6 Best Woocommerce Product Filter Plugin To Use In 2020

Do you want your site visitor to make a successful purchase every time they visit your WooCommerce website? Adding the best product filter plugin in your WooCommerce store can encourage your site visitors to buy the product and convert into paying customers.   

Most of the time buyers land on an eCommerce website and search for a particular category, scroll through hundreds of products, and leave the website without mankind making any purchase. It’s not that they don’t want to buy the product but most of the time either they get frustrated or confused.  

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Being an online store owner you should always offer a solution that makes it easy for the site visitors to find the specific product and complete the buying process successfully. Because eCommerce industry is all about offering the best customer service by saving your potential customers time and money

Undoubtedly your woocommerce store inventory can have hundreds and thousands of products. Adding product filter plugins in your woocommerce store makes product navigation easy for your online store visitors. 

In this article, we will help you to determine why use product filters in your woocommerce website and what are the best product filter plugins that you can use in your eCommerce website.  

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Why use a Product filter in your woocommerce website? 

While creating your eCommerce website you must have created different product attributes so that your customer can select the size, color, and other specifications. Today with the increase in the number of online shopping stores, every online store is trying to grab user attention by offering an abundance of products. 

That’s why a category or a subcategory has hundreds and thousands of products of different colors, sizes, and more.  The product filter helps shoppers to differentiate and find the desired product they are looking to buy. Let me explain it with an example” 

A woocommerce website can have 50 to 60 varieties of a crop top in their inventory. If a shopper lands on the website and has the desired option to buy either a blue, lavender-pink or a black color crop top. 

Then First the visitor will either navigate to the category bar or type in the phrase in the search box. Next in the result page, varieties of crop tops will appear to have different sizes, colors, and more.  If the store doesn’t have the product filter option then the visitor has to go through each and every option to find the desired color. 

On the other hand, if the website is providing a product filter option then it will make it easy for the user to find the specific product that they are looking to buy. From the filter option, a shopper can easily filter the color option to find and buy the desired product. The product filter option reduces the number of searches and offers the results depending on shopper’s requirements.

Today with a wide range of products, offering product filters has become one of the essential aspects of a woocommerce website.  As it directly affects your sales, service, conversion as well as acquisition rate.  

Without a producer filter, your site visitor will only find a long list of products. Whereas offering a product filter option enhances customer experience and encourages them to buy the product. 

Now let’s find the best woocommerce product filter plugin that you can use for your website.

Best Product filter plugins to use in 2020

1. YITH Woocommerce Ajax Product Filter Plugin 


If you are looking for the best and popular plugin that allows you to offer a product filter to your shopper then YITH Woocommerce Ajax Product Filter Plugin should be your primary choice. It allows your shopper to find the product with a short span of time. 

Using  YITH Woocommerce Ajax Product Filter your customer can filter products by size, color, category, price, and more. Other than that it also offers filtering options like sales number, publication, and alphabetical order and more for a different type of store. 

YITH Woocommerce Ajax Product Filter offers a powerful ajax product filter that allows users to get search results quickly and also ensure that the shoppers are getting the right product depending on the selected filter option. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for the site owner to customize the filter option. It is a premium plugins that are developed by YITH. 


  • Offers different layout for widgets 
  • A shopper can easily filter the product by category, attribute, tags, and more. It offers additional filter options like filter by sales number, alphabetically, publication date, and more. 
  • Easily customize woocomerce price filter 
  • AJAX powered product searching 
  • Allows you to add a slider for the filter by price
  • User-friendly interface 
  • And many more  

2. Advanced Ajax Product Filter 


It is another powerful and popular product plugin that comes with many advanced and useful features that can be easily accessed by new beginners. From the name you can easily identify that it allows you to include ajax powered filter so that shoppers can quickly get the product result. 

Advanced Ajax Product Filter comes with drag and drops features that make it easy for a noncoder to access and place the product filter anywhere in your woocommerce website. With the help of a single widget, you can easily add an unlimited filter option.  

It also offers an attractive feature where a shopper can short the product and can easily navigate to the next or previous page. Including Advanced Ajax Product Filter plugin in your woocommerce store will allow your shopper to filter the products depending on price, color, tag, category, and more. Compared to other woocommerce product filters, the Advanced Ajax product filter is the most widely used plugin. Advanced Ajax Product Filter offers advanced product filtering ability and is a free plugin.  


  • Allows shoppers to filter the product by attribute, category, price and more
  • Add unlimited filter option in the single widget 
  • Using Advanced Ajax Product Filter plugin you can create a hierarchy category tree  
  • Allows shoppers to filter product by product tags
  • Offers Ajax filters, pagination and sorting  
  • User-friendly interface 
  • And more 

3. Themify Woocommerce Product Filter


Undoubtedly above-mentioned plugins are also the best product filter plugin but Themify woocommerce product filter is another free plugin that we will recommend you download and integrate into your woocommerce website.  

