Financial Aid & Assistance Offered By Top Companies and Philanthropist To Fight COVID19 Pandemic

As the impact COVID19 is growing in society, many lives, families, and small businesses are facing difficulties in managing their livelihoods. To overcome that federal government of different countries has stepped up to help all the families and businesses struggling to survive during the crisis.

Not only the federal government but many top companies and philanthropists are offering various financial aid and medical assistance to support families and small businesses. If you want to know more about the impact of COVID19 on the advertising and marketing industry check our blog on How COVID19 Pandemic Is Affecting Marketing And Advertising Industries?

In this article, we will be highlighting the funds and grants offered by various companies and philanthropists to help the global nonprofit organization in fighting unwanted coronavirus pandemic. 

Financial Aid Offered by Top Companies and Philanthropist

Many world leaders & philanthropists like Gates Foundation are joining hands to help the small and medium-sized enterprises to fight against the crisis caused by COVID19 pandemic. Many states in the US have already started assisting small businesses by providing aid like funds &  low-interest loans to back them during the crisis. Below are the list of companies and organizations offering grants and a low-interest loan to help families and businesses fight COVID19 Pandemic.

1. Facebook (Small Business Grant Program)

After the COVID19 crisis, many small businesses are struggling to manage their business and pay their basic wages. To overcome that Facebook announced $100 million cash grand for all the businesses across different countries to support their functioning during the crisis. Businesses can also take advantage of Facebook Ads credit to run their ads.

More than 30,000 small businesses in 30 different courtiers will get the advantage of the small business grants program, as Facebook is planning to distribute grants to different countries depending on the impact of COVID19. The application for the grant is not launched yet but soon Facebook will start giving applications to a business struggling to pay their rent, employees and other debt bills. The application will be out soon you can click here to  Sign up for updates on the application. 

Other than funds and grants Facebook is introducing different types of free courses that will help small and medium-sized businesses to many and run their business until the crisis ends.    

2. Google 

On March 15 Google announced a $50 million grant to fight the novel COvid19 pandemic.  Including that they will be donating $5 million to the COVID19 solidarity fund for the world health organization (UN).With the increase in the COVID19 cases, google offered aid to the many small businesses, healthcare,  science and access to educational resources.

Google has taken major steps to promote all the necessary information related to  COVID19. Information like symptoms of COVID 19, vaccine updates, travel-related info, economy slowdown info and all the safety measures a person should take to avoid Coronavirus. If you watch the video then you can identify how google is using unconventional ways to spread the awareness of the COVID19 pandemic.  

Google is taking all the necessary steps to delete all the videos on youtube exploiting fear about COVID19. If any of the videos on Youtube promote avoiding medical tests then the videos automatically get deleted. 

While researching our team came across news were people in the video asked COVID19 positive people to avoid medical tests and follow their hypothetical prevention measures to get rid of COVID19. To overcome these types of misleading content  Google also started blocking all the ads exploiting coronavirus. 

3. Neighborhood Small Business Relief Fund (Amazon)

To support small and medium-sized enterprises they rely totally on the customer’s footfall and can make use of the Amazon Neighborhood Small Business Relief Fund. All the businesses in Bellevue, Wash, and the south lake union and other neighborhoods of Seattle are eligible to apply for the grant up to $5 million. 

Depending on the type of documents and your revenue losses Amazon will determine the grant amount for your business affected by the coronavirus pandemic. There are few conditions and policies like your business annual revenue should be less than $7 million and should have less than 50 employees or less.   

To help various communities in Arlington, Amazon announced $1 million to fight COVID19 Pandemic. It will directly benefit the four largest Washington DC region community foundations that are dedicating their efforts in helping people affected by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  

The Act for Alexandria, Arlington community foundation, the community foundation for Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington Community Foundation will make use of the grant to help food insecurity, housing, shelters and provide financial assistance to small businesses struggling during the COVID19 Crisis. 

