5 Best Free WooCommerce Themes to Use in 2020

Do you have a WordPress Website? Do you still believe that WordPress isn’t a reliable source of e-commerce development? Have you heard of WooCommerce Themes before? If not then we have come with an amazing topic to explore this time. 

WordPress is a blessing for millions of budding website developers in the world. Besides web developers, it has generated different aspects of employment for various digital marketing staff & professionals around the world. The best thing about WordPress is that it focuses on simplifying website building through various means. It makes website building fun & many budding aspirants are joining WordPress development jobs for this reason. 

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is easily available to internet users for designing, developing, and content creation goals. Content is the king and you need to provide the best content on the internet to rank up in the SERPs. 


Every website including WordPress focuses on fetching higher search engine results. For this, it is not the content that alone matters. Depending on your website category you have to plan certain things to enhance your website design, looks, aesthetics & navigation structure. 

For example, let’s take an e-commerce website. In this case, your website not just needs promising content but a dedicated online retail store as well. The same is followed by different products & services you need to sell. Therefore, you must analyze all the essential components of an online retail store. 

If you’re planning to establish a new WordPress website & are unfamiliar with the whole procedure, you may wonder if it is possible to manage all these tasks easily. Especially when you know you have to give time to other portions of the website. And, that’s where SFWP Experts  steps in. Our skilled WordPress website & content developers encourage you to your objectives & goals. Creating an e-commerce website through WordPress is not rocket science and we’ll prove it by taking you through this post. Here we’ll cover the following aspects of the topic:

Table Of Content: 

WooCommerce is a revolutionary way you can adorn your e-commerce website. However, you must go through its basics to result in an effective application. Let’s start the topic!!

What Are WooCommerce Themes?

WooCommerce is a famous WordPress plugin that enables you to add free & paid e-commerce functionality to your WordPress website design. You can’t run an e-commerce website without a dedicated shopping store at all. WooCommerce themes are specifically developed to provide for your online store, and its aesthetic representation, and utilization structure. The plugins come with the latest features & components compatible with your website design. 

Earlier E-commerce websites usually required lots of codings & customized detailings to prepare for general-purpose usage. The web developers used to spend days & months creating such websites. But time has changed now. WordPress has delivered different magical solutions to emerging website developers over time. The aim of introducing plugins was to make WordPress users innovative instead of merely coding. After all, internet users have nothing to do with the backend. 

WooCommerce themes are consistently gaining prominence over the last few years. A lot of e-commerce websites have emerged. The reason being enhanced internet accessibility in various parts of the world. With the increase in population, the internet aims to reach many unexplored locations on earth. As such, you can imagine how broad website traffic you’re able to achieve on your e-commerce website. E-commerce is the revolution. You can just Google the richest person on the earth right now!

What Features to Expect From an Online Store?

The WooCommerce themes are famous for their revolutionary features. Though certain things indeed vary among different themes, you can’t overlook the founding elements of an online shopping store. The basic components of an online store can’t be ignored. These components collectively provide for your website’s identity. Let’s have a detailed overlook of these components:

1. Product navigation menu

No e-commerce website is considered complete without proper product navigation. The very first thing your visitors would like to figure out on your website landing page would be the variety of products you offer. Even for an industry-specific e-commerce website, like Coolwinks or Lenskart, you have to decide on separate navigation. With WooCommerce themes, you don’t have to care about the navigation. The plugin provides you with lots of space to represent your foremost goods & products. 

2. Description of products

The product description includes an important part of the buyer’s journey. If the buyer doesn’t find the product features appealing as per his or her convenience to move to another website. The WooCommerce themes are especially focused on providing better space & user interface for your product descriptions. The requirement of the user interface is often associated with color customization, adds-on customization, size customization, etc, on your product description pages.

