Grow Ecommerce Website Sales And Traffic In 2020 Using Content Marketing 

 Do you want to grow your ecommerce website sales and traffic? If yes then ecommerce content marketing is one of the most effective and strategic ways to drive more traffic and conversions on your product page.

Many ecommerce websites owners and marketers don’t realize the power and importance of content marketing for an online store. Undoubtedly an e-commerce website design plays a crucial role in grabbing your visitor’s attention but content helps users to land on your ecommerce website.

Without content, your ecommerce website will be just like an online store without products. Running Sponsored ads can help you to drive traffic and sales. But if you want to drive traffic that brings more value in low acquisition cost then content marketing is the best traffic driving activity you can consider.


According to Content marketing institute and Marketing Profs, 63% of the business doesn’t have a documented content strategy. That means all 63%of the businesses are losing their customers to their competitors just because they don’t have any content plan for their business.  

Content marketing is the best method to initiate communication with your protection customer without selling them the product directly. Instead of asking the user to buy the product, you can educate them on how your product can bridge the gap.   

In this article, we will help you to determine what is content marketing and how you can make use of content marketing to grow your ecommerce website sales and traffic. Not only that but we will also help you to determine different ecommerce content marketing strategy for you business. 

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What is content marketing? 

In simple words, content marketing is all about creating different forms of content like video content, text content, infographics, and more than sharing it with the target audience on different platforms with a goal of increasing brand awareness, sales, leads, and more.

Content marketing helps you to solve your target customer problem. Undoubtedly your target customers will be having some questions or problems that they might be looking to solve. Content helps you to solve your user’s problem and ecommerce content marketing assists you in making your content reachable to the target audience.  

Content marketing is an essential aspect of ecommerce website success. By creating and publishing blog posts, ebooks, tutorial videos, white papers, and more you can enhance your content marketing strategy. 

The success of your content marketing strategy totally relies on:

  • Producing content that relates to the user and helps them to solve their problem 
  • Identify and distribute content on the right platform so that it can reach potential audiences and be found via organic searches, social media platforms, and email.

Grow your e-commerce website using Content marketing

Attract New Leads 

Content like tutorial videos and blog posts plays a crucial role in attracting new leads. Without content, your target audience may fail to identify your product because when they visit a search engine they don’t look for products they seek for answers or solutions. The content you create acts as a solution to the user’s problems.  

For example, if a diabetic patient is looking for a ketogenic diet plan then instead of reaching out to any friend or family first he or she will make a Google search to identify the best keto diet for diabetic patients.

In the above scenario, a user is having a questing and looking for the answer on google. When he/she finds the proper and convincing solution in your content then there are chances that the search can become purchased. 

That’s why it is always recommended to create content that relates to users and optimized for search engines. Remember if your competitor blogs rank on top in SERP then your target audience may visit their website. Creating SEO friendly content can help you to rank better and grab more website traffic. This is how ecommerce content marketing can help you in attracting leads. 

Nurture your leads 

After collecting leads you get two options to select either you can sell your product directly to your leads or you can nurture them, tell them more about your brand and product then sell your products to them.

Most of the time selling products directly to customers increases the chances of cart abandonment. The first option is suitable for the customer that landed on your product directly through product search. They need your product, that’s why they searched and landed on your product, so you don’t have to put the effort into convincing them on why they should buy your product.

Whereas the second option is meant for visitors that are not ready to buy your product instantly but want to get more information about your product. These types of people have problems which your product can solve but somehow they aren’t fully convinced to buy your product. 

Offering some educating and valuable content in the form of lead magnets can help you to get their details like email id and more. Once your lead becomes you subscribe then communicating with them will help you to build a strong bonding with them. When you create a  blog post, infographics, and more using the email you can inform your subscribers and update them with the activity. 

Remember consistency is the key, updating your subscribers and educating them about your product functioning can help you to win your subscriber’s trust. Once your subscribers start trusting you then they will never hesitate to buy your product. This is how you can nurture your lead.

Convert your leads into buyers

Your content has the power to sell your service and products directly to the customer. If your content is solving user’s problems and offers a solution in the form of products or services then it encourages your reader to take action on the CTA displayed in your content. 

While creating a content name make sure that you are highlighting your target audience problem, then the solution with a link to your product or service page. Create content with the goal of converting your  reader into your paying customer.  

