Email Marketing Series: 24 Tips To Grow An Email List In 2020

A healthy email list with active subscribers is one of the most important criteria for the successful email marketing campaign. That’s why small and large scale businesses concentrate on growing their email list. Increasing the number of qualified emails in an email list is a difficult job only when you don’t pay attention to your prospects needs. If your content is fulfilling your prospects’ needs then it automatically becomes easy for a company to get their prospect’s personal details.  

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Many organizations and businesses stop focusing on retaining new user’s email id after getting a bunch of emails in their email list. If you are among one of them then let us inform you that every year an email list naturally degrades by 25%. That’s the reason why you should concentrate on growing your email list every year. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss what is an email list and 20 tips that can help you in growing your email list.   

What is an Email List?

It is one of the important parts of email marketing camping that is created by collecting the user’s email id through the lead-generating campaign. An email list helps an organization in flaunting its content, offers, brand name, etc to email users. An email list may start decaying once users start to opt-out by unsubscribing. Whereas an email list may start growing once you start providing different types of lead magnets to users. 

So, to grow an email list businesses use different tips and tricks to get their prospects details. And we are going to highlight some of the tips that can help you in growing your email list. 

Tips to grow an email list 

1. Convert some of your important content into gated content  Gated contents are one of the most important and useful online content that can’t be accessed until the user enters his details like name and email address. And it is an effective and appropriate way of growing an email list.  Most of the websites share their analytical reports and infographic in exchange they look for user details.

2. Create an online quiz and post it on your website to get the user details. An online quiz is a type of lead magnet that helps you in getting the email address of users. There are various tools like Interact, Qzzr that can help you in creating an online quiz for your website.

3. Create an attractive and humorous email content. It is important to craft attractive and funny email content to make your subscriber stay in your email list. Sometimes these types of entertaining contents are forwarded by subscribers to their friends and family. This type of practice can help you in getting more subscribers to your email list.

4. Promote your online contest on social media. Many companies are hosting different types of giveaways in exchange for the user’s email address. Because giveaways are one of the most effective ways of growing an email list. By promoting your giveaways on social media you can get the unique number of email addresses from various users. And if your giveaways are benefiting users then there are chances that they may start to share details about it. 

5. Offer problem-solving lead magnets to get the details of the users. Many companies are offering lead magnets like whitepapers, eBooks, and checklists. So, if you are looking to grow your email list then identify your prospect’s problem and provide them a solution in the form of lead magnet. You can create an attractive landing page for your lead magnet to get users details. 

6. Offer an online tool to website visitors because this type of practice can help you in growing your email list. If you are in the corporate world then you could have come across online tools in your daily life. There are many companies like ubersuggest, exitintelligence that are providing online keyword and pricing & ROI calculation tools to online users. Online tools help solve user’s problems. That’s why they don’t hesitate in giving their details like email id, name, and phone number.

7. Run Facebook ads that can drive traffic to your opt-in landing page. Because Facebook holds the maximum number of social media users and sponsored ads are reachable to almost every user that belongs to your niche. As Facebook allows you to choose different types of demographics, it can help you in preparing a valuable email list.

8. Offer coupons and discounts to people in exchange for their email address. This type of opt-in grabs attention because users like to use coupon code before buying anything. And another advantage is that users will not hesitate in giving their email addresses and even phone number for coupon code. There are many coupon related websites that are using this technique to get users details. So, if your company is promoting coupon codes to attract user’s attention then advertise it and make it reachable to the maximum number of users.

9. Share your Optin Landing page links on various Facebook post comment sections and in forums. Make sure that you have the permission of admin before posting your link because most of the time these types of links get deleted from the comments and forums. You can direct message to admin saying that you are looking to share this particular link on their post comment section or in the forum. 

10. Promote giveaways and contest details on Social media Sites. You can use various social media platforms to promote giveaways and content in exchange you can ask users email id. Always make sure to add social media buttons to your landing page and thank you page. This practice can help your user in sharing the details about your offer and content. 

11. Post SEO friendly content on your website. “Content is the king” is one of the most popular phrases that you have come across on the internet. That’s why it is important to post educating and entertaining content on a website. No matter which industry you belong to, by sharing content you are educating the audience and creating your website authenticity. 

12. Segment your email list to send targeted content to active subscribers. It will help you in crafting a healthy email list for your company.

13. Conduct Live webinars to educate the audience about your product. Nowadays webinars are becoming more popular in getting users’ attention. And users are also showing their interest in live webinars. So, take advantage of this type of lead magnet to grow your email list. You can ask the user to register for your website by giving their email address and name. There are various tools available like YouTube, Live or Zoom.

14. Use Pinterest to promote your gated info-graphics. Pinterest is also an important social media platform where different types of persona spend their time searching for different images and info-graphics. You can create a gated info-graphic and share it on Pinterest to get the user details. 

15. Display hyperlinked End cards at the end of your YouTube videos to encourage your viewers to take action and subscribe to your channel by providing their email address. 

16. Include your Lead magnet link in Quora where you find a topic relevant to your lead magnet. Nowadays users are finding quora as the best platform to get their answer for any question. So, if you find that your lead magnet contains the solution for user problem then you can look for the topic relevant to your lead magnet and paste the link of your lead magnet.

17. Get involved in the LinkedIn groups. Because Companies have started to send their experts on different  LinkedIn groups to provide the proper solution for the user’s question. And when they find the right time and relevant topic then they can advertise their lead magnet in front of users by providing the landing page link. 

