Email Marketing Series: 10 Best Email Newsletter Template Design Tips To Boost Your Engagement And Clicks

Are you planning to create an Email newsletter template for your audience? If yes, Then you have arrived at the correct destination because this blog is all about tips and tricks on creating an attractive email newsletter template that can convert your subscribers into paying customers

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An email newsletter is a type of email that holds the valuable content which is shared by the companies to keep their subscribers informed. Mainly, these newsletters are sent to the existing customers, leads (opt-in), and potential customers to keep them informed about the activities like a new product launch, product updated, educating the audience, etc.   

Therefore, In this article, we will be drawing your attention on how to improve a newsletter design and we will be discussing some tips for creating a newsletter. 

How to create an attractive Email Newsletter Template Design? 

Email newsletters are considered to be one of the most effective ways of spreading awareness and announcements about the brand, product, and blogs.   Well, It is not limited to spreading awareness, newsletters can also help in converting your subscribers into paying customers. But to convert your subscribers, you should have attractive email newsletters design and templates. 

Generally, an email newsletter includes a subject line, sender name, Fonts, and images. But companies have started to optimize their email newsletter by adding various formats, colors, etc. Email newsletter design also depends on the goal you are trying to achieve through that email. To have an enticing design you should be clear about your goals. 

Because your email newsletter template design varies depending on the goal you want to accomplish. For example, if your goal is to boost your sales then your newsletter template design will be different from the weekly email. Most of the companies send a weekly newsletter to educate and engage their subscribers.

So, it is important to be clear about your goal before designing an email newsletter template. Moving ahead, we will be giving you tips for creating a newsletter and email design tips.      

1. Choose an unconventional Layout 

If you are looking to craft an engaging newsletter then you should use an unconventional layout that can attract user’s attention. With the increase in email users, every business are trying to target their audience by sending different types of email newsletters. A normal and usual email newsletter may grab your user attention at that time. But next time when you try to send a newsletter to your audience then they may not show interest in opening your email. So, it is important to create an attractive and unconventional layout for an email newsletter. There are various layouts available on the internet that can help you in creating an unconventional layout. You can also use an info-graphic layout to make your email newsletter look unconventional from other newsletters. 

Most of the time user unsubscribe from the email after seeing a monotonous newsletter layout. Therefore, If you want your email newsletter to stand out among other email newsletters then you have to plan and design a layout that can make your email newsletter campaign successful.

2. Adding images good for your newsletter or not 

Nowadays most of the subscriber prefers to see at least one image in the email newsletter. However, it is not compulsory that your email newsletter should contain an image. But there are many reports that state sharing the same image on the social media platform and in the email newsletter plays an important role in Cohesive branding. There are many brands that use seasonal images in their email newsletter to grab their subscriber’s attention.  

If you are adding an image in your email then we would like to draw your attention to something important. According to Litmus, 43% of the images are disabled by the users and because of that email clients, don’t prefer to use the image in their background. So, if you are planning to add an image in your email then keep these few points in your mind:

  • Check whether it is necessary to add an image or not. It is not needed then avoid using extra images in your email newsletter.
  • Try to add alt text in your image because many times images don’t appear on the mobile devices but the text appears. So even though your image is not displayed your email newsletter will make sense. 
  • Don’t try to show your key information in the images. 
  • And lastly, check whether your newsletter works without images or not. 

Therefore, if you are planning to add an image in your newsletter then make sure that it works on every device and your email looks good without images. 

3. Craft an enticing subject line

The Subject line is one of the most important parts of an email newsletter. An enticing subject line can boost your email newsletter campaign whereas a  monotonous subject line can fail your campaign. You have to be very attentive while crafting your email newsletter subject line. According to the optinmonster, 47% of the email recipients open an email based on the subject line.  

So, always focus on creating a mobile-friendly subject line because people like to check their emails on mobile devices than desktop. You can also add emojis in your subject line to make it more attractive and interesting. And always try to keep your subject line unique and original because subscriber lake to ignore emails that have repeated subject lines.

Check our blog on 10 Tips On Creating An Attractive Email Subject Line

4. Select the appropriate color that reflects your brand 

Color plays an important role in creating an enticing email newsletter layout. An appealing color can help your subscriber in recognizing your brand and it can also motivate your subscriber to click on your CTAs. That’s why it is important to use the color that reflects a brand.

As you can see in the image how Digicel has created the template where other colors are similar to the logo color. So, if you are creating an email newsletter template the try to make a similar color design or you can choose a color that can set the mood of your subscribers. There are various tools available on the internet that can help you in deciding the best color for your email newsletter template.

