8 Ways To Optimize Woocommerce Product Page To Drive More Sales In 2020

With the rapid increase in the numer of online shoppers and stores, making your woocommerce store successful is not an easy job. There is a lot that goes into persuading shoppers to add products in the cart from your WooCommerce product page. 

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If you are looking to generate more sales from your WooCommerce store then its time to optimize your woocommerce product page. Even if you are not getting enough of visitors on your product page then optimizing woocommerce product page will help you to make your product page more convincing. 

According to Statista, US Ecommerce sales reached 343 billion dollars by 2019 and they are expected to rise to a booming amount of 638 billion dollars by the year 2022. Creating attractive and persuasive woocommerce product pages will not only help you to grow your sales but it will also encourage customers to make their next purchase form your store.

If your goal is to improve your woocommerce product page traffic and sales then you have to think beyond making the product available. Yes, product page customization can be a good option but other than that there are effective optimization tips that you can consider to make your product page compelling

In this article, we will help you to identify different ways or tips using which you can optimize your WooCommerce product page to encourage your customer to add products in the cart and make a successful purchase. 

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Tips to optimize your woocommerce Product page to increase sales and revenue 

1. Use clear and descriptive product name 

When it comes to optimizing woocommerce product page we always recommend you focus on creating a clear and descriptive product name. No matter how compelling the woocommerce product page design you create for your store, creating a clear title will grab your visitor’s attention. 

The product title that you use on your single product page will also appear in the store’s shop and category page. Not only that but the name can also appear in the store sidebar and footer. Creating an effective title for your parge page will serve you many benefits in terms of customer buying experience, sales, and more. 

To create an effective product name make sure to describe your product what it is about and how it can help visitors. Giving detailed product names will make it easy for the customer to select and purchase the product. 

Remember your product title should not only help shopper but it should also help search engine bot to understand the purpose of the page. Including a target keyword relevant to the product in your title will help you to optimize your product page for search engines. That’s why we recommended you create a detailed product name for your web page. 

Try to keep your title short and descriptive. Make sure that within a few words you are able to describe your product. Considering this woocommerce product page optimization strategy will surely offer you impactful results. 


2. Create a clear call to action button 

Undoubtedly every woocommerce product page has one goal to achieve, to encourage customers to hit the add to cart button, buy now button, or any other call to action button. That means you want your customer to perform some action that’s why you are creating a product page. 

To achieve that you need to create a clear call to action button that is easily visible and accessible by the shopper. Your call to action button “like add to cart. buy now and more” are the most important part of your product page. That why itis recommended creating a call to action button that stands out from surrounding content.  

Make sure the area around your CTA is uncluttered so that your button is visible to your shoppers. If you want your marting techniques like email marketing, paid ads and more to be effective then make sure the CTA on your product page is immediately visible to your visitors. Or we can say you CTA should appear in the first frame of your product page. 

Placing your description or testimonials above CTA can distract your user are sometimes visitors leave the website if they don’t find the purpose of the page. Your CTA button will help them in determining the purpose of the page. 

You can be creative with the CTAs on your product page but don’t make it too confusing for someone who landed on your product page with the goal of making a purchase from your store. 


3. Write a captivating product description  

Earlier online shopping was all about identifying products, analyzing whether it’s attractive and useful, or not then making the purchase decision. In the beginning, we mentioned not to make your product title lengthy. We also recommended using fewer words to describe what your product is about.

But while writing product description you get all the freedom to describe your product benefits, use, and more. In the product description, you can give in-depth detail about how a shopper can get benefited after buying your product. You can also describe what type of problem your product is solving.  

In your woocommerce product page, you can add two descriptions of the product. The long or full description you can embed using page builder plugin either in the form of tab or use it under your CTA’s. 


On the other hand, the ecommerce website also creates a short description or a brief summary of the product which is displayed is the category page as well as on the product page. Many Woocommerce themes allow you to embed short descriptions in the single product page.  Check the example to know how it used in different places. 


How to write long and short descriptions for the product page? 

From the name you can determine that the approach to writing short and long descriptions for your product page will be totally different. Your long description will contain in-depth detail about the product. Whereas in the short description you will be highlighting the main point or the most important information about the product. 

