Top 8 Best Online Advertising Strategies

When it comes to driving traffic and conversion then one technique that helps businesses to accomplish their goal is “Online Advertising”. It is considered one of the most effective and efficient ways to make your product and services reach potential customers at the right time when they need them the most. Online advertising has got a lot to offer in terms of ROI and revenue.

But it’s important to know various online advertising strategies the business of all sizes can use to expand their reach, find new customers, and most importantly, drive more sales. If your business is looking for the same then make sure you stick till the last as we are going to highlight different online advertising strategies suitable for all kinds of businesses. 

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An Overview of Online Advertising

Online advertising is also known as online marketing or digital advertising Is the form of marketing and advertising that uses the internet to help businesses reach their potential customers by delivering various promotional messages through organic and paid channels. 

Online advertising strategies generally include email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and more. Same as other advertising media, online advertisement generally includes a publisher (where the ads are getting displayed) and an advertiser who pays the money to the publishers to advertise the content on their platform. 

With so many options available like PPC, social media, email, search engine, and more online advertising has got the full potential to help any business from any niche to reach their potential customers. When it comes to online advertising, social media marketers or advertisers are more focused on creating communities, sharing content, connecting with audiences, and more. 

Bloggers and content marketers focus on creating and distributing content to drive more traffic and conversion. On the other hand, advertisers are focused more on optimizing metrics like cost per acquisition and return on ad spend, and many more. All the above techniques have different goals to achieve which is the reason why most marketers find organic and paid advertising on different platforms but both strategies can help you to reach your target audience. 

So in this article, we are going to highlight why online marketing is essential for business, the basic difference between organic and paid advertising and lastly we will be giving detailed information about different online advertising strategies. 

Why Is Online Advertising Important?

No matter how successful you are running your offline business, if not today then there will be a time when your potential customers may not visit your store to make a purchase because your competitors might fulfill their needs from online platforms. Yes, you read it right nearly half of the world’s population are using the internet to find the answer, for entertainment, and to make a purchase.  

Online advertising is evolving rapidly and sooner or later we can expect most of the world’s population to make their purchase from an online platform. That is the reason why online advertising is considered one of the crucial aspects of online success. More and more people are shifting online so it’s time for you to start making use of various online advertising strategies to make your product reach the right set of audiences that are actually interested in making the purchase. 

So let’s take a look at six benefits of online advertising: 

1. Reach a wide range of potential customers

As we have mentioned earlier more than half of the world’s population are using the internet for their needs. By using online advertising you can make your business and your product/services reach your potential customers beyond your local area. Because people are now watching less TV and browsing the internet more. 

Online advertising helps you to become the source of user’s answers and make your business reach a wide range of audiences. There are other conventional methods that allow you to advertise your product but spending millions of dollars just to promote a product is not going to offer the desired results. But online advertising allows the business to advertise their products in a cost-effective way and reach the maximum number of audiences. 

2. Advanced targeting options

Most of the businesses ranging from a small business with a low marketing budget to an enterprise-level business with a higher marketing budget prefer to use online advertising just because it allows them to market their product to the right set of audience that can actually convert into paying customers.

If you are aware of your potential customers or have performed various research to know about your potential buyers thet online advertising helps you to utilize your reach by giving you various options to trade them depending on their demographics, keywords, interest, behavior, and more. 

People who actually need your product and services can be searching for it on various platforms. By using online advertising you are bridging the gap by offering them the product and services they need the most. Using various online advertising strategies like display ads, social media ads, Facebook ads, Twitter, Instagram, and more you can reach your potential customers. 

3. Brand Awareness

Online advertising can be used to increase the awareness of your brand and business by using various channels like SEO, social media, emails, and more. With billions of active users, Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and Google have become one of the best ways to increase awareness about your brand, product, services, and more. Apart from social media using SEO you can rank your web pages on the top in SERP and drive traffic on your website with a goal to increase awareness about your brand and product. Running display ads with attractive visuals can also help you to spread awareness about your brand and product. 

4. Engage your potential customers

Different outbound marketing strategies can help you to spread awareness but when it comes to engagement no brands and businesses know whether users are engaging with their advertisement efforts or not. An online advertising platform not only allows you to reach your potential customer at the right time but also helps you to know whether they are engaging with your content or not.  

