13 reasons why most brands & small businesses rely on Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most trusted marketing channels among larger and smaller businesses to achieve higher CTR (click-through rate). If an email campaign is structured properly with enticing subject line and template then you can achieve maximum open rate. 

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In this article, we will be drawing your attention to something important on why businesses rely on email marketing? and how it is benefiting them.

Reason behind the use of email marketing by small and medium businesses:

1. Emails have a larger reach 

With the increase in social media users, companies have started thinking that Facebook and Twitter are one of the effective ways of reaching the maximum number of audiences. They tend to forget that emails have got more users than social media. According to Radicati, 2019 has recorded a total of 3.9 Billion active email users and it is expected to increase by 4.8 billion by 2021. Whereas social media has a total of 3.48 billion users out of which Facebook has 2.45 billion users and Twitter has 330 million users.



We are not conveying that social media is not at all effective but email has a higher reach than social media platforms. If you are getting the higher open rate for your email campaign then you are on the right track of spreading awareness about your product and brand. But if you are looking to boost your email open rate then you can check our blog on 9 ways to boost your email open rate. 

Therefore by looking at the stats, you can figure out why email has a wider reach than any other platform. And this is the reason why it is used by small and large scale businesses. If you are planning to create awareness about your product then use email marketing to reach maximum users.   

2. Emails can boot sales

Emails are considered to be the most effective way of generating and boosting sales. A report states that email generates more sales compared to social media giants Facebook and Twitter. Every day people receive a lot of emails related to new offers, new products or updates in a product. Companies send this type of email to engage with their subscribers. Even if you check your emails then you may find these types of emails in your inbox. And if you find any of your emails interesting with the good offer then you may probably click on it and perform some action. This is how companies generate sales using various techniques and methods. We are going to provide you some tips and techniques on how you can boost your sales:

  • Understand your target audience 
  • Segment your list
  • Generate short emails 
  • Engage your customer by sending them emails regularly
  • Create mobile-friendly emails 
  • Create an enticing subject line

There are businesses that don’t find email to be much effective and converting. It happens because businesses put less effort into creating an attractive email campaign and due to that they fail to achieve their goals. So, if your business is among them then read our article on Email marketing 

3. Easy to Set-up Email Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that it doesn’t require prior experience to run an email campaign. Nowadays most of the email marketing tools are focusing on creating user-friendly tools. Where user can easily set up their email campaign and get the report of their campaign performance.

If you don’t have much knowledge on how to set up an email campaign then you can get a lot of tutorial videos and articles on how to set up an email campaign. These types of tutorials are published by email marketing tool provider to educate the users about their work. Even if you get stuck somewhere while creating an email marketing campaign then you can contact their support team to solve your issue.

4.Better Brand Recognition 

Every business and brand want to get recognized by their customers. And emails are considered to be the best way to highlight your brand name in your customer’s mind. An effective email marketing strategy always helps in building brand awareness. If you check your mail you may find a lot of emails asking for feedback or survey. These types of emails help companies in optimizing their functioning and make their customers more engaging. 

Emails are always helpful in strengthening your brand recognition with your new as well as potential customers. By creating an informative and humorous email you can persuade your recipient to share your email with their friend. These types of emails will help you in spreading awareness about your brand and help people in recognizing your brand. 

5. Emails have immediate results

Emails are considered to be the best channel for getting immediate results. Small and large scale business relies on email marketing because email marketing shows a significant impact on email related to sales, appointment, survey, etc.   

Through emails, you are targeting potential customers for your product. So, whenever you try to send an email to your recipient then it will show you some immediate results. That’s why many small businesses have stated that their email marketing campaigns are much more effective and giving them an immediate response.

6. Your message gets delivered to your subscribers

One of the main reasons why businesses rely on email is because their message gets delivered to their subscribers. It is not the same in every case, let’s take the example of Facebook one of the world’s largest social media giant with 2.45 Billion users.

If you post something on Facebook then only 2% of your Facebook fans are able to see your ads. Whereas email has a higher reach that means 90% of your emails are getting delivered to your recipient inbox.

The main reason why Facebook posts are not visible to all of your followers because Facebook wants your business to concentrate more on their paid ads. For example, if your brand holds 30,000 followers then only 600 of your followers may be able to see your post. Whereas, if you send 30,000 emails to your subscribers then there are chances of  28000 emails getting delivered to your recipient inbox. So from the numbers, you can figure out why emails are much more effective and why businesses rely on it.

Nowadays marketers have started observing that Facebook posts are getting higher spam rates than emails. if any of the users see an unwanted post on their news feed then they simply mark it as spam. Laters on if your post is getting spammed by most of the user then Facebook will simply remove that post. Because of that, you may fail to deliver your message to your followers. 

However, If you try sending emails to your subscribers then chances of getting spammed are less because you are sending them after getting their permission. 

So, instead of building more followers on Facebook you can concentrate on increasing your email list. By using various types of lead magnet. 

7. Email marketing Tools have extra features 

Most of the businesses are aware of social media marketing and PPC ads. And both of the inbound channels are successful in generating a good amount of sales. But social media posts and PPC ads has got some limitations. Most of the social media posts are not reachable to followers and ads have character limitations.

Whereas email marketing has more features than other inbound channels. You can use the features of HTML to make your email more attractive. There is no limitation for adding images and videos in the email. And your emails are reachable to almost 90% of your recipient.   

8. Email helps in building excitement 

At the beginning of our article, we have asked to create enticing and informative emails. Because creative emails grab user attention and excite them to wait for your next email.

