Top 10 Ecommerce Web Design Trends 2020 For Your Online Store

Online stores are evolving constantly which is giving rise to innovative and unconventional web design practices. Every year eCommerce website owners come across new eCommerce web design trends that help them in making their website more compelling and appealing. 

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If you are running an eCommerce website or planning to start a new website then it is important for you to know the latest eCommerce web design trends 2020. With the increase in the use of technologies like artificial intelligence, innovative visuals, machine learning, and more it has become essential for every website owner to keep up with the latest eCommerce web design trends.

Every online shopping store focuses on improving its customer’s shopping experience by optimizing their website navigation, speed, checkout process, and more. Have you ever wondered your web design can also be a reason behind low sales and revenue? 

Yes, you read it right every year the trend changes or updates. If you want to offer outstanding customer experience then it is important for your eCommerce website to get updated with the latest and newest eCommerce web design trends in 2020.

In this article, we’ll be drawing your attention on top e-commerce website design trends that can help you to improve your website appearance, functioning, and most importantly conversion rate. Implementing these tips will allow you to it will also help you to outperform their competitors by attracting more potential customers on your eCommerce website. 

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Ecommerce Web Design Trends 2020 fo making your online store attractive and persuading 

1. Using Video Content  and Advance Visuals


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2020 is the year when most of the online shopping will be done based on product information and buying experience offered by the eCommerce website. Most of the time customers face difficulties when they fail to get all the details about the product, even though if you have displayed the features in the description, reading the whole description is a time-consuming process.  

Video content, animated visuals, and cinemagraphs are the best way to attract customer’s attention and educate them about the product. Including these types of advanced visuals, helps shoppers to understand more about your products. 

If your eCommerce website is into selling complicated technology rated products then a static image will not help you to deliver complex information. An image can help you to Showcase your product look and appearance.  But if you want to optimize your customer’s shopping experience then embedding a video that tells about how to use the product will make it easy for your customer to understand what that product is about and how it works. They don’t have to scroll down to get all the details about the product. 

Including video content, animation, and motion images are not new in the market there are many big eCommerce websites that started using these trends in the early days. The advancement of technology made it easy for almost every website to use this trend to optimize their customer’s shopping experience 

Using videos and motion images make your product look more realistic that makes it easy for the user to identify what they are buying. It also reduces the chances of post-purchase dissonance faced by most of the customers after purchasing the product and increases the conversion rate. To make your product more effective you can use images and a small video of 10 seconds to deliver all the required information that encourages your customer to buy the product. 

Including this will not only help you to optimize your customer buying experience but it will also improve your conversion rate. Make sure that video is working properly on all devices mainly on the mobile device. You can also use interactive graphics to make your customer know more about your product. 

2. Offer Dark Mode

In 2020,  Dark mode is one of the most trending web designs that is grabbing almost every eCommerce as well as standard website owner attention. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more have already started offering dark mode features to their users. It all started in 2019 when Google introduced dark mode features in chrome and youtube, it grabbed many user’s attention. After that, the whole internet was flooded with what is the dark mode and how it will grow in the future. 

With the word shifting to dark mode now it’s your time to offer dark mode features to your customers. There are few e-commerce websites that are offering Dark mode features to allow their customers to spend more time on their website and application. If you are looking to improve your website UI (user interface) then including a dark mode on your website can be the best option.

Now you might be wondering why is it important to implement the Dark mode feature on your eCommerce website? Dark mode allows users to switch the background of the website and mobile application into black which reduces the eye strain that usually occurs when a person spends more time on a different website. Implementing dark mode on your website will help your user to adjust the background depending on different lighting conditions. It will also reduce the battery life as the background pixels are turned off. 

If you want to stay ahead from your competitor the adding dark feature will surely boost your customer acquisition rate. Because Google chrome has a built-in dark mode feature that automatically converts a website background into black if the website contains a dark mode feature. Dark mode allows users to spend more time on your website without hurting their eyes or getting headaches. The above example of the Rhapsody theme will make your concept more clear on how your website will appear if you plan to implement dark mode in your eCommerce website and application. 

3. Using Innovative Grid Layout

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Using the Grid style layout for your category page will make it easy for the user to find the product they are looking to possess. It will also help you to optimize your eCommerce website appearance. Most savvy customers want to see the category page displaying products in the row and column format.  