Long description: 

  • If you are writing long descriptions then make sure you give each and every detail including material detail, size, and more. 
  • Hight the important information as early as possible because most of the time customers avoid reading the whole description.
  • We recommend you create a structure for your description by dividing it into different so that it becomes easy for the shopper to get in-depth detail about each section. 
  • Let your description be a source that helps customers know how your product is going to benefit them.  
  • Include the targeted keyword in your product description

Short Description: 

  • After creating your long description for your product it will become easy for you to pick the vital points and create a short description for your product.
  • While creating a short description make sure it highlights the importance and benefits of the product within a few lines. 
  • Highlight product key attributes in your short description
  • Create a compelling short description that grabs shoppers attention 
  • You use words that sell 
  • Avoid using too many jargons in your short description 

4. Use High-Quality Images 

We don’t have to mention that images are considered to be more persuasive than the text. Using multiple product images in your woocommerce product page will not only enhance your page ap[earenced but it will allow shoppers to get a detailed view of product which can turn into a successful purchase. 

When an online shopper visits your e-commerce website to buy a product, most of the time shoppers are unfamiliar with the product appearance. Giving them a clear view of the product through images can encourage them to make a purchase from your online store. 

We recommend using at least 3-4 images on your product page to offer the experience to your shoppers. Make sure you are using high-quality images on your product page because an unprofessional photo or low-resolution images with difficult visuals can drive away users from your store.  

Small images fail to offer details of the product, not only that but if the shoppers try to magnify the image then using small images can disturb the visuals. That’s why it is recommended to use high-quality images for your product. 

Another point you can consider to optimize your woocommerce product pages is by using original and unique images for your product page. Even if your product page contains common products used by other online stores. We recommend using your own unique images for your online store.  


5. Add different color/size options

If your woocommerce product page is selling a product that comes with different colors and sizes then it is recommended to allows your customer to pick the desired color and size. Product Size is one of the basic features offered by every ecommetrce website.

But creating another tab that allows the customer to select the product color will enhance your shipper buying experience. And thet are likely to come back to your store to make their next purchase. 

You can place the color selection option next to the products and ensure that the color in the image also changes after the shopper picks a particular color.  Check the image below how David’s Bridal is allowing the shopper to pick the color of their choice on the same product page. 


6. Show Product form different angels

Undoubtedly toady shoppers become more advanced when making a purchase from an online store. Before making any purchase from the online store they visualize every detail about the product how the product will look on them or in their living room and more. 

That’s why it is recommended to include multiple photos from different angles in your woocommerce product page. It will enable the shopper to have an accurate representation of the product. Not only that but it will also encourage shoppers to add the product on the cart page. If you are operating an online clothing store then it is recommended to add a sizing chart for clothing measurement. 

Check how Dooney & Bourke purse is demonstrating the size of the product from different angles so thet shoppers get a clear representation of the product. 


7. Add Videos in your product page 

If you want your product page to drive more conversion and sales then it is recommended to add product videos in your woocommerce product page. Compared to text and images shoppers get more attracted to product videos as it helps them to get in-depth detail of the product appearance.  

When a shopper who is totally unaware of the product appearance lands on your product page then compared to images, video content encourages the customer to take action on your CTAs.

Hubspot also stated that 90% of the online shopper prefers to use video content compared to images as it makes the decision process much easier. Whether you are operating a clothing store or appliances based store we always recommend you to create and add short video on your product page. Look at the below image how levis is using a short video to give a clear idea and appearance of the product. 


8. Include different Photo Tools 

Using multiple images on your product page is one the best way to convert shoppers into customers. But with the advancement in the technologies, we also recommend you to include different photo tools that allow shoppers to visualize how the product will fit into their lives.  

There are many ecommerce websites that are embedding new photo tools like image magnifier, 360-degree view, and other ML-based tools that enhance your shopper’s buying experience.  

For example, If your woocommerce product page is about selling optical wear then it is recommended to add a photo tool that allows the shopper to check how the Frame will look on their face. 

