10 Ecommerce Website Design Trends Every Website Should Consider in 2021

Ecommerce industry is continuously evolving and it’s not the same as it was in the early days. More and more ecommerce websites have started to focus on offering the best online store by hiring an experienced e-commerce web design company to create attractive designs and integrate the latest technologies for better functioning. Until your online store able to impress your site visitors, you can not expect them to become your paying customers.

The ecommerce website design you create and offer plays a crucial role in grabbing and converting potential customers. That is the reason why every online store should focus on updating their website design with the latest and unique ecommerce website design trends that can help in improving website UX/UI.

If you are scrolling the internet to find the latest and unique ecommerce website design trends that you can follow in 2021 to enhance your online store then you have landed on the right article. Below we are going to list some of the ecommerce website design trends that every online should follow in 2021. All the trends mentioned below are hand-picked by our experienced ecommerce website design professionals with more than 12 years of experience in creating ecommerce websites for different industries. 

An overview of ecommerce website design trends


With the increase in the number of online shoppers, most offline businesses have started to shift to online platforms. Because the ecommerce industry has made the shopping process easier, less stressful and most importantly shoppers get to select from wider choices. But today every shopper wishes to have the best shopping experience which can be only achieved when shoppers get access to a good ecommerce website design. 

Not today mentioned but the recent COVID19 pandemic has accelerated the online activity. Whether it’s watching a movie or purchasing groceries or any other item online everything is done on the online platform. Now users are well aware of the fact that how the website experience should be? Because they have already accessed a number of websites during the pandemic. Or we can say the way people shop has changed. 

To meet their expectation your business and website need to be prepared. The design you offer will play a major role in deciding whether the user will engage with your website and become a paying customer or they will just start scrolling through other ecommerce websites. Not to mention but today the competition is really high where you may find multiple websites selling the same product. So to convince your potential customer to choose your ecommerce website you need to meet their expectation. 


Knowing about the latest ecommerce website design trends enables you to get access to what changes you can make during the e-commerce website redesign to grab more site visitors and encourage them to take action. Not only that but it also helps you in identifying how you can separate your existing website from the crowd and meet users’ expectations.   

Keeping that in mind we have created this article that highlights every latest as well as upgraded ecommerce website design trends their very online store should consider in 2021. Mainly if your ecommerce website design is not offering your desired results and because of that you are planning to make changes or redesign your existing ecommerce website. Then make sure you go through every point mentioned in this article. 

Ecommerce Website Design Trends To Follow In 2021

1. Multidirectional Layout 

In 2020 the unconventional grid layout grabbed many ecommerce website’s attention and most of the ecommerce websites adopted it. But the trend has just got updated with a multidirectional layout. Now we are seeing many brands and businesses experimenting with design in a more creative and freeway. 


Yes, you read it right by creating multiple product galleries with grid ecommerce websites that are able to experiment with galleries that don’t just go up and down. But the multidirectional layout allows you to make your gallopers go left and ridge and sometimes even go forward and backward. 

This way shoppers are able to move the way they want, offering better and intuitive navigation. The multidirectional layout has been introduced at the right time where mobile devices are taking over the desktop and where having mobile-first design has become some of the keys to getting online success.   

The multidirectional layout is more effective when accompanied by a flash animated transition that helps in making your ecommerce website interface more interactive regardless of the screen used to open your website. In the coming paragraph, we are going to offer detailed information about flashy animated transitions which itself is an ecommerce website design trend. 

So the multidirectional layout is one of the trends or up-gradation of the previous trend that you can consider in 2021 to enhance your ecommerce website design. We are not saying that unconventional grid layout is out of trend because many websites are already seeing a good benefit from this particular ecommerce website design trend. But still working with the new design helps you to enhance your ecommerce website design experience which can result in a better customer experience. 

Yes, this particular trend may not work with every ecommerce website but adopting the multidirectional layout can enhance your website functioning. If you need further assistance related to ecommerce website design trends or redesigning your existing ecommerce website then you can always reach out to our highly experienced ecommerce website design company with more than 12 years of experience in creating an ecommerce website design for different industries.  

2. Product Feature Visualization (Before-After)

When we say ecommerce website then the shoppers are supposed to get the same experience that they come across while shopping online offline. But the sad part is most of the ecommerce websites fail to offer the same. Because it becomes hard to offer a detailed idea about how the product will look like or the effect it will bring and how the feature of the product will work while it is in use. 

Yes, video or sometimes the text tutorial is the way to educate the audience about the effectiveness of the product, and still, the video and text method is used by many ecommerce websites design

But it can be replaced with a more effective trend that is nothing but the product feature visualization or interactive before and after feature. Yes, you read it right this particular feature helps in identifying how the product can be effective while it’s in use. This particular trend is adopted by the Maybelline New York official website. 