4. Nike Foundation 

To support and fight the novel COVID19 pandemic  Nike’s leader, Nike foundation is going to donate more than 15 million to help all the people across Oregon, China, and other European countries. In the month of January, Nike donated 10 million RMB ($1.4milion) to China’s youth development foundation to help frontline workers by providing sufficient supplies and equipment to treat patients. 

From a $15 million grant, Nike is going to donate $4.5 million to the global organizations and communities fighting against the COVID19 pandemic. $1 million will go to the COVID19 Solidarity Response  Fund to help affected countries. Oregon Community recovers Fund will get a grant of $1 million from Nike to help Beaverton and all nearby communities. 

Nike is committing to donate $1.1 million to the King Baudouin Foundation to help people across Africa, Europe. They will also be helping a mid-south food bank in Memphis by donating $250,00, the community foundation will also receive the grant of $250,000 and Boston foundation COVID19 response Fund will get $500,000. 

Other than that Nike Chairmen and co-founder, CEO and more have joined  hands to donate 10 million to following:

  • Oregon Foodbank will receive funding of $1 million 
  • $2 will be donated to Oregon Community Recover fund 
  • Oregon Health and Science University will receive funding of $7 million to increase patient access, diagnostic testing and more.

5. HP Foundation

Recently HP foundation announced donating $1 Million to assist countries and families affected most by the unwanted COVID19 pandemic. The main aim behind donating the grant is to support areas facing difficulties in getting their medical supplies. HP Foundation is also donating printers and PCs to the hospitals and NGOs facing difficulties in managing their work due to the surge in the COVID19 active cases.  

They stated that HP is taking all the necessary proactive actions to help and protect their employees, customers, and partners. With the increase in the active cases, HP has already instructed its employees not to travel by offering work from home policies and canceled almost every event happening around the globe. 

Enrique Lores, President & CEO of HP ins. has asked top companies & world leaders to come forward in helping families, hospitals, small businesses, and all the communities hit badly by the impact of COVID19 pandemic. 

After providing $1million aid to the affected areas, HP is focusing on designing and producing necessary parts for medical responders and hospitals using their 3D printing team and HP’s digital manufacturing partner network.

Any small and medium-sized business facing difficulties in managing and paying their basic wages during the crisis can take advantage of the grant and loan to keep their business afloat until the COVID19 crisis ends. 

6. Novo Nordisk Foundation

With the increase in the COVID19 affected areas in Denmark, Novo Nordisk Foundation announces DKK 50 million for emergency response for scientific, social, and health outreach projects focusing on mitigating the effect of coronavirus. 

These funds can be accessed by the people working on national projects which can be easily accessible to the people and initiated immediately. The main aim behind creating these funds is to bring out various ways that can help in alleviating the COVID impact in the future. 

Applications are considered for projects that fall under the scientific project which can test the new treatments, technologies that can similar to the situation of vulnerable people affected by the COVID19.  There are many projects that have already got the grant from the Novo Foundation projects like applied artificial intelligence for real-time risk assessment of patients, Identification of the contagion Risk among recovered as well as deceased COVID19 patients and more.

7. Netflix Relief Fund 

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, many people in the entertainment industry are left unemployed without any other option to earn. To overcome that Netflix announced to create a $100 million relief fund to help all those people in the creative commuting facing difficulties in paying for their basic wages. 

Netflix is offering $1 million to the motion pictures and television funds, $1Million to the SAG-AFTRS for their COVID19 disaster Relief fund and $! To the actor fund, Emergency Assistance in the U.S. Other than that Netflix is offering $5 million to all the nonprofit groups working in the other countries to fight against the COVID19 and to improve the world situation. 

Netflix chief content officer stated that the COVID19 crisis has hit many industries including the creative community. After the recent outbreak, almost every TV and film production have stopped their functioning forcing many people to become unemployed. More than 120,000 crew members become unemployed due to the surge in the COVID19 cases. That’s why NetFlux took initiative to help those carpenters, painters, electricians, and drivers by offering them a relief fund. 

