Overlook AI and Machine Learning, WordPress Is About To Disrupt Your Business

AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things are the most heard buzzwords of the recent technological world, with more and more devices/systems adapting these resulting in rapid development in technology as well as bringing changes to the world. The growth is so rapid that more devices and technologies are popping out every day than the previous day.

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But when it comes to website editing and CMS WordPress is also picking it’s the pace and announced a new update WordPress 5.0, which is running a little late, but most people and developers are eager to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

A staggering 75 million websites use WordPress globally, including numerous companies in sectors ranging from e-commerce to banking. Which is not 100% of all the websites present on the internet? WordPress faces stiff competition from the likes of WIX and Squarespace in the domain of micro-business and Blogging and also faces competition from Silverstripe and Drupal in the domain of SME and enterprise side.

Customers are humans and humans can hardly concentrate on a given task for 8 seconds, meaning that customers are pretty impatient and the delay of 5.0 can affect the WordPress, since it may not be able to provide all the required plugins whereas others do. Here the customers being both brands and web surfers will reduce the efficiency and the traffic generated by a WordPress website resulting in bad customer/user experience.


Bad User Experience

As mentioned earlier people tend to dislike things when they couldn’t find what they are looking for, the bad layout also affects your traffic.

In a Google survey, 52% of people stopped using or visiting a company with a bad mobile experience.

So to ensure that your users won’t feel irritated it’s better to give them what they want without any restrictions and simplified accessibility, usability and proper interaction with the users will also definitely help towards your goal of keeping more engaged with your site at any given time.

So maybe this new update 5.0 will help companies to get more people and will also resolve the problems of moderation, but chances are that it may have the same fate as the TSB, which failed drastically in an overhaul. Creating huge losses for all the stakeholders!

And now its homepage is more chaotic than ever before too many bugs and IT problems.

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