The square grid layout is a very popular and most commonly used layout by almost every eCommerce website to maintain the aesthetic view. Keeping all the products structured using grid layout allows you to offer easy navigation but there are e-commerce websites that are using Innovative and unconventional grid layout to make their eCommerce website more addictive and attractive. 

Before creating the grid for your category page make sure to select the right size so that customers can easily see the pictures of every product.  Most of the time e-commerce websites reduce the size of the grid to display more products. These types of tactics can downgrade your website appearance and it can also affect your conversion rate. 

Even if you’re using an unconventional grid layout in your eCommerce website make sure that every image is clearly visible to the customer. You can also select a layout where the product image automatically magnifies when a customer selects a particular product. 

Avoid adding too many products in a row, our eCommerce website design experts recommend adding a maximum of three to four products in a row to make your category page more appealing. And don’t forget to add white space between the two products.  using all the above techniques can help you to optimize your eCommerce website appearance and conversion rate.

4. Combination of landing page & Product page

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The above heading may sound strange to you but reading the whole paragraph to know-how combination of landing page and product page can optimize your conversion and customer acquisition rate. It is one of the latest and trending eCommerce website design trends used in 2020 to make things easier for customers. 

Every Ecommerce website owner knows that whenever a customer needs a product they visit the website homepage – search for the product and if they are convinced they make the purchase. Yes, the above statement is true but today most of the customers are directly redirected to the product page bypassing the homepage and category page. Which makes it difficult for the store owner to showcase their eCommerce website. 

As technology is evolving every eCommerce website is adapting unique ways to attract customers and make their buying journey easier. For example, using social media posts and PPC ads customers are directly redirected to the product page and from there they complete the further payment process. This means that your customer never visited your website homepage. 

Considering all the above information, many e-commerce web design companies have started to display all elements of the landing page into the product page. Yes, you read it right, Embedding these types of latest web design trends into your eCommerce website allows you to Showcase your whole eCommerce website and products. 

Today there are eCommerce websites using the standalone page to advertise related category page products. You can make use of the latest eCommerce web design trend to show what your online store is about. It will also allow your site visitor to explore your eCommerce website homepage, category, and product pages. 

5. Use Multifarious Image

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Images and visuals have always played a crucial role in converting a potential customer into a paying customer. Today most of the websites make the purchase decision based on the image available on your e-commerce website. Every year we see a small change in eCommerce website trends and in 2020 multifarious images will play an important role in getting new customer’s attention and providing a satisfactory customer experience. 

Remember your potential customer’s first impression of your website will always last long. If You fail to impress your customer as soon as they land on your eCommerce website then there are chances that your potential customer may never become your paying customer. This means you have only a few seconds to impress your website visitor and using a multifarious image in your e-commerce website will make it easy for you to provide a reason to the customer on why they should stay on your eCommerce website. 

We all know that images can attract the user’s attention and encourage them to buy the product. adding high-definition images in your product page, the home page,  and a new category page will not only grab the user’s attention but it will give them a compelling reason to buy your product. To make it more effective you can add a function that allows the user to magnify the image and see each and every detail about the product. Yes, your content also plays a crucial role but adding too many words on your web page can make it look monotonous which is not good for an online store. 2020  is the ER but most e-commerce websites with a focus on improving their appearance and multi Furious image will play an essential role in enhancing website appearance. 

6. Advanced Chatbots 

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Using chatbot in an eCommerce website is not a new trend but yes it is a trend that will continue for the long term. In 2019 many companies started to use chatbots to assist their customer’s problems. Now you might be wondering why are we mentioning chatbots again in 2020 web design trends?

With the advancement in AI and ML, chatbots of 2020 are more advanced compared to its predecessors. Today’s chatbots are capable of helping customers in deciding what product is best for them and how they can buy the product. Now customers don’t have to wait for a person to come online and solve problems.  Advanced chatbots are capable of solving almost every problem customers face while making the purchase decision.

Embedding advanced chatbots will help you to offer features  24X7 virtual assistance. Offering these types of features will help your customers to know why they should become your loyal or frequent buying customers. 2020 and 2021 will be the year when every e-commerce website will focus on embedding Smart chatbots that can help their visitors to know how they can buy the product by resolving their issues. You can even use these chatbots 

7. Add social media shoppable post 

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In 2019,  selling products through social media was an upcoming trend that evolved and many online shoppers came to know that they can buy the product through social media platforms. Today social media platforms and making it easy for the e-commerce website owner to sell products through stories and posts. Why not take advantage of the golden opportunity to engage customers who have already bought the product or are going to buy from your store. 

