Subscription Box Marketing: 8 Tips to Aquire New Customer For Your Subscription Box in 2020

Customer acquisition is one of the key aspects of your subscription box marketing strategy which will directly help you in growing your business. In subscription box business you should be more focused on onboarding maximum subscribers to generate more sales and revenue.  

But the question is how to acquire maximum customers or subscribers for a subscription box business?   

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Before moving ahead with further explanation about subscription box marketing as yourself a simple question.  Is your subscription box business offering a sufficient amount of customers and profit?  

If yes then you are on the right track and focus on converting your customer into loyal customers. But somehow if your subscription box business is failing to generate an adequate amount of subscribers and sales then this article will surely help you in optimizing your subscription box marketing strategies.

One of the key aspects of making your subscription box business successful is by keeping your potential as well as an existing customer interested. An impactful marketing strategy and attractive subscription box have all the capability to engage you with the customer. 

In subscription box business, once you start growing your subscribers it will directly help you in increasing your monthly recurring revenue and will assist you in generating more data about your subscribers lifetime value.  

Subscription box business is booming and customers are starting to love these types of concepts. An effective and unique marketing strategy will help you to enhance your subscription box business.

In this article, we will help you to determine different ways using which you can market your subscription box to acquire new customers for your subscription box business. Considering the below tips will also help you to craft 

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Tips to consider for acquiring new customers and making your subscription box business profitable

1. Get in touch with bloggers, influencers and other social media celebs

When it comes to marketing a subscription box with the aim of acquiring maximum customers for your business. The first and foremost tips we recommend are connecting with social media influencers, bloggers, and other social media celebs. They are the ones that can help in spreading awareness and acquiring maximum customers for your subscription box. 

Undoubtedly, there are other marketing techniques (we have listed below) that can help you to grow your subscription box business. But when it comes to creating a result-driven marketing strategy then influencers, bloggers, and social media celebs can offer you more impactful results. 

Generally, there are two types of reviews customer reviews and professional reviews. In the subscription box business bit, the reviews play a crucial role in persuading your potential buyers. Customer review comes after your potential customers purchase your product but before purchase, they research your product that’s when a professional review comes into the picture. 

Reach out to professional bloggers, influences, and social media celebs who have already created their authenticity in your nice and ask them to review your product with positive feedback so thet it creates a good impact and persuades your audience to purchase your product.

2. Lead Generation Using different techniques

No matter how persuasive your marketing strategy is for your customers, it will be considered an impactful and conversion-centric subscription box marketing strategy only when it starts offering you an abundance of leads. 

Lead Generation or Lead Capturing is considered one of the effective ways to acquire potential customers for your business. It allows you to communicate with them with the goal of converting them into your customers or subscribers.

A lead can be someone who landed on your landing page or your content form page and signed up for your email list or started a checkout process of your subscription box. Capturing leads is the best way to grab your potential customer attention and must tip to include in your marketing strategy. 

Below we are listing some popular type of lead capturing techniques used by different businesses: 


Opt-Ins is considered one of the most popular and effective ways to acquire new potential customers for your business. It allows you to get information or detail like email id, name, and more of your prospects. You can create a signup form on your website as a pop-up window, floating side or bottom bar, scrolling boxes, and more. Offer a compelling lead magnet that allows you to grab user’s contact information so that you can reach them and market your product. 

Newsletter Sign up 

Another effective way to generate leads for your subscription box business is by encouraging users to sign up for your newsletter. Once your potential customer successfully signs up for your newsletter then you can give them detailed information about how your subscription box can benefit them. You can also highlight “behind the scene” of your subscription box business to make them trust your brand. There are lots of benefits that you can get once you successfully convince your potential customers to signup for your newsletter. 

You can add the newsletter signup option either in the sidebar of your web page, the bottom of your web pages, and most importantly on your blog page. 


If you are looking to market your subscription box to acquire new customers for your business attention then creating contest is the best way to capture the maximum number for leads. You can create content for your monthly boxes and ask your participants to share contest details with their friends to earn some incentive. This way you can build a strong participant list for your content that can result in converting them into your subscribers. 

