WordPress For Enterprise: Can wordpress Be A CMS solution For Enterprise Business?

Confused whether wordpress is the right solution for enterprise-level business or not? If so, then you have landed on the right article where we are going to highlight some of the important points on wordpress as a CMS solution for enterprise-level businesses. 

Enterprise itself is a generic word but when it is combined with a business or a company then it generally showcases the large or big company/business or a multinational organization. Today having an appealing and intuitive website is essential for all types of businesses including large-scale businesses.  

Enterprise website generally presents the reputation of large multinational businesses and involves various pages, subdomains, subsites, high traffic, and more. Earlier enterprise businesses used to rely on the proprietary solution and the closed system makes businesses more dependent on the providers. That is the reason why enterprise business is more diverting on WordPress. 

Earlier wordpress was seen as a blogging platform but now it is considered as the best open source CMS which can be used to create fully functioning e-commerce as well as the standard website for all types of businesses. 

A recent study by w3tech states that WordPress is currently powering more than 30% of the website on the internet. Well, most of the time these numbers are cast aside by the enterprise-level business just because those numbers include small and minuscule websites created by anybody. 

The statistic above may be dismissed by the enterprise-level business but there are notable big names that are using wordpress on their websites like TechCrunch, Sony Music, BBC America, CNN, Toyota Motors Brasil, UPS, and more. There are other top brands and businesses who use wordpress as the backbone of their digital presence.  

In this article, we are going to talk about how wordpress can be the right fit for enterprise-level business? benefits and features your business gets access to and the most important things that every enterprise-level business should know before they shift to wordpress websites.

Can wordpress be categorized as CMS?


Before we move ahead to identify whether wordpress is the right CMS for enterprise-level business or not. Let’s take a look at Can WordPress to be categorized as CMS? It is one of the most frequently asked questions by every business owner looking to shift their website to wordpress.

Is wordpress a CMS? Definitely Yes wordpress is one of the popular and reliable CMS (Content Management System) which is also used to create fully functioning websites for all types of businesses. A good and handy CMS should offer flexibility and allow its user to present content in an easy, interesting, and unique way. 

WordPress is well known for its flexibility and user-friendly interface that allows users to make changes in their website without touching a single bit of code. It also comes with a CDA i.e content delivery application that copies the entire data and sends it to the central server so that the website gets updated for users. 

That means wordpress offers both CMA and CDA using which you can create blogs, new content for your site, add images, and other information. CDA will take the data and display it on your web page, blog post, and other pages of your website in a well-structured manner.  So from the above points, we can say wordpress is an ideal platform for all types of businesses. 

But if you wish to create a website using wordpress then it’s important to know that wordpress can be handy only for a startup or new beginner. But when it comes to creating an enterprise-level website using wordpress you always need help from an experienced wordpress website design company that is skilled at creating different custom coded wordpress website designs for enterprise-level businesses. 

An enterprise-level website may involve various functions ranging from managing complex tasks to keeping the website updated so that it does come across downtime or security break related issues. Partnering with a reliable wordpress website design company will help you to access their expertise that can be used to create fully functioning and conversion-centric wordpress websites for your enterprise business. 

Features To Expect From Enterprise level CMS 

Every business is unique and has different requirements depending on the size of the business, which means your business may also have different requirements. Most of the owners are not sure what to expect from an enterprise CMS. So, below we are going to list some of the important features that you can expect from an enterprise-level business.  

Headless Content Management System (CMS)

When it comes to increasing the reason for content, it’s important to understand that the potential user can access the content from any channel. That is the reason why enterprise-level businesses should have a CMS that supports omnichannel digital experience on various devices. 

A Headless content management system (CMS) allows website owners to put their website content or blog posts or other information in the database, then it is displayed on the range of applications depending on their screen size and also via Restful API. 

Today every enterprise-level business needs a headless CMS which can store content and allows the marketing team to distribute the content on whichever platform or devices or channels the potential audience demands.   

Now you may wonder whether wordpress support headless or not?