In 2020 you can create a section in your checkout page, the home page, product page, and more that tells you customers about how they can purchase your products through social media posts. You can embed those posts on different pages to inform your customer about the new feature which will ease their buying experience. 

Most of the e-commerce websites are already using Snapchat and Instagram to boost their sales. That’s why social media platforms have also started offering new features that allow eCommerce websites to sell products through social media pages. Adding these types of features in your e-commerce website will allow your existing loyal customer to follow your social media pages and it will also make it easy for the customers to share the product details with family and friends. 

8. White Space Frames

No matter how attractive your product and e-commerce website is, if your website is flooded with visuals and Infographics then your potential customer will not hesitate to abandon your website. Gone are those days when an e-commerce website used to add more and more visuals to make the website look more attractive. 

In 2020 white space frames will grab many eCommerce website’s attention as it is the best way to give your eCommerce website a proper hierarchical structure. Using a white space frame in your eCommerce website will help you to offer a cleaner and professional design that can grab your customer’s attention. 

Using white space in your website creates breathing space which makes it easy for the user to discern content present on your website. Instead of making your category page look more congested, you can use white space frames to separate all the products. Implementing the latest trend of white space frames can make your category page look more attractive.  

If your eCommerce website contains more text content then you can use solid blocks to separate those content to make it easy for the user to identify the purpose of the content. As you can see in the above example how bill blass white space to make their website design more enticing. Many websites have already started using this trend to add elegance to their eCommerce website.  

9. Include Slider with Extra Visual

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Today almost every e-commerce website knows that offering discounts, special coupons persuade customers to buy the product without any hesitation.  But one thing that they ignore is highlighting the special offers so that it is easily visible to the site visitors. The same goes for promoting new products or upcoming products.  adding some extra visuals to your offers and product promotion can help you to attract your customer’s attention. 

You can create a slider on your homepage and add some visuals to promote your offers and new or upcoming product. Even if you have some old stock present on your website you can display so that your customer can know that your product is up to sell with attractive offers. 

10.Add Product Review or Testimonials for Customers

With the increase in online shoppers, Most of the savvy customers make their purchase decision under review available on your product page. According to recent statistics,  60% of the customers read reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product. That’s why adding testimonials and reviews of the product on the product page is essential for every e-commerce website. 

Adding customer reviews on your eCommerce website can help you to drive more conversion and sales. Most of the initial stage e-commerce websites focus on driving more traffic, but they forget that after customers visit the website first thing they look for a product review. Based on that they decide whether they should buy the product or not. In simple words, using a review and testimonial allows you to promote your product in front of visitors.

Even when our eCommerce website designing & development team creates an eCommerce website they ensure that every product page has a review section for customers. Because they know adding reviews will not only help to persuade customers to buy the product but it will also encourage customers to share their product details with their friends and family.

Additional key takeaways: 

Add voice search 

With the increase in the use of AI and machine learning, customers are diverting more on voice searches. Most of the users have already started to use voice search for finding their answers and solutions on the internet. If you’re having an online business then it is recommended to include voice searches in your eCommerce website.

After the launch of Google duplex, voice searches are gaining more user attention Sooner or later it will become one of the most important aspects of a successful e-commerce website. Adding a voice search on your eCommerce website will optimize the user experience and it will make it easy for the user to get the product without putting much effect. Because eCommerce is all about easing user experience and voice searches will be an appealing solution. 

Tell your story 

Brand storytelling can create a big impact conversion as well as a customer acquisition rate.  Your web design approach will play a crucial role in telling a great story about your brand. An impactful story always helps a dead brand in getting their life back. if your brand story successfully establishes an emotional relationship with the customer then you will automatically become the authority in your industry by earning the trust of your potential customers. 

Remember a persuading story can differentiate your e-commerce website from your competitor’s website. it will also provide a valid answer to your customer question on why they should make a purchase from your brand. And if you are offering a compelling brand story then it can also encourage customers to share purchase experience products with their families and friends. 

If you are planning to create a story for your brand then make sure that you highlight what your brand is about? how you started your journey? and how your products are helping customers in solving their problems. If you want to offer a more compelling story then do the research to identify the problems your potential customers are facing then try to create a story that relates to customer problems. 