With help of this particular feature, shoppers get an opportunity to get a detailed idea about how the product will look after or while it’s in use. Once you start to drag the central element of your left then you see the difference in the skin before and after applying the product. The same goes with the official Ray-Ban website as they are using the same feature to highlight how the product can be utilized and what difference it will make.  


So both the companies are using this feature in a more strategic way that encourages customers to get a detailed idea of the product. It not only enhances the shopping experience but also offers a reason to your potential audience why they should purchase your product. You can make use of this particular feature to enhance the customer’s buying experience. 

3. Neutral Colors on the background 


In the past year, we have seen bold and vibrant ecommerce website design making a buzz in the ecommerce industry. The bold and vibrant colors used to become the center of attraction as they used to highlight the message and grab as many eyes. But in response to that trend, a new and more soothing trend is being adopted by many ecommerce websites and businesses that are using Neutral colors in the background.  

With the terms neutral we are not recommending ecommerce websites to use simple old white color. By using neutral colors we recommend using attractive beautiful tones like cold grey, soft blue, light yellow, and more. These colors can be used in the background of your website and have the full potential to highlight your brand message. 

Apart from that users are more attracted to light backgrounds. For example, using a navy blue background with white text over it can make users read but will never enlighten them. On the other hand soft blue color with dark green bold fonts over it can grab user attention and encourage them to read your message. 

Remember the color selection and implementation plays a crucial role in the ecommerce website as it makes or breaks customer purchase decisions. That is the reason why we always recommended the website to get help from an experienced ecommerce website design company as they can bring their years of experience in creating an attractive and converting website design with colors that grabs user attention. 

4. Adding pastel tones 

When we talk about ecommerce website design trends then websites which already have a limited number of visuals or planning to implement the same should consider pastel pops. We are already habituated to associate pastels with different vibes, colors, and moods. That’s because it rejuvenates the feeling of any design and also adds optimistic emotions. So you can make use of it to enhance your ecommerce website design and also grab site visitor’s attention. 

The particular design works best with a neutral background with a minimalist design that comes with class visuals elements. This design will be grabbing more user eyes and make a positive emotional connection between your ecommerce website and the site visitors. Using pastel pops you can make the call to action pop whilst enhancing the user experience. Not only to call to action but while designing your ecommerce website you can add a flash of pastels in your layout. 

So adding pastel tone to your ecommerce website design is another trend that you can consider in 202 to enhance your ecommerce website functioning and appearance. If you wish to add these types of design trends to your website then we recommend consulting with an experienced ecommerce website design company that can help you to identify whether it’s the right trend for your website or not. 


5. 3D Modeling and AR 

We will not say that 3D modeling and AR is a new trend but still, many ecommerce websites are adopting this particular trend to offer a better visual experience to their customers. Not to mention but the biggest pain of every online shopper is that they are unable to get the same visual experience that they get after visiting an offline store. In short, they are fully free to look at the product from different angles. 

Yes, simple and plain visuals are always the option but it makes it difficult as it offers more complex motion like consumer-generated media engaging videos, images, interactive content, and more. Now 3D modeling and AR is becoming the technology that will bridge the gap by offering more tangible experiences. These technologies have the potential to convert more customers, even those who fall under the type of most challenging type of customers.  

3D modeling and AR fall under advanced visuals that allow users to visualize what they are going to get after purchasing the product which results in a higher conversion rate. In the future, we can expect every email ecommerce website to make use of this feature to enhance their selling experience. If you are more focused on creating photos of your product then we also recommend rendering 3D shots. 

Through this users will be able to get a more advanced view of the product from every angle or we can say you get to offer a 360-degree view of your product. Apart from that, the web AR experience allows you to get a more detailed idea about the product and its appearance.  So if you are someone looking to enhance your ecommerce website design with a goal to drive more traffic and sales then we recommend considering this particular ecommerce website design trend.


6. Creative Animation and Motions (Page-Transition) 

Adding motionless to your ecommerce website design can make it more engaging and also efficient. You must have heard that things like icon rotation, loading bars, attractive CTA design, and more grab user attention but it does more than that. Yes, it helps in making the whole shopping experience more exciting and delightful. 

In 2020 trends like animation, micro-interaction garbed much ecommerce website attention. Adding various UI and UX elements along with small animation helps in making the web pages more attractive and engaging. Every year we see different technologies emerging and influencing different visual effects. Most ecommerce websites are experimenting with their design so that they are able to attract more user’s attention. Being creative with motion and animation can help you to achieve that. 

Sometimes adding motions to the animation makes the user experience more engaging, which means people who are visiting your website tend to enjoy them and look to explore other parts of your ecommerce website as well. Like you can see in the example. Once people start spending time on your ecommerce website then it can offer your more benefits in terms of ranking, conversion, and reputation. 

