8 Tips on Optimize an Under Performing PPC Campaign 

PPC is considered to be one of the most effective ways of advertising when it comes to driving instant and converting traffic. One of the reasons why businesses are diverting more on PPC because of the search engine algorithm that makes your ad visible to highly targeted audiences.

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PPC has become one of the widely used advertising techniques where the publisher creates proper plans and strategies to display their ads. Nowadays creating and running a PPC ad is not a big deal. Google has made it simple for users to create an ad by introducing the “Express campaign”. 

But it is necessary to determine whether your ad is benefiting your business or not. Sometimes while running  If you have already spent a lot of money on PPC and didn’t get any benefit from it then you should optimize your campaign to get good results. 

Marketers put 100% of their effort into creating PPC ads but sometimes they fail to meet their expectations. Even SFWP Experts, a leading advertising agency in Los Angeles has got clients who have mentioned that they were not able to understand the reason behind their PPC campaign failure. 

That’s annoying right???? 

So to overcome that we have mentioned few tips that will help you in optimizing an under-performing campaign: 

1. Always focus on increasing your Quality Score

Quality Score is one of the most important parts of PPC advertising. A good quality score is achieved if your keyword, ads and the landing page is highly relevant to the user search query.  Even Google also suggests that always try to achieve a good quality score as it will help in reducing your ad cost.  

So a simple hack to optimize your quality score is by optimizing your ad relevancy, landing page relevancy, and CTR (Click Through Rate). 

You can optimize your Ad relevancy by

  • Checking your keyword in search term will help you in analyzing whether your ads are getting displayed for the user or not. 
  • Always prefer to insert the highly relevant keywords in your ads. 
  • Research and insert negative keywords in your ad. 

How to Improve your CTR to increase ad quality score

  • There are various types of on-site link extensions available. Try to use the maximum number of site link extensions. 
  • Before running any ad conduct A/B Testing. 
  • Add negative keywords 
  • Research and insert proper match keywords. 

How to improve the landing page relevancy

  • Check for the load- time of your landing page. 
  • Create a responsive and device compatible landing page. 
  • Include attractive images and videos 
  • Make your goal clear to the user 
  • Always create an enticing landing page by writing eye-catch headlines 

2. Add negative keywords to make your add more specific

In PPC negative keyword will help you in separating your ad from irrelevant queries.  If you observe an increment in your ad impression but your CTR is low then you need to research and insert negative keywords in your ad.   

Inserting specific negative keywords will increase your quality score and decrease your CPC. For example: if you own a company, that is specifically selling women’s shoes. then your negative keyword can be men’s shoes, kid shoes, etc. By adding negative keywords you are pushing your ad to lower position or your ad may not appear for the queries like men shoes, kid shoes, etc. 

Therefore, by looking at the example you can figure out the importance of negative keywords and how you can optimize your ad using negative keywords. 

3. Check for the relevancy between your ads and the search term. 

Relevancy is one of the most common terms you will come across in the PPC campaign. As it has got two sides if your campaign is not performing well then there might be a relevancy issue with the campaign. And if you want your ad to perform well them make it relevant to the search term. 

Imagine a scenario where you are placing an ad for selling winter clothes online but your ad is appearing for men casual shoes. What do you think will it help in getting converting traffic? 

Obviously no because if a user is looking for men shoes they why will he show a sudden interest in your winter wear. So, always insert the relevant keywords in your ad that is likely to be searched by the user. 

4. Before creating an ad, perform competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis is one area that is required in almost every marketing strategy. As it helps in analyzing their strategies and mistakes. By doing competitor analysis you are identifying how their ad is performing, what is their ad rank for a particular keyword and many other things. It will help you in getting a lot of information about your competitor. 

There are tools available that will help you in getting accurate data about your competitor. If you are doing competitor analysis then you should look for things like 

  • Who are your competitors? 
  • What is their ad rank for competitive keywords?
  • How you can perform competitor analysis?   
  • What are their strength and weakness? 
  • Is your competitor products more optimized than your product?
  • What are the mistakes that your competitor is doing? 

5. Always do the remarketing to convert your prospect leaves

Many times you may find that your potential customer visits your ad engage with the ad but fails to convert. Don’t get terrified thinking that you have lost your lead and they are not going to come back on your site. 

Mostly, this scenario occurs because your potential customer needs more time to think about your product and services. Once your leads are clear about your products, you can repost your ads and ask them to buy your service and product. 

That’s why Re-marketing is done to re-market your potential leads and convert them into a customer. One of the main advantages of remarketing is that once you are aware of your audience who have visited your ad then you can create highly targeted ads. 

Remarketing has benefited many small and large companies in acquiring new customers. Before running an ad you can segment your audience depending on the previous data and create a separate ad for your segmented audience. 

6. Optimize your landing page 

The landing page plays an important role in creating lead-converting ads. An attractive and informative landing page helps in converting a website visitor into a potential customer. Landing pages are designed by keeping a single goad in mind.  It can be an ebook download, signup form, new Product release date, etc. 

Most of the companies add so many things on their landing page like text, images, videos, etc. These types of practice will not increase your conversion rate. Instead, you may start getting a high bounce rate report. Your ad budget will increase but it will not give you any profit. Because your visitor may get confused after seeing your landing page. So, remove all the distractions from your landing page and make your landing page that can showcase your goal. Optimize your landing page for all the devices.

Optimize your landing page Load-time. There are various online tools available for highlighting the load time of a landing page. You can use them and improve your landing page speed.  

7. Take advantage of ad extension

Ad Extension helps businesses in showing their extra informations like their number, product offers, mobile-app, etc. In short, the ad extension helps in increasing the visibility of the ads. If you are looking to boost your CTR then always include ad extension in your ads. By using ad extension you can showcase details and features of your product.  

There are two types of the Ad extension: 

a) Manual Ad Extension

Manual Ad Extension Includes 

  • Affiliate Location Extension 
  • Sitelink Extension
  • Price Extension 
  • App Extension 
  • Review Extension 
  • Call Extension 
  • Call-out extension 

b) Automatic Ad

Automatic Ad Extensions includes: 

  • Customer Rating Extension 
  • Automated Call extension
  • Automated message extension 
  • Dynamic Site Link Extension  
  • Seller Rating Extension 
  • Previous Visit Extension 
  • Dynamic site link extension
  • Dynamic Structured Extension 

8. Check for ad performance on various devices

It is important to know how your ad is performing on various devices. Its true that desktop users are shifting to mobile devices. But it’s not necessary that your potential customer can only be using a mobile device. 

So, To achieve maximum CTR always check your ad performance in PCs, mobiles, and tablets. Analyze the device usage time among users.   

Final Thoughts

In your ad group, if any of your ads are not performing well and meeting your expectations. Then you can use the above tips in optimizing your underperforming ad. Also, you can get in touch with SFWP Experts Los Angeles leading advertising company that has helped many businesses and brands in optimizing their PPC campaign.