Look at the example below how homedepot.com is using various photo tools that allow customers to zoom on the refrigerator to get detailed views. Not only that but it also allows shoppers to get a 360-degree view of the refrigerator.  



No matter how attractive your ecommerce website design is for shoppers without an attractive product page all your efforts can go in vain. There are many websites that have an attractive design with all the required UX/UI elements present in their pages but still, they fail to boost their ecommerce conversion. 

Almost every ecommerce website focus on optimizing their checkout page, cart page, the home page, and more. But other than that your product page also plays a crucial role in persuading customers to buy your product. Because all the emails you send, the ads campaign you create is mostly focused on drive traffic to the product page. 

That’s why it is important to optimize your product page so that it gets noticed by your visitors and also encourages them to hit the call to action button you desire. Above we have listed all the tips or techniques that you can consider while optimizing your product page. 

If you are facing difficulties in creating an attractive product page for your products then you can always rech out to our ecommerce website design experts to help you build compelling and conversion-centric product pages for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I optimize my product page? 

Optimizing your product page can offer you many benefits like increase in product sales, repurchase. visitors and more. You can make use of below tips to optimize your product page 

  • Create a clear and descriptive product title 
  • Highlight your CTAs
  • Include social proofs, testimonials, and customer reviews
  • Show product in different angles 
  • Add short product videos 
  • Create a compelling product description 
  • Use high-quality images for your product 
  • Make sure your product contains more than one images 
  • Allow your customer to pick colors for the product 
  • Use Upsell and Cross-sell in your product page

Your ecommerce website design plays a cruel role in improving your online reputation and sales. If you want your business to have a website that not only grabs shopper’s attention but encourages them to take action. Then it is recommended to hire the best ecommerce website design company that is experienced or have created websites relating to your niche.   

2. How do you write a product description? 

To write a persuading and attractive product description it is recommended to 

  • Analyze and know your target  audience (because you are creating the description for them)
  • With few line show how the product can benefit shopper
  • Narrate a full story (why the product is essential and how it can solve their problem) 
  • Don’t use too many jargons (instead use simple language to write product description)
  • Include words that sell 
  • Make your description easy to scan (shopper will not spend a whole day to read your description)
  • Include the targeted keyword in your product description 
  • Don’t write lengthy product description 

If you are looking for an ecommerce website that comes SEO optimized product description and pages then it is recommended to hire the best ecommerce website design company that offers multiple services including content writing.

3. What makes a great product page? 

A product page that eases shopper’s buying experience, helps them in getting in-depth detain about products, and more importantly offers various options (in terms of color and sizes) are considered as the best product page. Yes, your product page design also plays a crucial role in converting shoppers into a customer but the features you include in your product page will enhance the shopper’s buying experience. That’s why it is recommended to make your product page descriptive, offer different features, and make your product page design simple and attractive. 

You can always reach out to an ecommerce website design professional to create an attractive and conversion-centric e-commerce website as well as the individual product page for your business.   

4. What makes a great product image? 

Offer images that are easily viewable and accessible by shoppers. Because the image on your product page will play a crucial role in converting your shoppers into customers. Make your product image description so that shoppers can get a clear idea of the product. Adding multiple images on your product page will enhance your customer shopping experience. So, try to offer high-quality images that give a clear view of the product and make it personal. Place yourself in place of shoppers and analyze what type of images can encourage you to purchase the product.

If you are looking to create a fully functioning and conversion-centric ecommerce website for your business then reach out to the best ecommerce website design company that listens to your requirements and understands your business and product purpose.     

5. How do I make a proper product image? 

Images play a crucial role in encouraging customers to make a purchase from your product page. Below we are listing some important tips that you can consider to offer the best product image: 

  • Use high quality and original images of the product 
  • Have proper size for your images (1000 pixels in width and hight) 
  • Offer different product angles 
  • Make sure that the color of your image changes if the customer picks a different color 
  • Offer Magnification option in your images 
  • Show product material and details through images
  • Offer a sense of context and scale

Looking to build an eCommerce website thet grabs shoppers’ attention and persuade them to purchase your product. If yes then we recommend you to partner with a leading ecommerce website design company that can offer you a research-based ecommerce website that enhances page as well as customer experience.