Yes, wordpress offers REST APIs which can be extracted and applied from external databases. But you will lose access to themes, plugins, and other presentation features which are considered the main and core aspect of a wordpress website. So, from the above results, we can say that wordpress is not the ideal platform when it comes to offering an optimized omnichannel digital experience to customers. 

Enterprise Level CMS Offering Multi-Site Management Features 

Most of the enterprise-level businesses operate with multiple websites and businesses in different countries, regions, product lines, and more. That’s why it’s important to have a CMS which can offer easy administration and multi-site management facilities. An enterprise-level CMS should offer a simple and powerful admin tool using which business could handle multiple tasks. 

Enterprise-level business needs to manage multiple sites and tasks so that they are able to meet compliance standards and deliver a strong message. An enterprise-level CMS should allow the site administrators to manage notification, keep a track of scheduled content, tweak plugins, and more. Having a multisite managing feature in the enterprise-level CMS allows businesses to manage, view, and edit the different websites from a single interface. 

Can wordpress support a multi-site feature? 

Undoubtedly wordpress offers easy-to-use administration but when it comes to managing multi-site features, it does offer a large-scale database and dedicated support team. However, with the help of a reliable and experienced wordpress website design company, your business can have a custom admin that will allow you to manage, view, and edit the different websites from a single interface.

Enterprise Level CMS Offering Detailed Analytics 

In today’s tech-driven world, analytics plays a vital role in keeping a business updated about their potential customer’s activity, website performance, and more. Mainly for enterprise-level business, it has become crucial to have a CMS that allows them to track user engagement and other activity on their website. 

An enterprise-level CMS should allow its client to keep a track of every single activity so that they are able to update or make changes depending on their potential audience behavior. The success of your online store or your business totally depends on how better you understand your potential audience i.e who are your potential audiences, type of gadget used by them, their location, and where they are spending most of their time?   

If you wish to have a real insight into your customer behavior, site traffic, and more then it’s important to select an enterprise-level CSM that comes with built-in analytics tools. 

Do wordpress offer detailed analytics? 

WordPress doesn’t have a built-in analytics tool but there are various plugins available which you can use to learn more about your potential customer’s behavior, site traffic, and more. You can also get in touch with an experienced wordpress website design company to have a custom-built WordPress website design that comes with all the important features including analytics. 

Enterprise-level CMS offering Multi-tenancy 

Running an enterprise-level website won’t be successful without the right maintenance and support. Every enterprise-level business needs a CMS that offers guaranteed uptime and prompt security. Having CMS that offers multi-tenancy will allow you to manage multiple sites in one system i.e in the one system administration. 

With multi-tenancy, one can streamline ongoing maintenance and updates will occur at the same time for every site. Sometimes updating CMS individually can harm your website functioning. Since updates are concurrent, the tech team will only support one version of the software. 

Do wordpress support multi-tenancy? 

Same as multi-site management, wordpress can also support multi-tenancy but it requires experts who can set up and add complexity to your wordpress website. Partnering with a reliable WordPress website design company will allow operating more smoothly with the presence of a 24X7 support team.  

Enterprise Level CMS offering In-Built SEO Tool  

To boost your online visibility and improve business online presence you need to have an enterprise-level CMS that comes with a built-in SEO (search engine optimization) tool. SEO is considered one of the vital aspects of online marketing. Getting your website indexed and ranked in the top help website to drive more organic traffic. It can be only achieved when you have SEO friendly CMS. 

Building websites on the right CMS that are compatible with search engines and follow search engine guidelines allows you to stay on the top in search engines. No matter whether you are running an ecommerce website or managing a service-based company, to get your web pages ranked at the top in search engine result page you need to select the right CMS (Content Management System)

Do wordpress offer an inbuilt SEO tool? 

Compared to other platforms WordPress offers a more SEO friendly environment. The codes are written in wordpress follow search engine guidelines that are the reason why sites built using wordpress rank well in search engine result pages. Not only that but there are different SEO plugins available that you can use to make your website more SEO friendly. Among them, Yoast SEO is one of the popular plugins recommended by wordpress itself which you can use to add meta description, title, focused keyword, and more.  

