Google Page Experience: The New Google Algorithm Update 2021

The Google Algorithm Update 2021 has brought considerable website SEO standards that focus on improving user engagement & interactions on your website. The more user engagement you can draw the more website traffic you can target. The update is called Google Page Experience Update that deals with optimizing the user experience of web pages. The aim is to make the users enjoy their internet browsing journey and get perfect answers to their queries using your website. Following this, the search engines are going to rank your website further.

The Google page experience update came into existence in May 2021 and is expected to affect the website ranking system till August 2021 on initial grounds. After that, the algorithm is going to be a mainstream search engine protocol to be followed in the future. Therefore, you’re advised to focus on your web page UX and make it perfect for user convenience. In this post, we’ve discussed this Google algorithm update 2021 thoroughly to let you know about the contemporary measures you’re required to follow to maintain your website SEO campaign. 

To undergo this latest Google update you must review your existing web page perks & drawbacks. In this article, we’re going to explain comprehensively what Google page experience update means to your online business & how you can draw more traffic and leads following such protocols for your website SEO. To make your reading experience better, we’ve divided the article into the following subtopics that you can explore one by one:

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What Is The New Google Page Experience Update?

Your website page can essentially contribute to your SEO campaign. And SEO leads your website to a considerable rank on the SERPs. The Google algorithm update 2021 is specially dedicated to your website page and its corresponding refinement. Because a potential web page leads to a notable user experience & engagement. You must make sure that your website visitors develop an interest in your web pages & perform different actions on your site. 

You need to cut off the existing bounce rate if critical for your website SEO goals. Moreover, you need to ensure extra dwell time on your website and contribute to more user engagement. The latest Google update can help you upgrade such factors for your website SEO. The new Google algorithm update 2021 delivers different page experience signals for you to improve your existing web page for a good website UX. Consequently, you work to optimize your website SEO outcome and raise your online appearance effectively. 

You should generate a fine browsing experience for the users and help them understand the answers to their queries through your website content. A good Website UX always encourages perfect website content. It is a Google SEO update that integrates your Website SEO & website UX operations together. This will enhance the experience of the visitors on your website and even encourage them for relative purchase decisions. 

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Why Is The Google Page Experience Update So Important?

The latest Google SEO update in 2021 has so much to enhance your website’s performance and your online presence. Your competitors can often use different blackhat SEO means to surpass your position on the SERPs. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach the top search engine results but there are certain website owners who consistently adopt wrong ways to be on the top of the list, but not for a longer period. Why are Google algorithms used for?

The latest Google update is going to degrade websites having poor quality web pages that are irrelevant for user engagement & interest. The enlisted points can highlight the relative importance of the Google page experience update more effectively. Take a look:

1. Improves Website SEO

The aim of website SEO is to rank your web pages on the top SERPs. When users find your web page content to be the best solution to their search queries, they don’t leave your web pages so early. They want to spend more & more time on your website and even perform some actions like online registration, putting further queries, review & rate your website, etc. This is a good signal for your website SEO campaign. If not the top SERPs, the user engagement helps your website improve its existing ranking on the search engine results. In this way, the latest Google SEO Update is essential for your website. 

2. Enhance Your Online Reputation

Even if you have your web pages ranked on the top SERPs, your website users can easily figure out if you’ve got poor web page quality. This may result in a poor online reputation of your website & business. The users share their experiences with their friends and folks and also rate your website on Glassdoor or Google My Business profile. The latest Google update suggests you identify poor web page quality for your website if any. Here are some factors that address poor web page quality:

  • No clear messages on a web page
  • Pages with zero mobile-friendliness 
  • Unclickable buttons
  • Unreadable text messages or content
  • So many components on a web page that generate confusion
  • Using complicated or over-innovative navigation structure etc

You can remove these factors easily and improve your web pages as per the new Google updates 2021.

3. Encourage User Trust

The user trust may lead to brand loyalty in the long term if you maintain it accordingly. The latest Google updates 2021 focus on intensifying the user trust in your website. Engagement is the proof to support this case. The Google Page Experience Update essentially concentrates on user engagement in your site. Where there’s a user engagement, there is trust and reliability. The users keep coming to your website for solutions to their problems. You can update your products & service options accordingly. 

4. Enhance the Performance 

Following the Google Algorithm Update 2021, you also need to optimize the performance of your web page. That means you must review your existing web page speed and loading time. If your web page speed is already okay, you need not go for an update but if not, we advise you to go for the relative preventive measures and increase the speed of your cornerstone content pages at least. This way you can enhance the current performance of your web page even if you don’t acquire a top SERP rank instantly. 

5. Enhance Your Online Business Presence

Your business identity is incomplete without an online presence and acceptance these days. Organic search can boost your online presence overnight, but the question is how. Whatever exists on your web pages needs to be promoted on the search engine results. Because these search engines are the biggest source of organic search and traffic on your site. You have to decide what you’re supposed to offer your web page visitors in the form of information, products, or services on your web page. The latest Google SEO update can assist you with your web page modification that leads to a better online business appearance. 