18. Share Powerpoint presentation on Slide share  You can use slide share lead form to generate details of your lead. Businesses share different types of PowerPoint on online platforms like slide share and slideonline to create their authenticity and get their prospects details. So, you can use lead forms in the slide share to get your prospects details in exchange for something valuable. Many companies share their company’s analytical reports in the form of PowerPoint to get user details. 

19. Run paid ads to drive quality traffic on your landing page. The paid ad plays an important role in getting the quality emails that are likely to convert. And paid ads will also help in getting an abundance of visitors on your landing page. Therefore an attractive landing page and paid ad can help your company in creating a healthy email list with a great number of emails in it.   

20. Include the Landing page CTA in a guest post to get your target market details. If you are planning to post your content on a different website as a guest post then you can include your landing page CTA in it. This type of practice can help you in diverting your blog reader on your landing page. 

21. Reviews and testimonials in your opt-in can also persuade your subscriber into filling your opt-in form. Most of the time visitors show interest in your opt-in form but they refuse to fill it because they don’t find anything persuasive enough to encourage them to fill the opt-in form.  Reviews and testimonials can help your visitors in deciding whether they should fill your form or not. And a positive response from various people can encourage users to take action on your opt-in form. 

22. Craft a simple and short Opt-in form with details like first name, last name, and email address. If you are thinking of including a phone number column in your opt-in form then remember that no one likes to share their number to any companies until they see something more valuable like coupon code, analytical report, etc. So, if you are planning to get your user’s phone number then make sure that you offer something valuable to them. And include phone numbers in opt-in form only when it’s necessary because people generally ignore opt-in forms that are too complex with a lot of information to fill.

23. Don’t forget to include anti-spam policy under your submit button. Because users are very much aware of how companies sell users information to other companies. By proving anti-spam policy with text like “Your information is 100% secure and we don’t share your information with any other business” under your submit button can make you look authentic. And users will also not hesitate in sharing their information.

24. Setup Cross Promotion with influencers to promote your opt-in landing page link. Nowadays companies have started to partner up with influencers to promote their link either by paying them or by asking for cross-promotion. In cross-promotion, companies send an email related to influencers to work to their email list and influencers share details about companies to their email list. 

Extra take away tips

  • Comment on various blog posts and add links to your opt-in landing page. 
  • Share details about what your subscribers will be getting after subscribing.
  • Add your Landing page Optin link in Instagram Bio.
  • You can organize a local meetup and share your opt-in offer with people to get their details
  • Analyze your segmented audience and offer different types of lead magnet depending on your audience. 
  • Run the A/B test for your CTAs button and links.

Final Thoughts

Growing an email list with healthy subscribers is every company’s dream but it takes time and effort to create an email list. That’s why we have mentioned practical and verified tips that can help companies in growing their email lists.

Knowing about tips that can help a company in getting their prospects personal details is the basic need of a growing email list. So, if you’re looking to boost your email list with potential subscribers then you can contact SFWP Experts, Leading marketing agency in San Francisco. SFWP experts, have a highly qualified email marketing team that can help you in crafting a strategy to grow your email list. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is an email list? 

It is one of the important parts of email marketing camping that is created by collecting the user’s email id through the lead-generating campaign. An email list helps an organization in flaunting its content, offers, brand name, etc to email users. 

2. How to create an email list? 

An email list is created by collecting the user’s email id in exchange for lead magnet and incentive. If you are looking to create an email id then you should know various lead generation strategies that can help you in collecting the user’s email id. Generally small and large scale businesses offer gated content and some incentive like eBooks, checklist, whitepaper, coupons, etc in exchange for user’s details like name, email id, phone number, etc. 

3. How can I grow my email list? 

If you are looking to grow your email list then start providing incentive and lead magnet to users in exchange for their email. Gone are those days when people used to fill the opt-in form displayed on the website. Now companies have started to offer some incentive in exchange for the user’s details. 

4. How can I grow my email list through Instagram?

Growing an email list through Instagram will help you in adding. because users visit your Instagram page 

  • Promote your sign-up form and  landing page link in Instagram stories 
  • Display your call to action links in the Instagram bio 
  • Be consistent in promoting your lead magnets and incentives 
  • Run Instagram sponsored ads to promote your incentives
  • Promote your premium content on Instagram  

5. How to grow an email list through Facebook? 

If you are looking to grow your email list through Facebook then always remember to display your signup form or landing page link at least 4 to 5 places on your Facebook business page.

  • You can activate sign up button on your Facebook page
  • Host different type of giveaways/ contest
  • Offer gated content and promote it on Facebook 
  • Embed landing page links in your cover photo 
  • Make use of Facebook ads 
  • Be consistent in promoting your lead magnet 
  • Highlight and promoted 

6. How to collect email addresses of users? 

By offering lead magnet and incentive to users and promoting it on various inbound channels can help you in collecting email id of users. Identify the problem faced by your niche market and provide the solution in the form of lead magnet to get their details. 

7. How to grow my email list faster? 

If you are looking to grow your email list within a short span of time then you can embed your lead magnet in a landing page. And promote it through Pay-per-click(PPC) ads. It is one of the most convenient way of advertising a lead magnet to generate potential leads within a short span of time. 

  • Create a problem-solving content for your lead magnet 
  • Craft a simple and short Opt-in form
  • Offer an online tool to website visitors
  • Share your Opt-in Landing page links
  • Convert some of your prominent content into gated content
  • Offer coupons and discounts
  • Segment your email list

8. Is it good to buy an email list? 

If you are planning to buy an email list for your company then it is a bad idea to buy an email list. Because people may mark your email as spam if you try sending it to the unknown people. And because of that, your email will start landing in the user’s spam box and there are chances that email clients may block your email. That’s why always try to build a healthy email list by deploying the lead generation campaigns.