Its powerful and effective feature separates it from other popular product filter plugins. It allows customers to search and identify the products by category, size, color tags, price, and more. Most of the time after filtering the product attribute the result page takes time to display the product but Themify ensures that the result page displays the product result quickly.  

Site visitors can easily select multiple product filter options and combine the filter option together. It also offers a page builder option that means you don’t have to integrate a separate page builder for your woocommerce website. Using its drag and drop builder you can add and customize the position of your product filter. 

When it comes to user-friendliness then the Themify interface can be easily accessed by a new beginner and its advanced features make it the best product filter plugin for your website.  


  • Allows shopper to filter the product by category, tags, size, color and more 
  • Offers live search results to make the buying process easier
  • Alles you to set horizontal and vertical layout in your woocommerce website 
  • Offers multiple filter combinations
  • Themify comes with drag and drops feature 

4. WOOF Product Filter Plugin 


Next in the row, we have another popular product filter plugin that comes for free and considered the best plugin for new beginners. WOOF Product Filter Plugin allows the shopper to filter the products by category, attribute, price, tags, and more.   

It provides the most convenient way to find the products within a short span of time. WOOF Product Filter Plugin interface makes it easy for the site owner as well as a shopper to access its front and as well as back end interface. Within a few clicks, a shopper can navigate to different attributes of the product and discover the product he/she desires. 

Using its shortcode and widget support you can position your product filter anywhere on your woocommerce website. WOOF Product Filter Plugin allows you to display the product attribute in the form of the checkbox, drop-down, radio, multi drop-down, and more. 

If comes with an advanced filter option that allows your shopper to filter the products by a combination of filters. Not only that but it also offers support for infinite scrolling and uses ajax to show the results quickly. 


  • Offers different filtering option by attribute, price, category, tags and more
  • Shortcodes and widgets support makes it easy to display the filter option anywhere
  • Using ajax function customer can search the products quickly
  • Infinite scrolling support 
  • Offers an option to filter products by taxonomies 
  • Display attribute in the form of radio, dropdown, Checkbox, multi drop-down, and more. 

5. Ultimate Woocommerce Filter Plugin


It is a free product filter plugin that allows you to implement a product filter using simple woocommerce widgets and shortcodes. Ultimate Woocommerce Filter Plugin offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for the new beginner to access interface easily. 

Using Ultimate Woocommerce Filter Plugin your shopper can easily filter the product by attribute, category, tag, size, color, and more. You can also select a specific layout for different types of woocommerce filters.  


  • Allows shoppers to filter products by color, price, tags, and more 
  • You can choose a color for your shops and products 
  • Allows you to create a powerful browsing experience for shopper in the attribute section
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Include smart product sear4ch in the filtering widget 
  • And many more 

6. Product Filter by XforWooCommerce


If you are looking to install and activate the best all in one filtering plugin then Product Filter by XforWooCommerce can be the best choice for your woocommerce store. It offers tons of advanced features that allow customers to filter and get the best result depending on the selected criteria.  

Using its advanced customization feature you can easily position and optimize your product filter widget appearance. It is an AJAX powered plugin that offers seamless navigation and smooth experience to shoppers. Product Filter by XforWooCommerce supports a wide range of product filter options and allows customers to filter products based on price, category, tags, taxonomies, and more. 

Product Filter by XforWooCommerce offers tons of layout using which you can display different product filter options. It offers features like smart filter analytics, adaptive filtering,  and many more. 


  • Allows shopper to filter products based on price, attribute, taxonomies, rating and more
  • Offers filter analytics that allows you to know what your customers are checking 
  • AJAX powered filtering system 
  • Offers attractive customization features to help the user to place their 
  • Offers Widget and shortcode support 


Product filters are the most important aspect of an e-commerce website. It allows shoppers to find a specific product within a short period of time. Not only that but it also helps shoppers that are having a specified budget. Adding product filter into your Woocommerce store not online enhances your customer experience but it also encourages customers to return back to your store to make their next purchase.

Above we have listed all the important product filter plugin that you should know in 2020. Almost all the listed woocommerce product filter plugin offers the same features. You can make use of the mentioned features to identify the best for your website. We have listed both free as well as paid plugins. 

So if you are an initial stage startup or a new beginner then it is always recommended to start with free plugins. Once you see grown in your website traffic then you can shift to the paid plugins. If you feel that we forgot to list any of the plugins then in our next blog we will be listing all the plugins. Stay Connected!!