If you are looking to know different types of lead magnet for your website then make sure you check our blog on What is a lead magnet? Explained With 13 Best Lead Magnet Ideas 2020

3. Make use of Email campaign 

After generating leads for your business next you can focus on creating a persuading email campaign with a goal of creating awareness and converting them into your subscribers. Email campaigns are generally divided into two criteria:

  • Automated email campaigns
  • Bulk email campaign 

An automated email is a kind of welcome or introductory email that is automatically generate sent to leads when they opt-in for your email. On the other hand, bulk email campaign designs with the aim of advertising an upcoming product, spreading awareness about your upcoming sales and more.  

Bulk/Promotional email campaign  

When you think of sending bulk email to your email subscribers first thing that needs to pop up in your mind should be about adding CTA (call to action button) in your email. By including CTA you are encouraging leads to take action like reviewing your subscription box, subscribing for your monthly box, and many more. Bulk or promotional email campaigns are one of the most effective and impactful email types that you can include in your subscription box marketing strategies. 

Automated Email campign 

These type of emails are generated automatically after new user signup for your email list. Automated emails are pre-recorded emails like welcomes email, introductory email, and more with a goal of giving a brief introduction about what your brand and what type of things they can expect from your brand.

 In the beginning when you have fewer subscribers then you can think of sending individual email but as your email list starts growing focus on creating an automated email campaign to grab your newly joined subscriber’s attention. Once your subscribers are aware of your subscription box business then you may start getting good open rate and click-through rate.  

Read more about 

4. Leverage Social Media (Organic and Paid)

It’s a no brainer that social media is one of the best marketing channels that will allow you to increase the awareness and reach of your brand and products. In subscription box business social media plays a major role in promoting, engaging, and attracting potential customers. If leveraged properly it can boost your subscription box sales and revenue.

Social media is considered as the modern form of word of mouth marketing and the most effective channel to acquire more customers for your business. You can promote your subscription box business on social media in two ways organic social media marketing or paid (Ads) social media marketing. 

Firstly we will highlight how you can leverage organic social media for your subscription box business. If your business has a low budget then organic social media marketing can be the most effective and efficient way to acquire more subscribers for your subscription box. 

Organic Social Media Marketing 

You can start creating a detailed business page that offers insight into your subscription box business functioning. After or Before launching an official business almost every business owner creates a business page. But after that, most of them forget to engage their potential customer.

According to the recent study by Buffer, only 23% of the businesses interact and engage with their customers. If you want your subscription box business to drive results from organic soal media marketing then make sure you are engaging and interacting with your audience. This is how word of mouth marketing begins. Once your audience finds your page to be interactive then they start recommending it to their closed ones. 

Social media is the form where you can target your audience as well as their closed ones too. Now you might be wondering how you can start organic social media marketing? 

  • Create a public social media pages for your business 
  • Apart from Facebook and Twitter make sure you have a business page account on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube as well. 
  • Offer all the necessary details that give an insight about what your business page is about 
  • Create and offer intent-based content that solves user query and answers their question 
  • Don’t advertise your product directly instead tell them how your subscription box can benefit them. 
  • Create a calendar and posting schedule for better reach and engagement 

Paid Social Media Marketing 

If you have a budget and looking to grab instant followers and attention then paid social marketing or paid advertising is the most convenient way to grow your business online. Almost every social media platform offers sponsored advertising that allows you to reach the maximum number of fo users. 

Facebook & Instagram 

Among all the social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are considered to be the most popular and powerful social network that allows you to reach the maximum number of users. Apart from running sponsored ads, you can also run sponsored stories because sponsored storied perform better than displayed ads. Identify your target audience demographics and interest, depending on that create your sponsored ad to get more impactful results. 


Next big name that can help you in gaining more subscribers for your subscription box. Same as Facebook ads twitter ads also offer allow your post and page to reach the right audience. Twitter ads popup between ordinary tweets so thet it catches the user’s eye. You can use twitter ads to tell your target audience about the upcoming subscription box and deals.


