6 Tips On Creating An Effective And Enticing Lead Magnet

Nowadays Contact form and opt-in have become least attractive and people generally don’t show any interest in filling out the form until your form is solving their problem. That’s why businesses use lead magnets to get their prospect’s details. If you own a business and looking to boost your business sales then it is important for you to know how to create lead magnets for your website. 

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But the question is how we can create an enticing lead magnet? The lead magnet always provides value for free. And it uses digital formats like PDF, MP3 audio file, or videos that can be created without putting in any money. Creating a lead magnet for your website is not as difficult as people think but identifying the lead magnet that can attract your audience is a time taking process that requires a proper market reasech. 

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Therefore in the article, we will be discussing how to create lead magnet for your website using effecting ways.

 Tips to Create Lead Magnets For your Website: 

To create an effective and enticing lead magnet you need to follow a few steps like: 

1. Specify your Buyers persona  

There are companies that are complaining that lead magnet is not as effective as expected. Even SFWP Experts have got a client who used to say that lead magnets are not helping them in gaining their prospects info. 

After doing a lot of research, our Inbound Marketing experts have figured out the mistake made by businesses. One of the biggest mistakes carried out by marketers is that they try to target all kinds of demographics for their lead magnet. It is not good for a business that has a specific product to sell. 

Your business should focus on creating lead magnets that can attract a specific set of audiences depending on your product. Even if your business has multiple products to sell then you can create a separate lead magnet.

For example, Your company has an eBook on 10 ways to boost your e-commerce platform. And you are sending an email to an SEO expert, asking them to download it by providing his details. What do you think your recipient will download your ebook?  

Obviously no because your ebook is not helpful to him. If your company was advertising an ebook on SEO Hacks or SEO tips. Then he/she could have shown interest in downloading your ebook. 

It is hard to get an in-depth knowledge of your buyer persona. So, don’t think about which of a buyer persona is good to start. Instead, you can Identify your buyer’s demographic details, behaviors, buying pattern, and start creating a lead magnet for all of your potential buyers. 

2. Solve your user’s Problem

Before creating an effective and enticing lead magnet for your product ask yourself a question. 

Does your lead magnet solve the user’s problem? 

Is it going to give your audience something that they are seeking? 

If you are creating a lead magnet then focus on creating something that can persuade people to download your ebook, cheatsheet, sales material, etc. Let me give you an example to make your concept more crystal clear. 

Suppose, A user has a newly created e-commerce website that contains some good products and looking to showcase it to the world. To advertise his website he/she reaches out to google and search for an article that can help in bringing their website on the top in  SERP. 

While researching, the website owner comes across two different website. One website is providing an ebook on inbound marketing and another website is providing cheat seats on boosting a website ranking. 

Both the ebooks and cheat seats are the lead magnet for the website and user is entering his contact info to download the ebook because it is helpful for him. By providing the lead magnet company is also generating the lead. 

So, that is how it works if you are providing something helpful that can fulfill a user need. Then they will show interest in giving their info in exchange for your lead magnet. 

3. Pinpoint your value proposition 

After knowing about your buyer’s persona that you are going to target through your lead magnet. You have to give a reason and assurance to your prospects on why they should download your lead magnet.  

Before creating a lead magnet do market research and identify your user need. Try to discover the problem that your potential buyers are facing and provide a solution for it. Once you are clear with your buyer’s needs, then you don’t have to convince them to download your lead magnet.  This practice will help you in getting maximum leads. 

Instead of providing a lengthy lead magnet try to make it short and simple. It will not confuse your lead magnet consumer.   

4. Decide the type of  lead magnet you will offer to your audience

To create an effective lead magnet you have to identify the type of lead magnet that will encourage your user to perform some action.

 There are a few other things that you should consider before creating your lead magnet.  

  • Try to create a simple lead magnet. A complicated and ambiguous lead magnet can confuse your visitor and fail your purpose. If they don’t understand the things you are trying to convey through your lead magnet. Then they will not show any interest in your future pitch.  Ultimately you will lose your lead. 
  • Identify your strength then create your lead magnet. If you can deliver your purpose through text then create an ebook. If you think that you are good at making videos then you can create something like video training.   
  • Focus on creating something that can fulfill the user’s need and focus on creating something that takes less time to consume your lead magnet. You can create a video, a guide or a cheat sheet. These types of lead magnets are shorter compared to ebooks.               

5. Give your lead magnet a persuasive name

Once you are clear about the type of lead magnet you are going to offer to your audience. Try to generate an attractive title for your lead magnet. An enticing title can help you to boost the download of your lead magnet. 

The title of the lead magnet is basically the headline that you are going to show to your user. It is very much similar to the headline that you create for a blog and article. Create an eye-catchy and attractive title to get the maximum response for your lead magnet

6. Start creating your lead magnet 

Now you might be clear about the strategy you need to follow to generate an effective lead magnet. Remember two things before creating a lead magnet

  • Who it is for?
  • And what is the value proposition you are promising to them? 

Therefore, go ahead and create an enticing lead magnet that can benefit you and your users to solve their problem.