on an attractive subject line. That’s why most of the email tools recommend to include the subject line in an email. 

The email subject line has helped many brands and businesses in getting a good return on investment. Creating a compelling email subject line can increase your email open rate whereas a monotonous subject line can decrease your email open rate. If your recipients are not opening your email then all your time and money on creating an attractive email can go in vain. 

With the increase in the use of email as a marketing medium, the email providers are becoming more smarter and have started recognizing things like an email open rate and spam rate. If your recipient does not open your email regularly then there are chances that email provider may divert your emails to spam boxes. And if your emails are continuously marked as spam then email provider may block you from sending the email. 

So, you have to be very smart in creating your subject line because of 69% email recipients report an email as spam based on the subject line. 

By looking at the stats you can figure out that an email subject line holds the power to make and break your email marketing campaign. Therefore,  To create an enticing email all you need to recognize is human’s emotional and intellectual tendencies. We are going to give you some tips that can help you in crafting a compelling subject line. 

1. Offers Related Subject Line

An email subject line that tells the user about the offers and discounts going on a particular product can grab user attention and persuade them to open your email. People love discounts offered by companies. That’s why an offer related email gets higher email open and conversion rate.  

If your email list is segmented then there are more chances of getting high CTR on your offer related emails. Because your subscribers are interested in your product that’s why they subscribed to your email list. Once your subscribers finds out an offer related subject line then they will not hesitate to perform any action on your email.   For example, an email subject line like “50% discount on women wear”, “20% discount on Pizza Order”, “30% off on kitchen appliances”, etc can persuade your subscriber’s to perform the desired action. 

Note:- Most of the marketer around do a common mistake by offering huge discounts like 80% off, 90% off to get more email open rate. Our email marketing experts have identified that this type of email gets less email open rate and people generally mark this type of email as spam. So, if you are into email marketing field then don’t offer unnecessary discounts to your users. This type of practice can fail your email marketing campaign. 

2. Humorous Subject line 

Crafting a humorous and funny email subject line can make your email marketing campaign successful. Almost every funny things grab users’ attention i.e. from a funny video to funny books. Same goes with the email if your email subject line is making your subscribers laugh then they will surely open your email to see what more you have in the email. 

It is not easy to craft a funny subject line but it’s not that difficult to create a humorous subject line. You just have to be creative enough to deliver a funny subject line. For example, a subject line like “ Try to avoid These 27 People On New Year’s Eve” can make your subscriber laugh and it will persuade them to open your email. 

3. Missing out an offer

FOMO(Fear of missing out) is one of the best types of the subject line in the email marketing world. As it has helped many brands and business in generating good ROI. No one wants to miss a limited time offer or limited edition products. That’s why companies create a subject line that can create fear inside the human brain.

An email subject line likes “limited time offer”, “last few hours left”, “Limited product”, etc can persuade people to take action on your email. Because we humans do not want to miss an opportunity that is limited and available for a few hours or a few months. Keeping this in mind companies use these types of subject lines to grab user attention and get a high email open rate. 

Even if you go through your mail then you can find FOMO related emails in your inbox. Generally, email marketer use terms like urgent, important, alert, limited, breaking to get the desired email open rate percentage. These terms can also help in getting a high conversion rate. For example, a subject line like “Last 4 hours left for black Friday sale! Get 60% discount on…….” can remind user about your sale end timing and create curiosity for the products. 

4. Short and sweet  subject line

A short and sweet subject line is considered to be the most effective strategy to attract user attention. A long sentence in the subject line can decrease your email open rate because most of the emails are opened on mobile. And the long subject line gets cut off from mobile devices. To get a higher email open rate, optimize your email subject line and try to create a subject line with less than 50 characters. 

Try to create an email subject line that can showcase your goal within a few words. Because mobile devices generally display 6-7 words and within those words, you have to convince your recipient to open your email. Yes, it is hard to showcase your goal within 6-7 words but it’s not impossible. 