You can also contact SFWP Experts a leading marketing agency in San Francisco that has experienced email marketing and template designing professionals that can help you in crafting an attractive and appealing email newsletter template.  

5. Sender Name

Email Sender name is another important part of the email newsletter campaign. Subscribers generally ignore the emails without sender name in it. Even if you are getting an email without sender name then mostly you will ignore that mail or delete it. A report says that 54% of people check email sender name before opening an email. 

If your brand name is well known among the audience then they will not hesitate in opening your email. However,  If you are new in the market then you can use a personal name say “John from SFWP Experts” to convey a newsletter to your subscribers. There are many companies that use the personal name as a sender’s name to convey their email newsletter. 

6. Leave Enough White-space

Subscriber hates to see a congested email newsletter that contains a lot of images and texts. It’s good to add extra information in your newsletter but if you try to pack your newsletter with images and texts then the subscriber will not show any interest in your newsletter. Whenever you are creating a newsletter layout always make sure that your content has room to breathe.

Yes, it’s true that there is no limit to the length of an email newsletter template. But you should leave enough white-space while crafting your newsletter. You can see in the image how New york times have used enough white space to make their content visible and valuable. White-space can also help you in showcasing your goal. For example, if you want the subscriber to visit your website then you can create a call to action button by giving enough white-space around that button. This type of practice helps in highlighting your CTAs.

7. Use less text in your Newsletter

A lengthy and text filled email newsletter can make your subscribers ignore your email content. Because people don’t like to read lengthy emails with loaded text in it. If you try to add more text on your website then it will benefit you and engage your visitor. But it is totally opposite in the email newsletter. You are sending emails to divert your subscribers to your website. That’s why it is important to add less text in your email. 

A 200 words email will surely attract your subscribers and can persuade them to perform the desired action. But if you are finding hard to conclude your email in 200 words then you can add more words and run tests to check your subscriber’s reaction. There are a few tips that you can use to make your short email more effective. 

  • Start your content with an eye catchy headline 
  • Always craft and share your best content 
  • Never add too many CTA links and buttons
  • Stop sending too many promotional emails
  • Add bullet points in your email  (bullet point grabs users attention)

8. Create scannable emails

There are times when shorter emails also fail to grab user attention because people don’t have much time in reading what is written in the email. Your subscriber may not be interested in reading all your text that’s why it is recommended to create an scannable email by placing bold letters and headlines.

Most of the companies are aware of the fact that only a few of their subscribers show interest in reading all of their content that why they highlight their CTRs with bold letters and different color to achieve their desired goal.  

If you look at the example then you can realize how beautifully they have crafted their email by diving the email into three parts. First, they have used bold Letters show their purpose of the email then in the second part, they are telling the user what they have to do and Lastly, by highlighting their Call to action buttons with bold letters and colors they made their email easily scannable.


9. Create an attractive CTA design 

Call to action(CTA) one of the important parts of the email that will help in deciding whether your email marketing campaign is successful or not. CTA has got a lot of advantages as it will help in boosting your ROI from email marketing and company revenue. That’s why it is important to have an attractive CTA that can persuade your audience in performing the desired action.

By attractive, we are not saying to add a lot of colors and images (avoid using an image as a CTA). Instead, you can highlight your CTA by 

  • Making it easily visible and actionable 
  • Using both Buttons and Links as CTA
  • Avoid using images as CTA 
  • Add CTA multiple times in your email (maximum 3 times).
  • Don’t hide your CTA somewhere in the bottom of your email
  • Try to showcase it in the middle or on the top (depending upon you email format)

10. Run Various Test For your newsletter 

After creating an attractive newsletter you should be aware of how your email newsletter will appear on different email clients. There are various email clients like outlook, apple mail, inbox by Gmail, etc. And every email client has got different and unique interface.  

That’s why it is important to check whether your content and template design are compatible with the interface or not. You can start your email test with email clients like Gmail, outlook and apple mail. Because they are the leading email clients with the maximum number of users. And don’t forget to test your mail for mobile devices because half of the users open their mail on mobile. 


An email newsletter is one of the most important email types that can help you in building a strong relationship with new as well as existing customers. And it can also help in converting your subscribers into paying customers. That’s why it is important to craft an attractive and eye-catchy newsletter that can persuade your audience to open and perform the desired action. We have mentioned few tips that can help you in creating user and device friendly email newsletter. 

You can also contact SFWP Experts, a leading marketing agency in San Francisco that can help you in creating an attractive and eye-catchy email newsletter. Even if your email newsletter is not getting the desired open rate and click-through rate then you can consult with our email marketing professionals that can help you in creating a revenue-generating marketing strategy.