Landing Page Conversion Rate


“Landing Page“ one of the well-known terms in the digital marketing field. An optimized landing page always helps in boosting conversion rates. But most of the time marketer fail to understand the reason behind the surge in conversion rate. And lastly, they are left with one question in their mind.

How to improve a landing page conversion rate??

Los Angeles web design company have figured out, nine steps that will prove as the upper hand in optimizing landing pages and generating leads on execution.

A business on web-space must know landing pages conversion rates are a critical component of inbound marketing strategies. Companies that have boosted the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 have observed 55 % growth in leads. Therefore, you need to tailor your marketing strategy as per the visitor’s interest.

What we have collected by lavishing over a decade in the industry is that optimizing landing pages is one of the biggest challenges faced by online marketers.

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Going by the average report, a prototypical landing page converts somewhere in the middle of 1-3 %. On the other hand, a variety of companies that are optimizing their landing pages gains the conversion rate in double digits surprisingly.

Referencing to the effectiveness, the actual truth is that you don’t locate at the right place in the first attempt only. Only after being addicted to launch, test, learn and optimize, you get to enhance landing page conversion rate. Unfortunately, this complication is one of the five biggest problems, B2B marketers have to cope with. To skip and get ahead of such a mess, we have laid out a nine-step guidebook for helping in landing page optimization to achieve quality conversions.


  1. Knowing Your Campaign Goal 

You would be anticipating that the goal is evident. But the major difficult situations attached to landing pages is the lack of focus they are equipped with on one particular goal or CTA. The number of landing pages showcases multiple offers. Because of that users get confused and loses their attention that leads to increase in the bounce rate. 

To grab the attention of the users, the site editor should have an inventory of landing pages that focus only on one solution. This type of practice decreases the bounce rate, allows a user to interact with the website and avoids confusion.

The landing page of Velaro Live Chat is a good example. In order to increase sales of their service, they placed a guide explaining why live chat is essential and how to employ it. The only objective of the landing page is to influence users for downloading the guide and in turn, lead generation will be added in their database.


  1. Write Down Clear And Crisp Headlines

Let’s face it as a challenge, you only have a few seconds at hand to impress your audience. To that in the association, it’s a necessary element to shape your headline in a simple and straightforward manner. Have a glimpse of the Inspectlet landing page for detailed comprehension that’s clean and good.

Lesson to come by – Contract your headline to short and attractive that will draw up your user’s attention instantly.


  1. Frame A Captivating Line

None will peep into the details mentioned on a page if a sense of satisfaction doesn’t hit them regarding your offering from the beginning. In pursuit of being assured of better landing page conversions rate, you need to present your landing page copy more like convincing, get to the point and be authentic.

In Lyft’s landing page for driver recruitment, they have set forth information in clear flow that drivers would wish to realize before signing up.

The inclusion of the FAQ section is a well-thought advantage, as the questions addressed there, are quite useful for users to be clarified before they sign up.

Lesson to come by – No matter how eye-catchy the design is of your landing page, users will not become leads if the content is not written in a convincing format.


  1. Use Only Relevant Images

It’s not an exception that content is important. Everyone knows this, right? But, images are as well, helpful in fetching necessary emotions out of users and permitting them to act fast. For ensuring that your message stands out, it’s a compulsion to sync all images from header to those within the landing page, with the notable content there.

Let’s refer to the hero image of Codecademy for a brief idea. That’s simple, straightforward and easily noticeable. Now jump over to Breather which is a dedicated website to lend help to organizations seeking for right meeting rooms. Their landing page reflects HD images affixed with cute icons to pierce the veil selling points.

Lesson to come by – Pairing of the best image with the right content is more than enough to earn a successful landing page conversion rate.


  1. Deploy CTAs For Compelling Users To Act

CTAs that are called calls to action, in general, say that it is an exceedingly integral element on a landing page to enable users to take action. For a moment it might seem like a casual button but other features about it matter a lot to bring users in the action zone.