3. Product offers & promos

During the festive season, your online store needs unique ornamentation. For an easy instance, you can review Amazon URLs for different countries on different festive seasons. The header section of the online store looks quite appealing as compared to the regular ways. The same is filled with a great number of offers & discounts. The color schemes used in these headers also depict different aspects. On the other hand, you’ll find attractive promos of specified brands & products. The aim is simple, to create an effective promotional strategy. 

4. Product features

You may get confused between the terms production description & product features. The product features section usually relates to a detailed overview of the product specifications. Where the production description often includes everything related to the product. A Product description collectively involves the following elements: 

  • Product images
  • Product image slider
  • Title of product
  • Product rating with stars
  • Price of the product
  • EMI schemes & offers
  • Added offers & schemes
  • Product specifications
  • Color selection windows
  • Size selection windows etc

Many online stores represent their product features separately and WooCommerce themes specifically provide for these features.

5. Company logo

Talking about the aesthetic part, how can we start without the company logo. Your company logo is your way to remind your website’s visitors to your website. Along with the other web pages, your website’s shopping store must exhibit your website’s name or logo. The company logo helps online users recognize your brand and visit you frequently. Certain company logos are designed in a way that they directly represent your business theme or category before the internet users. For example, if you plan to create a WordPress website related to health & workout products you can make use of a bodybuilding image to decide on your logo. Your visitors would surely recognize your online store. Your WordPress theme needs to consider this factor. 

6. Compatibility with WooCommerce

Your e-commerce plugin needs to project something appealing. There are lots of e-commerce stores on the internet for whatever product you plan to sell. However, styling & aesthetics can’t be copied. Moreover, if someone copies your style, WooCommerce provides you with lots of premium options to check out. This point is extremely important to remember. If you’re interested to use the WooCommerce theme you have to make sure that your online store’s plugin is compatible with those themes. In case you already have an e-commerce theme WooCommerce can help you enhance out. 

7. Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is one of the most important components of your online store. Shopping carts have been in the e-commerce trend for many years now. It helps your website visitors store what they like. It is an important part of the buyer’s journey. Studies show that 70% of products lying in the famous shopping carts are most likely on the way to get sold. The consumers often like to have a basket before reaching the sales counter, even buying 2 or 3 items.

8. Fast loading speed

Every web page on a website needs to acquire maximum loading speed. Why? Because the bounce rate does not target specific web pages ever. Your online retail store could suffer the same problem. A fast loading speed can offer fast purchase & quick payment support to your website users. They often don’t like to be stuck with a payment procedure. Poor servers may annoy your online retail store visitors right away. An e-commerce plugin has a lot of data to showcase users. Therefore you have to make sure it never hangs. 

There are many other components of online shopping stores to consider like, Signing In & Out Options, Payment Windows, Social Media Handles, etc. If you have a clear insight into your e-commerce structure you can easily decide on the WooCommerce theme of your dream!

5 Best Free WooCommerce Themes to Use in 2020

Now as you’ve got through all the main components of an e-commerce online store you can decide on your favorite WooCommerce theme, which’s free, innovative & beautiful enough to allure your website visitors. However, first, you have to understand why we have created this list. There can be various factors affecting your installation decision. We want to present you with the perfect 5 varieties so that you don’t waste your time analyzing why you should or should not go for other themes in the plugin store. If you find further doubt in the application of any of these themes you can reach us right away. Without further due let’s explore the themes out:

1. Neve Shop


Why not start with flexibility? You can have any sort of WordPress theme and therefore adjusting an e-commerce plugin could be a headache. Flexibility is important because it helps create a healthy relationship between your website & your e-commerce plugin. In fact, flexibility is a leading factor you cannot ignore while deciding on an e-commerce plugin. The theme is absolutely free to install and has a very good download record. The website perfectly provides for your reliability requisite. Here are the main highlights of this amazing WooCommerce theme:

  • Responsive Design: The very first & significant feature of the theme is its responsive design. If you know what is responsive design you don’t have to worry about different resolutions & devices that your visitors use. Your website would run smoothly over a desktop as well as a smartphone.
  • Fine Size: The next important feature of the theme is its slim size. It takes only 413.5 kb to capture one of your web pages. As such you can count on its weight & loading speed consequently. Being lightweight is a considerable trait when you’re going to face unwanted WordPress updates.
  • SEO Compatible: Neve Shop theme is essentially SEO friendly. This means it serves various Google Algorithms easily. Your website content often contains different factors to degrade your SEO efforts. With this WooCommerce you don’t have to worry about such problems.
  •  Manage Content Blocks: Content blocks can create inappropriate disturbance in your online store. This may lead your visitors to leave your store right away. Neve Shop theme provides your visitors with a content-block free experience so that they could better concentrate on their favorite products & items. 
  • Price Charts: The significance of the price chart has consistently increased over time. People often need to view a specified variety of products on one page. In other words, they find it difficult to review some prospective products falling in the same product line one by one. Neve Shop theme provides them with detailed Price Charts.
  • Multi-Page Layout: Through the way of this feature you can figure out the flexibility factor included in the theme. Certain websites don’t feature a huge number of products, while others exhibit a whole marketplace. It is because certain websites represent only one product line where others represent multiple. Never shop for both. 

Talking about popularity, the Neve Shop theme has been downloaded over 1 million times. It has got a five-star rating regarding design & customization.

2. OceanWP


The leading reason why we have put this theme on our top 5 list is the multipurpose demos it provides to webmasters & developers. The demos are available for both free and premium accessibility. It also lets you access the page builder for specified customizations. It means you can use the theme any way you like. It is quite a useful aspect as many WooCommerce themes don’t fit with the page builder applications. Page-builder is a notable plugin that most WordPress developers use. Coming back to the e-commerce demos, you can decide on one ahead of time. Here are some notable features of the theme:

  • Popularity: OceanWP is even more popular when it comes to the number of downloads. Around 3 million websites are using OceanWP themes. The main reason behind its broad application can be its compatibility with respect to the page builder plugin.
  • Parallax Effect: Moving ahead you can also enjoy the parallax effect on your e-commerce store & corresponding pages. The parallax effect deals with a slow movement in your website images, especially in the header part. The header section of an eCommerce store usually requires it to be decorated from time to time. Why not with a parallax effect?
  • Contemporary Widgets: Widgets are also a great contributor to your website’s information structure. In the case of eCommerce stores also they can be used to represent an organized form of information, especially product descriptions. The OceanWP theme comes with a pre-organized form of contemporary widgets.
  • Responsive Design: Here also, you don’t need to care about your web page compatibility with respect to varied visual devices. The theme won’t have any problem with the user’s mobile screen or tablet screen. Though users can also go for adaptive designs for exceptional cases you can count more on a responsive design. Go for it!
  • Visuals & Animation: The next beautiful thing about the OceanWP themes is that they come with multiple animations & visual support systems. If you’ve got a stunning animation to include on your online store header or sidebars you can do it easily with this theme. You can also add stunning visuals with a parallax effect on your website header.
  • Multiple Demos: The theme provides you multiple styles for your web page application. Some are free & some are premium. You can decide which one to do with. Thereafter, you also get a chance to review them one by one with demo support.

3. Astra


Astra is an amazing eCommerce theme for whatever business plan you have. Its intense color scheme can fit any kind of online store design. The header part usually comprises a dedicated product offer along with a discount rate, a “Shop Now” & a “Find More” button. You can highlight a specified product in this section that you want your users to approach first. This kind of design can do best for an industry-specific online store. For example, a Fashion Store. The lower part of the theme represents top brands & specified widgets. Let’s have an overview:

  • High Performance: The main highlight of the theme is its performance. It has given an A94 grade for its performance. Performance can be measured on the basis of the web page loading speed, traffic & SEO. Astra provides for all these factors efficiently. The page size of the theme is 426 KB which makes it reliable on the performance level. 
  • Advanced Typography Solutions: Correct & appealing typography can help you draw notable traffic to your online store. Typography essentially enables you to manage your web pages’ fonts, size, color, borders, paddings, and other forms of writings & messages. It helps you convey whatever you want to your users & visitors in a stylish way.
  • WooCommerce Ready: The theme is WoodCommerce ready. This means WooCommerce is enabled on your theme and you can make further changes considering WooCommerce support on your store pages. If WooCommerce is not enabled you can’t use the features to make changes to your webpage content. 
  • Multipurpose Starter Sites: The theme is perfect for multipurpose starter sites. However, it’s landing page design may attract industry-specific webmasters more. The theme is free to use so you can conduct an initial check to see whether it can provide for your multipurpose organization or not. It can integrate with various page builders like Beaver Builder & Elementor for customization assistance.
  • Simple Style: Astra does not overstuff your online store’s landing page. It provides users with a very simple yet appealing web page design. It gives a very clear insight into the offers, brands & products you want to showcase to your visitors on their first visit. You can attract thousands of users who like to approach the minimalist market conditions. 

4. Eightstore Lite


Eightstore Lite is your window to exhibit style & trend. It provides lots of engaging segments for your visitors who love to see perfection in everything. The upper part of the theme exhibits your company logo in an innovative manner. The top left corner indicates icons like search & storage cart. Coming down the theme showcases your website’s navigation menu. If your visitors need to visit your blogs & information library they can easily do that. Moving ahead, the visitors find an amazing header image. The image can be used to display your emerging product offers & discounts. Here’s more to explore:

  • WooCommerce Ready: The theme is absolutely WooCommerce ready and you can conduct any of your personalized operations on the web pages. The WooCommerce user interface helps your visitors stay free from complications at most. However, you always have to make sure whether your WooCommerce theme is enabled or not. 
  • Video Integration Support: Even more revolutionary is the YouTube Video Integration Support to enjoy with this sort of eCommerce theme. You can add video clips, GIF files, to your online store’s landing page and introduce a new aspect of website appeal. The feature is also useful for drawing important specifications of the product before the users. 
  • Multi-purpose Layout: The theme provides your users with both boxed & full-width layouts so that they could easily access from desktop & smartphones. A multi-purpose layout brings you multiple kinds of users and visitors also. A boxed content easily finds for your smartphone need where a full-width layout helps users explore on the big screen.
  • Live Customization: If you want to rectify certain small mistakes on your eCommerce pages you can do it without displaying a maintenance page. Your visitors won’t even notice whether you’re performing any customizations on the web pages. In fact, little alterations are often unrecognizable on your website’s other web pages.
  • Responsiveness: The responsiveness of the theme is also considerable. Due to its multi-purpose layout, it is highly responsive to various resolutions. Moreover, the size of the theme is also quite considerable. It never results in lower webpage loading speed.

5. Hestia Ecommerce

If you’re looking for decency & style together, this is the right eCommerce WordPress theme for your website. Your online store looks like a professional one. The theme is completely free to use and WooCommerce ready. Though it provides a major part of its structure for pictures & visuals it can be a better option for parallax effect seekers. For this reason, the website often looks like the landing page of Pinterest. But you don’t need to worry. Its design is innovative enough to exhibit whatever an average shopping enthusiast would like to explore in an eCommerce website. Let’s review its main highlights:

  • Sendinblue Compatibility: The first thing that differentiates this amazing theme from the rest is its incredible compatibility with respect to newsletters. If you want to add customized newsletters signup functions in your online shop the theme won’t disturb you anyway. Newsletter Signup Forms are very crucial for user retention. If you analyze certain users buying specified sort of products from your website consistently you can notify them whenever a new product arrives.
  • SEO Friendly Interface: The user interface of the theme essentially provides for the search engine protocols. The theme includes proper titles and descriptions for every product you have to sell. Moreover, it relates to well-formatted URLs and is free from mixed content errors. Additionally, your web pages or eCommerce pages load fast on every click.
  • Integrated to WooCommerce & Page Builders: In addition, you also don’t have to care about the WooCommerce & Page Builder compatibility of your online shop. The Hestia Ecommerce theme is specially designed to provide for the webmaster’s convenience so that they could focus on building the best eCommerce websites out there. The theme has some more unique features to offer like, responsive design, live customization support, and widget carrying footers, etc. 

