5 Proven Ways To Improve Website Conversion Rate

If your conversation rate is low even, if you have a solid traffic means that all your efforts towards SEO are a complete waste.

Getting a good amount of traffic can be a great achievement, but if you can’t turn your traffic into sales than that means there is something definitely wrong with your website.

So here are 5 proven ways to improve website conversion rates.


  1. Track All Conversions

It’s an important step by analyzing your website you can find where the problem lies? You can use Google analytics tool for this purpose. Use the tool to find in which part of your website you are having a greater conversation rate and the place where you are having the least.

By doing so you can repair the weak spots and make them as strong as the high conversion points of the website.

You can also find which ad is generating more revenue and then place it in a better place for more revenue.


  1. Review Your Landing Page Copy

Everyone has a landing page that contains the most important information for the website. Or the part where you get to sell most of the stuff.

But you should keep in mind that they came here for some work they intend to do so to provide them what they are looking for you will be going to see a more bounce rate.

Keep it simple and clean though. Also, make sure your call to action is clear to the visitor. After a user arrives on your landing page, the CTA should inform the user exactly what they need to do next.


  1. Build Customer Trust

Trust is something that can’t be achieved very easily you have to really work hard for getting your customers to trust to increase your conversion rate.


  • Contact Page

Having a contact page useful. When your visitors need some help they might want to contact you and the only way they can reach you is by your contact details so keep that in mind.

It’s also proven that 44% of users leave a website if they don’t find any contact information.


  • Customer Reviews

These are like free marketing for your website. Take reviews from your customer and post those on your website. It will definitely increase people’s trust towards your site.


  • Be Active On Social Media

Not only this increase your scope but you will be getting free marketing from your users and it can also act as a point of contact for your customers.


  1. Integrate Live Chat Support

By having an online chat will boost your customer’s trust in you. By solving all your customer’s problems on the spot will make them happy instead of asking them to send an email, and where it will take more than 3 hours to reach out and help your customers. By that time they will be gone. So does your sales.


  1. Take Advantage Of A/B Testing

Now it’s time for some testing. You can use A/B testing also known as split testing where two versions of the same website are compared with each other.

Based on the results you can opt the best performing website and use it as your site from here on.