You can remove unwanted words by picking the words that matter less. Always choose words that define your goal, this way it will become easy for you to create an appealing subject line.  

5. Created Pain Pointed Subject Line 

You can create an email subject line by pointing your buyer’s issue. It is very obvious that every user has some problems and they seek a solution for it. If your email subject line shows that you have the solution then the user will not hesitate to open your email. That’s why it is important to know about your buyer’s persona, as it will help in identifying the problem they are facing. 

A study tells that, an email subject line that shows the solution for the prospect’s problem gets a high open-rate. For example, if you have a pizza store then one of the common problems your customers will be facing is how to give a treat within their budget. So, an email subject line stating “Feed Your Friends Without Breaking Your Budget“ can attract your prospect’s attention and they will open the email to see how their problem can be solved. 

6. Personalization 

Personalizing an email subject line is one of the effective strategies that can boost your email open rate by 11-15%. You can personalize your emails by including your subscriber’s name and using casual language or friendly language in your email. This type of email subject line will help you in getting connected with the subscribers because most of the people love to see their name in the email.  

You can also use your buyer’s demographics like location, language, and interest to make your email personalized. For example, an email subject line like “Hey John, check our new arrivals in men clothing” can personalize your email. There are many top coupons selling sites that use location in their email subject line. 

7. Make your Subscriber feel special

By making your subscriber feel special in email you can generate good revenue out of it. Most of the companies and e-commerce platforms do it to build loyalty with their subscribers and compel them to take action in their email. That’s why always try to offer something to your subscriber in your email by stating “it’s only for you”. This technique can help you in getting a high open and conversion rate.  For example, A subject line like “ Exclusive offer only for you”, “A small gift from our side, only for you”, “private invite” etc can make your subscribers feel special. 

8. Curiosity 

If you are looking to get a high open-rate then you have to craft a subject line that can make your subscriber curious about your email. You have to be creative enough to create a mysterious email subject line. Most of the marketer provides a free guide and checklist that can make their subscribers curious about the content inside their email. For example, an email subject line like “Diet chart!! Lose 10kg weight in 3 months” can excite your subscribers and they will not hesitate to open your email and perform the desired action to get the diet chart. 

There are many ways to make your subscribers curious by 

  • Crafting an unusual and strange subject line
  • You can promise something interesting to your subscribers 
  • Provide some gift “A Surprise Gift For You”
  • You can ask some questions to your subscribers 

9. Avoid using all caps letter and extra exclamation points 

If you are creating an email subject line then don’t write all the letters in capital and avoid using extra exclamation points. Because people don’t like to open an email subject line that contains these mistakes. Generally, this type of email gets ignored by the people and most of the time subscribers unsubscribe from the email list. 

According to the Radicati Group,  85% of the recipients open the email that contains lower case or both upper and lower case letters. For example, An email subject line like “20% off on selected product!!!!!!!!!!!” & “GET FREE SEO GUIDE” can be ignored by the people. So, avoid using all capital letters and extra exclamation points. 

10. Retargeting Email Subject Line 

Retargeting your email subscriber is important as it will help you in getting the desired email CTR. Most of the time subscribers open your email but fail to perform any action because of different reasons. So, it is important to retarget those subscribers who opened your email and didn’t perform any action in it. 

This type of email subject line can help you in bringing back your subscribers to your sales process. Many e-commerce sites retarget their customers who added items in the cart but didn’t purchase it. For example, you might have come across the email like “ item is waiting in your cart”, “Price drop! Get 20% discount”, “Didi you miss something”, etc. So, whenever you feel that you are getting a good open rate but your subscribers are failing to convert then you can use retargeting email subject line to get their attention back to your email. 


The email subject line is one of the most important parts of email marketing. It can help you to boost your email open rate, email  CTR and conversion rate. So, always focus on creating an attractive subject line that can persuade the user to perform the desired action.  

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