Subscription box business is all about using attractive material and crating a box that attracts the user’s attention. Pinterest is one of the most convenient platforms that allows you to showcase your subscription box uniqueness in front of your target audience. However Pinterest advertisement “Pinterest Pin” is made available for only specific countries. You can set up your business account or convert your current account business account which will allow you to get approved for purchasing Promoted pins. Check the below video to get an in-depth idea about how to use promoted pins for advertisement. 

5. Build a strong social community

Subscription box business is not only about receiving the order and delivering it to your customer with attractive packaging. In reality, it’s about engaging your customer by building a social community where you can easily share news, ideas, upcoming products, inspiration, and more. 

Most of the subscription box businesses focus on creating posts either about their brand or about their box. But if you want to engage and gain the trust of your audiences to build a strong social community we always recommend focusing on answer users’ queries and offering user-generated content that solves their problem.   

Make sure you are answering your customer problems related to the product, bad reviews, and other quires in the comment section. That the best place to showing you subscription box business authenticity. 

If you getting lots of queries then we recommend taking the help of a chatbot that automatically responds to your customer queries or engages them meanwhile your agents connect with customers. Because social media delayed response time can be another factor that can affect your business. 

So if you creating your subscription box marketing strategy then make sure you include this point to make your strategy more productive.  

6. Focus on your prelaunch 

Your customer acquisition is very much dependent on your subscription box pre-launch stage. Creating a strong buzz at the beginning can be the best move for your subscription box business. All this can be possible only if your subscription box marketing strategy includes strong prelaunch buzz.  

In the pre-launch stage, you get an in-depth idea about what your potential customers think about your subscription. It will help you to get your potential customer valuable feedback and reviews about your subscription box business functioning. 

Using those reviews you can improve the key areas that will help you in optimizing your customer retention and conversion rate. That’s why when creating your subscription box marketing strategy make sure you create an effective prelaunch strategy to acquire a new customer for your business. In the early stage if you become successful in building a strong customer base then it will also help your te better pitch to vendors for better cash flow.

Not you might be wondering how you can create a string prelaunch for your subscription box?

  • Leverage social media feature to create an authentic and trustworthy social media presence. 
  • Connect with your potential customer and encourage your connection to share your product.
  • Interact with your target audience on their post    
  • Join the various community to showcase your presence 
  • Most importantly stay connected with your pre-subscribers 


Subscription box business is grabbing user’s attention and encourages them to shift to a monthly subscription box that saves time and money as well. If you already have a subscription box business or looking to start one, your business customer acquisition rate, revenue, sales, and reputation will totally depend on your subscription box marketing strategy. 


An effective, impactful, and conversion-centric marketing strategy can help you to acquire new subscribers for your subscription box. Above we have listed some important tips that you can consider to increase your subscription box monthly sales. All the above mentioned marketing techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to acquire new customers for subscription box business? 

  • Focus on creating or developing a strong pre-launch buzz
  • Stay active and Regularly promote your subscription box business to make it memorable
  • Create a unique and unprecedented social media strategy for your business   
  • Stay connected with your audience and encourage them to share your product with their friends and family. 
  • Create and share content that tells how your product help customers to solve their problem.
  • Keep your subscription box cost down to attract more customers age to grow your business
  • Partner with various influencers and bloggers   
  • Offer deals by partnering with various coupon code providers

2. How much money do you need to start a subscription box business? 

The cost involved behind subscription box business depends on the size of your business, If you are planning to start a modest box business with a limited number of subscribers then it may cost around between $10000 – $20000. For large subscription box business, you need large investments. Remember shipping cost is always a huge expenditure thet you need to consider while creating a budget for your business.    

3. What is the most popular subscription box? 

Below we are listing some popular subscription boxes in 2020 with best monthly subscription bix services: 

  • Vandy Club 
  • Kiwi Crate 
  • Loot Crate 
  • Bespoke Post 
  • Macaron of the month
  • Tea Box 
  • Ozone Socks 
  • Ipsy 
  • Dollar Shave Club 

4. Does Nike have a monthly subscription? 

With the increase in the demand for a monthly subscription box, Nike has also started to offer subscription boxes to its user. Nike’s subscription box offers three different subscriptions: 

  • $20/ month for 4 pair of shoes in a year
  • $30/month for 6 pair of shoes in a year 
  • $50/month for a new pair of shoes every month