How To Select The Right Theme For WooCommerce Store In 2020?

Are you confused about selecting the right theme for your WooCommerce store? 

If yes then you have landed in the right place where we will help you to identify the best theme for your WooCommerce store. Your store theme reflects your reputation and that’s the place where your potential customers are going to land and buy your product. 

So you have to be very attentive while selecting the theme of your WooCommerce store. An optimized theme with attractive and navigational layout can boost your sales and increase your ROI. Whereas buying a theme that loads slower and has a difficult navigational layout can affect your online reputation. 

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Not only your reputation but there are so many factors that depend on your WooCommerce theme. With the increase in themes, many newbies get confused and land up buying the wrong theme for their website.  

Therefore read this article carefully to discover the tips that will help you find the right theme for your WooCommerce website. 

Tips To Select The Right Theme For Your WooCommerce Store: 

1. Responsive design for all screens

Most of the users access eCommerce websites either from their mobile devices or tablets. And there are chances that your potential customers might be using the desktop to access your eCommerce website.  If you look at the stats then you can identify that during the holiday season more then 60.4% of the users access the eCommerce website on their desktop.

If you don’t want to lose your potential customers then you need to ensure that your theme is responsive on all screens. Responsive design is optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet. So, before buying any theme make sure that it works well and looks great on all the devices. Remember a highly responsive website can help you to build an online presence.

2. Flexibility

Today almost every theme maker provides an abundance of features to increase their popularity and sales. But before selecting a theme for your WooCommerce website it is important to know whether the theme is flexible and works with all plugins and extensions. 

Many times due to some coding or any other technical issue it becomes difficult for a user to integrate a plugin or extension in the WooCommerce backend. If your website grows and starts getting bulk orders then there are some advanced plugins that you can integrate in the future to optimize its performance. For that, you have to make sure that the theme is flexible and compatible and allows users to integrate plugins easily. 

3. User-friendly interface 

It is one of the basic tips that you should consider while selecting themes for your WooCommerce store. Your potential customers are the one who is going to visit your site and buy your products. 

If your theme layout fails to attract your potential customer then it can impact your sales and revenue. So, before activating any theme make sure to check the preview as it will help you to identify whether the theme is user-friendly or not. You can even go through the review that will help you to get information about the issue faced by the real-time usage of the particular theme.

Don’t forget to check the theme interface for the backend user. If the backend interface is difficult to operate then a new beginner may face a lot of issues in the future. 

4. Optimized for speed 

Your website theme plays a crucial role in deciding the speed of your WooCommerce website. A heavily coded theme with unwanted features will surely impact your website speed. Running an e-commerce website with slow loading web pages is not good for selling products online. 

Before selecting the theme for your WooCommerce website make sure that it loads faster on all the devices. Many times store owners buy them without checking their functioning on all devices. After buying the theme they face problems related to slow loading product and category pages.

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You can check the review and audience response for that particular theme to get a clear picture of its working. There are various blogs providing pros and cons about the themes so you can visit and read the blog to identify the effectiveness of the theme. 

If the theme takes less page load time and optimized for speed for all the screens then it will be the perfect choice for your WooCommerce store. 

5. Theme appearance 

Most of the early-stage WooCommerce websites select their theme based on their appearance. If you are among them then don’t select your theme because of their aesthetic look. Remember every good looking theme is not compatible with the requirement. 

Before selecting your WooCommerce theme consider your brand, the product you are going to sell and more importantly your potential audience. That’s why most of the marketers recommend doing some market research before establishing the company. By doing market research, you come to know about your potential customer and audience. 

Select the theme for your eCommerce website by considering the three things your brand, audience, and product. Look for a theme with clear navigation and extra white space.

If you successfully find the theme for your WooCommerce website then check whether the theme can be easily integrated with Woocommere or not. And all the pages of your WooCommerce website are working fine or not. 

6. Seo Friendly 

Before downloading the WooCommerce plugin you could have discovered that WooCommerce is an SEO friendly platform. But you need to know that theme also plays an important role in making your WooCommerce website SEO friendly. 

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A theme with builtin SEO optimization features will surely help you to boost your website rank. An SEO optimized website grabs more organic traffic which can lead to an increase in the sales and revenue for your business. 

7. Compatible with the updates 

Every year WordPress and WooCommerce release big updates to optimize their backend and frontend performance. If your theme is not tested with betas then it can cause a problem in the functioning of your eCommerce website. 

So, before downloading the theme make sure that the developer and the theme provider regularly maintain and update the theme functioning. If your theme is not compatible with the updates then your eCommerce website users may start facing various errors. 

Before buying or installing any theme make sure that the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce. You can identify the various of your WooCommerce plugin and ask the customer support whether they are compatible with the plugin or not. 

8. Page builder

Another feature you can expect from your theme provider is page builder integration. A page builder helps you to construct and add the products to your category page. If you are looking to optimize your selling experience then buy a theme that allows you to easily integrate page builder into your WooCommerce website. 

Because adding thousands of products in a WooCommerce store is a time taking process.  Page builder drag and drop features make it easy for the user to add product So, makes sure that your theme is compatible with page builder and allows you to easily integrate it.

9. Customer Support 

Lastly, we recommend you to check whether the theme offers customer support or not. Customer support is one of the basic and most important requirements of every user looking to buy the theme. 

Almost every theme and plugins contain large codes and there are chances that it may contain some bug from time to time. If your theme contains bugs then your website may face some issues or errors for the user end. So there should be someone to help and fix the problem. That’s where customer support comes into the picture. 

Using Ticket you can generate the issue or errors that your theme is facing and for them to fix the issues.  If you are buying any premium theme then make sure you check their policies. Most of the time theme providers add customers to support the feature but when it comes to resolving the issue they take days and weeks to reply and resolve the issue.  


Downloading and activating a theme is not a difficult job. But when it comes to selecting the right theme for their WooCommerce store many users fail to do so. Due to that, they face difficulties while operating the theme. 

There are a lot of features and factors that you should consider while deciding the theme for your WooCommerce store. Because a theme can make and break your online business. Understanding the above tips will help you to select the right theme for your WooCommerce store.