8. Walmart 

To help frontline organizations fighting COVID19 pandemic, Walmart and Walmart’s foundation committed to donating $25 million to fight the unwanted Outbreak. Recently  Leading retailer giant Walmart announced that they will be donating $10 million to help food banks, school meal programs, and food security organizations offering free meals to people during the COVID19 crisis.

$10 million will be donated to the United States and other countries to support local communities facing difficulties during the economic crisis. And a $5 million grant will go to the global organization and communities helping countries to fight, prevent, and detect coronavirus pandemic.  

9. Bank of America 

Recently in the month of March bank of America committed to supporting all the local communities by offering $100 million funds. These funds will be distributed among all the local markets and it will be used to increase the medical supplies,  food supplies and provide support to all the people getting inadequate supply due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

In the recent report, Brain Moynihan, chairman and CEO of Bank of America, told all the public and private sectors to come together and work and one to fight against COVID19 and address the healthcare crisis. The fund will also go to the global organization taking all the necessary steps to help the people across the world to fight COVID19 pandemic.  

10. PwC Charitable Foundation 

To support the people affected by the COVID19 pandemic, PwC Charitable Foundation has committed to donating $2.9 million to fight the crisis. PwC gave a grant of  $500,000 to feeding America, Direct relief in America got a donation of $500,000 and $1.5 million was donated to help and fulfill all the need throughout the United States during the crisis. 

Not only that, but PwC also made a donation of $350,000 to Project HOPE (in the month of February)  to help health workers in Wuhan and Shanghai to get protective equipment to fight the pandemic. 

11. New York Community Trust 

Different foundations and leaders have joined hands to help NY bases social service and art & culture organizations affected badly by the impact of the COVID19 pandemic. A total of $75 million  COVID19 responses and impact fund is created by New York Community Trust to help all the nonprofits groups working the arts, culture and social services. 

All the small and medium-sized nonprofits suffering from the coronavirus pandemic can apply for the grant and low-interest loan offered by the New York community trust. These funds will help them to fulfill their emerging needs and cover their losses. 

18 major foundations who helped during 9/11 and hurricane Sandy are joining hands to donate the amount to help all those stringing to pay rent, make payroll and other debt bills. Total members include 

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies, Carnegie Corporation of New York
  •  Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
  •  Ford Foundation
  •  Joan Ganz Cooney & Holly Peterson Fund, Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund
  •  The JPB Foundation
  •  The Estée Lauder Companies Charitable Foundation
  •  The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  •  The New York Community Trust
  •  Jennifer, and Jonathan Allan Soros
  •  Jon Stryker and more. 

12. Unilever 

The world’s leading sanitizer, soap, beach, and food company announce the aid of 100 million to all the areas On Tuesday 24 March company announced that they will be distributing free soaps, sanitizer, beal worth 100 million to help countries fight COVID19 pandemic. 

Today everyone knows that washing hands with soaps are the best prevention measures a person can take to avoid Coronavirus disease until the vaccine is out on the market. Considering that Unilever directed its manufacturing team in the US, China, India, Netherlands, Italy, and other countries to distribute millions of bars to the people affected by the COVID19 pandemic.  

Unilever also took an initiative to fight the COVID19 pandemic by publishing various educational videos on how to wash hands effectively. UNICEF and Unilever’s initiative has created a buzz around the world as many influencers and movie stars are joining hands to promote the movement.  

13. AstraZeneca

A British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical company took a decision to donate 9 million facemasks to support all the areas affected by the impact of COVID19. On March 25th AstraZeneca sent their first set of masks to help Italy fight COVID19 Impact. Soon other countries and areas affected by coronavirus will get the mask.  They have partnered with World Economic Forums to find the most affected country and help them to fight the COVID19 pandemic. 


