Top Web Design Trends Of 2019

With 2020 approaching, we are heading towards an era where the Internet and website are going to be the key factor for small- and large-scale businesses in getting adequate ROI. But to get a good ROI one should have an outstanding product and website which can attract customer.

Now the question is how are we going to get a tempting website?  Every year we see a change in web design trend and these trends are constantly advancing. In the year 2017, we saw that mobile
browsing overthrew desktop browsing, in the 2018 3D button effect, custom illustration and videos, AMP and many more web design techniques came into the picture. 

 It is good to go along with the trend as most of the businesses see a downfall in their monthly visitor due to their monotonous website design which makes their company less lucrative. 

 So, here I’m going to list some of the astonishing web design technique that is going to make your website more appealing and the trend i.e. going to stick around for a while. 

1. 3D Illustration & Bright Colors 

2. Big Bold Typography  

3. Animated GIFs 

4. Asymmetric Layouts and Broken grid  

5. Conversational Chatbots  

6. Revolution Slider  

7. More Video Content 


        1. 3-Dimensional Illustration & Bright Colors 

In 2019, 3d design has started getting more attention, to make a website more attractive designer uses 3D popup image in a way that attracts user attention.  

There are websites available which have the same eye-catchy web design and analysis say that these design help in driving more traffic to the website  

Bright colors in web design are one of the most wanted illustration styles in web design. As we all know that bright colors are always eye-catching. 

       2. Big Bold Typography  

Nowadays most web designers are relying on using Big Bold Typography. Having good and bold typography is necessary for a website to draw user attention.   

In 2019, most of the homepage contains these typographies which help a company to highlight their product or company name. Here are some different fonts one can use for having an attractive and informative website – High Contrast, Brutalism, Variable Fonts + Kinetic type, Bold + Outlined, Hand-Lettered Fonts, Nostalgic Fonts, 3d + Type of AR. 

       3. Asymmetric Layouts and Broken grid  

Most of the designer around the world are executing the grid to ensure that their page looks more pleasing and attract more user attention. Generally, the grid in the design term is an imaginary plane with the horizontal and vertical lines used to help layout elements on the screen.   

Generally, the grid helps in maintaining the alignment and consistency throughout the design. It also helps in creating a good hierarchy. 

       4. Animated GIFs  

In today’s world, it is hard to keep a user on a web page for more than 60 seconds i.e. bounce rate for a website is increasing rapidly. We get less time to attract user attention and provide them the solution they are looking for.  

So, to tackle this situation animated GIF’s come into the picture. 

GIFs help in conveying complex information in a short period of time. It works on most browsers and mobile devices, making them accessible to everyone. GIFs can be made more entertaining and engaging which will attract more users on the website.  

      5. Revolution Slider 

Having a Slider on the homepage with text & images can help in advertising the company product. It can act as an informative slider where one can place a button that will redirect the user to any blog, product or website.  

As there is a number of Plugins available in WordPress through which one can develop a good slider, some of these plugins are free whereas some are paid ones.  

      6. Conversational Chatbots  

With the advancement in AI and machine learning, using a chatbot on a website is coming into highlights in 2019. The new chatbots are becoming more interactive and with their advancement soon chatbots will be helping the user to solve most of the problems.  

Most of the companies are now involving with the chatbots developing companies that are developing chatbots as they see bots as the future for instant interaction with the user it can bring more profit to the company.  

Even Facebook has developed a method through which Bots can communicate directly with the user in messenger. Just we have to do follow some steps to activate it.  

More Video Content  

Most of us are aware of the impact a video content can make. we all know that video content is always helpful in expressing content or text in a shorter format. 

There are users around who don’t give much time to text-related content as they find it hectic to read out the whole thing and then understand the writer’s point of view.  

So, in this scenario video content plays an important role in converting more traffic to a website. there are different types of video formats like Vlogs, Video emails, webinars, company culture/meet the team videos, product review, etc. 


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