8 Questions To Ask From A Website Design Company in 2020

Looking to create a new website design for your business? If so, then you must be aware of some important questions that every business should ask before hiring a website design company for better results. 

Today with the increase in the number of website design companies finding the right one for your business could be an absolute dream come true. But selecting the right one for your business totally depends on your company. Who you pick to help your business to build the desired website will decide your back end functioning as well as traffic and sales.  

Identifying the right question and asking the same from the website design company before hiring them will help you to identify the right one for your business. Putting out the right question will make you sound more prepared and will enable you to select the best website design company for your business.  

Selecting the right website design agency can be as challenging as starting a new business that means it becomes challenging tasks for the business. Mainly those who recently entered the online space. If you are among them then this article is going to be the most beneficial article for you as well as your business. 

In this article, we are going to highlight some important questions that you need to ask before hiring a website design company for your business. Asking the right question can optimize your decision making and help you to get better results out of the website design company. 

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List of question you can ask from a website design company before hiring them 


1. Ask yourself or discuss with your partners whether their portfolio fits your requirement or not?

Different website design companies have different kinds of portfolios which means that they have different styles.  A detailed portfolio of website design companies allows you to get an insight into their work and performance. Make sure you take a look at how well they have designed other client’s websites and take note of their style design and UI/UX. You can also ask them about their client’s website URL so that you can clearly know and judge their website design and style. 

You can use the portfolio to select a design for your website. While you go through different styles be sure to decide which design can fit your website and separate your business from other websites. Most of the website design company doesn’t showcase all of their styles ad design in the portfolio page, you can find just a selection of their best design and styles. SO you can discuss it with them and pick the best one for your website.

While going through their portfolio make sure you ask them whether their work worth hiring them or not? The website they have previously built is mobile responsive or not? Does their design or previous work align with your requirements or not? Does the website design company has good testimonials and reviews for the past client or not?

2. Which Content Management System does your website design company offer or use?  

A content Management system is one of the important aspects of every website that can save you time, money, and more importantly, helps you to deliver the right and SEO optimized content. A right and reliable content management system allows you to create and organize content on your website without accessing a single bit of code. That means using CMS you can upload and manage your website content. 

That’s why it is important for you to know what type of CMS is offered by the website design company. Mainly if you are planning to add a blog page and drive traffic on your website through blogs then you need a reliable CMS for your website.  You can also ask, does the CMS support ecommerce? Can you make changes and updates without access codes? Does the CMS offer all types of functionality needed in the future? Once you are satisfied with their answers then you can come to a decision more. 

Looking to create a new website for your business, if yes then make sure you hire an experienced website design company that can help you in building a website design that grabs user’s attention and encourages them to purchase your product. 

3. Ask the website design company whether they offer custom build websites or use templates? 

The website design company offers both types of websites, template-based, and custom coded websites, and sometimes the customer template-based website. So before asking the question make sure you know what type of website you need. You can also make your decision based on the type CMS offered by the website design company. 

It’s important to know what type of website you will be getting because not all the CMS are user friendly. So you can ask the website design company, The website offered by your company is truly custom coded from scratch or not? Is your website template based or coded from scratch? The website offered by your company is built on CMS or you use a pre-built template? 

Once you are aware of the above question then it will become easy for you to decide what the website design company is right for your business or not.  We recommend creating a custom website design that meets your expectations. 

4. Does your company offer dedicated project managers for transparent reporting? 

Today most of the businesses that hire a website design company complain that they didn’t get transparent reporting or due to communication gaps they didn’t get the website they desired. A project manager plays a crucial role in offering in-depth detail on website design and development processes. Not only that but a project manager listens to your requirements in detail and ensures that your website requirement is fulfilled by their team. Having a dedicated project management team enables you to keep a track of the design and development process. 

SFWP Experts have always had a good track record when it comes to fulfilling customers’ requirements. We assign a project manager for every client to make sure that projects are delivered with all its requirements. Our aim is to ensure that the client gets all the answers to their question throughout the development cycle. And we want our clients to be aware of how their site is being built.

Hiring the right website design company for your business will help you determine how easily you can handle the back end functioning as well as the end product. Your selection process will determine the success and failure of your business. Your website displays your business presence and reputation that’s why we recommend you hire an experienced website design company that can help you to build a fully functioning and conversion-centric website for your business.    

5. What are the prerequisites from my side before you start a design and development process? 

Knowing what website design companies need from your side before they start building your website optimizes website design and development process. Getting a list of prerequisites from them and offering the right data to the website design company enables you to get the website you desire. You can ask them to send a list of questions of what exactly they needed before buying a website design layout. You can schedule the right time with the project manager to discuss your requirement and give in-depth detail about your product and services for better results.

Your website design defines the success and failure of your business. To create a website that grabs the user’s attention and encourages them to take action you need to create a research-based website that meets your potential customer’s expectations. Hiring a right and experienced website design company for your business will help you to get the desired website which will optimize your website traffic and conversion. 

6. How much time does it take to deliver a website? 

One of the most important question to ask from we website design company is the website delivery time. If you have a competitor with a website then you might be losing a lot of customers every day. If you don’t want to waste a single day and lose lots of customers, you need to identify website delivery time.

Knowing when you will be getting your website enables you to create a plan and pre-launch strategy for your website. Today almost every website design company offers a time frame for your project but most of them fail to deliver it on time. That is why before selecting any website design company make sure you identify their reputation.

knowing the exact delivery time allows you to check whether it fits your needs or not. Make sure you are considering a few days extra from the delivery date for unexpected or unwanted issues. Before hiring any website design company you can clearly communicate the product delivery time and make sure you go through each line in the contract before signing it. Because sometimes companies charge extra money if the deadline is pushed to another date. 

7. Ask whether they outsource other companies to get their job done? 

Undoubtedly you will get different answers from different website design companies and its totally going to be your call on the answer you get from them. Sometimes hiring a website design company that outsources their work offers a positive outcome but many times it does not. Partner with a reliable website design company that offers in-house website design services, SEO services, and marketing services. 

Most of the time business demand customers made fonts, logos, copywriting, and more from the website design company. And it’s very rare that the same designer will have expertise in all the fields. That is when website design companies outsource to get the job done. Whenever you approach a variety of things including website design most of the designers try to get help from outside which is very obvious. But partnering with a website design company whose majority of the services are outsourced will never offer you desired results.

So if you are partnering with a website design company make sure their majority of the development process is carried out from an in -house team. Involving too many parties can slow down your website design and development process.   

One thing that can separate your business form competitor business is your website. Yes, your website design plays a crucial role in grabbing the user’s attention and persuading them to purchase your product or services. Not only that but your website displays your business reputation. Hiring the right website design company that can help you in building a research-based website for your business will help you to succeed in the competitive marketplace. 

8. How much does it cost to create a new website for small businesses?

The exact costing of website design and development totally depends on the type of website you are looking to create for your business. However, the estimated cost of a website can vary between $3000 to $15000 depending on the size and requirement of your website. If you are looking to create an ecommerce website for your business then the pricing starts from $5000 and goes up to $50000. To create a basic website or a starter website you can always choose wordpress and other website builder platforms.

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