10 Ways To Improve An Under-Performing Email Click-Through-Rate (CTR) 2020

Are you failing to achieve the desired email click-through rate percentage? Is your email marketing campaign not giving you desired results? 

If these are questions that are troubling you then you have landed on the right article where we are going to discuss what is email click-through rate and how to improve an under-performing email click-through rate percentage.

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Many companies are facing the same issue related to the decrease in the email click-through rate. If your business is one among them then don’t get terrified by your problem. Instead, try to identify why that problem is occurring and how to get rid of that problem. In this article, we are going to give you 10 tips that can help you in optimizing your email marketing campaign to get the desired email CTR.

So, let’s start with one of the basic questions. 

What is Email CTR (click-through rate)? 

CTR (Click Through Rate) is one of the important email marketing metrics in determining the clicks and action taken on your email campaign. Email Open rate may tell you about your email performance in grabbing people’s attention but CTR (click-through rate)  helps in analyzing whether your email can attract people in taking action on it.

Click-Through Rate not only depends on the subject line but elements like time and day (strategic email scheduling), link positioning, email length also helps in achieving more CTR. Every marketer aims to achieve maximum CTR but rates vary by industry, i.e top industries like computer hardware and telecommunication, nonprofits, association & government, and education-related emails get average CTR of 4%. So, it is important to focus on subtle elements to get an attractive email click-through rate percentage for your organization and company.

According to smart insight stats, email ctr depends on the type of market you are trying to focus on. If you are trying to target a B2B or B2C market then aim to achieve the average email open rate depending on your industry. For example, if you own a food chain business then your aim to be top achieve an average email CTR of 3.46%. Whereas if you are into legal services then your email campaign should get an average CTR of 2.66%. Below you can see the updated list to identify your industry’s average email CTR. 


What is a Good Email Click-through rate? 

If you are looking to make your email marketing campaign successful then you should be aware of your industry’s average email click-through rate. Because email ctr varies depending on the different industries. Once you are aware of your industry’s email CTR then you can create a goal to achieve that particular email click-through rate. 

Generally, an average email CTR varies from 3% to 7% depending on the industry. There are many email service provider who claims to have an email ctr of 10%. Well, it’s hard to get near that number because most of the industries get maximum email ctr between 3% to 5%.  So, before creating an email campaign identify your sector’s email ctr and try to achieve that CTR.

Tips on improving an underperforming Email CTR (Click Through Rate) stats

If your email marketing campaign is not performing well and not giving you the desired CTR. Then it’s time to revise your email strategy and check why your email CTR stats are underwhelming. 

If you are looking to boost your email CTR stats then 

1. Make your objective clear to the audience 

Always try to make an email that can show your objective clearly to your recipient. If you want your recipient to perform an action like a click on the link or download an ebook then it should be visible to your audience. Don’t confuse your audience by adding extra links or call to action button to your email. These types of activities frustrate the audience and they end up doing nothing in your email.  

Even SFWP Experts a leading marketing agency of California has observed that their client was not getting the desired email CTR. when our email marketing experts reviewed their emails then they found that there were using too many call-to-action buttons in their emails. 

Therefore, if you are creating an email marketing then check whether your goals are clear to your audience or not. You run the A/B test to figure out the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. 

2. Personalize your email 

Personalizing an email campaign for a specific subscriber can help you in generating high open-rate and click-through rates.  By collecting your subscriber’s information you can personalize your email campaign. Information can be their name, place, and the last product they brought from your brand.

Generally, email marketer prefers to use subscriber’s first name in the subject line to personalize their email campaign. Location, login information, and gender also play an important role in personalizing an email. And studies tell that personalized emails are considered to get a higher open rate and click-through rate than normal emails. Let us give you an example to make things more clear to you. An email with the subject line like “hey John check our new product……..” will attract more attention than other emails without the name of the recipient in the subject line. 

Therefore, if you are looking to improve your email list then don’t forget to personalize your email. You can analyze your customer’s data and prepare an email accordingly. You can also consult with our email marketing experts that can help you in improving your email CTR. by optimizing your email marketing campaign.

3. Use proper email format 

One of the reasons why email marketer doesn’t get the desired click-through rate because they lack in creating an attractive email format. A proper email format can create a lot of difference in your email marketing campaign.  Most of the recipient ignores reading emails because they find a lot of text and images with improper email subject line. And you don’t want your email to get ignored by your recipient. So to avoid that you can 

  • Optimize your email for mobile devices. Most of the emails are opened by mobile users than desktop users. So always optimize your email format for mobile devices you can run A/B test and check hoe your email format looks on mobile devices. 
  • Don’t forget to highlight your key points with bold letters. This practice will help the user in identifying your email objective. 
  • Another mistake done by email marketers is that they try to create a hyperlink in the image and try to embed their key points in the images. Most of the time images get blocked by mobile devices mainly in the android phone. 
  • Always create an email that can be easily scanned by your recipient. A lengthy email with a lot of text can distract your recipient. So always focus on creating a short and goal-oriented email. 