If you try sending mediocre emails to your recipient then you may get a high open-rate in the beginning. But next time when you try sending an email to your recipient then they will not show any interest in opening your emails.  

You don’t want your emails to get ignored by your audience. To avoid that, you can go through your previous campaign analytics and create emails depending on the messages that excites your user and generates high open and clicks. An attractive email will surely make your audience to anticipate for your next email. 

9. Email marketing is Cost-effective 

Advertising a brand and spreading its awareness through email is considered to be cost-effective. Because it requires little to no cost to run an email marketing campaign. 

Email Marketing is used by many small businesses that have less budget to spend on marketing. And the report says that email marketing has made them successful in making their product to reach potential customers. 

Many businesses have found email marketing to be more convenient and cheaper than traditional marketing strategies. It helps you to reach a wider range of audiences with little to no cost. And if you go through the stats that we have mentioned in the beginning then you can figure out that it is much cheaper and has a higher reach than social media and  PPC ads.

While making an email campaign you have to focus on various things like email strategy, email content, email template, etc. Email marketing requires creativity to generate more business by spending less amount of money. 

So, if you are planning to create a cost-effective email marketing campaign then you should plan an email marketing strategy or you can contact us. And consult with our email marketing team to create a strategy for you that will help in generating good revenue for your business. 

10. Email marketing can generate high ROI 

One of the reasons why small businesses rely more on email marketing because it helps them in getting a high ROI on low investment. There are many reports that say for every  $1 investment you may get a return of $42.So, If you are creating an email marketing campaign with a tight budget then focus on creating an eye-catchy email that can grab people’s attention and persuade them in taking action. 

There are various factors that help small business in generating high ROI  like: 

  • Email marketing can generate high revenue for your company 

As you have read in the above paragraphs that email marketing is cost-effective and it requires low investment. By using email marketing you are indirectly increasing your companies revenue by spending less money and getting good ROI from it.  Email always allows you to reach the potential audiences for your product that helps in generating good revenue for your company.

  • Email marketing can help you in driving potential customers to your website. 

There are many ways through which email can help in generating good ROI and driving quality traffic to the website is one among them. many small and large scale companies are driving quality traffic through emails and generating good ROI. Always focus on creating an eye-catchy email that can make you goal visible to your recipient. There are emails that confuse their subscribers, by adding too many links and images in their emails.  think whether they should click on the link or not. 

So, If you want your subscribers to visit your website through email then you have to highlight your website link in your email. And avoid placing extra link in your email. 

  • Email marketing can help you in boosting your conversion rate 

For lead nurturing, campaign emails are very much effective and it helps you in converting your leads into paying customers. It helps you in building a good relationship with your customers. That is the reason why small businesses find emails to have a higher conversion rate than any other inbound channels. 

  • Email marketing can help you in spreading brand awareness 

If people know about your brand and product then automatically you will start generating good ROI. Emails are considered to be the most convenient way of spreading awareness about the brand and products. If you think you have got a product that can fulfill the user’s basic needs then email marketing will surely help you in increasing the visibility of your brand. 

11. Easy To measure 

One of the most attractive features of email marketing is that it’s easy to measure. Email marketing tools like Mailchimp, constant contact, convert it has built-in analytics that helps the user in getting their campaign performance report. Once you are clear about the functioning of different metrics of email marketing like open rate, CTR, Unsubscribe rate, etc then it will become easy for you to analyze your email marketing campaign performance. 

If you are creating an email campaign then always keep a track of your Email marketing tools dashboard. It will help you in analyzing your email open rate, click-through rate and it can also help you track your click to purchase rate or conversion rate. 

12. Chances of getting a higher conversion rate

Every marketer aims to achieve maximum conversion rates by turning their potential customers into paying customers.  And emails are considered as the most powerful channel in generating higher conversion rate. 

Once you are successful in getting higher CTR (click-through rate) then your email content can persuade your recipient in performing the desired action. Generally, email receives an average CTR of 13% whereas social media platforms like facebook posts have an average CTR of 0.90% and Twitter has an average CTR of 1.64%. 

By looking at the CTR percentage you can figure out that your email campaign can drive more traffic and convert more leads than any other inbound channels. And if you are a service provider and own an eCommerce platform then don’t forget to pitch your product to your subscribers. Because once your visitor from email marketing buys any of your product then they are more likely to purchase other products offered by your brand.   

Therefore, always analyze your customer problem and offer something useful to them. And focus on preparing an enticing email that can help your business in getting a higher conversion rate. 

13. Emails Help in building healthy Relationships

For maintaining a good reputation among audience,  it’s important to maintain and build good relations with your existing as well as new customers. Your existing audience plays an important role in spreading awareness about your brand. Once your buyer buys something from a brand then it’s good to ask their feedback about the product and their journey. These types of practice will help you in building a good and healthy relationship with your customers. 

Emails allow you to communicate and engage with your customers. There are times when business comes across problems like their old customers are not showing any response and because of that, they are not able to build new customers. So, maintaining a good relationship with the old and existing customers also helps in getting new customers.   

Therefore, If you are looking to improve your communication and build a strong relationship with your customers then email marketing can be the most effective tool for your business. 


If you think you have got a product that can fulfill the user’s basic needs then email marketing will surely help you in generating good revenue. Email marketing has helped many small businesses in showcasing their products to the audience. So,  if you own a small business then don’t forget to include email marketing in your marketing strategy list. Even you can contact us for creating an enticing email marketing strategy that can boost your sales and increase your company’s revenue.