11 Tips To Boost An WooCommerce Website Sales In 2020

Creating & running a new eCommerce website is not a difficult part thanks to woocommerce tutorial and support. Almost every retailer is shifting to the eCommerce platform to sell their products and make it reachable to the maximum number of audience. 

If you are looking to create an eCommerce using woocommerce then check our article on How To Set Up A Fully Functioning WooCommerce Store Using WordPress? 

While creating the new woocommerce website many users feel excited and when they receive a new order for the product they become more confident about selling the product online. But with the increasing competition, many fail to grab customer attention and due to that their e-commerce website sales drop drastically. 

Running an eCommerce website is much more difficult than managing the store. Today many eCommerce websites are struggling to get traffic and sales. whereas woocommerce stores are seeing a surge in their sales and website traffic. It totally depends on how you are creating and implementing your marketing strategies. 

Therefore in this article, we are going to help you in creating a strategy that will help you to boost your woocommerce website traffic and sales. Using the below tips you can craft a marketing strategy that will help you to attract more customers to your woocommerce store. 

Tips to boost your WooCommerce sales 

1. Provide personalized experience to your customers 

Today people are shifting to eCommerce platforms for many reasons and one of them is a personalized experience. Every customer wants themselves to be treated special when they visit your website. There are various ways like using personalized content, woocommerce extension, technology to offer a personalized experience to your user. 


According to the recent analysis, more than 48% of the customers spend more time on eCommerce websites when their experience is personalized. And 74% of the customers abandon websites where the content is not personalized meaning when the content has nothing to do with the customer. 

Remember every potential customer wants themselves to be nurtured when they visit your eCommerce website. And each of them wants to be updated with all the offers, new product launches and more.  


Providing personalized experience will surely help you to boost your eCommerce sale. According to the marketing sherpa, personalized product recommendation helps in driving more revenue. If you look at the graph you can identify that more than 57.5% of eCommerce websites are already using personalized product recommendations on their product pages. And they are successful driving 68.7% of the revenue from the recommendation type out of total revenue. So always focus on personalizing your customer experience.  

There are various ways to personalize your woocommerce website experience. For example, if your woocommerce website displays the person named on the top instead of only “Hi“ whenever your customer login to your website your chatbot displays a welcome message and asks them about their previous buying experience. These small steps can help you in personalizing your eCommerce website experience. 

If you woocommerce fail to impress your customer then they may shift to your competitor website and it is a very difficult process to bring back on your website. Therefore to  convert your potential customer into that may become your paying 

Using WooCommerce Extension  to provide Personalized experience

Adding the right woocommerce extension will surely help you to provide a personalized experience to your customers. For example, if your store is allowing the user to select their own delivery date, personalize content by converting them into their preferred language, select currency then surely your customer will feel more connected with your store. There are plugins like: 

  • If you are operating in multiple countries and looking to enhance your sales performance. Then it is recommended to use the woocommerce multilingual plugin that can offer you to translate your page content into different languages depending on the country.
  • You can also use WooCommerce multi-currency to allow your customers to switch countries depending on their country. For example, if any of your customers in France are searching for a product and all the prices of the product are displayed in US $. Then he/she may face difficulty in operating your store. So, to personalize their experience you can install & activate the plugin. 

Using Technology to provide a personalized experience 

Many eCommerce website owners don’t know that technology like AI and Machine Learning can play an essential role in boosting your woocommerce sales. Using this technology you can transform your website buying experience, your website appearance, and solve the problem faced by your potential customers. 

Using AI and Machine Learning you can analyze your customers buying behavior and depending on that you can offer them an intuitive eCommerce website. You can also provide a better UC/UI design with the simple checkout process and many more. Technology has always enhanced user experience, if you want to improve your sales then you can use these techs to understand your customer’s behaviors and problems. 

If you like to embed these types of tech in your eCommerce website then you can reach out to SFWP Experts Los Angeles leading eCommerce website builder.  

2. Discount Coupons 

It is considered as one of the best lead magnets that can help you in boosting your Woocommerce sales. Discount And Coupon can help you in converting indecisive shoppers into satisfied customers. By offering the incentive you can persuade your potential customer to buy your product using discount code. 

sfwpexperts.com-woocommerce-wordpress-boost-sales-coupon-online-purchases-2018 l Statistic Statista

WooCommerce allows you to easily customize and manage your product coupons. So to boost your sale analyze your previous coupon campaign data and depending on that create an attractive coupon that can attract your customers. If you look at the above stats by state, you can analyze that coupons play an important role in encouraging your customers of different age groups to buy the product. 

