What is Gutenberg?

WordPress the most commonly used CMS or in simple terms it’s just a free but powerful website creator/editor.

Unless you are living under a rock, you might have heard about ‘Gutenberg’, no it’s not about the place but it’s about the new WordPress editor that people may either like or hate!

Its main purpose is obsessively to make the website building easier, which it does with its new features and which increases the ease of handling.


Before exploring about the Gutenberg, let’s take a look at classic WordPress editor.

The editor itself is free and open source but it’s not really free for making your website using the WordPress. You may have to have some knowledge in coding or you should hire WordPress Developer to customize the WordPress for you. If not, then you may have to buy themes from other websites which you can edit later but not to its full extent, which may require coding skills.

Then came the Page Builder plugins. They made the website building so much easier that all you have to do is drag and drops then you are done! Well it’s not the end. Using page builders is easy but it’s a process filled with trial & Error which means that every time you do something in the WordPress, you don’t know how is it going work until you render it completely! And it’s going to decrease your work efficiency.

Then here comes the Gutenberg to save the day!



It’s pretty much as same as the classic page builders but with improved functionality.

Like for example, whenever you drag and drop a block into your website you can clearly see the live changes that are being made in your site, without having to render it completely and change it later.

It drastically increases your productivity and increases your overall control over the WordPress website design.

That’s why people are going to love it. But the major drawback is that Gutenberg isn’t compatible with all the available themes not yet! Which might be a deal breaker some people? And it’s the biggest upgrade so it will take some time for people to accept this new technology.

So if you are interested in Gutenberg and willing to download it here’s a quick guide.


Downloading Gutenberg

It’s pretty easy all you have to do is, go to your WordPress dashboard search for Gutenberg in add new plugins or you can download it from the WordPress repository. Keep in mind that your WP version should be 4.8.

Well everything is not perfect so is Gutenberg, it comes with its own set of Pros and Cons.



  • It’s pretty easy to use since it’s a visual editor which has also have a great screen space with live rendering.
  • Beginner’s can easily adapt to Gutenberg, and can create a stunning site.
  • It’s mobile friendly too.
  • You can pretty much create your own theme by customizing your old theme.



  • Well as far as cons go it’s mainly about the themes, i.e Gutenberg currently doesn’t work well with all themes.
  • It may be easier for beginners to use Gutenberg, but it may pose some inconvenience to those who gotten used to the older versions of WP.


Well at last it all boils down to your personal preference, but somewhere down the line you may have to work with Gutenberg whether you like it or not. So just give it a try and you will know whether you like it or not.