8 Different Woocommerce Pricing Demystified With Hidden Cost

Are you looking to know Woocommerce Pricing for building your eCommerce website budget? 

If yes, then below we have mentioned the total woocommerce pricing budget you should have while creating an attractive eCommerce website for your business. Before starting a WooCoomerce store it is important to know the woocommerce pricing that you have to invest.  WooCoomerce and WordPress both are free but to host a WooCoomerce store you have to buy domain name and hosting. 

Like domain name and hosting there are other premium tools cost which can be added into your wocommerce pricing budget. Generally, the WooCoomerce pricing varies depending on the type of plugins and theme you integrate into your website. There are some hidden costs that you have to pay while building your e-commerce website. 

People prefer to use WooCoomerce because all the costing can be controlled by you which means if you don’t want to keep any premium plan then you can simply discard it. In this article, we have disclosed almost every cost that you have to pay before and after building your WooCoomerce store. 

5 Different Woocommerce Pricing

1. WooCoomerce Website Hosting 


WooCoomerce is one of the popular eCommerce plugins that run on the WordPress website. If you want to create & run a WooCoomerce store then you need to have a hosted WordPress website, which means you need to buy hosting for your eCommerce website. 

If you want to build an eCommerce website using WooCoomerce from the scratch then check our blog on  How To Set Up A Fully Functioning WooCoomerce Store Using WordPress?  

In WordPress, you can find some recommendations for hosting service providers like SiteGround, BlueHost, and Pressable. These hosting providers have a really good reputation in the market that’s why WordPress also recommends them. 

For an early-stage WooCoomerce website, these hosts provide excellent features and will cost you between $3 to $7 (depending on the plan you select). However, if you are looking to migrate your eCommerce website or want to start a large scale website then we recommend selecting a specific hosting provider for WooCoomerce.  

Today, Buying hosting is not a difficult job whereas selecting the proper hosting provider requires some time & knowledge. With the increase in the number of hosting service providers, it has become difficult for a newbie to select a proper hosting provider. That’s why we have written a blog that tells about hosting providers specifically specialized in providing hosting services for WooCoomerce.  

If you are also confused in selecting the right hosting provider then check our blog on 5 Best WooCoomerce Hosting Provider For Your Online Store in 2020

For an early-stage website, we recommend selecting shared hosting or cloud hosting that will cost you around $3 to $15/month. If you want to start a large scale eCommerce website then we suggest you go for dedicated hosting ($70 to $ 800/month). Dedicated hosting is a bit costly compared to shared hosting. 


Here are the tips that you can use before selecting a hosting provider 

  • If you are using shared hosting then it is important for you to know it will be shared with another website. That can cause problems at peak times. So make to identify the number of websites on your server. (if you are dealing with a vast audience and getting high traffic on your website then go for dedicated hosting
  • Identify and verify whether your hosting provider provides 24X7 customer support or not. And what are the support methods to contact them (a proper hosting provider 
  • Then you can check the security features provided by them. Generally, a good hosting provider gives automatic backup, email spam filters, and malware prevention. 
  • Another important thing includes server up time that you need to clarify with your hosting provider.  
  • Check whether they provide free SSL certification or not (almost every top hosting provider provides free SSL certification)
  • Make sure to ask your hosting provider if your site grows whether you can shift to dedicated hosting or not
  •  If you don’t want unwanted downtime and slow speed the check the reviews of your hosting provider.

2. Domain Name 


In the list of Woocommerce pricing next, you have to buy & register the domain name and create a logo for your WooCoomerce website. there are various tools available that can help you to create a logo that reflects your business image. 

A domain name is another important Woocommerce pricing that requires your time and attention. Buying a domain name is not that difficult thanks to domain selling sites. However, you have to pay attention while selecting your domain name because that’s the name your user is going to type and visit your website.

Selecting a lengthy and difficult name can affect your website traffic. That’s why we recommend selecting a domain name that matches your niche and is easy to type. If you want to know more about things you should consider before buying a domain name then click here

Most of the domain selling websites allow you to search your domain name to check availability. So, you can visit domain registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap to check the availability and pricing of your domain name. You can even buy a domain name from your hosting provider (check whether they sell a domain or not). 


A domain pricing ranges from $11 to $15/year depending on the name and extension you select. If you select competitive names like digitalmarketingagency.com, webdevelopmentagency.com then the price range may differ and it may cost you higher than the regular name.

In the beginning, you may find the pricing to be cheaper. However, every year the price range increases depending on your domain performance and domain costing is billed annually.     

3. WooCoomerce Theme 


Selecting an enticing theme is an important part of a successful eCommerce website.  WooCoomerce comes with a free default theme called the storefront. It’s intuitive and flexible interface allows users to create a WooCoomerce store easily without any complications. But if you want to customize your theme and make your website look more professional then we recommend you buy a premium theme. 

In WordPress, there are many free and premium themes available that can be integrated easily with WooCoomerce. A free theme will have fewer customization features whereas a premium theme will have more advanced customization features that will help you in building a professional and attractive eCommerce website.   

