7 Best Shopify Apps To Use In 2020 To Enhance Your Online Store 

To run a fully functioning ecommerce website you need the right tools and techniques that can help you to produce lucrative results. Shopify is one of the popular ecommerce website design platforms that comes with a bunch of apps and tools having all the capabilities to run a successful online store in the competitive space. 

The success of your website totally depends on a few factors like your ecommerce website design, SEO strategies, and most importantly the tool you are using for your website functioning. Thanks to Shopify it offers more than 5000+ apps specially designed to handle ecommerce website functioning. 

Same as of woocommerce, Shopify comes with paid as well free apps for all types of business. So if you are a beginner starting with a tight budget, Shopify can be the best choice for your e-store. However, Shopify itself is a paid platform so make sure you are aware of its pricing before you get your hands into it. 

But with the wide variety of range available, selecting the right one for your Shopify store can be a difficult job. Integrating the wrong app in your Shopify store can lead to slow loading speed and website functioning, which can directly impact your website revenue and customer acquisition rate. 

In this article, we are going to walk you through some of the most important Shopify apps that you can use in 2020 to enhance your ecommerce website functioning for better and lucrative results. 

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Best Shopify Apps to use in 2020

1. Oberlo 


If you are a drop-shipper and looking to start a new dropshipping business then Oberlo can be the best Shopify app for your ecommerce website. Oberlo allows you to launch a dropshipping business more easily and effectively. It allows you to import and dropship products into your Shopify store and keeps your price and inventory updated for better results.   

The Dropshipping business is continuously growing and grabbing many entrepreneurs’ attention. If you are one among them then Oberlo can be the best solution for your business. If you are looking for the drop shipping network for your business then Oberlo offers a strong network of Chinese suppliers that you can use to grow your business.

Every time you receive the order form the customer Oberlo manages to ship the product directly to the customer doorstep from the supplier warehouse. Oberlo starter plan comes for free which means if you are starting with a tight budget then Oberlo can be the best choice for your dropshipping business. However, its paid plan comes for $29.9/month if billed annually. 


  • Allows you to edit the product before you list them in your dropshipping store. 
  • Offer access to multiple users depending on their job function 
  • Oberlo offers a user -friendly dashboard which you can use to track down your store’s earnings, pricing, sales, and more. 

2. Omnisend 


When it comes to selecting the best Shopify app for marketing then Omnisend’s name always comes on the top in the list. It is considered as the best marketing app that enables the business to develop complex marketing workflow. You can use Omnisend for email marketing as well. 

Using Omnisend you can automate the marketing workflow by integrating various channels like Facebook ads (messenger), WhatsApp, google retargeting ads, and many more. Omnisend comes with various features that allow you to send a push notification, SMS, and more. That means you can target any type of message to your old as well as newly joined customer no matter in which position they are in the customer journey. 

Omnisend allows the ecommerce website to set up, create, and manage email campaigns without touching a single bit of code. The attractive and comprehensive marketing feature offered by Onlinisend makes it the top-rated marketing app in the Shopify store. 

Omnisend comes with a free as well as paid plan. If you are looking to purchase the paid plan then it will cost you between $13 to $80 per month if billed annually 


  • Allows business to automate marketing workflow by integrating multiple channels like emails, push notification, SMS, and many more. 
  • Allows organize and send a highly targeted message and email no matter where they are in the customer journey
  • Automatically syncs Facebook and google ads for better retargeting. 

3. SUMO 


If you are looking for the best Shopify app specifically designed for email marketing then SUMO can be the best choice for your business. It is considered as the best email capture tool for all types of websites including ecommerce, blogging, and more. 

Most of the ecommerce website business owners don’t know how to grow their business in a competitive space. Even after going through different strategy based articles, it becomes difficult for them to create the right growth strategy for their business. 

Sumo is one of the popular email marketing tools available on Shopify that allows website owners to collect user email lists and reduce the cart abandonment rates of your ecommerce website. Not only that but using SUMO you can convert shoppers into customers, increase average order value, and more.  SUMO is a paid Shopify app that offers 14 days free trial to its user and then it costs $79/month if billed annually. 


  • Come with drag and drop features using which you can create attractive and conversion-centric forms that allow website owners to collect shopper email addresses.
  • Easy integration with Shopify and comes with an attractive discount for Shopify user  
  • Using its shortcut you can grow your email list, reduce abandoned cart, and more

4. Referral Candy 


Looking to grow your business by outperforming your existing competitor? If yes then you can do it by asking the existing customer to recommend your website and its product to their known ones. Will they do it? 

Yes, having a referral program in your Shopify store will allow you to spread awareness about your brand and business. Referral candy is one of the popular Shopify apps that allows you to create a referral program to improve sales. Personal recommendation creates more impact and encourages other people to purchase your product. 

Day by day Ecommerce space is evolving and to compete in the competitive marketplace you need a conversion-centric marketing strategy for your business, referral programs are one among them. Only a few of your customer who is totally delighted by your service would recommend your product or website to their friends and family what about the rest of your customer? 

No matter how effective your marketing strategy is, one thing that drives a potential customer to your website is existing customer recommendation. The referral program allows you to offer an incentive to your customer in return asking them to advertise your products. 

By using referral candy you can select what type of incentive you want to offer to your potential customer like cask reward, coupon codes, unique gifts, and many more. You can easily set up referral candy without touching a single bit of code. It comes with 30 days trial and monthly pricing which will cost you $49/month+commission per sales. 

5. Easyship 


Product Shipping has become one of the crucial aspects that can either make or break your online store business. Today with the increase in the ecommerce website, separating your business from the crowd can be difficult but with the right shipping strategy and management, you can come out as a winner.

It’s very obvious that most of the ecommerce websites are either stuck with inventory management or acquiring more customers for their ecommerce website. Apart from your inventory and customer aquisition process, you need to have an app that can manage your product shipping. 

Easyship is one among the popular Shopify app that allows e-commerce website to manage their shipping more effectively and efficiently. It allows e-store to select more than 100 shipping solutions (like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and more) so that they can get the best shipping price from different carriers and also get 70% off on shipping cost. 

You can easily integrate Easyship into your Shopify store and Shopify allows you to sync the details of your order within a few seconds. Easyship combined with Shopify makes your order printing process more easy and frequent. 


Shopify comes with an abundance of apps that can help the business to run standard as well as a fully functioning ecommerce website. Making use of apps or plugins for your e-commerce store enables you to optimize your back end as well as front end functioning for better results. 

If you are a beginner and planning to create a fully functioning ecommerce website using Shopify then we recommend using free apps to unlock new features in your ecommerce website. Once your website starts growing then you can shift to a paid version. 

Above we have listed all the important and popular Shopify apps that you can use in 2020 for better ecommerce website functioning. However, keep in mind that the app which is working best for another website may not offer you the desired results. So make sure you test the app function by yourself for better performance.