So, these were some of the best WooCommerce Themes we believe could enhance your eCommerce website building plans in 2020. However, we suggest you should better conduct research on a personalized basis. It will help you find something more fruitful ultimately. There are many other astonishing ideas on the WordPress plugin library that are free to use if you like to explore. All the best!!


The aim of posting this article was to give you a brief overview of the best free WooCommerce Themes you can apply on your eCommerce website this year or further. If you’ve got a product that no one could offer to the online buyers, you must plan for an eCommerce website. At SFWP Experts, we strive to unhide your hidden talents or your chances to become a renowned WordPress professional. Come build with us!!

FAQs on WooCommerce Themes

1. What is the best free WooCommerce theme?

The right answer to this question is your choice. There are lots of the finest free & premium WooCommerce themes on the WordPress plugin bank. However, they differentiate based on user preferences. WooCommerce themes come with different color schemes, designs, virtual shapes, sizes & features. It’s like you won’t go for strawberries if you want an apple, though strawberries are more premium than apples. The best WooCommerce theme you can go for is the one you like. However, Neve Shop, OceanWP, Hestia, Storefront, etc are some widely preferred themes.  

2. Does WooCommerce work with any theme?

Of course yes. Certain people often have a misconception that WooCommerce requires them to switch their whole WordPress theme, but that’s not true. It works for any theme by default. It is usually focused on giving your current website design a touch of eCommerce. To make it more simple, let’s say you want to add a shop to your WordPress theme. That’s it. Moving ahead, you might ask “How can I make my WordPress theme WooCommerce Ready?” Now the things differentiate here. To make a website theme WooCommerce ready you instead have to Enable certain WooCommerce settings for additional changes on your eCommerce page. And, you become WooCommerce ready.

3. What does WooCommerce mean?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is used to add a dedicated eCommerce section or you can say an online retail store on the website. WooCommerce is an easy & reliable way you can create an online shop for your brands, products, and items. Whatever business category you have, you can create an online store to sell your products easily. There’s no requirement for hiring coding & web development professionals as such. With WooCommerce you can yourself create an eCommerce store for your website.

4. What can WooCommerce do?

The leading function of WooCommerce is to add an eCommerce store to your WordPress website. There are different aspects of an eCommerce store. WooCommerce ensures to include all these aspects to make your website ideal for online shopping. Here are the main components of an eCommerce page:

  • Products & items
  • Product specifications
  • Offers & discounts on products
  • Brand logos & company logo
  • Shopping cart for storage
  • Newsletter signup forms
  • Payment options & mediums
  • Social media handles
  • Product reviews & ratings and more.

5. How do I create a WooCommerce theme?

Creating a WooCommerce theme is the best decision you can make for your eCommerce business plan. Like WordPress, it provides an easy way to create an important segment of your website. You don’t have to learn complicated coding & web development principles. You simply have to go through the following steps:

  • Always go for a TemplateToaster or else you have to create it from scratch using coding
  • First, make sure you have a WordPress website
  • Install Template Toaster (a Windows-based template design software)
  • Go to WooCommerce, and select “start from scratch”
  • Select colors & typography of your choice and click “ok”
  •  Visit the main interface of the theme and select layout
  • Then jump to the “header design”
  • After setting your header design you can proceed to the “menu design”
  • The next step associates with the “slider design”
  • You may set your “content style” after that
  • Don’t forget the “footer design” on the journey
  • You can export your theme now
  • Take out the exported theme and upload it to your WordPress database by clicking “add new”
  • Activate the theme and get started.