A free theme has a simple feature so you can’t modify your store from scratch and it provides limited functions to the user. Whereas if you opt for premium themes then it will have more advanced features, best customer service, and regular updates. 

So, you can select the WooCoomerce theme depending on your requirements and needs. A WooCoomerce theme will cost you between $0 to $100/yearly.

If you are planning to start a new eCommerce website then you can avoid adding premium themes into your woocommerce pricing list. A free theme will surely help you in setting up a new eCommerce website. If you see a surge in your website traffic and order then you can upgrade to premium.

If you have a layout and design in your mind that you want to reflect on your eCommerce website. Then you can hire a WooCoomerce expert that can help you in customizing your WooCoomerce store. It will cost you around $10 to $100/hour depending on your needs. 

4. Website Logo 

Website Logo is another important aspect that you should have on your website. An attractive and professionally designed logo will help you to create a brand identity and makes it easy for the user to identify your brand name. 

There are many free logo maker sites like free logo design, logomark, etc that can help you in creating your eCommerce store logo. And there are other options available using which you can get the logo between $5 to $10. If your woocommerce pricing is not exceeding then you can add buying logo in your woocomerce pricing list. 

Always try to create an enticing logo that can create a long-lasting memory in your audience’s mind. If you hire a professional to create your brand logo then the pricing rage may vary between $30 to $50 (one-time payment). Or you can buy a premium tool for creating logo for your business and website.  You can test your creativity!! 

5. WooCoomerce Plugin Costing 


Next Plugins help in enhancing WooCoomerce store functioning. There are many free and premium plugins available that can be downloaded from Plugins (in the dashboard) and integrated into WooCoomerce from outside depending on compatibility. 

Well, it is not necessary for every function in the store you need to have a premium plugin. But there are few sections like analytical reporting, shipping, Payment gateway, filtering and sorting, etc that requires premium plugins and extension for producing better results. A free plugin will give access to limited features whereas if you opt for premium pricing then your store can be optimized using advanced features. So, you can add premium plugin cost in your woocommerce pricing list. 

(Remember: Adding too many plugins in your WooCoomerce store can slow your website and reduce the performance of your website.)

If you are looking to know about all the plugin that can help you in optimizing your WooCoomerce store performance then check our blog on 20 best WooCoomerce Plugin Every Store Owner Should Use In 2020

i. Shipping 

If you are into selling physical products on your eCommerce site then it is important for you to provide different types of shipping options to users. Woocmmerce shipping option allows you to provide features like flat rate shipping, free shipping, and local pickup. These options allow small businesses to function properly in local areas. 

WooCoomerce shipping extension automatically connects to USPS to provide better product tracking & handling. Its features also allow you to print shipping labels that help you in saving your time and money. 

If your business is into selling products in multiple countries then you can opt for advanced extensions. There are multiple premium extensions like ShipStation Integration, Table Rate Shipping, Distance Rate Shipping and many more. Thes advance extension may cost you between $0 – $108/year depending on your requirements. 

ii. Payment gateway

sfwpexperts.com-woocommerce-wordpress-payment-gateway-stripe (2)


With WooCoomerce advance payment gateway you can provide multiple payment methods to users. Paypal and stripe are the two builtin payment gateway available in WordPress. 

Compared to other payment gateway PayPal is the most affordable option that you can select for your eCommerce website. If we talk about charges then you have to pay 2.9% +   0.30 cents per sale to Paypal. But the basic plan doesn’t involve any monthly charges/fees.


If you upgrade your basic plan to PayPal pro then you can accept credit card payment directly into your WooCoomerce store. To upgrade your plan you have to pay $30/month. There are other options available like stripe (2.9% and 0.30 cents per transaction with no additional fees), authorize.net(2.9% and 0.30 cents per transaction + $25/month) and many more. 

iii. Analytical Reporting 

To run a successful WooCoomerce store, it is important for you to have details of every activity happening in your store. Analytical reporting helps you in getting the past report and planning the future(sales & marketing) strategy of the store.

There are free analytical plugins available in WooCoomerce that can help you in building a fully functioning WooCoomerce website. But if you want to optimize your store performance then you can upgrade the plugin for your WooCoomerce store.  

WooCoomerce has built-in analytical features that can give you analytical data related to your store. But if you want to track your conversion rate, average order value, transaction, revenue, traffic location and many more. Then we recommend you select some premium tools because its worth spending money to buy proper analytical tools for your eCommerce website. 

There are many top-rated analytical tools available like MonsterInsights, WP Statistic, Crazy Egg and many more. The price range may differ between $90 – $400 per year depending on the plan you choose.

iv. Email Marketing tools 



Another important aspect of a successful eCommerce website is communicating with the customers. Emails allow you to reach and communicate with the maximum number of audience within a short span of time. 

There are various email marketing tools available that you can integrate with your WooCoomerce store. Mailchimp is a popular user by millions of users to send bulk emails. It is a freemium tool that allows you to send the limited free email. Upgrading the plan (starting at $9.99/month) will give access to advanced features with unlimited email delivery. 