As the eCommerce industry is becoming more advanced it’s time for you to use the best technology, best communication method, and best web design to make your eCommerce website more effective and productive.  Today every Savvy customer wants to have the best experience when making their purchase.  No matter how old or new your eCommerce website is if you fail to satisfy your customer then they will never return back on your e-commerce website. 

Knowing about the latest e-commerce web design trends will not only help you to impress your customer but it will also boost your customer acquisition as well as conversion rate. We have listed some important and latest e-commerce web design trends that can help you to move one step ahead of your competitor. Implementing these trends on your website will allow you to optimize your website’s appearance and navigation. So, go ahead and select the trend that will help you to gain your savvy customer’s trust and build a strong relationship with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How to create an eCommerce website? 

If you’re looking to increase the reach of your products then selling it online can be the perfect choice for your business. Today setting up an e-commerce website for an initial stress startup is not a difficult job thanks to online guides and information provided by various eCommerce website builders. Using the below tips you can easily set up an effective e-commerce website for your business.

  • Firstly we recommend you to create an effective strategy  
  • Next, you can purchase a domain name for your website 
  • select a domain hosting for your website. Be careful while selecting a hosting provider for your website, read the reviews, and check the information before taking up their service. 
  • Select the website builder for your eCommerce website 
  • Identify the best theme for your e-commerce website 
  • Research about your competitor 
  • Create your eCommerce website using the guy provided by the website builder
  • After creating the website you can set up the payment and pricing
  • Next, you can add products and images 
  • After completion of your eCommerce website setup, you can look for an effective SEO strategy and connect your eCommerce website with an analytical tool 
  • You can also take the help of an e-commerce website design company to  create an e-commerce website for your business 

2. How long does it take to develop an eCommerce website? 

E-commerce website development time totally depends on what type of e-commerce website you’re trying to build and how many pages it will include.  With the increase in the eCommerce website builder, you can easily build a website within one week.  but if you want to create an effective and conversion Centric e-commerce website then the timing may vary between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the number of product pages on your e-commerce website. 

3. Which website builder is best for eCommerce? 

With the increase in the number of eCommerce website builders, it has become difficult for businesses to select the best website builder for their eCommerce website. Below we have listed top eCommerce website builders helping small and medium-sized businesses to sell their products online by investing fewer amounts. Using their extensive guide and information you can create an effective and enticing e-commerce website that can help you in acquiring more customers and generate more revenue.  many businesses use these website Builders to run their online platform so you can check the review of the eCommerce website builder and depend on that you can select the best website builder for your eCommerce website. 

  • Shopify 
  • Square Space 
  • Wix  (cheaper than other e-commerce platforms) 
  • Bigcommerce
  • WooCommerce 
  • Volusion 

4. How much does it cost to design an eCommerce website?

Your e-commerce website design cost totally depends on the size of your store and design you want to have on your website.  If you’re a small business looking to create a custom eCommerce website for the business then the pricing will come between $1000 to $3000 for the limited number of webpages. I want if you are planning to create a logic immerse website for various products and categories then creating an eCommerce website for your business will cost you between $5000 to $10000 depending on your requirements. 

5. Is Wix bad for SEO? 

From the latest report, we can say that weeks are bad for SEO as it makes it difficult for the website to compete with a rival eCommerce website that is built on WordPress. but Wix is always trying to optimize the website builder for SEO.  Since  Wix offers cheaper eCommerce website building costs, it is grabbing many offline business owner’s attention. If you are confused about whether you should select Wix for your website or not then our recommendation is you can select Wix for building an eCommerce website. But make sure that you create an effective SEO strategy for your eCommerce website. 

6. What is a call to action on an e-commerce website? 

Call to action is one of the important terms that stand for something like a button or link displayed on the website that persuades the customer to perform the desired action like subscribe for a newsletter, download the ebook, signup, or complete an eCommerce purchase. If you are handling an eCommerce site then it is important for you to know that a call to action button will play a central role in acquiring new customers,  converting them to buy the product, and more.  Placing a call to action button on the right place will not only help you to get product orders but it will also help you to add new customers to your email list. 

7. What is a good conversion rate for an eCommerce website? 

The conversion rate is never the same for every industry.  What’s good for your industry will never be the same for other industries so it varies depending on the industry. Average conversion rate it’s going to say that to be between 2.10% to 2.95%