You can also nurture your existing customers by offering special discounts on products liked by them. You can analyze your customer buying behaviors and depend on that you can recommend the product coupon code. Always offer an attractive coupon/discount code so that your new, as well as existing customers, cant refuge to buy your product. 

Avoid displaying your promotional code in unnoticed places on your website. You can create a slider at the bottom using big fonts to highlight discounts going on your product. If your homepage has the sidebar or slider on the top then you can advertise your promotion code to make it visible to your site visitors. You can also promote your coupon code on coupon selling websites as well as on social media. 

3. Install Urgency Trigger (FOMO)

After reading many of you will be like you knew what it is and how it works but you didn’t think of implementing it in your woocommerce store. 

Among other sales strategies, adding countdown timers in your woocommerce store can be the most effective strategy to boost an eCommerce website product sales. Many eCommerce websites have already using this type of FOMOs to encourage customers to buy the product quickly 

You can add the timer in your front page slider to advertise limited-time offers, limited stock. For example, if you are advertising the launch of a new smartwatch in your store and asking your customer to buy the product when it launches. Then remember a customer who already knows about the product may show interest in buying that product. But if you add an urgency trigger, saying the stock is available for a limited time then almost every customer will check the details about the product which may increase your WooCommerce store sales. 

Remember, embedding urgency triggers on your website will surely help you to grab user attention. if you simply display a discount code or sales offer then only a few people may notice or buy something from your store. But if you add a timer to it then it creates a fear among the people to miss out that offer. That is when your site visitors can become your paying cushion without any hesitation. 

Many woocommerce sites are committing a mistake by placing these types of FOMO in the wrong place. Even though you are advertising your product for a wide range of customers, placing urgency triggers in the wrong place can result in fewer views which will affect your campaign and result in fewer sales.  That’s why it is better to highlight your FOMO time in the right place where it is visible to your potential customers. 

4. Capture your lead info

Every visitor visiting your eCommerce website is your lead and if you want to convert them into paying customers then you need to get their basic details like email id and name. Using their details you can nurture them and offer an attractive lead magnet to improve your conversion rate. Remember don’t ask your visitor’s phone number until and unless you are offering an attractive lead magnet to your user. Many times users refuse to fill the form after seeing the phone number option in the lead generation form. 


You can create an enticing lead generation form and embed it with your web page to get your potential lead details. Most of the time site visitors show interest in buying the product but due to some reason, they abandon their cart. According to the abandoned cart, stats by Statista 67% of the customers abandon their cart due to the high shipping rate, many of them do it because they face issues while applying discount codes. So to re-engage them you can create an effective email marketing strategy and use their details to send promotional emails

If you are looking to create an enticing lead generation form and email marketing strategy then you can contact SFWP Experts, a leading Los Angeles marketing & advertising company. 

5. Social media to boost eCommerce sale 

Today social media is considered one of the most convenient ways to sell products and drive website traffic. According to the report, more than 55% of the eCommerce owners claim that social media is boosting their sales and Facebook alone is helping them in increasing eCommerce sales. That’s why  Many small e-commerce websites are using social media to attract potential customers. 


If you look at the above stats, you may realize the importance of social media for the eCommerce website. More than 45%  of the users made their purchase on an eCommerce site through Facebook. So try to engage your customers using social media to uplift your sales. 

You can display your social media button on the product page so that customers can share product details with their families and friends. To attract more customers, whenever a purchase is made, you can ask the customer to like and share your page through email.

Try to avoid deleting your customers’ complaints on any social media channel instead resolve them by answering their problems. So, keep your Facebook and twitter active to spread awareness about your eCommerce site, the right social strategy can help to outperform your competitor. You can contact SFWP Experts to create an attractive and persuasive social strategy for your business.  

If you want to create an effective business page for your WooCommerce site on social media then make sure that users can post reviews and recommend your page to others. One of the common mistakes carried out by many website owners, even after allowing people to comment they don’t reply and solve a customer problem. If your marketing strategy includes promotion on social media then make sure that your followers trust your business page. To do that, always reply to your customer’s comment and message in your inbox. This type of practice will help you to gain other follower’s trust on your page and eCommerce website. 

6. Abandoned cart email 


Emails are the best and effective way to communicate with your customers. You can craft an enticing email and remind your customers about the product they did not buy during checkout. This type of email plays an important role in bringing customers back to your woocommerce website. 

Display your website like and make sure that you like redirects your customer to the cart page. If you want your customer to immediately respond to your abandoned cart email then we recommend you add a small discount which can encourage them to buy the product. 