4 Reason wordpress can be the best enterprise-level CMS for your website  

Open Source Platform with Ongoing Support 

With the world shifting from offline to online work, people have started to close doors for proprietary software. Now people prefer to have more open and commutable tools and services. WordPress is an open-source platform that comes with vast community support. Whether you are using wordpress for a new startup business or an enterprise-level business, you get access to an entire ecosystem of developers, designers, and experienced wordpress website design and development companies

Selecting an open-source platform allows you to work more effectively and brings more benefits to the table. WordPress has been tested widely by hundreds of developers and its large community is always available for users. Most of the time integrating and updating proprietary software or platforms becomes complicated. If you are using a closed system and planning to shift to wordpress then you are making wise decisions for your website and company. 

By shifting your website to wordpress you will no longer be waiting for your vendor’s roadmap as an open-source platform will allow you to construct your own structure and business decision. That is the reason why wordpress is also called one of the flexible platforms as it allows you to make your decision on upgrades and do other innovative stuff. You don’t have to rely on vendors to make small changes.

User-friendly Content Editor 

When it comes to selecting a platform that offers the best content editor then WordPress always comes on the top of the list. WordPress is a popular and widely used CMS that was built keeping content editing the primary feature. More than adding too many features WordPress tried to keep the editor interface simple and user-friendly for adding and editing any type of content and that’s how it became the most popular CMS.

Most importantly wordpress Gutenberg grabs many users’ attention as its enhanced editing experience for wordpress users. It came with a range of innovative features that made the content editor simple and feature full. Not only that but wordpress also ensures that your content reaches a wide range of audiences. WordPress ensures that your content is accessible from different devices regardless of their screen size.

This type of feature allows you to focus more on optimizing user experience without worrying about content visibility and accessibility. There are thousands of developers working at the backend to ensure that wordpress themes are clearly visible on different devices. 

Unlimited Scalability

Growth is something that every business looks for but how businesses can grow in the competitive marketplace? Undoubtedly having an appealing and result-driven website will contribute toward your business growth but it’s important for you to be prepared for all types of circumstances. Having a reliable platform will help you to scale more effectively. Using wordpress you can create a design that delivers your brand message and meets your potential customers’ expectations.

WordPress allows you to integrate the best and quality plugins that can keep your website running and growing. Make sure you download light coded themes and plugins for better performance. Hiring a reliable and experienced wordpress website design company will ensure that the website is up and running for better results. 

WordPress For Long Run 

If you are looking to create a website for the long run then wordpress should be the ideal choice for your enterprise-level businesses. Many software and CMS platform futures depend on the revenue they are generating and the number of users they have. On the other hand wordpress alone powers more than 30% of the website and there is a huge developer community working to maintain and improve wordpress for future usage.

When you select a CMS for your website it’s important to keep longevity in consideration. Because migrating your current website to wordpress can be easy but migrating it to another CMS platform can be difficult.  WordPress has always been the ideal choice for enterprise-level businesses planning their website for the long run.    

Limitation of WordPress 


Undoubtedly WordPress is one of the secured platforms for fulfilling web-related needs. But with the increase in the popularity and number of active users, WordPress has started to become vulnerable. There are companies that are struggling with problems like security breaches, malicious activities, and more. Still compared to other platforms wordpress offers a more secure environment. 

When it comes to security no one wants to compromise with it mainly the enterprise-level business. Due to the heavy user bases, wordpress is considered the most attacked CMS on the internet. Now you must be wondering why an enterprise-level business should use wordpress? 

With the right strategy and development process, wordpress can offer a secure environment for your website. But for that, you need to get in touch with a reliable and experienced wordpress website design company. SFWP Experts is an award-winning wordpress website design company working with highly experienced wordpress developers proficient in creating custom made highly secured wordpress websites for enterprise-level business. 


