How to Build a User-Intent SEO Strategy

People are always looking for things or information on the internet. The best place for finding such information is through a search engine. Behind every search, there is intent and search engines show results based on the intent.

Google follows the user-intent to find the appropriate results. In other words, if we were to create SEO based on user-intent then we will get more traffic.

These are few tips to implement the same.

Understand the Different Types of User Intent

Now let us understand different types of user intent by experimenting a little through Google.


  1. Informational Search Queries

In the informational search queries stage, the user is trying to gather more information about a particular topic or product, which he or she might buy. For example, the user might search for editing.  The results will be more focused on editing articles and tutorials rather any software that is necessary edit which we may buy.


  1. Navigational Search Queries.

Now the user is looking for a specific type of content which may help them buy the software but they are not sure about it. for example, for “What is the best photo editing software?”

In this case, we might get results in the form of ‘the best…..’ or ‘top 10 editing software… etc, but the search are still not showing any ads or any links that will force the user to buy.


  1. Transactional Search Queries

This when the user decides to buy the product and searches for “Where can I buy photo editing software?” and search results will be filled with all sorts ads regarding the product and some SEO optimized sites which will sell licensed products and so on.


  • Determine if your existing content supports user intent.

Now we know what is user intent is. Next step is, we need to determine if your existing content matches the needs of your audience. Google Analytics, will help us in finding the most used and correct keywords then we can use those in our articles to increase SEO.

In this instance, you should focus on user intent SEO rather than the usual SEO. If your product pages aren’t showing up in transactional search results, then use some new keywords or transactional keywords in order to improve your rankings for that type of user intent.


  • Create content for user intent.

Keywords are pretty important but the content is also important when you are trying to create a user-intent SEO strategy. You have to craft your content with user intent in mind. Since Google is capable of understanding intent, if your content doesn’t match your keyword, you won’t rank for it. It will be also useful for others as well.

Knowing the intent of users will skyrocket the success of your SEO strategy. Follow these tips, and create useful content for people, who will return to your site time after time because they know that your business cares about its customers. In no time, they’ll become loyal customers too.

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