Remember your email subject line plays a crucial role in getting the attention of your customer. So, create an enticing and persuading subject line that can attract your customer’s attention.   For example, subject lines like “your cart are missing you” “your product is waiting” are more work.  

7. Create a Series of Contest 

There are many ways to boost your Woocommere sale and conducting content for your customer is one among them. These types of incentives are the most effective way to drive more customer traffic and increase your website sales. You can offer high prize money to attract more customers but don’t make it too high people will think your content is fake. 

Many eCommerce websites are already using this technique to boost their website traffic and sales. If you don’t want your eCommerce website to be left behind then use online tools and your creativity to create an enticing Contest to boost your WooCommerce store sales. you can also create a series of the contest so that customers can anticipate your future contest. 

There are many top-rated online tools like PromoSimple, EasyPromo and more providing advanced features and easy user interface to create an attractive contest for an en woocommerce website. You can ask your customers to share the contest details with their relatives and friends in return they will get some incentive.  

8. Provide Free shipping 

Offering free shipping is an effective way to increase your WooCommerce website sales. The recent analysis says that all the eCommerce websites that started offering free shipping have seen a surge in their traffic & sales.

Today more than 60% of customers abandon their cart due to the high shipping cost and duration. That’s it is recommended to offer free shipping if you want to improve your eCommerce website sales. 

If your business policy doesn’t allow you to offer free shipping for the whole term then you can create an offer for limited days free shipping. You can also provide free shipping options to selected areas, a certain amount, a particular product and more. 

9. Create good relation with customer 

Many times an eCommerce website owner commits a mistake by ignoring their existing customer. If you want to boost your sale then remember your existing customers are the ones going to be your future customer. 

Instead of ignoring them try to engage them using various marketing strategies. Your existing customer has already brought the product from your store which means they know about your store and they believe you. So, it becomes easy to create an appealing marketing strategy to persuade the existing customers to buy your products.

And make sure that whoever you are greeting your new customer tries to not market them directly by sending a product page link. Instead, you can welcome them by sending them a welcome email. Next, you can tell them about your eCommerce website. 

After a few greeting emails, you can send them an email about the current offer or special discount email. This type of email attracts customer attention. By offering an incentive in your promotional emails you can create a good relationship with your potential customer. 

Whenever a customer purchases a product from your store ask them about their purchase experience and the difficulties faced by them. It helps in understanding what your customers are looking for and what they didn’t like on your eCommerce website. Indirectly your customers will help you to improve your customer experience. (image source: xsellco.com)

6. Recommend complementary products

You might have come across these types of selling if you are an online shopper. Many eCommerce websites are recommending complementary products to their customers to generate a high sale.  For example, if your customer brought a pair of shoes from your store then you can recommend jeans, a t-shirt, and jackets that are related to the purchased product.

Many eCommerce commit a mistake by recommending similar products. Remember recommending a similar product of different companies and colors will not help you to increase your woocommerce sales because they have already bought the product. there are chances that your customer may buy in the future. 

If you want to implement this marketing technique then you can either do it through email or in the thank you page (after a customer purchases the product).  You can craft an enticing email with previous purchase details and complementary products. Or display your product after your customer makes the purchase. On the thank you page, you can recommend them by saying “Our customers have also purchased these products”. 

11. Award rewards to your customers

If you want to grab your existing and new customer’s attention then start offering the loyalty points. Their type of reward can help you in bringing back your customer to your woocommerce store to make a new purchase. 

Few eCommerce websites have already started to offer rewards to their customers after they purchase from their store. There are various plugins available that will help you to create loyalty rewards for your customers. 


There are many other tips to boost the sales of a woocommerce website like creating an attractive interface, smooth navigational layout and more. You can use the above steps to boost the traffic and sales of your eCommerce website. If you are looking to outperform your competition then avoid doing mistakes carried out by them.

The above marketing techniques will help you to create an effective strategy that will help you to attract your visitor’s attention, persuade them to spend more time on your woocommerce website and more. 

If you want to create an attractive website and effective marketing strategy you can also contact SFWP experts a leading eCommerce website design company in loans agent experience in building more than 400+ website  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How can I grow my eCommerce website? 

If you are looking to grow your woocommerce website by improving your sales and revenue then here are the tips that will help you to 

  • Always provide a personalized experience to your new as well as existing customers.
  • You can provide coupons, discounts and create a series of contests to boost your website sales and traffic. 
  • Always pitch your products to your existing customers because they know about your website which makes it easy for you to convince them to buy the product. 
  • You can contact various affiliate marketers to advertise your products on their website. 
  • To boost your eCommerce sales you can reach out to Social media influencers to advertise your products to their social media followers 
  • Offer complementary products to your customers for example if your customer is buying a phone then you can recommend screen guard, insurance, phone cover, etc. 
  • You can partner with various e-commerce websites to sell your products. By offering various discounts to attract customers on your partner website. 
  • Lastly, think outside the box and avoid making mistakes carried out by your competitors. 