Today many businesses are struggling to keep their business afloat during the COVID19 crisis and many families have been affected badly by the recent outbreak. The government of different countries has already started taking all the preventive measures to help families and small businesses affected by the pandemic. 

Many philanthropists and top companies are coming together to provide aid to the global nonprofit organization helping towards fighting COVID19 pandemic. You can take advantage of the grants and low-interest funds provided by the government, top companies, and philanthropists to keep your business and lives afloat until the COVID19 pandemic effect starts reducing.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What should you do if you think you have coronavirus disease? 

If you are facing difficulties in taking a breath, suffering from high fever and dry cough then you should consult the doctors. Don’t panic, it’s not compulsory that you will be infected with the coronavirus disease. Most of the time these things happen due to the seasonal flu. However, if your body is showing symptoms of COVID19 then contact the nearest hospital and get it tested for positive or negative. 

2. What is the COVID-19 Solidarity Response fund? 

COVID-19 Solidarity Response fund (secure way of funding)  is created to help individuals, philanthropies, and businesses looking to contribute anything to WHO and other organizations to help them in responding to the outbreak. The UNITED Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundations have launched a new solidarity fund to help WHO and partners to fight the unwanted COVID19 pandemic in countries struggling to reduce the effectiveness of Coronavirus.  

3. Why do I need to stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing?

When someone is trying to sneeze or cough they spray small droplets which may make you sick. If we talk in terms of COVID19 then those droplets contain the virus and you may get infected. So whenever someone is sneezing or coughing you should stay away from them. And if you are going to sneeze or cough then don’t forget to cover your face. These types of practices keep your surroundings clean.  

4. Can the coronavirus disease spread through food?

From the current report, coronavirus stays stable at low and freezing temperature and there are no cases of people getting infected through food. So a good hygienic and clean food will surely prevent the transmission of COVID19 through food. Always remember to clean fruits and vegetables before eating. And try not to eat sick people’s food.

5. Who is more at risk for the coronavirus disease? 

There is no particular age, younger and older both are at risk of getting Coronavirus positive. From the recent reports, doctors have identified that older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions are at higher risk. So, if any of your family members are older and have any pre-existing medical condition then try to protect them by taking all the precaution measures.

6. How long should I stay in home isolation if I have coronavirus disease?

If you want to save others from getting Coronavirus positive then it’s recommended to stay at home until the secondary transmission risk reduces. You can take advice from the doctor about your health status and depending on that you can take a decision on discontinuing home isolation. Remember coronavirus is a highly contagious disease if any coronavirus positive person comes in contact with other people the virus can transmit to other people. For now, most of the countries are recommending their citizen to say isolated until the future update and notice on COVID19 pandemic

7. What can I do to prevent the coronavirus disease at home?

With the increase in the number of coronavirus active cases, it has become essential for every person to take all the necessary precautions to avoid here is the list of few measures you should take to protect yourself. 

  • You can avoid getting in touch with the people  suffering from any flu
  • Don’t go outside and meet people 
  • If you are sick stay at your home and stay away from your parents
  • Clan all the objects you use frequently like your cupboards, cloths, switch and more. 
  • Wash your hands frequently 
  • Wipe your home surface daily with household bleach 

8. Is it good to travel during C the coronavirus disease outbreak?

For now, it is not safe to travel to any place. After seeing a surge in the number of Coronavirus active cases in different countries, we would recommend you not travel to any destination. Traveling during the COVID19 pandemic can put your life at high-risk as coronavirus spreads from person to person. COVID19 pandemic has forced countries to shut down all of their international flight functioning. And most of the countries have already closed their doors for the domestic flights.

9. Can antibiotics treat coronavirus disease?  

There is a myth spreading around the countries that antibiotics can treat the coronavirus positive cases. Well actually not, antibiotics are not the prevention measures for coronavirus disease. If you have been tested COVID19 positive then before taking any antibiotics make sure you consult the nearest doctors.  They will help you with all the necessary treatment required to alleviate the effect of coronavirus symptoms on your body.