Inbound Marketing Demystified With Strategies and Examples

The terms inbound marketing and outbound marketing is very well known in the marketing field. As both focus on getting excellent and potential customers. But Both marketing techniques have different segments to grab user attention to make their business lucrative.  

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Inbound marketing strategies have helped many brands in generating good revenue out of digital marketing or online marketing. HubSpot coined the term Inbound marketing in 2006.  In this blog, you will be getting in-depth knowledge about what is an inbound marketing and different strategies involved in inbound marketing.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategic approach made by companies to attract potential customers and visitors to their website. Using various channels and mediums like SEO, Blogs, Content marketing, social media, emails, video content, newsletters, eBooks, Podcasts, white paper. Inbound marketing is all about creating an informative website that can demystify user problems and fulfill their needs. The main aim of inbound marketing is to increase reach, engagement, conversion, and drive quality traffic and convert it into leads. Quality content always helps a business in getting more traffic and conversion. 

Now you might be thinking only good content can get quality traffic. Well, there are lots of techniques like good website design, the load time of a website, URL, etc. plays a vital role in getting good traffic. With an astonishing track record and performance, SFWPexperts optimizes your site for better results and quality traffic. Customer retention and getting the right active buyers is one of the major priorities of all the companies and individuals. To achieve a reasonable retention rate, there are four methodologies and strategies that are involved in inbound marketing. 

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Attract – Attracting  Companies and individuals focus on attracting visitors to their website by creating quality, compelling content that can fulfill customer demand. Optimized content can rank on top of SERP (search engine result page) and attracts many strangers. A good SEO strategy, blog, article, keyword research, and social media strategy always helps quality content to gain more traffic and visitors. 

Convert – Once the stranger becomes the visitor of your website. By creating an attractive landing page, call to action and signup forms, companies, and individuals, try to get the info of the visitor and convert the visitors into qualified leads. 

Close – After lead generation companies make various strategies and focus on meeting the requirements of the lead to convert the leads into the company potential customers. 

Delight – Once the lead gets converted into a customer, keeping them updated through smart content, emails, support should be the focus of the companies as there are companies that forget their customers and lose their customers.

Benefits of Inbound marketing 

  • Inbound marketing can have more reach 
  • Increases visibility and Brand awareness
  • Requires low investment
  • Acquiring more customers and boost sales 
  • It can give a high return on investment  (ROI)
  • It helps in communicating and building a good relationship with the customer.
  • Brands get more quality leads. 


Inbound Marketing Strategies

Advance Content creation 

Engaging and SEO friendly content always helps in getting good traffic. Engaging content can be obtained from the research, content pattern, simple words, proper grammar, innovative and creative details, and many more. But to create an SEO friendly content that can rank your website and content on the top of the SERP.  You must follow the Google algorithm and various SEO strategies to gain more traffic on your content and site.

Keyword research 

Before writing any content, it is suggested to research keywords for a topic. Keywords are the primary source through which visitors can identify your page on SERP. There are keyword research tools available like Ubersuggest’s,, etc.


In the above image, there are keywords available for shoes.

Related Keyword list 

Google always suggests adding related keywords or LSI keywords that can optimize your content and help google bot to crawl and rank your content. There are tools available to research LSI keywords. Suppose you are writing content on the coffee maker, then your LSI keywords will be coffee, water, milk, espresso, etc. All the red highlighted areas express related keywords to coffee, which are mentioned in the description.

Engaging content title 

Attractive and eye-catchy things always attract user attention. The same goes for the title of the content; an engaging title always grabs user attention. A beautiful title like “10 ways you can double your income”  always makes the user to click on the article. But the title should always be relevant to the content, or else there are chances that your content ranking may drop. 

PPC (Pay Per Click)

It is a form of online advertising where the website owner-run paid campaign on top advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and other search engines to place their website on the top of SERP. PPC helps in bringing a potential audience on the website. Now you may think about how top companies like google, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn earn money from PPC.  Once a visitor clicks on the paid ad the company has the pay a certain amount of money to the top firms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It is a way of buying traffic or visitor on the site which we call it paid visitors. These types of searches are carried out when users are looking to purchase something and advertiser looking to sell something. For example, a user is looking to buy men shoes, and he searches out in google below you can see the result he got 

“Ad” indicted paid advertisement done by various brands and companies. francisco - Google Search


Red arrow and circle indicate the PPC ads by companies like Amazon, Adidas. Now, if any user clicks on the ads,  advertisers have to pay some amount to google. But in return, they are getting visitors, and after seeing the product, there are chances that they may get converted into potential customers. 

