Designing a website is simple if you understand its fundamentals and requirement. It takes less than a second for a web user to decide whether they liked your site or not? So, it’s necessary to understand the user’s viewpoint.

Besides having a fast loading website, its appearance should be more than just “pretty” to entice your visitors. Now you might be wondering, who’s the most powerful player in decisive website experience?it is none other than the on-screen reflection of a website.  And, for the same reason, your website should focus on conversion science that will ultimately provide you edge in your field.

Hopefully, you must have heard of a conventional remark – less is more. Does this remark hold? When you will design your website layout with a specific objective ( CTA ), there is less chance that consumers would be puzzled about which link to follow first. With that in mind, SFWPexperts – a professionals Los Angeles website design company, thought to impart knowledge about how to design a website layout in the divergent space of the web.

Result-Oriented Guide For How To Design A Website Layout Within Fractions Of Hours:


  1. Adopt simple thinking so that your layout looks intuitive. Your menu should incorporate usual terms like About Us, Contact Us, Blog, FAQ, and Service, for illustration. Prevent the use of terminologies like “Musings” for your blog and “Our Bread and Butter” for your services.
  2. Utilize negative space effectively and it is not limited to only leaving white space between paragraphs and images. But it also means to make usage of negative space to direct your visitors in the direction you intend to ( like call-to-action ). So, when you ask how to design a website layout, this is what you want to do.
  3. Interpret rightly that color matters and so you should find a color scheme that works effectively. For this approach, you need to use the color wheel and then search for complementary colors ( opposite colors on the wheel ) or analogous colors ( colors next to each other on the wheel ).
  4. As a web designer of the proficient level, you can transfer the accountability of web copy to an actual copywriter but still, you should know where the text has its right fit for maximum conversions. Thus for proper learning of how to design a website layout, your headline should be fixed in center-stage on the home page and every subsequent page should have a headline, relevant to the content of that page.
  5. Be precise about your outcome, however, a web layout turns to be highly converting only when it focuses on the actions that they want their visitors to perform. Your calls-to-action should be visually noticeable ( the instant a user visits your site ) and can manage to drive your visitors through the process.
  6. Don’t think much about the ethical loss if you want to borrow design cues from other websites. This would be a better decision if you remain informed of other great web designs prevailing in the same industry rather than penetrating in mind all the nuances of how to design a website layout. It will lead you to be leveraged with all the research and testing your rivals might have conducted already.
  7. Build responsive web designs in compliance with mobile devices as your visitors are five times more likely to exit from your site if it isn’t optimized for hand-held screens. Eliminate the role of scroll and click and employ swipe tasks as much as necessary.
  8. Make another point to highlight your products, services, and smiling faces because more appealing images in the larger area lead to higher conversion rates ( concluded from various studies ). In acceptance to size and quality, your images should be purposeful that you choose to put up in your site’s layout for how to design a website layout subject.
  9. Traffic arriving on your site wants to know whether your organization can be trusted with cookies for personal or credit card details or others. In this obvious situation, you can emplace their trust by displaying trust emblems ( logos of brands that have opted for your product or service ) and social proof elements ( positive feedbacks, link to client case studies and their story videos ).
  10. The most mandatory job for how to design a website layout is testing and repetition. The best indicator for your performance different from research execution is audience reviews. To gain more conversions you should frequently test each element on your site. Just for giving an idea, a basic change in the call-to-action button can alter the figures of signups or buys.


Though we have given an overview of how to design a website layout formally, don’t let the communication gap be prevailing among us if at any moment you feel the interfere of a technically skilled website designer is important for your upscale business website development. Know that the best WordPress website design company, has all their ears open to hear your requires, questions and redesigning plans at the earliest. We can meet you in-person, engage in a call or reply to your email the fastest we can.