2. How to make my eCommerce website popular among the audience? 

Today, Every e-commerce website wants to be on the top and below tips will help you to create an effective strategy for your eCommerce website. 

  • Create a mobile-friendly eCommerce website with a streamlined navigation layout.
  • Use social media to spread awareness about your eCommerce website. Post content regularly and interact with your followers on social media. Engaging your followers will help you to boost your website sales and build your brand reputation. 
  • Optimize your website depending on the search engine guidelines. 
  • Before launching your website understand your customer requirements and difficulties faced by your potential online shoppers. Proper market research will help you to know more about your niche market. 
  • SEO will help you to stay on the top in SERP. create an effective SEO strategy for your eCommerce website. 
  • You can use PPC (Pay Per Click) to run paid ads on social media, search engines and more. If you are a small business targeting a specific group then use social media to advertise your products. Social media allows you to select and target a specific group of people. 

3. How do I start an eCommerce business with no money?

Well, if we talk practically then you have to spend a basic amount (between $4 – $500) in setting up your store. But it comes down to the strategy you use to sell products online. Here are steps you can follow to build an eCommerce website for free: 

  • Determine the type of product you are going to sell to your customer. 
  • Create a business plan for your eCommerce business. 
  • Do market research about your potential customers
  • Create an eCommerce website using WordPress.  Bothe WordPress and woocommerce free of cost only you have to pay for the hosting and backup.      
  • Upload your product data manually or using CSV files. 
  • Start selling your product 

4. Is starting an eCommerce business worth it? 

Yes, starting an eCommerce website is surely a profitable business. If you successfully help yourself in establishing your eCommerce business then it will give you a high return on investment ROI. There are many small and large scale businesses using e-commerce websites to make their products reachable to a wide range of audiences. If your product is helpful to people then they will surely count into paying customers of your woocommerce store. 

5. What are the 6 types of eCommerce?

Mainly B2B and B2C are the most common and popular types of eCommerce selling every user knows. But in total there are six types of eCommerce:

  • B2B (Business to  customer)
  • B2C (Business to consumer)
  • C2C (Consumer to consumer
  • C2B (Consumer to Business)
  • B2A (Business to Administration)
  • C2A (Customer to Administration)

6. How much does it cost to start an eCommerce business? 

The price range varies depending on your business size. If you are looking to start a basic eCommerce website with few products and pages then it will cost you between ($1000 – $2000). However, if you are planning to start a big eCommerce business with more than 100 products then the coating will go up to  $30000. 

7. What are the abandoned carts?

If your customer adds the product in your e-commerce website and leaves the checkout page without buying the product then that’s is called an abandoned cart. You can use email to re-engage a group of customers who abandoned your cart. A proper email marketing strategy will surely help you to bring you, customer, back on your website.  You can create an enticing email and remind your customers about the product they forgot to buy during the checkout process. Remember your email subject line plays a crucial role in getting the attention of your customer.

8. When should you send an abandoned cart email?

If you are planning to re-engine abandoned cart use using email then it is important to know when you should send an email and what type of email will be effective. You can craft an enticing email and remind your customers about the product they did not buy during checkout. Here is the  strategy you can use to re-engage you abandoned cart

  • You can plan your first abandon cart email after one hour after abandonment 
  • The second email you can send after one day (remember don’t send too many emails to your customer. This type of practice can irritate your customer and instead of buying your product they may abandon your website. So be careful while sending an abandoned cart email to your customers. 
  • In the third email, you can send it after three or four days depending on the previous abandon cart email. 

9. How does social media affect eCommerce business?

Social media is considered as one of the most convenient ways to sell products and drive website traffic. According to the report, more than 55% of the eCommerce owners claim that social media is boosting their sales and Facebook alone is helping them in increasing eCommerce sales. So, you can use social media to boost your brand awareness and you can even sell products on social media. An effective social media strategy will surely help you to increase your eCommerce revenue. 

10. How to capture my woocommerce store visitor details?

Every visitor visiting your eCommerce website is your lead and if you want to convert them into paying customers then you need to get their basic details like email id and name.  You can create an enticing lead generating form embed some discount and price they ask your site visitor to fill in the details. Days are gone when people used to fill up their details in the contact form. Now you have to offer some incentive to get your lead details. You can also create an email or phone number option on the checkout page.