Color – Make sure that CTA button inverse in color as that of background. Our research ended at orange, blue or green CTAs works best for conversion.

Size – Do take one note that the size of the button is neither so small as users get frustrated in clicking, nor so large which frightens them. It must be in accordance with the right size and should synchronize with the layout.

Message – Message is the prime actor waving from the front that truly insists upon the importance of the CTA. Endeavor maximum to instill an urgent need of the individual product or service to tweak the conversion rate.

Only a little is better than Neil Patel’s webinar CTA considering the message he has handcrafted that pushes consumers to some extent for action-taking.


  1. Keep In Bold Value Proposition

Tell your visitors about what is the USP of your agency and what do you have to offer to grab their attention. The value proposition should be like out of the ordinary or exceptional with which they would get benefited when choosing your service.

For this instance, Uber’s landing page fits the bill correctly with its unique value proposition. Stories are published all over the web about people who have signed off their monotonous job for driving an Uber cab. It’s landing page offers the right value proposition to appeal to people who look forward to being financially independent. Certain pieces of words such as good money, work when you want and no office no boss, yields a positive response from the users.

To portray the upright value proposition for your product or service, you need to see your target audience and form marketing messages, keeping their needs in mind while at the same time elaborating the ways by which you can help them.

Lesson to come by – High spot your value proposition perfectly to come under your user’s interest.


  1. Reduce Loading Time

Everything would appear useless if your loading time is high and you spend hours upbuilding the right landing page by fixing images and content at a suitable place. Test the loading time of your website to bring it to a few seconds or you will lose your hold on users.

Rehearse necessary suggestions by Google PageSpeed Insights to greatly decrease the loading time of your webpage. Keep in memory to fix the issues as revealed, not only to correct your page speed but also help in SEO.

Lesson to come by – Your landing page speed matters and trust us that it’s a deal-breaker if it loads slow. Make loading speed agile.


  1. Modify Your Form Fields

Mere intention of a landing page is to enable users for rendering their contact details and that’s next to impossible without establishing a form. All of your convincing content and images would be pointless if you fail to ground their faith in forms.

General thumb rule states that if enterprise clients are not your target, then just ask to fill the customer’s email address.

That instant, a multi-page form helps in facilitating the conversion rate of users into leads. The thought processing behind this is that you request the consumer for action taking without capturing their details and once they entrust, you demand their contact information.

One of the finest examples of multiform utilization is ( a debt management system ) that put on site their multiform in a smart way by inquiring customers to drag their debt amount and then on the subsequent steps collects their information.

The positioning of forms also plays a vital role in the leads acquisition procedure as visibility and actionability are two main elements that clear or resists the landing page conversion route.

Lesson to come by – Users feel more relaxed in exchanging out their email address with information gathered from your website when compared to their contact number.


  1. Implement A/B Test On Your Landing Pages

As and because testing is an integral part of a series of actions before a product launch, your landing page conversion rate is not untouched. It improves its quality and doesn’t forget to use the right tool to target and test your landing page. This provides you with a chance to scale the landing page conversion rate by up to 300 percent.

An extensive hurdle that blocks the way for marketers is the lack of right tool access to test their landing pages. That point of time, A/B testing serves the best interest by letting you test various landing page blueprints and content to analyze which is most appropriate for your target audience. You may get your hands at A/B testing by segregating your audience but sticking to a dedicated tool makes it free to scrutinize the results in a better modus.

Lesson come by – Sometimes it shows signs of being hard to determine what suffice your users. For that sake, A/B testing is the best way to find out.


Indeed landing page optimization is a difficult work to do as there’s no proven formula for ensuring its successful outcome. The orderly pointed above-mentioned nine-step guide should give you the outlook for how to frame each element of the landing page in order to merit an improved landing page conversion rate. If you have got some gossips to share about your conversion rate or just want to say Hello to SFWP experts, adopt call or email communication method to contact best WordPress website design company and boost your business performance.