If you are looking to imbed these types of visual and other elements in your ecommerce website then we recommend consulting with an experienced ecommerce website design company. Because handing your website to an experienced professional can help you in getting access to their expertise which can result in getting more converting and revenue-generating website design for your business. 

7. Product Customization 

When it comes to ecommerce website design trends then it is all about creating the best user experience by offering different designs and features. If you allow your customer or they have the freedom to customize the product depending on their needs like on shoes, t-shirts, and more. Then the potential buyer will become your paying customer without any hesitation and will also feel connected with the ecommerce website design you offer.

One of the popular companies is using the same on their website to enhance the customer buying experience. Yes, the official converse website is making use of a product customizer that allows users to customize the product not only by color but also from different modes. Once, you start selecting the option then you get to choose designs and patterns. So if your niche allows you to offer product customization which can be carried out on your website then we recommend you add it to your website.   

If you need further information and assistance related to how you can implement these types of live customization features in your ecommerce website, we recommend you consult with an experienced ecommerce website design company for your online business.

8. Navigation is always at the center 

If you are not new to the industry then you must have read that every ecommerce website design should focus on offering the best and simple navigation. So that users are able to find the product on your website without getting confused and distracted. Undoubtedly navigation is one of the important aspects of an ecommerce website. But now the navigation menus are considered as the main event. 

When a site visitor lands on your ecommerce website then they first try to figure out how they can navigate through the product. But if done well, an ecommerce website can turn the main menu into a  visual attraction by including different branding elements like the color scheme you are using for your brand and the characteristic fonts and other creative animation. This way you can help and guide your site visitor through the website. 

This way you’re making things clear, easier, and visually appealing for your site visitor. Mainly for those who will land on your ecommerce website for the first time. Using navigating as the main event you will also be creating a better and more memorable first impression. 

As people are more adapted to some navigation this particular trend might not work well with every website but if done properly it can enhance your whole ecommerce website design appearance as well as experience. That is the reason why we recommended you hire the best and experienced ecommerce website design company that can help you to build a conversion-centric and revenue-generating website design that relates to your potential customer’s expectations. 

9. Advance Chatbots 


Chatbots are not new when it comes to ecommerce website design but a chatbot can influence the purchase decision and if not responded on time then it can break the business as well. Every year chatbots are becoming advanced and the integration with AI is making them smarter. That’s why these days chatbots have become so advanced that they can help users to guide shoppers in their buying journey. 

Whether you are aware or not but more than 80% of the shoppers like to purchase from a store that offers a more personalized experience. The chatbots you offer can help you to achieve that. The bot you integrate can help you to reduce the cost of the customer support department, also help in omnichannel marketing, offer assistance to site visitors, and more. That is the reason why it’s said chatbot is considered the most effective and converting way to sell products. 

An AI-driven chat boat can offer different discount codes, offer the latest shipping details, can act as an inexpensive sales agent, help users with their problems, and more. This way you will not only make your ecommerce website effective but also offer the assistance that is available all the time to help the user with their problem. So make sure you integrate the best-advanced chatbot for your ecommerce website. 

If you are looking to get an AI-driven advanced chatbot for your ecommerce website then we recommend you consult with our website design company. As our AI team will ensure to create a more productive chatbot that will help your potential customer in each and every way. This way you will be keeping your website competitive and updated with the trends.  

10. Dark Mode 

The dark mode is not a new ecommerce website design trend but still, the trend will continue to grab more ecommerce website attention in 2021. Most of the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and more have already implemented the dark mode feature and other websites have already started to adopt it for a better shopping experience. With the website design world shifting to the dark mode, now it’s time for you to adopt it in your ecommerce website to offer a more optimized user experience.   

Dark mode enables users to operate the website with a dark background so that it mitigates the eye strain that most people get while browsing a website or other platforms for a long time. The dark mode can be implemented for the whole time or during at night depending on the environment of the device. While including the dark mode feature in your website make sure you allow users to select whether they wish to operate in the dark more or in the regular background.  

Most ecommerce websites fail to implement dark mode because their product doesn’t look in the dark mode. However, people have started operating their devices in the dark mode so they would expect the same from your website as well. If you do not want your website to be left behind in the competitive marketplace then we always recommend implementing the dark mode feature in your ecommerce website. 

If your website already has the dark mode feature then chrome will automatically turn the background color of the website into black. With the help of the dark mode feature, you can encourage your potential customers to spend more time exploring your products. So if you are planning to update or redesign your existing ecommerce website then we recommend you hand your website to an experienced ecommerce website design professional that helps you to add multiple features to your ecommerce website including dark mode. 

11. Fun Filter Option 

Not to mention but today with a wide range of products available it has become important for every ecommerce website to offer the advanced filtration process to their audience. As it is considered the most important aspect of every ecommerce website that allows the shopper to be specific depending on their requirement. If they have landed on your website to purchase a black shirt then they should be able to find the same within a short period of time filters help in achieving that. 