Jilt is another email marketing tool recommended by WordPress that will cost you $29 per month. Integrating email services in your WooCoomerce store can help you in encouraging upsell, sending product updates, shipping update and tracking email open and conversion rates.

There are other freemium plugins available that can help you to grow your WooCoomerce store. Select your plugin depending on the requirement. In the initial phase, you can set up your WooCoomerce and download the plugin for free. But When you see a growth in your eCommerce website then you can include marketing tool cost in your WooCommerce Pricing list. 

6. Hiring Developer 

Many of you might have a question whether you need to hire a developer to build a WooCoomerce store for your business or not? 

In the initial stage ever retailer gets confused, whether they should hire a developer or not? It is not necessary to hire a developer until and unless you need someone to customize your eCommerce website. Including developer cost in your WooCommerce pricing list is not compulsory until and unless you want to make changes in the codes. 

By offering various tutorial videos and blogs WooCoomerce has made it easy for the user to set up a fully functioning eCommerce website. But there are times when a few elements of your website require some assistance. 

For example, if you want to customize your store buttons, themes and many more then you have to do it by writing PHP code. Yes, there are plugins available but remember adding too many plugins can decelerate your website speed. 

To avoid that you can hire a developer on an hourly rate. On average, you have to pay between $10 to $100 per hour depending on your requirement. Or you can contact SFWP Experts for building an enticing eCommerce website for your business. If you want to build a WooCoomerce store from scratch then the cost varies between $1000 to $15000 depending on your web pages, theme and many more.  

If you are running tight on your budget then you can buy Domain and host and set up your WooCoomerce using the guide provided by WooCoomerce. And if your business is well-funded then you can spend thousands of dollar to build a conversion-centric eCommerce website. 

7. WooCoomerce store  Security 

It is important for an eCommerce website to keep its website secure. Because an e-commerce website contains a lot of user data like their personal details, card number, etc. A small security breach can leak their data which can damage your reputation in the market. If you want to optimize your store functioning and customer experience then it is important to include security cost in your WooCommerce pricing list. 

Every customer wants their information to be secured within your website. That’s why you should add security plugins like Sucuri, SiteLock, jetpack and many more into your WooCoomerce store. Some of these plugins are free and some of them are paid. Sucuri is a popular security provider plugin that will cost you $25/month but if you select an annual plan then it will cost you $300. An average security plugin will cost you between $0 to $300 per year depending on the plan you select. 

Every host provides a secure server but adding an extra layer of service will make your website more secure. At the initial stage, we recommend you use the free plugin but when your WooCoomerce store starts growing then you should opt for premium plans to make your website more secure.  

SSL certificate is another important thing you should integrate into your eCommerce website. Integrating an SSL certificate will help in encrypting sensitive information like credit card data and payment related details. Most of the hosting provider offers free SSL certificates to the user. If your host doesn’t provide an SSL certificate then you can purchase it, the cost varies between $8/year to $65/year.  

8. E-Store Maintenance 


Store Maintenance is one of the most basic and important costs one should include in the Woocommerce Pricing list. Once you are done with creating a fully-functioning WooCoomerce store and running your store successfully. The next thing your website will need is maintenance.It is important for every eCommerce website to maintain their website performance. 

A maintenance plan generally includes website backup, performance check, adding and updating products, running A/B tests, analyzing traffic, and many more. You can do it by yourself or hire someone(company/person)  to do it, or you can purchase a maintenance plan. The price ranges between $50/month to $400/month depending on the size of your store. An average WooCoomerce maintenance plan will cost you $110/month to $1440/ year depending on the size of your e-store.  


Running a WooCoomerce store is not totally free. It requires some investment depending on the type of store you want to build.  Yes, the WooCoomerce plugin is totally free but it runs on the WordPress which means you have to buy the domain name and hosting. 

If we talk in the whole total then running a fully functioning eCommerce website may cost you between $1000 to $4000/year depending on the premium plugins and themes used by your eCommerce website. 

Frequently Asked Question 

1. How much does it cost to build a WooCoomerce website from scratch? 

If you want to build a WooCoomerce store from scratch then it is important to know the cost involved.  The woocommerce pricing varies between $1000 to $15000 depending on your web pages, theme and many more.  

2. How much do WooCoomerce developers charge? 

hiring a developer on an hourly rate will cost you on average between $10 to $100 per hour depending on your requirement. If your freelancer is more experienced than his price range may differ between $40 to $400. 

3. How much does WooCoomerce cost monthly?

WooCoomerce monthly charges may differ between $150 to $300per month. Depending on your hosting, Maintenance, extension, etc cost. 

4. How much does stripe cost per month in WooCoomerce? 

If you are using stripe in WooCoomerce then you have to pay 2.9% and 0.30 cents per transaction with no additional fees.

5. How much does PayPal cost per month in WooCoomerce? 

If we talk about charges then you have to pay 2.9% +  0.30 cents per sale to Paypal. But the basic plan doesn’t involve any monthly charges/fees.

6. How do I enable WooCoomerce in WordPress? 

  1. Go to the plugin in WordPress dashboard 
  2. Click on Add new 
  3. Search for WooCoomerce plugin 
  4. Install and click on activate