Optimize the length of your article 

An optimized content always helps in getting good traffic. Even Neil Patel’s world-leading influencer says, One of the biggest challenges that bloggers and content marketers face is writing content that’s optimized for search engines. Yet, it will also appeal to people. Days are gone when the content writer used to write several hundred words thinking content writing is a number game. Nowadays, Google also gives priority to the content that is 1500+ words and published less frequently.

On-site content marketing 

The terms On-site content marketing is all about creating and posting engaging content within the website that can drive more reader traffic. Specific and high-quality content also helps in engaging your existing user. The analysis says that high-quality content can boost social media and email campaigns, helps in getting more leads and customers. 

Off-site content marketing

Off-site content marketing also helps you to get more traffic. Only the difference is that these types of high quality and original content are posted on another website. Guest posting is the term used in the world of content marketing, where the writer publishes its content on another blogging website. If you are generating quality content that can act as a problem solver for the user. Then there are chances your content may get a lot of references from another website, and website owners may contact you to post on their site as well. 


Well, the term blogging is known by almost everyone around the world. Nowadays, many users are writing blogs to express their knowledge, experience, and emotions. A blog can be about business-related blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, etc. has helped and provided free resources to many new users to create a blog. 

Some bloggers earn a handsome amount of money from blogging by ranking their page on top of SERP. Blogging has helped many bloggers to connect with the world and different types of audiences around the globe. Posting blogs frequently has helped many websites to rank on top and get identified by more users. 

In my next article on blogging, I’ll be giving you detailed information on how you can start blogging and how it will help you to grow your business, your personality, and your knowledge. I’ll also discuss different types of text formats, ideas, designs, the structure that can attract more users and tips on forming a good blogging grid.

Email newsletter marketing 

People get emails every day, and it can be about getting newsletters, promo code of the product, new product arrival info, or anchor text. Emails have always been the most effective way of marketing, and a study says that emails are 40 times more effective in acquiring new leads than any other mode. Email newsletter marketing practice is all about sending product information to a new customer as well as an existing customer or subscriber.  Companies use this technique to advertise an upcoming product or spread awareness about it. Also, the email newsletter help in maintaining a good relationship with an existing customer. Even after reading this, you can go and check your email. You may find at least three or more newsletters in your inbox.



If you observe the image accurately, you can find the email newsletter sent by SAP — tips on creating a newsletter that people read.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the essential parts of online marketing. With the increase in internet users, all the businesses are trying to come online, and the internet has become one of the primary sources of income. To make your website rank on the top of SERP and to get more quality traffic on your website. SEO helps you in getting organic visitors on your website and is one of the effective ways of inbound marketing. There are factors like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword insertion, etc. which helps a website in getting ranked on the top of SERP. Not only google, but there are different SERP (search engine result page) like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu,,  that helps in getting business. An organically ranked website can be identified by looking at the URL. If AD is visible before URL in the SERP (search engine result page), then that is advertised website by google. By looking at the image below, you can differentiate between the Paid ad and organically rank website. 

Organic search result of men shoes in California

Natural search result for men shoes in India

Keyword Optimization 

Keyword optimization, also known as Keyword research helps a website to make it visible for the users in the search engine. Before publishing any website or before doing SEO of any website, keyword research is necessary. For example, if you own online shoe business, then your keyword for that will be men’s shoes, women’s shoes, buy shoes online, kid’s shoes, discount on shoes, etc. Even if you are running Google ads, then you have to add some keywords through which people can visit your website. For link building, also we require optimized keywords.  

There are various factors in keyword research that site owners should keep in mind to get quality traffic like the density of the keyword, keyword proximity, competitor keyword research, targeting the most popular keywords, target less competitive keywords, LSI keywords, etc.  

Build Backlinks for website/content 

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Backlinks is one of the key terms used to get more organic traffic. Backlinks are an external link obtained from another website. Backlink plays an essential role in bringing the site on the top of SERP. Blog owners also try to build backlinks to get more readers to their blogs. There is the various practice that google suggest not to options like buying backlinks for the website. -Check-Backlinks

Attractive/Informative  Landing Page

Firstly, I’ll be talking about what is landing page and why we need a creative and informative landing page. In simple words landing page is a web page that helps companies to capture leads from it. Companies offer resources like pdf, ebooks, webinar signup in exchange for contact information like an email address. Name, phone number, etc. For example, if you want information on the latest trends of java and in-depth knowledge of java. After surfing the internet, you find a solution, i.e., an ebook on java. Here landing page comes into the picture, to download the particular ebook you are redirected to a new web page. You have to provide your details like your email address or your mobile number. In google ads, website owners create an attractive landing page that can fulfill user’s needs, and through that landing page lead is generated.