For example, if you are offering email marketing service or SEO services then first it is recommended to identify the problems faced by your target audience. Then create content that solves your target audience problem with a link that redirects them to your product page.  

Tips to convert your prospects into customers using content  

Whether you are aware or not but the content marketing strategy is applied right from the beginning of the sales funnel. Because contents are the best way to increase the awareness of a product and brand. 

Your content marketing strategy should be applied from the awareness stage with the main goal of converting your user into a reader.

Once you successfully convert your user into the reader then it will become easy for you to persuade the reader to become your brand paying customer.  Your content will help you to build trust with your audience which will directly affect your sales. So the question is how to convert prospects into customers? Below we are listing some tips that you can consider to grow your sales:

Offer Attractive and problem-solving content

Offering attractive and interesting content to users helps the online retailers to establish authority on the particular subject matter. Once you successfully develop authority on the topic that relates to your product and services then it will assist you to form a strong bond with your target audience. Your target audience will show interest in reading your future content that can include more information about your product and services. 

If you are creating content to grab your user’s attention then it is important to offer persuasive content that relates to customers. Using too much jargon in your content can take away the user’s interest. Whereas simple content with topic-relevant terms can hold your reader’s attention and encourage them to read your whole content.    

Ask them to sign up for your newsletter

Emails are the best way to communicate with the audience as it helps you to drive customers down to the sales funnel. Or in simple words, it helps you to attract them back on your blog and ecommerce website. Ask your readers to sign up for your newsletter so that they can get future updates. 

Using email you can inform your subscribers about the upcoming content, product, event and more. Not only that but you can also use the email to educate your subscribers about the products offered by your ecommerce website. 

If you have executed the above step with full efforts then your readers will never hesitate to sign for your email list. Once you successfully obtain your reader’s email then it becomes easy for you to convert your subscriber into paying customers.

Give the user a reason on why they should buy your product 

Content is the best way to offer an authentic and persuasive reason to users on why they should buy your product. Using content you can educate them and tell them about how your product is different from other similar products. 

By offering more detailed information you can give insight into your product and tell them what makes it unique. Once your readers are convinced then they will not hesitate to buy your products. Make a content plan for every stage of sales funnel and publish your content depending on the plan to get more effective and persuasive results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do ecommerce websites get sales? 

  • Increase your brand awareness 
  • Grab you lead information 
  • Engage your audience on different social media platforms
  • Test and optimize your conversion rate 
  • Analyze your data to build an effective sales strategy 
  • Create a buyer persona and identify your target audience 
  • Offer the best customer experience to your target customer 
  • Promote your product in unique ways 
  • Try and test your marketing strategy   

If you are looking to boost your ecommerce website sales then you can reach out to an expert that can help you option your website traffic and sales. 

2. Why is my ecommerce website not selling the products? 

There are a few basic reasons that might be creating a wall between your potential customer and your ecommerce website. If your eCommerce website is not getting sales then there might be issues with the traffic or the website design. To get rid of these types of issues it is recommended to get in touch with ecommerce website experts that can help you to resolve the basic problem your online store is facing.

How does ecommerce websites get traffic? 

  • One of the best ways to boost your e-commerce website traffic is by growing your current list 
  • Influencer marketing is another way to grow your ecommerce website traffic 
  • Create blogs that help the user to solve their problem
  • To give a boost to your current website traffic you can offer giveaway up users 
  • You can also launch a referral program to attract users attention 
  • Advertise your website links on social media platforms  

3. What are the best e-commerce website platforms? 

There are many ecommerce platforms that you can use to create an attractive online store for your business: 

  • Bigcommerce 
  • Woocommerce 
  • Volusion
  • Magento 
  • Squarespace
  • Prestashop
  • Weebly 
  • 3dcart
  • And many more

To get in-depth detail about the best ecommerce platforms then Check our blog  10 Best Ecommerce Platform 2020 To Setup A Successful Online Store. If you are looking to create an attractive e-commerce website for your business then you can reach out to a leading ecommerce website design company that can help you to create a fully responsive and conversion-centric e-commerce website for your business.\

4. How to attract more customers online?

By improving your online presence and educating your audience about your product you can easily attract more customers to your online store. There are other ways like: 

  • Make your ecommerce website product and service easily accessible 
  • Improve your customer experience so that your customer can recommend your website
  • Make use of social media to drive more conversion on your website 
  • Create and implement your content strategy
  • Optimize your online introduction 
  • And many more