By creating various infographics, videos, text content, and more you can engage your audience by offering them what they are looking for. By performing research you can identify your customer pain points and offer them content that solves their problem. Apart from that, you can offer attractive images and videos that can help you to engage your potential customers. 

If you are running paid ads then you get access to a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to identify how actively your potential customers are engaging with your content. On the other hand, you can determine your organic engagement by checking the total number of clicks, likes, comments, and more.  

5. Cost-effective

Compared to other advertising techniques online advertising is comparatively cheaper and offers more results. Undoubtedly there are various advertising techniques available that can help brands to drive more sales and revenue. But it all comes down to how much you are investing in getting those sales. Many advertisers and marketers claim that running google ads help them to generate $3 for every $1 spent on ads. In the same way, social media channels also have less CPC and offer more ROI. That is the reason why small and large-scale businesses prefer to use online advertising. 

8 Different and most effective online marketing strategies

1. Social Media Advertising 

We don’t have to mention the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Social media marketing is the heart of any marketing strategy and it is considered to be growing each year in terms of users and advertiser both. With the increase in the total number of social media users, most businesses and brands are creating and experimenting with various social media marketing strategies with the goal to reach their potential customers. 

Today there are more than 1.65 billion active mobile users with 1 billion new users getting added every year. That is the reason why brands and businesses are focusing on promoting more and more content with a goal to engage their potential customers and encourage them to explore more about their products and services. 

No matter which industry your business belongs to or what the size of your business, social media has the full potential to help businesses to reach their potential customers and get maximum conversion. Using social media you can build a community, engage your potential customer by addressing their problem, share attractive infographics, and many more. 

Social media marketing is generally divided into parts that are organic marketing and paid marketing. Today many business and marketer claims that social media organic reach is a bit lower that is the reason why they prefer to go with paid advertising. Placing sponsored ads and stories is considered the best way to increase the reach of your content, brand, and product/services. 

Using social media advertising you can target a specific group of audience depending on the demographics, interest, behavior, and more. Remember your Content in the trump card that will help you to achieve your goal. No matter whether you are using social media paid ads or using an organic way to connect with users, your content is the only thing that will help you to make your social media marketing efforts fruitful. Social media marketing and advertising are considered to be a cost-effective way to reach the target audience and create a strong bond with them. 

So let’s look at some of the benefits of social media marketing: 

  • Help business and brands to increase brand awareness 
  • Create brand recognition
  • Reach the right set of audience
  • Share attractive content to engage your potential audience. 
  • Helps you to tell your brand story
  • Generate leads 
  • Drive organic traffic to your website 
  • Boost sales and conversion 
  • Connect with influencers 
  • And many more

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2. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

PPC or pay per click is one of the most popular and widely used advertising models by hundreds and thousands of businesses and companies around the world. It allows marketers and advertisers to place the ads on the search engine result page by targeting a specific keyword. Using PPC ads one can drive traffic to the website, increase conversion, and more.

Don’t get confused between SEO and PPC as both are related to search engine results and ranking. SEO is the organic way to rank content and web pages with a goal to drive traffic to the website. Whereas PPC helps you to drive traffic to your website by paying some amount to the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.  

Google is one of the most popular and preferred search engines that allows you to create and run ads from Google Ads. The PPC model is a bit different from social media as it works on a bidding system that means you select a keyword that relates to your niche and product next in the auction you compete with various ad companies with the goal to rank your ad on the top in the search results for the specific keyword. 

To win the bid your ad copy needs to have a maximum bid and quality score. The CPC (cost per click) is also dependent on the quality score. The biggest advantage of using PPC ads is that you have to pay only when a user clicks on your ad. Thais way you can drive conversions and get higher ROI. more 

Another reason why PPC can offer you many benefits is that your business starts generating leads, traffic, and conversion the minute your ad is published in the search results for the specific keywords. If you feel that your potential customers might be searching for your product and services but your website is not ranked on the top in the search engine result page then we recommend using PPC to drive traffic and conversion. 

So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of running PPC ads: 

  • Helps website to boost their traffic 
  • Drives immediate results (the minute your ads gets published)
  • Helps you to get quality traffic that is likely to convert 
  • Full control over your advertising cost and budget 
  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ads 
  • Helps you to increase brand recognition and awareness 
  • Get access to the advanced analytical dashboard (Analyze ad performance)
  • Can help you to compete with large businesses 
  • And more

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3. SEO  (Search Engine Optimization)

We don’t have to mention the importance of search engine optimization and the value it can bring to your business. Undoubtedly today it’s essential for every business to have a website but it can be only effective when people or your potential customers are able to find your website. Using various SEO techniques you can rank your website on the top and drive more results from it. 