Hence, the Google page experience update gives you an opportunity to serve your web page advancement and learn new things about your existing web page status. You can further consult SFWP Experts to know if there could be additional solutions for your web design campaign dedicated to the latest Google update. Get in touch with our highly experienced Website SEO Company and share your issues right away!

How To Achieve A Good Page Experience Score?

As of now, you might have understood the significance of the latest Google Updates 2021 related to the page experience. Now, how are you going to analyze your web pages as per these updates? You must make changes to your web page before Google changes its existing rank. And, you must make these changes to all your web pages that are important for your overall search engine ranking. Therefore, we advise you to make sure on the following parameters to get a good page experience score for your target web pages: 

1. Mobile Responsiveness

More than 70% of the website traffic is on mobile phones these days. Not just for your website but for each and every website out there. But the visitors don’t really visit all of them. If the website is not mobile-friendly, how come they’re going to visit one through their mobile phones. A good page experience score is incomplete without this signal, especially these days. To promote mobile responsiveness on your web page, you can take the support of modern web designers & experts who are concerned about the various website SEO requirements. 

2. Web Page Security

The new Google SEO update has not compromised with the website security to serve user convenience. Remember that Google is always concerned about the searchers and users more than your website. You must provide for the user experience, convenience and trust before capturing the top search engine results. To specify if your web page URL is secure, you can simply look at the lock-unlock icon on the top left corner of the URL bar. You can approach your hosting provider to get security for your website URLs or make use of plugins to find out mixed content errors. 

3. Ad Experience of Users

The next important aspect is your web page ads. The new Google SEO update is dedicated to user engagement that could not be achieved in presence of any distraction or interruption. Your web pages need not exhibit advertisements in case they’re not required at all. Moreover, you must plan your space for displaying your website ads properly. Decide carefully on your website theme and layout before addressing your advertisements and it will surely bring you a fine page experience score for your target web page.

4. Interactiveness

The web page must encourage user participation in different aspects. Even if the user likes to press a button on your web page, it could improve the page experience score to some extent. The latest Google update is focused on user satisfaction & convenience on a web page. User satisfaction is a result of good user engagement on your website. So, you must create an ambiance for user interactions. Make sure on the following elements for more & more user interaction on your web pages:

  • CTAs Buttons
  • Navigation Menu
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Load More Button
  • Pagination Numbers
  • Blog Commenting Space
  • Login Button
  • Registration Button etc

5. Web Page Content

Your web page content is your foremost tool to retain website traffic and hold user engagement on your website. You must start with keyword research to know what most of the searchers are concerned about. Then review your business model and check if your content writing solutions are compatible with your business category. After that, you have to specify that your website content perfectly delivers to the user queries & issues. And, then you can easily align your website SEO strategy with the latest Google Updates 2021

A Good page experience score is a result of your concern about better website UX and user convenience. You should make them feel homely on your website and perform multiple activities to explore your business offers, goods & service. SFWP Experts can assist throughout your website SEO campaign that leads to the latest Google SEO update out there. You can reach out to our famous Website SEO Company and let us review your web pages for improved SEO applications!

How to Improve The Web Page User Experience On Your Website?

Besides a good page experience score, you have got more responsibilities to fulfill and improve your web page user experience. Even if you know about all the components essential for a better score, you have to convert the solutions into actions for a respective outcome. The Google page experience update need you to make certain changes to your web pages and for that, you must follow the enlisted guidelines:

1. Work On Your Page Speed

If you have a new website, you’re not going to face such problems on your web pages. But, as your business grows online, your website database starts filling up. There are videos, images, advertisements, and a lot of new stuff that you have to add to your web pages to optimize their existence on the SERPs. Eventually, your web page loading speed is affected. You can use different plugins to optimize the speed of your web pages. The best we could recommend are:

  • WP Rocket
  • WP Super Cache
  • Sucuri Firewall
  • W3 Total Cache etc

You can also consult your hosting provider to suggest a better webserver option for your website. 

2. Review Your Web Design

Moving ahead you can simply review your website design to analyze your compatibility with the latest Google algorithm update 2021. Your website design is a blend of different website UI & Website UX elements that you have to maintain from time to time. You can also specify if you’re required to add a new web design element to your web page that could create a difference. You must gather your web design team and share your website SEO & Google protocol concerns to encourage a web page maintenance campaign accordingly. 

3. Perform Web Page Analytics

If you’re not sure that your website pages are going to perform perfectly as per the Google page experience update you can simply approach a Google analytics report for your current web page performance. For this, you can approach different online tools that suggest the true performance of your web pages in terms of user convenience and website SEO as well. The best tools you can go for are- Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Wix Analytics, etc. 

4. Solution To User Issues

The user issues can vary from your website design to your website content. Some users share their reviews about the website UX you provide, while others complain about the information available on your web pages. To cope up with the new Google algorithm update 2021 you have to analyze the user problems thoroughly and recreate your web design & content strategy effectively. 

Final Thought On Google Page Experience Update 

We hope this article gives you a detailed insight into the latest Google algorithm update 2021 and its importance for your website SEO campaign. You can further let us know if undergoing any issue recreating your web page UX and appearance as per the new Google page experience update. We’re a renowned Website SEO Agency in San Francisco. Share your concern today!!