WordPress comes with hundreds of free and paid plugins that can be used to add new features and optimize website functioning. Using plugins you create, customize, and enhance your wordpress website and all types of functionalities that can make your website more appealing and navigation friendly. Some of the popular plugins can optimize your website but there are plugins that can make your wordpress more bloated. 

The more plugins you add to your wordpress dashboard the more stocky your website will become which will result in slow website functioning, slow wordpress admin, and more. In short, adding too many plugins with bulky codes can slow your wordpress website speed and performance. There are times when certain codes clash and break other plugins. So if you are using wordpress then you need to ensure that you are using the right plugins for your website. 

SFWP Experts is a widely reconsigned wordpress website design company located in San Francisco is mainly known for its custom wordpress design and plugin development for enterprise-level business. Working with an experienced wordpress website design company can help you to create lightweight custom plugins that can optimize your site’s overall performance and eliminate security-related issues. 


One of the most common issues faced by wordpress users is during a plugin update. Many wordpress website owners complain that after the update most of the plugins don’t work properly and there are compatibility issues with templates as well. There are times when wordpress core updates conflict with existing wordpress templates and plugins. 

These types of conflict start creating the problem and don’t stop until the third party developer updates their plugin or theme. Sometimes wordpress website owners have to revert back to their older version, that is the time when the risk on the website is high. Most of the time these types of activities lead to security vulnerabilities. Yes, there is a huge developer community working in the back end to assist you, But do you think you can get a reply sooner? 

Hiring an experienced WordPress website design company that is aware of the flaws with the core update will always convey to you whether the update is right for your website or not. SFWP Experts has experience of more than 10+ years in wordpress website design and development and our experienced teams are not just limited to creating custom coded wordpress website but can also maintain and keep your website updated for better functioning  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Can wordpress be Enterprise Ready? 

Every Enterprise-level business wonder Can WordPress as a CMS fulfill the digital needs of an enterprise-level business? Well, the simple answer is “Yes”. Using its advanced features and secure environment an enterprise-level business can use WordPress for their digital needs. WordPress can be integrated with all the major third-party tools easily which make it more suitable for business handling complex data and getting millions of traffic on their website. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for a higher authority to access and manage the classified information.  

To build a highly responsive and fully secured wordpress website for your enterprise-level business you need an experienced wordpress website design company. SFWP Expert is an award-winning wordpress website design company working with highly experienced wordpress website design professionals with more than 12+ years of experience in creating conversion-centric websites for different industries.  

2. How difficult is it to Learn wordpress?

Compared to other platforms WordPress is easy to learn only when you devote time each day for a minimum of 3-4weeks. As wordpress offers a user-friendly dashboard you are less likely to get confused with the wordpress backend. The best part about wordpress is that you don’t have to learn HTML coding but having a little idea about CSS may help you during the designing process. 

However, if you are using wordpress for enterprise-level business then you might be adding different functions in your backend. So to make your wordpress backend handy you need to partner with a reliable and experienced wordpress website design company that can help you to create a custom wordpress dashboard that is easy to handle and manage. 

3. Is wordpress good for a professional website? 

Whether you wish to create a blogging website or ecommerce website or a standard website for your business, wordpress is one of the most reliable and flexible platforms for building all types of professional websites. Its user-friendly interface encourages no developer to build a fully functioning website for their business. However, if you wish to have an appealing and conversion-centric wordpress website for your business then you need a reliable wordpress website design company that can help you to create a result-driven website for your business. 

4. What big companies use wordpress? 

You might have heard that wordpress is best for small businesses but it’s also considered the best platform for enterprise-level businesses as well. With the help of an experienced wordpress website design company, big businesses can create custom-coded wordpress websites. There is a list of big companies that are already using wordpress to run their website: 

  • TechCrunch 
  • Bloomberg Professional 
  • Sony Music 
  • MTV News 
  • BBC America 
  • The Walt Disney Company 
  • Toyota Motors Brasil 
  • Usain Bolt
  • The New Yorker 
  • The Official Star Wars Blogs 
  • And many more