Keen: A New AI-Powered Platform Launched By Google In 2020

Recently Google has launched its latest experiment called Keen that can be considered as an answer to Pinterest. Yes, you heard it right Google’s Area 120 that focuses on developing and creating experimental applications & services has recently announced keen that can also be considered as a new channel for traffic. 

Back in July 2019, you might have come across an experimental application called Shoelace that was launched by the same team Google Area 120 (sadly they have to shut it down for various reasons). But again in the year 2020, they have come up with an attractive AI-based application. 

In the recent article google’s product manager CJ Adam gave an in-depth idea about keen and mentioned that it will be “a home for long term interest” that will be launched for both desktops as well as mobile devices. 

He also instructed that keen will be the place when you don’t have to spend your whole time searching and getting in-depth knowledge about your interest. Instead, it will be a place where you can share and grow your interest. 

Keen was developed with the involvement of Adam and the other four colleges of  Area 120. It also involves the Google People and AI Research (PAIR) team to offer a solution that most of us were looking for a long time. 

The problem keen solving………. 

It’s no wonder that keen is a recently launched platform and most of the users around may face some difficulties in accessing and navigating Kenn. But from the interface and features, we can say it will be one of the best platforms that will allow the user to focus on their interest. The main focus of creating Keen is to get the user out of feeds and focus on the particular interest.    

Most of the time a couple or a group has the same interest and they like to share those interests with each other. Keen has made it easy for those couples and groups to curate the content, share their collection, and explore new content based on the interests saved in searches. 

In the recent article, Adam stated how their (Adam and his wife) interest encouraged them to create Keen. People around the world relate with each other when they discover they share the same interests. Keen has made it easy for them to get more curated content and share it with other people so that other people can get access to those curated content. Keen allows you to make your interests public as well as private. That means it gives you full control over selecting who can contribute and enhance your keenness. 

How to access the Keen Dashboard? 

To access the dashboard of keen first you need to create an account with them (sign in with google). Once you successfully sign in keen you will be redirected to the page where you can find a grid of public topics (as shown in the picture).

On the same page, you will find the “+” symbol that allows you to add the keen you desire. If you click on the symbol you will be redirected to a new page that will ask you to create a keen(as shown in the figure). Remember if the displayed public topic interests you then you can save in the keen or you can create a new keen of your desire.

The result you get after creating a new keen is collected and supported by the persistent Google search queries and the latest machine learning. Keen allows you to share your curated content and the content can be made private or publicly available. After creating a keen new page will appear where you can find various options like Add, share, and edit. (while creating new keen you can opt for email twice a week).

On the same page, you will find a lock option that allows you to make your keen private and public as shown in the picture. Next, as you scroll down you will find three main options of keen: 

Gem: If you are saving links and contents in knees then you can find it in the Gem tab 

Explorer: It offers results that relate to the search terms. 

Searches: In the search tab you can edit and update the search queries.

Different ways to explore keen

If you have a group that shares the same interest in new techniques of farming and you like to share ideas with each other. Then keen can be the best platform for your group. Keen helps you to get all your thoughts together in one platform. Sharing your keenness with other people and asking them to contribute helps you to explore more about the topic.

It uses Google search and machine learning to offer the best content that relates to your interests. The saved keens help to understand your topic of interest and depending on the terms they offer interest-specific results.

The more related items or links you saved to keen, it will offer the best recommendation that relates to your interest. Now you might be wording what if I don’t have in-depth knowledge about the terms that relate to the topic. Keen is an AI-powered platform that analyzes every seed link and content that you save. 

You can start by saving the topic-specific links and content into “gems”. To be specific you can go through the content and save the helpful links. Those saved links and content act as seed and help keen to understand and offer more results. You can also access the community to get more ideas about your topic of interest.  

Earlier we mentioned that it is an AI-powered platform that means you don’t have to spend your whole day searching for the related topics. Instead, you have to be a smart searcher that means entering more relevant words and topics will help keen to get in-depth knowledge about your interest. And depending on your interest it will offer you more accurate and interest-specific results.  

Sharing it with other people that have the same interest and asking them to contribute will enhance your results. The terms you add to your searches will help other people to get access to curated content and that curated content may offer them more ideas that they can contribute to getting better results. 

Use Keen to drive traffic on your website 

If used smartly keen can be an opportunity for a website to drive more traffic on their content. As mentioned earlier keen recommend the best content depending on user interest. So if a user is adding multiple contributors in keen then it means they are recommending your content to others which can be the best way to grow traffic. 

Keen offers a new way to discover different, attractive, and relevant content in the web ecosystem. It searches and offers the best content depending on the query or seed word used by the user.  

In search engines, users have to ask questions, and depending on search query it offers relevant results. Whereas keen offer more relevant content that is enjoyed by the user. keen is a new platform but based on its feature we can say it will be the best way to drive traffic and increase the popularity of a website and brand.