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What You Do For YouTube SEO?

These days people can’t live without watching YouTube videos. This gives the content creators a great chance to make more money. Of course, there are so many people doing the same thing i.e the same video. So if people are watching your videos more often you can utilize this chance to make some cash, by promoting companies through ads in your video. For that you need to have a good SEO optimized video or else you may lose to someone else who is making the same videos as you are. So do you want to step up your YouTube game? Then follow this SEO tips listed by SEO friendly Los Angeles web design company.


How To Optimize For Youtube’s Algorithm

Youtube has a pretty sophisticated algorithm that ranks content. There are quite a few factors that will rank your content higher.

Firstly, uploading new videos constantly. More fresh videos equal to getting a much better rank.

Watch time is also important as YouTube considers, the more watchable videos, and surface them so that everyone can enjoy.

The optimization done in the first 48-72 hours after uploading your video is pretty important, as such it will determine the rank of your video and thus total views.


Metadata Is Important

It pretty much contains every single detail about your video from title to the hashtags used in your video. Which will be used by YouTube’s algorithm. In other words, Getting your metadata correct will give you a greater chance of optimization.


Here are few tips.

Before creating or recording your videos, do a little research on the same content that’s already uploaded so that you can exploit their weaknesses to your own advantages. It will give you a better idea of things that you should get right in order to surpass your competitors.

Finally, optimizing metadata is done before the creation of the video to give you an edge over your competition.


Youtube Tags: Doing The Keyword Research

Once again having best keywords is a must for your video to achieve a better a rank. You can use all sorts of methods to find keywords like searching for them on YouTube Google and other tools. Later use those keywords as hashtags which will help the YouTube algorithm to categorize your videos in the search. But you should also keep in mind that there is a limit for adding hashtags, so try to squeeze in as much keywords as possible. For instance, multiple-word tags rather than single-word tags.

You can also try to find tags that your competitors used in their videos. Usually, YouTube hides those tags but you can still see them by using tools like vidIQ or Tubebuddy.

With the help of above-mentioned tools, you can also get their other info such as Facebook line, SEO score etc., but it’s like spying on others and can be good or bad depending on how you use that information.


If you’re reading this, we know for sure that you could use help with promoting your YouTube videos or the channel itself. We are San Francisco SEO Company, experts in promoting videos using Search Engine Optimization. We can help you get more views, likes and subscriptions on YouTube.

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3 Trade-offs: That Every SEO Strategy Needs

SEO is one of the most important parts of website design. The more SEO optimized your site the more revenue you will generate.

Now for the guaranteed result of higher revenue generation through your site, who will be the better support except website design company Los Angeles – SFWPExperts. We don’t tell you all but some of our areas of expertise are SEO optimized website development, most engaging web designs and the quick-to-load sites.


With that in mind, let’s talk about three primary strategic SEO and their trade-offs.


  1. Traffic vs. Relevance

An SEO strategy definitely needs relevance in the game plan. Because having traffic from users who don’t even have a clue what your website is about then it’s a complete waste. Except when you need more traffic.

Consider the following:


The Disadvantages of a High Traffic Approach

  • Keywords play a major role in getting high traffic regardless of their relevancy.
  • Less relevancy means more bounce rate. Which in turn, Will affect the companies with poor strategies.


Pros of a High Relevancy, Low Traffic Approach

  • Decreased bounce rates.
  • Less keywords are required.
  • Potential to get new targeted visitors, Who will buy products.
  • More relevant natural anchor text in your earned links.


The Disadvantages of a High Relevancy Approach

  • Implementing high relevance keywords search is pretty difficult and the same as getting high traffic.
  • High relevance doesn’t mean high revenue.
  • High relevancy strategies are difficult to scale, especially without loyal customers.
  • It can limit your brand’s capabilities as such you will be focused only on relevant products or searches.


  1. Consumer vs. Influencer

It’s pretty obvious that websites are meant to attract new consumers and every brand works towards that same goal of achieving revenue through their websites.
While influencers are people that will get you those consumers with their own methods.

Consider the following:

Pros of an Influencer, Industry Targeted Approach

  • Bloggers, vloggers, journalists, and other industries are most likely competing to get more audience. Since they own their authoritative sites. It’s pretty easy to implement SEO.
  • Sharing content on social networks will increase the total influence.
  • Influencer-focused content can be appealing for  B2B opportunities that you may not have considered.


Cons of the Influencer Approach

  • The functions and methods of influencers who can reach your audiences and the businesses are pretty much the same for every industry.
  • Industry-focused content is not very effective.


Pros of a Consumer, Interest Focused Approach

  • Consumers will always feel happy when they find information about the products they are looking to buy and they might buy the same products.
  • Once they a product and are how about that, they will start trusting your brand and they might even become your new loyal customers.
  • Consumer-focused content usually has more overall traffic potential.


Cons of the Consumer Approach

  • Consumers will not have over control platforms that use followed links which can help your SEO and can rarely connect you to larger audiences of their own.
  • Consumer-focused content is not meant for influencing new consumers.


  1. Trending vs. Evergreen

Balancing the choice between making content that appeals to people’s desire for novelty and content that stands the test of time is pretty hard to make.

Let us see if we can balance these two.


Pros of Content About Trending Topics

  • Ongoing trends can give you a good idea about, which has the obvious SEO benefits in terms of earning links and revenue.
  • It doesn’t matter how you deal with a new trend, it may not affect how your competitors will deal with that, sometimes you may get the upper hand.


Cons of a Trending Approach

  • Be aware of when choosing a trending topic. Make sure that no has published on the same.
  • Trending topics may produce traffic, but it’s unlikely that it will last longer.


Pros of Content About Evergreen Topics

  • This method will help you to gain more traffic whenever you publish a new article this will help you to do even bigger challenges in the future and you have the freedom to experiment new methods and testing a new way.
  • Evergreen content is designed to solve problems that will continue to exist, while it will also help your products to last even more time than usual. the connection between evergreen content and sales is often more direct, even for topics relatively high up the sales funnel.


Cons of an Evergreen Approach

  • It can be difficult to earn attention from influencers for an evergreen topic without introducing some novel information. Acquiring this kind of information can be difficult because your competitors have already published those. It’s the survival of the fittest.
  • Evergreen content typically needs demands more resources, as it should be more comprehensive, in-depth, and well-produced than content about trending topics.



Everyone has their own method of dealing with things is different.  Consider the above information as you develop your brand’s SEO strategy.


Great recommendations by SEO Company San Francisco are those that specify not to focus much on what’s most common and popular website design, but the ones which are most effective for your particular offerings and that will make your site stand out.