There are factors that allow your website to rank like optimizing your website for search engines, building authority backlinks, keyword research, and more. The SEO process starts with keyword research i.e identifying the right set of keywords that matches your business, products, and services. These keywords help search engines to identify the purpose of your web pages and for which keyword your web page should rank in search engines. 

Using various tools and by analyzing your competitor, you can easily determine the best keyword that you can use for your web pages to drive organic traffic on your website. The main goal behind keyword research is to identify what keyword your potential customers are using in the google search box. Depending on the volume and traffic you can select multiple and make your web page rank for that particular keyword.

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By creating unique content and by getting authority backlinks you can rank different pages for different keywords and from there you can drive traffic to your homepage through interlinking. Well, there are various SEO strategies that you can use to rank your web pages on the top in SERP. 

Remember the main Goal behind SEO is to get your website on the first page> In today’s competitive environment ranking on the top position can be a difficult job but you can always aim to rank in the top 3 positions. Remember if utilized properly SEO can be a great tool to drive traffic and conversion. 

So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) 

  • Helps business to drive organic traffic on the website 
  • Drive quality traffic that is likely to convert 
  • A cost-effective way to drive traffic and conversion 
  • Organic results get more clicks than paid 
  • Better user experience 
  • Higher conversion rate 
  • Boost your credibility 
  • SEO promotes your company 24X7
  • Increases brand awareness among high-value customers 
  • Help you drive more ROI for no to less cost 
  • And many more 

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4. Email Marketing

Emails are one of the oldest ways to communicate with the target audience and today email marketing has become one of the most effective ways to connect with customers. Using email you can make your customer cross each stage and bring them to the bottom of the funnel i.e the final purchasing phase. 

You can send your subscribers a newsletter, information about your new blog, personalized messages, discount, and more. Compared to other channels, email marketing is considered to be the most cost-effective way to drive traffic and conversion. Using emails you can generate a minimum of $44 in ROP for every dollar spent. 

So from the numbers, you can easily determine how effective email marketing can be for your business. Using the metric you receive from the email marketing tool you can optimize your strategies so that you can increase your CTR and other email marketing metrics.   

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  •  Helps you to communicate with your audience 
  • Spread awareness about your brand and services 
  • Improve your website sales 
  • Drive traffic on your website 
  • Help you to collect feedback about your product and services
  • The metrics from the email marketing tool helps you to learn what works 
  • Help you to reach the right audience at the right time 
  • Reach your audience on any device 
  • Get immediate results 
  • And many more 

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5. Content Marketing 

Today content marketing has become a great source to make your products and services reach potential customers. Brand and business often use content marketing to indirectly advertise their product and services by solving their problems or by providing them interesting information. Users also feel connected when they find these types of content text souls their pain point. 

Content can be in the form of text, infographics, and more. No matter which industry your business belongs to, if you want your website and webpage to drive more traffic and conversion then it’s important for you to produce unique, attractive, and SEO-friendly content. Content marketing also helps you to encourage your potential customer’s trust in your brand and business. 

Using content you can build a strong authority and online reputation. When you are regularly publishing content that solves user problems and educates them about new trends then they start believing your brand and product/services. Remember being consistent is key to getting success in the content marketing field. 

Benefits of Content marketing: 

  • Helps you to build authority and credibility 
  • Create a strong bond with potential customers 
  • Helps you to drive organic traffic on your website 
  • Improves brand awareness and recognition 
  • Develop lasting relationships with customers 
  • Helps you to position yourself as an industry expert 
  • Generate new leads 
  • And many more

6. Investing in Web Design

Most of you may think about how web design can fall under online marketing strategies. But your web design plays a crucial role in making your site visitor stay on your website, interact with your web page, and most importantly, take action in it. So even though website design is not directly connected to online advertising it plays a crucial role when it comes to driving traffic and conversions. 

In short, the website design is the center of your online marketing efforts. Having a well-designed website can encourage your site visitors to stay for a long time and persuade them to perform the desired action. Not only that but a clean and structured website can make the user trust the website that helps you to build a strong bond with potential customers. 