4. Segment your email list

If you are our regular reader then you could have observed that in most of our email marketing series articles we focus on segmenting an email lists. Segmenting an email list has got a lot of benefits it can improve your email open rate as well as click-through rate. But to achieve that first thing you have to do is stop sending emails to all recipients in your email list. 

Analyze your previous email campaign performance because every recipient in your email list may not be interested in your email. So, it is waste to send an email to the uninterested recipients. Segmenting and email list has got lots of benefits.  

It can help you in identifying the irrelevant and inactive recipients in your email list. Segmenting an email list will help you in targeting the potential customer that will increase your click-through rate.  So, analyze your email campaign data and segment your email list to get the desired click-through rate. 

5. Remove Unwanted elements from your emails

Many marketers may suggest that adding an extra element like images, videos, and links can boost your email CTR. But we at SFWP Experts have got qualified email marketers who don’t support that statement. 

According to our email marketing team adding extra elements will not increase your CTR instead it can reduce your email click-through rate. Most android phones don’t support all formats of images and some of them even have image blockers. Now you can imagine how your email will look without your image getting displayed on the mobile screen.  

So, to avoid that you can cut down extra elements and add limited images and links in your email. You can also contact us to create an enticing email that can persuade your recipient to perform the desired action. 

6. Use the same link multiple times 

According to the latest studies, adding the same link multiple times within your email can help you in increasing your email CTR. It is not mandatory that you have to add the same link multiple times within your email. But this type of practice is better than confusing your recipient by adding different links within your email 

Many times recipients don’t like to go through your whole email. So if you are preparing an email then you can use the same call to action link at the beginning of the email and place it at the bottom of your email. It will improve your chances of getting high email CTR. 

7. Email Subject line

Your email subject line also plays an important role in getting a high email click-through rate. Before making your recipient perform any action within your email. You have to create an appealing subject line that can make them to open your email. An attractive subject line always grabs users attention but a mediocre subject line can be ignored by your recipient

For example, if you are creating an email marketing campaign for Black Friday sale. And want your recipient to participate in your black Friday. Then you have to create a goal-oriented subject line. An email subject line like “click and get 40% discount on every product Black Friday sale” will persuade the user to perform required action. Whereas if you create a subject line like “black Friday sale on every product” can give your good open rate but it will not help in getting the desired click-through rate. 

So, always remember to create an enticing subject line because your subject line will make your recipient open your email and perform the desired action. 

8. Optimize your email content 

Email content plays an important role in deciding the performance of an email campaign. Lengthy and unoptimized content can discourage your audience in performing the desired action whereas clear and attractive content will engage your recipient. Once your recipient opens the email then content will decide whether your recipient will take interest in performing any action or not. So, to make you 

  • Always include blot text and animated GIFs or bumper videos in your content. it will help you in making your email interesting and can attract the audience’s attention. 
  • Include mobile-friendly images in your emails, you can make your email engaging. Because humans divert more on visuals than text.  So try to create an email that can include text and images.
  • Another way to make your content engaging is by asking for feedback and survey. 
  • You can use some kind of give away to make your content engaging and appealing. 
  • Don’t forget to add your social media button to your content.

9. Email Timing and Frequency

Email timing and frequency is another important factor that will help you in improving your email click-through rate. Most of the marketer fails to analyze there recipient email open timing. If you try sending an email between 1 pm to 6 pm then there are chances that your recipient may ignore your email. Because that’s not an appropriate time to send your email, your recipient might be busy with some other work. 

So, if you are planning to send your email then try to analyze your previous email campaign data. Your previous metric can give you an idea about the best time to send your email. Or you can go with the standard time that is between 8 pm and midnight.  

Email timing also depends on the type of recipient you have. For example, if you are trying to target students then you can send your emails after 3 Pm but if you are trying to target corporate world people then morning and midnight will be the best timing to get clicks from them. 

Email Frequency is also important to improve your email CTR. Most of the companies don’t get the desired ctr because they send fewer emails to their subscribers. If you ignore your subscribers after getting their email address then your subscribers will forget you after a few days. So, always focus on maintaining email frequency as it will help you in engaging your subscribers. 

Note-: Don’t send too many emails to you subscribers because these type of practice can frustrate you subscribers and your email may start landing in the subscriber’s spam box. 

10. Select Reputated Email tools

Another reason that marketers generally ignore is selecting the right tool to send their bulk email. If your recipient internet service provider doesn’t trust your email service provider then your email may land in recipient spam/ junk box.

There are tools like Sender Score, Talos, etc that will help you in identifying your sender reputation. Your sender reputation generally depends on the percentage of email opens and click rate they are getting. If your sender is getting a quality open rate and click-through rate then their score will be high. And if your sender score is performing well then your email will land in your recipient inbox.


Getting the desired email click-through rate is every companies dream but they fail to achieve it by ignoring a few things about their emails. So, if you are looking to boost your email click-through then we have given the 10 tips that can help you in optimizing your email campaign. An optimized email with proper format will help you in improving your email click-through rate. 

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