But most of the time ecommerce websites fail to integrate the best and most convenient filtration option when creating their ecommerce website.  If you are someone looking to buy shoes for the kids in an online store. Would you find them in the kid’s section or in the shoe section? That is why it’s said the filtering design needs more logical thinking. Leaving these options to your customer can make more headaches. That is the reason why the fun filter option is widely adopted by ecommerce websites. Instead of making things complicated, try to create the filter experience in a more fun way.

In 2021, an ecommerce website should plan to create product filters that make it easy for the potential buyer to search for the dedicated product in a fun way. The design will add a pinch of humor which will enhance the shopping experience and also creates a long-lasting memory in the user’s mind.

12. Combination of landing page and product page 


Yes, you read it right: a combination of landing page and product page can help you to enhance your ecommerce website conversion as well as acquisition rate. Whenever a user wishes to buy any product the first thing they do is Land on the e-commerce website homepage and search for the product. If they are convinced with the product and price then they make their final purchase. 

Now here is the thing your ecommerce website might have a lot to offer like some product discount, fast selling product, and more. So when a user wishes to buy a product they directly search for the product and land on the product page bypassing the homepage and other pages. This way you may be able to sell your product but will fail to highlight other products including your ecommerce store. 

Ecommerce websites are making use of various techniques like PPC, social media, and more they will directly redirect the user to the product page. That means your customer will not be able to get a glimpse of your homepage until they take action on their own. That is the reason why eCommerce websites have started to highlight other elements in the product page. Yes adding different elements allows you to showcase fast selling products and different discounts, coupons, and sales going in on your ecommerce website.   

So the main goal is to create product pages that do not divert the user to some other product page instead focus more on encouraging the site visitors to explore more about your website and product. If you are looking to redesign or create a new ecommerce website design that drives more traffic and sales on your website then we recommend you hire an experienced website design company that can help you to create the most effective and converting that drives 710% ROI. 

13. Smart Content load 

When It comes to ecommerce websites then a web page can contain multiple products, information, and other elements. Today most ecommerce websites are able to offer the best and stunning visuals to grab their site visitor’s attention. But those visual and other elements in the ecommerce website lose their charm when it comes to loading time. Not only that but if the visuals and other products take time to load then your site visitor will never hesitate to abandon your website and visit your competitor’s website. 

So if you don’t want your site visitor to leave your website then it is important to reduce the long waiting time that generally users spend on your ecommerce website to view the product. Most of the designers have come up with a solution that is nothing but lazy loading and infinite scrolling. Yes, these two terms may not sound new to you but if you aren’t using them then it’s the right time to implement them on your website.  

But in 2021 UX design we can see different websites adopting smart content load to reduce the extra time that is spent waiting for the content to load. Using smart content load you will be able to upload only those visuals and other graphic elements that load quickly on your ecommerce website. This way you will be able to showcase visuals that grab user attention and encourage them to explore more about your ecommerce website. 

14. Adding social media shoppable post to your pages 

Social media is not limited to helping businesses to reach a maximum audience but the features offered by them have made it possible to sell products directly from social media pages. So why not take advantage of that feature to engage more customers and encourage them to purchase products from your social media pages. But for that, you need to inform your customer that your products are also available on social media. 

You can start by creating a section on your checkout pages, the home page, and the product page. These sections will help your potential customers to demystify how they can start shopping from your social media pages. Once they are aware of how they can purchase products directly from your product page. This way you will be able to increase your social media followers and will allow you to offer a better buying experience.

Ecommerce websites are already making use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to sell their products. Just with a one-goal that they are able to engage the maximum number of audience. If you have planned to sell products on social media then it’s time for you to create an effective and result-driven strategy for it. 

Or you can also contact an experienced ecommerce website design company that can help you to create the best website design with an abundance of features that allows you to sell your product across different platforms including social media.   


The e-commerce industry is not the same as it used to be in the early days, more and more businesses have started to shift to online businesses so the industry has started to open doors for new ideas, technology, and styles. Most of the trends mentioned above break the challenges faced in the past and allows online store owners to be more creative with the design and functions. Because in the end, the goal is to grab as much as customer’s attention and convert them into paying customers. 

Using the above trends you will not be only able to improve the website design but also optimize the user experience. So don’t wait for your competitors to win the race by implementing the design. Focus on creating and designing that offers a reason to your site visitors on why they should hold to your website when they have other options with them. 

Well, all the trends may not work with your ecommerce website design so instead of giving time to testing and experimentation. We recommend you to consult with an experienced ecommerce website design company that can understand your business model along with your target audience to help you create the most effective research-based online store that drives more traffic and offers a reason on why your site visitors should purchase from your store. 

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