If you haven’t made any changes or update your website then it’s time to focus on optimizing your website design. Because most of the organic and paid visitors leave the website if the website is not appealing and doesn’t meet their expectations then they may abandon your website. Remember your website is the key to driving more traffic and conversion. That is the place where most of your site visitors will discover more about your product and services. 

If your web pages are not clear, interesting, and easy to navigate then no matter how much time you spend in developing effective online marketing strategies, all your efforts can go in vain. Because most of your online marketing strategies will include driving traffic to the website or web pages with a goal to either get users’ details or to encourage them to make a successful purchase.  

Having a well-designed professional website can help you to attract site visitors’ attention and encourage them to become paying customers. But for that, it’s important to keep your website updated with the latest trend. You can take the help of an experienced WordPress website design company that can help you to create a modern, attractive, conversion metric, and mobile-friendly website.  

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7. Native Advertising

Native ads are another popular form of advertising where ads are embedded into the website in a way that makes it appear as a part of the web page that is the reason why it is called native ads. Native ads are generally found in social media feeds or in some other web pages. If you are sponsoring the content on some other website then you need to ensure that you keep the consistency. 

Many reports suggest that if your ad content is visually appealing then more than 2% of the consumers that look at native ads engage with it and spend time viewing the contents.  The native ads don’t interrupt website usability as it offers a decent experience. In short native ads can actually help you get traffic and conversion. 

Benefits of Native advertising: 

  • Allows you to know where your ad is getting placed 
  • Ad-block friendly 
  • Capture audience attention 
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Helps you to drive traffic on your website 
  • Potential reach is great
  • And many more

8. Video Advertisement 

Video ads are another popular and growing form of advertising that is expected to grab many user’s attention. Today more and more people prefer to engage with video content and distributing it over various channels can help you to build a strong user base and connect with potential buyers.   

Video ad spending is continuously growing and is expected to reach $15 billion in ad revenue as the users are more interacting with video content. That is the reason why your searches are remaking in the second after google making youtube another valuable platform for video advertising. 

Youtube has already introduced various techniques using which users can place CTS at different places and use it to drive organic traffic, earn from affiliate marketing, and more. If you are starting new then you can also make use of video advertising on Youtube to get more subscribers.  

Benefits of Video marketing: 

  • Video can help you to boost conversion 
  • Help you to drive traffic 
  • Build trust and credibility 
  • Encourages social share 
  • And many more 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most effective online marketing strategy? 

Compared to all the above-mentioned online marketing strategies PPC or pay per click is the most popular and widely used type of online advertising that helps businesses to drive more traffic and conversion on their website. While social media marketing is more towards spreading awareness and connecting brands with users PPC helps businesses to get instant conversions. Where a user needs to purchase the product they prefer to visit the world’s leading search engine Google type in the keyword and make the purchase by clicking on the links in the results. But it’s not the same with social media platforms. 

2. What is the most effective way to advertise a new product? 

There are a number of ways to promote a new product but it all depends on your objective. If your goal is to get conversion then PPC advertising can be the best choice. Bitcoin you’re looking to spread awareness about your newly launched products then you can make use of the below points: 

  • Create an attractive visual content 
  • Promote it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more (paid ads)
  • Make use of a special introductory offer (for a limited time) 
  • Start running various social media contest 
  • Make use of emails to spread awareness 
  • Create a detailed blog on how your product can solve users problem 
  • Host an event 
  • And more

3. What is the purpose or importance of online advertising? 

In today’s internet-driven world, advertising online helps businesses to reach their potential customers in a cost-effective way. There are three main objectives of online advertisement to inform users about the product/services, persuade them to purchase the product, and most importantly remind them about your brand and business.  Using various online advertising strategies, brands and businesses can build a strong community with a goal to connect with more audiences and educate them about your product and services. Remember online advertising is not just to help you to get found on online platforms but helps you to reach the maximum number of audiences in your country and sometimes outside of your country. 

4. What are the different types of advertising? 

In today’s online-driven world Paid and social media advertising are considered the two most important and commonly known types of advertising. Let’s look at some of the other types of advertising that you can use for your business: 

  • Paid advertising 
  • Social media advertising 
  • Native advertising 
  • Display advertising 
  • Print advertising 
  • Broadcast advertising 
  • Outdoor advertising