I’ll give you one more example to make the concept more clear suppose you are preparing for GRE, and you want to join a course. In google, you will search for a keyword on the GRE course as the result page appears there you may find a website saying download the ebook or enroll for the GRE webinar to get 328+ once you try to join it you may find a pop form asking for your name and email address.

Hubspot And Canva Landing Page (inbound marketing strategies)

Content Marketing Institute Landing Page (inbound marketing strategies)

Uber Landing Page (inbound marketing strategies)

Cruise Zap Landing Page (inbound marketing strategies)

Find more examples of how top companies create and optimize their landing page 19 of the Best Landing Page Design Examples by Hubspot.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is one of the well-known terms among users. Social media marketing is nothing but advertising, promoting a brand and product on various social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, tumbler, Reddit, Snapchat, etc. are the well known social media platforms among users. From big brands to small businesses, find social media as the mode of spreading awareness, creating a brand identity, and getting good income. Many small businesses are selling their products on social media to get good revenue. Hashtag, engaging content, sharing curated links, tracking competitors, social media ads help in generating good ROI.


McDonald’s (Social Media Marketing Examples Inbound marketing strategies)

Sponsored ads Social Media Marketing Examples (inbound marketing strategies)


Social Media Marketing Examples (inbound marketing strategies)

Video Content Marketing 

Video content is becoming more popular nowadays, as it helps in understanding a concept or content faster and easier. Many brands are finding video content to be more converting than text content. There are chances that if your visitor is not interested in text content, then he may bounce back. But a creative video content will always grab user attention. There are many social platforms like youtube, facebook, Instagram, etc. where one can share the video content and can get more traffic on their website through it. Watch the fantastic video content advertised by corona

Email marketing 

Marketing a product or brand through email is one of the oldest and most effective techniques. Brand send ebook, promo code, welcome template,  informative content to gain more trust of their customers. Email marketing is also used as the medium in building a good relationship with new as well as existing customers. There are free as well as paid platforms available to send bulk emails like constant contact, Mailchimp, SendINBlue, Aweber, etc. MailChimp is one of the most widely used free email marketing platforms where you can send free emails to your user. There is a limitation in the number of emails, but you can upgrade to send bulk emails.  People around the globe use more email than any platform and research says that email gets more visibility than Facebook. There are few things that marketers should keep in his mind before sending an email like the mail doesn’t go in spam because too many spam email can affect your marketing campaign. 


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Inbound Marketing

What is meant by Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategic approach made by companies to attract potential customers and visitors to their website. Using various channels and mediums like SEO, Blogs, Content marketing, social media, emails, video content, newsletters, ebooks, Podcasts, white paper. 

What are the examples of inbound marketing?

There are various examples of inbound marketing like Ebooks,  videos, webinars, etc. that businesses should use to get more leads and customers  

Is SEO inbound marketing?

SEO search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of inbound marketing as it helps a website to rank on the top of the SERP. Helps in identifying the site and grabs more visitors. 

What are the benefits of inbound marketing? 

There are many benefits of using inbound marketing like 

  • Inbound marketing can have more reach 
  • Increases visibility and Brand awareness
  • Requires low investment

 How do you use inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing can be used in various ways by providing downloadable and informative ebook, guest posting, signup form, etc. 

What is B2B inbound marketing?

Business to business Inbound marketing is a strategic approach made to attract potential customers on the website.

Is email inbound or outbound marketing? 

Email marketing can fall under both outbound and inbound marketing strategies. Email falls under inbound when it is used to attract highly qualified leads, and it is outbound when it reaches out to targeted prospects.

What is the five inbound principal? 

Standardized, optimize, personalize, contextualize, and empathize are the five primary inbound principals.

What is an inbound marketing and outbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is all about bringing the audience to the website by using various strategies like Content marketing, social media, emails, video content, newsletters, ebooks, Podcasts, white paper. Outbound marketing is all about the company initiating the conversation and sending its message out to the audience.  


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